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  1. My Wife and I are have Anxiety problems? at the same time?
  2. zoloft and lexapro?
  3. fear of aging, illness, dying
  4. ativan when hungover
  5. swallowed something wrong!!! really stressed out!
  6. somatization disorder
  7. Lexapro and Tylenol?
  8. Shortness of breath with exertion = anxiety?
  9. dosage of visteril
  10. Lexapro and Weird symptom??
  11. how long does xanax take work
  12. Is this what anxiety is??? Please help....
  13. Anxiety & Eating...Along With Other Things
  14. Question about Lexapro..
  15. feel shaky when waking citalopram
  16. Anxiety symptoms or serious disease??
  17. Afraid to be happy... worrying myself sick... what if?
  18. please help me...
  19. I feel like i lose my breath for a second.
  20. Lexapro causing FLU like symptoms
  21. Odd taste in mouth
  22. how long does it take for cymbalta to leave your body?
  23. Lexapro hairloss and high glucose readings??
  24. Is this anxiety? From a teen.
  25. Anxiety/Panic??
  26. KLONOPIN and irreversible side effects?
  27. grrrrrrrrrr - i feel like i can't breath!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Can I put my Xanax pills in empty gel caps?
  29. Early Morning Sickness and Anxiety
  30. deep breath and yawning
  31. Afraid to go away on holidays
  32. Natural Remedies for anxiety???
  33. Itchy scalp and face with flushing - stress related?
  34. Zoloft and Alcohol , a Bad Combination for me !!
  35. how long does it take xanax to work
  36. Suffering anxiety, tearfulness, fogginess etc.
  37. Need to take deep breath, how do you know when it's anxiety or not?
  38. Neuroreplete-5HTP and Ltyrosine
  39. Long term benzo use.
  40. Is this need to take deep breath really anxiety
  41. Does anyone have this?
  42. Weight loss after Zoloft and other ssri's
  43. Anxiety caused by Ambien?
  44. "Psychiatrist" - Doctor vs Nurse Practitioner, what's the difference?
  45. No xanax in 4 days!
  46. Everyday Anxiety
  47. abilify how long it stays in body
  48. Any help appreciated!!...social anxiety/rapid heart
  49. Anxiety attack with symtoms lasting all day
  50. Anyobody, Clonazepam????
  51. Paxil Help
  52. Effexor & feeling emotionless?
  53. zoloft and increased anxiety.
  54. zoloft making me feel worse!
  55. Struggling with anxiety
  56. I'm new..Anxiety and busy-ness
  57. Very scared about my bad cough!
  58. Lexapro, Xanax and EXTREME FATIGUE
  59. lexapro/cipralex users please share your experience
  60. only buspar?
  61. Help! Is there anyone else out there?
  62. my whole body feels as if it's trembling
  63. Feel Like I'm Regressing
  64. Anyone switch from Lexapro to Celexa?
  65. Anyone take Ativan- lorazepam long term every day?
  66. dentist/anxiety
  67. pristiq for anxiety?
  68. Still anxious on lexapro/cipralex but sleeping much better
  69. Panic attacks - need to talk to someone...
  70. Dreaded Early Morning Feelings??
  71. Sleep trouble taking prozac at night
  72. Afraid to leave the house?
  73. Cimbalta
  74. panic without racing heart
  75. Zoloft, this stuff scares me !!
  76. can side effects of lexapro START in the 3rd week of taking it?
  77. a viscious circle
  78. Go back on meds or not??
  79. Those who've taken Xanax-Can it do this?
  80. Celexa and emotions
  81. Antidepressants and alcohol
  82. When does the pain stop?
  83. Twitching with anxious thoughts
  84. Need some advice
  85. Beta Blocker's For Anxiety???
  86. Anxiety and everyday symptoms..
  87. Dizziness from Anxiety
  88. My Symptoms
  89. Klonopin Success Stories
  90. to those with faint feelings during panic
  91. xanax success stories
  92. what happens if you drink alcohol on paxil?
  93. On Lexapro but still have to take Xanax - why????
  94. vistaril???
  95. anxiety, misdiagnosis and Lamictal
  96. don't remember if I took my pill today
  97. Morning Anxiety - Update
  98. Still have pain even after ovarian cyst is gone
  99. Taking Buspar and Catapres together
  100. I cant deal with my own mind anymore
  101. Fear of Death
  102. experiences with zoloft, buspar or clonazepam???
  103. I need advice on anxiety medication
  104. Is This Anxiety???
  105. Can't sleep due to anxiety. Would appreciate any help.
  106. Does Anxiety age you?
  107. Anxiety and it's many side effects
  108. anxious throat?
  109. i analyze everything
  110. seroquel for sleep?
  111. suffering bad since stopping prozac!!! help me
  112. New to the site...but not new to anxiety
  113. everything WAS going okay...
