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  1. Does Mediating help anxeity attacks?
  2. Panic Attack Break throughs???
  3. intense feeling of dread?
  4. Irregular heartbeat when laying on side?
  5. Weird, out of body, feeling
  6. left arm pain and teeth hurting
  7. Clonazepam and Ambien?
  8. Anxiety freaks me out during day and sleep!
  9. Buspar & Xanax
  10. i want to make friends so badly, but i'm so shy and anxious about social situations!!
  11. really its the lightheaded feeling that FREAKS me out
  12. Fixations have taken over my life
  13. Xanax in the am Klonopin in pm is that ok??
  14. My Paxil Nightmare -- Please Read!!!
  15. Will anxiety eventually kill me?
  16. numbness on right side of lips and part of cheek
  17. Need Help Anxiety!!???
  18. Is there anyone like me?
  19. Anxiety and paleness? Anyone else?
  20. Paroxetine-can you split it?
  21. Could this be anxiety...or any other suggestions please!!
  22. Paxil-tired
  23. Temazapam
  24. not getting any better from this drunk out of it feeling
  25. Does anyone take Klonopin everyday?
  26. Cymbalta...cause stroke
  27. Anxiety? or has my mind slipped away?
  28. Using Xanax Safely?
  29. Occasional crawling, moving, tingling, numbness sensation on back of head/scalp
  30. Can you take both Xanax and Ambien?
  31. Dr. just started me on Zoloft.
  32. 60 mg of Cymbalta . . . Too High to Start
  33. xanax xr does it work?
  34. Paxil dose
  35. does xanax actually produce chemicals that MAKE you have anxiety???
  36. Anxiety and Zithromax Link? Help please!
  37. Anxiety over "Good" Things
  38. Zoloft risks
  39. upping dose because not working
  40. mirtazapine
  41. Questions About Alprazolam (xanax)
  42. What Benzo works for you
  43. ~Racing heart~Panic Attacks~Seroquel help?
  44. Buspar or other antianxiety meds
  45. Has anyone experienced this symptom?
  46. Long term effects and can this last forever?
  47. Feeling like I'm always being judged
  48. Suggestions for dealing with physical symptoms of anxiety?
  49. Xanax and memory loss??
  50. Recently prescribed Ativan
  51. Lorazepam vs. Clonazepam(Klonapin)
  52. Any luck with meds and obsessive thoughts? Going to psych again today...need input.
  53. Anxiety making me friendless and alone
  54. Lamictal messed me up!
  55. do i have to take xanax with LEXAPRO
  56. Anxiety, Willpower, Common Sense.
  57. Intrusive thoughts. Manifestation of anxiety?
  58. Anyone try Lamictal for Anxiety/Depression?
  59. IS there any hope left for me is this feeling really anxiety
  60. Doctor Changed my Xanax to the Xanax XR anyone take this?
  61. Can Anxiety Come Back?
  62. Inability to stop thinking of EVERYTHING at once..cause me anxiety
  63. Xanax Use and Questions
  64. Anxiety due to Benicar Medication
  65. Cardiac Arest or Still Anxiety?
  66. help. ran out of my paxil, sever withdrawls
  67. Is it safe to take Toprol XL and Alprazolam together??
  68. New SSRI, worse before better?
  69. Anyone Have experience with Effexor for Anxiety & Panic
  70. need an anxiety vitamin/mineral supplement
  71. Failed my driving test for the second time
  72. Paxil and Xanax users
  73. been prescribed klonopin
  74. constant facial blushing
  75. What happens if you drink alcohol on SSRIs?
  76. anxiety/frequent urination
  77. Dizzy and Faint on Zoloft?
  78. Magnesium Aspertate for Anxiety anyone heard of taking this?
  79. FEAR of DRIVING* Need Ideas-What can I do?
  80. SSRI Withdrawal
  81. Heartbeat in eyes???
  82. Constanly thinking I am going to die!!
  83. PMS and Lexapro
  84. Anxiety leadin to upset stomach..
  85. Has anyone taken Toprol XL for Anxiety and Heart palpitations??
  86. Just got some Xanax... What to expect?
  87. Anxiety in cycles
  88. How much Buspar should I take?
  89. citalopram for social anxiety
  90. Does SSRI nervousness go away?
  91. Are ''runs'' of PVC's/PAC's common with Anxiety??
  92. Cymbalta for Anxiety
  93. Does Provigil (modafinil) increase anxiety?
  94. Anyone tried neurontin (gabapentin) for anxiety?
  95. cipralex (escitalopram) initiation
  96. Does anxiety cause fatigue?
  97. Paxil 12.5 every other day?
  98. zoloft withdrawal
  99. HELP!!! Getting tooth pulled and scared to death!!!
  100. Topamax for anxiety??
  101. Anxiety about bathroom?
  102. Constantly checking pulse non stop.
  103. weird woozy feeling when angry
  104. Mild Klonopin withdrawal. Homeopathic remedies?
  105. Severe anxiety and heart palps during my period
  106. Looking back--a bit long
  107. Anxiety feeling sick
  108. I shake when I yawn
  109. Flying Anxiety.
  110. Anxiety and Eustachian tube dysfunction?
  111. Who has shaking/trembling most of the day?
  112. Consistantly feeling like im living in a dream
  113. Feeling like I can't cope with getting better?
  114. Anxiety Over Anxiety Medication
  115. Spaced out all the time
  116. How much Lexapro?
  117. Im a nervous wreck!! High health anxiety issues!!
  118. "Bounding Pulse" and Anxiety
  119. Anxiety ..I'm tingling???
  120. Cash Register Anxiety?
  121. Mixing Xanax, Klonopin and/or Ativan
  122. SCARY heart flutters, dizziness... HELP!
  123. just prescribed trazadone... nervous, help!
