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  1. Is it okay to take klonopin daily temporarily?
  2. sleeping problems on effexor?
  3. Lexapro vs. Zoloft ~ Questions, help appreciated.
  4. I need some success stories...
  5. Can crying make you feel worse?
  6. Coming off of Xanax XR...need help!!
  7. my Anxiety is coming back..........
  8. Is it okay to switch back and forth (Xanax, Klonopin)
  9. boyfriend starting lexapro
  10. The Power of Suggestion
  11. Had to stop Prozac on Day 2 :(
  12. Stopped Effexor and now want to restart
  13. anyone have good results with zoloft
  14. What's the lowest Dose of Valium ?
  15. Please Need Help With Klonopin
  16. Health anxiety...any tips?
  17. Irregular heartbeat after starting Klonopin
  18. how much a daily dose of inderal (propranolol) we intake for anxiety and panic attack
  19. Been prescribed 5mg Valium. Will it make me feel Sleepy
  20. Health anxiety - diabetes
  21. Head Pressure...REally Fuzzy Gltichy head...please help!!!!!!!
  22. i hate my life, my anxiety is ruining it
  23. Jolt/single muscle twitch/ not fluttering
  24. Zantac and anxiety
  25. Weird feeling in head on Prozac
  26. Are there side effects when switching from one ssri to another?
  27. diazepam and Prozac
  28. Lorazepam--strange thoughts anyone?
  29. Twitching of the neck
  30. Hives/Panic Attacks
  31. Restarting Paxil-How long before relief??
  32. just started effexor- weight and sexual side efx questions
  33. Clonazepam and constant muscle weakness
  34. Wired And Tired All The Time!
  35. Lightheadness, head pressure, upset stomach. Anybody???
  36. Is 10mg of Prozac enough? should I up the dose?
  37. Anyone take Effexor XR?
  38. Is this really anxiety?????
  39. Depersonalization on Zoloft...FYI
  40. switched from Lexapro to Cymbalta
  41. Anxiety and Breathing Problems
  42. effexor & weight gain?
  43. Nausea, vomiting, weakness?? Anxiety?
  44. advice needed on citalopram (celexa)
  45. Dry mouth with Prozac anyone?
  46. Zoloft vs. Lexapro
  47. Prozac - day 4 can it have an effect already?
  48. afraid to go to sleep
  49. Tell Me About Lexapro
  50. Taking Buspar with Xanax together?
  51. Taking Pexeva(Paxil)- how will I know when i'm better?
  52. Can you take Xanax with Paxil?????
  53. Question about Seroquel
  54. Need a doctor that isn't afraid of benzos in Dallas/Fort Worth
  55. How to switch from Zoloft to Effexor
  56. Did anxiety cause my miscarriage...help...
  57. Doctor visits make me sick
  58. can't deal...
  59. can anyone tell me how to taper off of 1 mg xanax?
  60. extreme anxiety...xanax hell i'm guessing...head pressure no clue
  61. Buspar
  62. Always tired.
  63. How do you sleep?
  64. GABA supplements and Klonopin
  65. heart palps...please read
  66. eye twitching, please help me
  67. muscle twitching, please help
  68. Do you ever wake up with these symptoms?
  69. Annual Physical - so worried and can't sleep
  70. When is your anxiety the worst?
  71. paxil question, please someone.
  72. I'm absolutely miserable - please help
  73. Am I just crazy or what
  74. Beta Blockers
  75. Can you make yourself have symtoms?
  76. feeling of food stuck in throat...also heart fluttery feeling...yuck
  77. Are these "normal" anxiety symptoms?
  78. Anxiety Sucks!!!
  79. Constantly worrying about family members dying
  80. Social Anxiety Question
  81. Fear of Eating Alone...How Do I Cope?
  82. anxiety with fear of breast cancer
  83. Anxiety and the urge to urinate
  84. mind games and anxiety?
