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  1. Kolopin issues
  2. Internal Tremors
  3. Celexa and weight issues....
  4. need opinions on zoloft & klonopin
  5. Stiff hard muscles
  6. Heart Anxiety and Meds - Advice or help please :(
  7. lifetime fear of vomiting
  8. Cancer Anxiety
  9. What do you take to sleep?
  10. I'm not sure if this is an anxiety issue or not....
  11. zoloft making anxiety worse?
  12. Self-consciousness
  13. Having wisdom teeth out on Tuesday.... worried about having a major panic attack!
  14. Prozac and alcohol
  15. Anxiety causing hip/thigh pain?
  16. Intense fear of throwing up in public?
  17. What's wrong with me? I constantly feel terrible.
  18. Migraines and Anxiety Meds
  19. Anxiety fear of driving
  20. Does Anyone have frequent urination with their anxiety
  21. Un recognized Symptoms..ANXIETY?? HELP
  22. Kolonipin
  23. Different generic brands of Zoloft?
  24. anxiety out of control! time to admit I need help...and suggestions?
  25. All day long anxiety, not "attacks"
  26. still feel in a dream world 24,7 wish i could feel well again
  27. terrible anxiety recently
  28. How long before withdrawl symptoms from SSRIs start.
  29. Choking feeling, please respond
  30. tremors/ not sleeping
  31. what is this icky feeling???!!
  32. Seeking Ativan users
  33. Excessive Saliva
  34. Woke up feeling this way...hasn't stopped since
  35. Symptoms of Anxiety or perhaps ALS?? Please help! SCARED!!!
  36. Nail/Finger Biting: Please Help
  37. heavy head, tired and a little dizzy
  38. Just stopped taking Wellbutrin and Prozac....Need some advice!
  39. Xanax interfere with Genseng and Royal Jelly?
  41. Intrusive Thoughts & Eating?
  42. Can you mix Xanax and Valium
  43. Anyone try Luvox?
  44. Klonopin vs. Ativan
  45. discontinuing Emsam pateh
  46. VERY NERVOUS - Klonopin doesn't work! Need long term solution
  47. Zanax and Sex Drive?
  48. 25,yrs.2 young to die!!! chest pains ,dizziness ,hard heart beat
  49. will a doctor prescribe xanax to an anxious person?
  50. Klonopin alone for GAD??
  51. Anxiety with High Blood Pressure Episodes
  52. Think I may have some sort of paranoia/anxiety disorder
  53. Bad Anxiety when flying!!!! Been prescribed with Diazepam.
  54. weakness in both legs(why)
  55. how long does it take for xanax to work?
  56. Severe anxiety?
  57. Please share...........Severe anxiety
  58. I feel as if I'm dying... I really need support. Please help
  59. strange feeling, please help!
  60. Daily anxiety. What are your everyday symptoms?
  61. Scary Episodes at Night :( will someone please help
  62. mammogram anxiety
  63. Anyone been on Klonopin? Please help...
  64. Zolft for anxiety?
  65. I'm just about to begin starting on Paxil. Have some questions
  66. anxiety what should i do
  67. Length of anxiety attack
  68. On Buspar (and Klonopin) for GAD - antidepressants any better?
  69. Can anxiety mimic BiPolar Disorder?
  70. upper back pain and pain in throat when talking
  71. exercise with xanex withdrawl
  72. How Long Before Zoloft Started Working??
  73. How long for Prozac
  74. Need help with Celexa issue thanks
  75. How do I talk to my Dr. about anxiety?
  76. SSRI's causing anger and depression??
  77. Can xanax be taken with nexium?
  78. Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and now gastritis. IS IT RELATED?
  79. "Nervous Stomach" anyone else?
  80. Always worried
  81. Vision Problems....anxiety related? Anyone else?
  82. Not sure if I deserve to feel this way
  83. Muscle Twitching and Anxiety
  84. Are these anxiety/panic attack symptoms too?
  85. Anxiety and numbness and tingling
  86. Paxil to Celexa
  87. Off Ativan
  88. why do I have a feeling of not being safe?
  89. New Year's Resolution: Finding A Passion For Yourself
  90. Can you have anxiety without knowing it?
  91. Paxil and Ativan
  92. Dealing with Anxiety w/out Meds...Please share
  93. How to deal with anxiety in social situations
  94. Who takes Xanax or Vicodin and takes a SSRI?
  95. can a benzo just stop working?
  96. lexapro and wellbutrin combo
  97. What Are the Best Antidepressants for Anxiety?
  98. anxiety panick does prozac increase these
  99. why does anxiety make you feel off balance
  100. Taking PROZAC for the first time...
  101. What is the best SSRI at NOT producing sexual side effect??
  102. just wondering if anyone here has ever had a seizure or passingout spell from panic??
  103. can I take 1000mg of valerian root??
  104. Feels Like I Am Shaking Or Vibrating???????
  105. how to stop taking zanax
  106. My doctor switched me from Lorazapam to Xanax
  107. 13 Weeks pregnant and Anxiety's back
  108. How long does Effexor Withdrawl last?
  109. Need input from Lexapro users!
  110. Zoloft & increased anxiety
  111. Anxiety and Bad Sleeping Issues
  112. Pulsatile Tinnitus....
  113. Celexa 10 mg. enough?
  114. how bad can anxiety get?
  115. Out of meds, recently relocated, and can't find anyone to prescribe!!
  116. Throat.. feels constricted & tightened all the time...???
  117. Does anything help derealization??
  118. Vague Memory...
  119. Anxiety and Beta Blockers
  120. which is better klonipin or xanax??? for panic.
  121. Anxiety and the cold weather
  122. Coming off Antidepressants.
  123. don't know why I am having anxiety?