  114. Constant, non-stop anxiety??
  115. Severe anxiety because of feelings of inferiority
  116. SSRIs Versus Tricyclic Anti-dep.
  117. Heartbeat sensation
  118. Tardive Dyskensia
  119. Anxiety over having a CT Scan
  120. Wondering if it's anxiety?
  121. Stopping Lorazepam
  122. Anxiety and thyroid (and tinnitus)
  123. Can I switch from Lexapro to another med without interruption?
  124. Uncontrollable laughing a sign of anxiety or chemical imbalance?
  125. SSRI Issues (Lexapro/Zoloft/Prozac)...First Week(s)
  126. should i up the dosage of my zoloft
  127. Feel worse in mornings
  128. 5 weeks on Lexapro and still no appetite
  129. Constant, gnawing anxiety?
  130. Does this sound like anxiety?
  131. New to board and question about panic attacks
  132. Can anxiety affect your eyes?
  133. how long does lexapro take to work if I just stopped it 2 weeks ago
  134. Coping with Anxiety Attacks-- What do you do?
  135. My Anxiety and Depression Has Increased
  136. Lexapro & Xanax together???
  137. I feel Like I'm going crazy!!!
  138. Irrational Fear/Anxiety
  139. in need of advice on dealing with anxiety and panic attacks
  140. Xanax...trying to self-detox...feeling very bad....
  141. Do any of you get that feeling like you have a lump in your throat?
  142. Buspar users please advise me?
  143. withdraw side affects with zoloft
  144. Lexapro & Wellbutrin Combined???
  145. 17 year old. Anxiety. Fast heart rate.
  146. What is TEA form exercise and CBT
  147. How much lexapro for anxiety??
  148. Should I quit my job?
  149. 10 Hours Straight Of Anxiety
  150. Anxiety & weight loss
  151. Bata-Blockers
  152. stopping zoloft
  153. Lexapro not working after 3 weeks
  154. Problems with generic Xanax
  155. Anxiety Causing Burning Feeling
  156. Success with Buspar
  157. Valium ? Ativan
  158. Lexapro and Starting Side Effects - Need Encouragement
  159. Prozac and exhaustion
  160. Dizziness and Anxiety-
  161. How To Handle "Bad" Days - Great Therapist Appt
  162. burning and tightness in throat
  163. Buspar
  164. Does Anxiety affect your relationship?
  165. People with physical anxiety symptoms Please Help Me Im scared :(
  166. Panicking-muscle twitching
  167. Is it just me or does Zoloft cause major somnolence/drowsiness?
  168. Anxiety at the traffic lights
  169. Please help! Anyone feel like they have a lump in their throat?
  170. Next logical medications to try?
  171. xanax xr
  172. Lexapro Experience
  173. Switching from Zoloft to Cipralex??
  174. The 'head feeling'
  175. how long for klonopin to take effect?
  176. I can't live my life like this.
  177. i have horrible anxiety and don't know what to do..
  178. Scared of Dr. Appointment today
  179. Waking Up In Middle of Night with Racing Heart
  180. Lexapro - Side Effects Years After Stopping
  181. how long will it take for my beta blocker to work
  182. Lexapro Success Stories?
  183. It's been a year and a half..so many dr's, same answer, ANXIETY. Please help
  184. Fear of Dying...
  185. Anxiety and Fear to take an antibiotic...help!
  186. Help muscle twitching I think???? Please Help
  187. Anxiety Symptoms Without Feeling Anxious
  188. Cipralex Side Effects
  189. 8th day on 10 mg Prozac
  190. Prickly Burning Feeling on Skin
  191. Anxiety for life?
  192. Lexapro and loss of appetite?
  193. Teeth clenching!
  194. Is weird nerve ending sensations a symptom?
  195. How long does it take Lexapro to work???
  196. Lexapro & sweating question
  197. Need Help for Extreme Facial Blushing
  198. zoloft
  199. Can anxiety cause chronic shortness of breath?
  200. Terrible anxiety with my cough... I feel like I will choke and can't breathe
  201. Severe morning anxiety
  202. Excercise and propropanol
  203. Dreams that cause me severe anxiety
  204. Health Anxiety?
  205. Help! Can't sleep - keep being jerked awake
  206. Citalopram (Lexapro?) Help
  207. how to stop worrying about health
  208. MRI - Xanax or Valium??
  209. Reaction to Buspar ?
  210. dry heaving
  211. Prozac 20mg.
  212. how good is xanax for the fear of flying
  213. Here We Go Again...
  214. What should I do? Question about meds.
  215. light headed all the time
  216. anxiety cough?
  217. Lorazepam Cold Turkey???
  218. color light therapy for anxiety?
  219. My story with Anxiety and depression.....
  220. Seeing Lights?
  221. Heart rate when I wake up..
  222. anxiety Fear of bridges
  223. Finally Accepting Post Parum Anxiety
  224. Severe Anxiety - Going back To work
  225. What happens when Xanax is taken?
  226. xanax to lexapro after 9yrs
  227. Is this really JUST all anxiety????
  228. has anyone tried alternative therapies for anxiety
  229. Air Hunger
  230. Is citalopram any good, and how long does it take to work?
  231. Lexapro users please read
  232. electricity feeling in chest
  233. Any natural or herbal supplements to help taper off Lexapro?
  234. Acne And Effexor Anyone??
  235. Can sertraline make you hyper
  236. Has anyone had any luck with meds to relieve irritability?
  237. My anxiety story
  238. Jolted awake
  239. Can anxiety cause carpal tunnel-type feeling?
  240. On Lexapro for almost a year and NO SEXDRIVE!!!
  241. head pressure and light headed when i stand up
  242. Please read
  243. can anxiety make you mad at the world?
  244. Zoloft + caffeine = uh oh
  245. SEVERE anxiety triggerED by break-ups?
  246. Flying in 3 days HELP !
  247. anxiety and alcohol?
  248. What is your ear ringing like?
  249. Another Lexapro question- bare with me!!!
  250. Lexapro and nausea