  85. Rectal discomfort
  86. *Sigh...I wish I wasnt so scared of myself
  87. New Person today with Anxiety & Epilepsy
  88. Rash from Seroquel?
  89. brush burn feeling on skin from anxiety?
  90. occasional irregular heart beat
  91. Lexapro...can you share your experience?
  92. Best anti-depressant for ANXIETY
  93. is my anxiety causing my excess saliva?
  94. Mind Chatter II
  95. lexapro and anxiety
  96. how long does it take you to recover
  97. Still get anxiety on medication?
  98. anyone taken diazapam for a long time?
  99. Afraid to sleep.
  100. breathlessness due to anxiety and nervous tension
  101. Cold water feeling going through body
  102. Lexapro Advice needed
  103. My anxiety problem is affecting my education!! - Can anyone relate?
  104. Please Help, I Need Advice, I'm A Nervous Wreck
  105. Difficulty swallowing
  106. Increased heart rate question
  107. anyone else feeling this way?
  108. Anyone have a constant anxious feeling for no reason at all?
  109. I guess it wasn't anxiety afterall
  110. Physical symptoms the worst?
  111. Doc says it's anxiety, I'm convinced I'm having a heart attack.
  112. afraid of going crazy, truely crazy
  113. Not sure what is wrong with me - very scared
  114. So confused about wellbutrin
  115. Is it anxiety or something else? HELP!!!!
  116. lexapro, xanax and Chantix (for quit smoking).
  117. Lexapro
  118. BuSpar and weight gain--please help
  119. Anxiety and depression along with Mitral valve prolapse & regurgatation
  120. Experience with Magnesium or flaxseed oil
  121. desparate for help asap
  122. Prozac question
  123. New here....anyone have weird arm/leg sensations
  124. Anxiety after starting meds
  125. Trying to taper off Xanex and Klonopin...need help!
  126. Cymbalta users or ex-users check in please!!!
  127. Heart flutters..do you get this?
  128. Anxiety and retching
  129. Anxiety - Weigh Loss
  130. Inderal (propranolol) withdrawal help!
  131. SSRI's have destroyed my life for 6 years and counting.
  132. what can help for social anxiety?
  133. Non-Allergic Rhintis/Head Pressure- Anxiety Cause???
  134. Birth Control & Antenex (similar to Valium)
  135. Anxiety/panic (?) attacks/adrenaline surges during sleep - PLEASE help !
  136. is shaking uncontrollably anxiety
  137. problem with shaking hands
  138. Is Low Dose Xanax OK w/Light Alcohol Use? Doc says Yes...
  139. Nicotine withdrawal caused depression
  140. Ativan(lorazepam)
  141. benzo or beta blocker?
  142. My Lexapro side effects - cause for concern?
  143. Episodes of dizziness and digestive problems... GP thinks this could be Anxiety?
  144. anxiety "pains"
  145. scared to try seroquel...
  146. Why is it that anxiety can sneak up on you?
  147. Help! My social anxiety is getting worse
  148. I guess this is anxiety? What can I do?
  149. Lexapro 10mg 2nd day questions....
  150. valium vs klons vs atavin for social anxiety
  151. Anxiety brought on by certain people...
  152. what is my problem? anxiety taking over, please help!
  153. Question about cutting Xanax pill in half
  154. Buspar
  155. will the butterfly feeling go away
  156. Dizziness and fatigue - could this be anxiety?
  157. I'm having an issue with my leg, is this anxiety related?
  158. Abdominal type pressure/ pain upon waking HELP!
  159. Today I started taking Zoloft for anxiety and depression.
  160. Missed Lexapro Dose?
  161. muscle twitching/jumping -- anyone else?
  162. Trouble eating? Rotating symptoms?
  163. My anxiety feels completely physical
  164. Anxiety and irregular heart beat (have you had this? help!)
  165. Too much Xanax?
  166. Do Ssri's Make You Feel Numb
  167. Prozac, (fluoxetine 20mg) question pls
  168. about to start effexor....need advice/ help
  169. SSRI's causing panic attacks??
  170. i keep swallowing its annoying me!