  124. Wierd symptoms happening with Cymbalta-anyone else? help
  125. Diazepam occasional usage
  126. Prozac help needed. Very scared.
  127. Clonzipan
  128. anxiety over taking medications
  129. Obsessive Scary Thoughts
  130. Strange anxiety symptoms?? Please help.
  131. Clonazepam (klonopin) vs. Alpralazam (xanax) Need Help
  132. What is Going on with my body? Is this really Anxiety?
  133. xanax and sleep apnea
  134. xanax and colds???
  135. Cymbalta
  136. Feeling Sick, no appetite
  137. Magnesium
  138. Taking Lexapro and canít climax
  139. Has anyone out there used Paxil for a long period of time?
  140. Question on how to approach my doctor
  141. has anyone gained weight taking paxil?
  142. Clonazepam User, Doc Wants to Add Mirtazapine But Too Scared
  143. Effexor and jaw pain
  144. tingling in head
  146. List all your symptoms of Anxiety
  147. why does lorazepam make me nauseous
  148. where can i get information on Klonopin and drinking beer with it
  149. Quitting SSRIs cold turkey
  150. Does Clonazepam (klonopin) thin blood?..
  151. Who has been on Ativan, Xanax, Valium etc long term?
  152. Cymbalta Side Effects? Need Replies ASAP Please.
  153. Remember Where Your Safe Zone Is These Holidays
  154. 1st Night on Paxil was Horrible...
  155. Is it ok to drink a little while on celexa?
  156. Switching from Zoloft to Celexa (& klonopin when needed)
  157. do diet drinks (diet cola) cause panic attacks?
  158. Paxil Questions~
  159. Anxiety vs. Depression
  160. Health Anxiety
  161. St. John's Wort + Anxiety
  162. Zoloft question.
  163. Anxiety about moving out
  164. Can increased dosage cause more anxiety?
  165. numb emotions... anyone else??
  166. Klonopin/Zoloft/Alcohol?
  167. Medical tests to ask for to rule out anxiety causes...?
  168. Zoloft users?
  169. Foods to help anxiety
  170. Effexor and blood pressure
  171. Need feedback from Lexapro users!
  172. Stress & Anxiety?
  173. Why can't I stay on klonopin??
  174. what causes the dizziness with anxiety
  175. Sudden Weakness in Legs and Arms
  176. Is Lexapro or Celexa Better for Anxiety? Any Real Differences Between Them?
  177. Depakote/ Valporic Acid for Anxiety Treatment?
  178. Near Fainting
  179. Weaning off of Ativan
  180. constantly need a deep breath... and mostly can't
  181. Breathing/hyperventilation
  182. Spaced out, drunken feeling for 3 1/2 years, 24/7. Please help me.
  183. Scared about being on Lexapro
  184. Question about Xanax usage
  185. Using logical reasoning to counter anxiety?
  186. Prozac and weird dreams
  187. how to get off clonazapan
  188. Dad's Anxiety/Mental Issues
  189. Tips for Jaw Clenching
  190. gaba and xanax
  191. Shortness of Breath
  192. jaw pain and anxiety?
  193. Lexapro and Side Effects
  194. Asthma or anxiety?
  195. Feeling like I'm at the brink of a major panic attack
  196. Buspar for Anxiety
  197. Zoloft or Prozac
  198. Anxiety/panic in grocery stores
  199. sweating and face going red in social environment
  200. Need some comforting words please...
  201. Hair!
  202. Extremely embarassed by anxiety
  203. Do you have to take klonopin everyday or just when you get anxiety attack
  204. Trazodone or Klonapin causing muscle pains??
  205. Red Wine/anxiety
  206. Best time to take Zoloft (sertraline)
  207. So tired of health anxiety!!
  208. Anxiety and numbness
  209. Seasonal Anxiety?
  210. Violent on Effexor XR?
  211. suddenly waking/ intense pass out feeling/blury vision
  212. How will 10mg Valium affect me ?
  213. How long to clear Zoloft from your system?
  214. Addicted to Paxil...
  215. Tramadol (ultram)
  216. Fear of Choking, Cannot Swallow
  217. Help! My b/f can't climax on Paxil.
  218. Provigil and Prozac
  219. How long for Zoloft to build up in your system to a high function level?
  220. Anyone Taking Klonopin And Gaba Together?
  221. Anyone on a medicine that helps with fatigue????
  222. another lexapro question (sorry)
  223. Paxil to Zoloft
  224. HELP!!! Hallucinations with my anxiety now
  225. night time jitters
  226. Buspar dizzy
  227. Is Zoloft an alternative to Ativan?
  228. Cloudy headed on SSRIs
  229. Morning shakes with Ativan (lorexapam) use, also on Zoloft...
  230. nervous rolling eyes
  231. Uncertain about possible acute panic attack and anxiety -- Any input?(long)
  232. Does anyone know the mechanics behind anxiety attacks and chest pains?
  233. St. John's Wort And Valerian
  234. Prozac or generic??????
  235. Off zoloft but feeling everything starting over!!!
  236. Ativan tapering schedule (opinions needed)
  237. Am I having anxiety attacks or just fear of driving
  238. Question about Ativan dosage
  239. gasping for air
  240. Nervous eye habit?
  241. How to combat sleepiness while on Prozac?
  242. Lexapro and itching
  243. XANAX gets me so ANGRY-- Does KLONOPIN have this bad side effect?? HELP
  244. Bad Panic Attack With This Side Effect. Anyone Else?
  245. Please Help! I suffer from severe anxiety
  246. going away for the weekend
  247. Anxiety and muscle twitching anyone??
  248. Anxiety is ruining my life :(
  249. New thread for anxiety and Effexor users
  250. Presentation anxiety (my story) help :(