  171. Still not sure if this drunk out of it feeling is anxiety.
  172. on cymbalta, just started xanax XR
  173. I call it the "Head Shakes"...anyone else experience this?
  174. Wake up, have panic attack. Repeat every morning.
  175. Long term Xanax use and Anxiety Disorder...have questions, need advice
  176. Can Lexapro Cause Bruising?
  177. breathing anxiety?
  178. Help me - What can I do? Fear of Throwing up in Public Places
  179. neck tightness
  180. escitalopram (cipralex) for anxiety
  181. Dr. sending me to psychiatrist, freaking me out !
  182. plavix and anxiety
  183. Zoloft (sertraline side effect?)
  184. HEART PALPS W/panic attc? any NON-pharm suggestions, help???
  185. To anyone who's had a Stress Test
  186. Drinking Alcohol whilst taking Citalopram, Celexa?
  187. Anxiety??? I feel awful!
  188. drug tests for anxiety meds????
  189. Buspar
  190. Zoloft beginning side effects
  191. How long do I put up with side effects of Effexor ?
  192. Question about paxil/Paroxetine
  193. arms and legs feel weird
  194. Lexapro dosage
  195. spasms with xanax????
  196. I think my OCD thoughts are getting worse
  197. Xanax catch 22
  198. Xanax VS Klonopin VS Valium
  199. Every Day Feels Like 'The First Day of School'
  200. Can you recommend a good book on Anxiety?
  201. Anyone have numb tongue and/or clenching teeth?
  202. excessive swallowing/saliva...anxiety?
  203. heart palpitations and exercise
  204. Please Help!!!-i Get Really Bad Butterflies In My Stomach
  205. Anxiety - never had the tight chest thing before...??
  206. Low blood sugar + anxiety
  207. Food equals anxiety
  208. Jaw heaviness/pain
  209. Help me understand Anxiety/Panic Attacks.
  210. sweaty cold hands
  211. does the dosage/ effects of xanax intensify if taken with lexapro
  212. Feeling sick before going places.
  213. Topamax and anxiety/stress
  214. Internal Shaking??
  215. Have I had panic attacks? Allergies?
  216. anyone take Paxil & Zoloft together?
  217. Anyone on Lexapro...what side effects did you have?
  218. Treating Anxiety/Panic Using Drug-less Therapy.
  219. Another lexapro question (sorry)
  220. Anxiety and Immediate Diarrhea
  221. Trouble finding words to say and always silent
  222. can anxiety bring on changes to your menstrual cycle? Please help
  223. Mixing SSRI
  224. Questions about buspirone
  225. How long can antidepressant side effects last?
  226. Can anxiety symptoms hit you when you're not anxious?
  227. Zyprexa vs Risperdal and seroquel
  228. Physical Symptoms of Anxiety??
  229. Choked A Couple Times & Now I'm Scared
  230. how long to recover?
  231. Help me describe this?
  232. Just started taking eleva(ZOLOFT) need help!!!
  233. Can I Take Xanax With Aspirin
  234. Anyone experience itching taking Paxil
  235. How do you know if your meds have stopped working?
  236. What is your least favorite symptom?
  237. trouble breathing out of no where for no reason?
  238. Afraid of Highway Driving..Anyone else????
  239. breathing trouble normal after stopping Lorazepam cold turkey?
  240. Caffeine
  241. question about a quick sharp pain in my heart......
  242. Racing heart after eating?
  243. Anybody who feels in a dream world 24 7
  244. Xanax XR is very different that Xanax?!
  245. immidiate PANIC/anxiety attack when waking up
  246. Need to get off Klonopin!
  247. Xanax 0.25mg take as needed????
  248. Say a prayer that I pass stress test tomorrow !
  249. Any one using Diazepam?
  250. Side Effects with medication?