  124. From prozac to zoloft
  125. Any experience with l-theanine?
  126. Do certain foods cause you anxiety?
  127. It's back, night sweat worry.
  128. What is this? its making me crazy.
  129. still not sure if this drunk feeling is anxiety?.
  130. OMG! This is so scary! What could this be??
  131. Time going too fast?
  132. Okay, NOW Lump/Blockage Feeling In Throat....Could Anxiety Lead To Other Things Too??
  133. medications that helped me keep bulimia from returning
  134. Sweaty hands & feet ????
  135. Staggering meds - anybody tried this?
  136. Anxiety and insomnia...
  137. Klonopin and your experiences?
  138. Any positives on Prozac
  139. Paxil stopped working, need help!
  140. fluttering in chest
  141. Nervous about spending money for personal use
  142. shortness of breath throat tightness
  143. SSRI Allergies
  144. getting withdrawn from life:anxiety controls me
  145. zoloft dosage...PLease respond!!
  146. Dr just prescribed Celexa
  147. does anyone else get hypervigilance?
  148. how bad can anxiety symptoms get
  149. Anxiety Returns after 2 year abscence..
  150. Pre-anxiety
  151. Xanax tolerance....
  152. Effects of Occasional Xanax Use
  153. First time user - tingling please help
  154. can stopping celexa 3 weeks ago cause dizziness?
  155. Strong Arterial Pulsations
  156. Chest "pains" and palpitations?
  157. Checking pulse and heart rate..am I alone?
  158. Anxiety?? BF's Throat Tightens When Eating
  159. help with nervousness
  160. Can anxiety cause you to feel like this? (Very long but appreciate any advice)
  161. Stomach in Knots
  162. Weird obsessive thoughts?
  163. driving with faint feeling
  164. Zoloft.... questions, opinions, side effects?
  165. buspar good for anxiety
  166. Over-worrying is tearing me apart and I need you guys to tell me what I need to hear!
  167. Meds making me feel weird when i yawn
  168. Increased anxiety and Zoloft???
  169. Blisters in palms of my hands!
  170. DO you think its possible to manifest symptoms?
  171. Cymbalta for GAD?
  172. Weird day and feelings...
  173. diazepam (valium) withdrawl - Will I have it?
  174. Question - The generic form of Wellbutrin XL
  175. anxiety worse as you get older?
  176. how can i get all the anti deppressents out of my body .
  177. Who here has a SEVERE social anxiety problem?
  178. Quietlife tablets - are they any good?
  179. My brains feel scrambled
  180. constant light headedness and out of body feeling
  181. TV, Movies etc causing anxiety
  182. Anxiety and Living in the Future or Living in the Present
  184. Constant Fear Of Dying! Help!
  185. blotchy anxiety rash on neck
  186. side pain under my breast!anyone else?
  187. Pregnant with GAD
  188. I am really scared and need advice.
  189. Crazy panic attacks....klonopin....Stevie Nicks
  190. lexapro and eyesight
  191. Prozac Side Effects
  192. Lexapro dosage? How high is too high?
  193. Are Panic Disorders and Anxiety Disorders the same thing???
  194. depersonalization and citalopram
  195. Anxiety or Low Blood Sugar HELP!!!
  196. *Extreme* numbness/detachment
  197. Anxiety, jaw clenching?
  198. Smoking cause for breathlessness and anxiety
  199. Lymphocyte level and Anxiety Disorder?
  200. Anxiety cause: adrenaline or.....?
  201. trouble breathing
  202. Anyone with abnormal side effects from Celexa?
  203. good experiences w/prozac???
  204. Numbness and teeth clenching
  205. Ativan Withdrawal time period?
  206. chest pain from anxiety?
  207. Elavil anyone?
  208. The combo of stress and anti-depressants stunt growth?!?!
  209. Death Anxiety
  210. Old Fashioned Father Who is Unbending...Refuses To Understand His Problem...Help!
  211. GABA causes confusion?
  212. Got back from the PDOC....
  213. Can't tolerate any medicine!!
  214. Can High blood Pressure Be a Cause of Anxiety Attacks
  215. Are all SRRI's have sexual side effects?
  216. "My hands are shaky and my knees are weak"
  217. Overly sensitive to everything?!
  218. more anxiety on prozac?
  219. Head Twitching
  220. Cymbalta side effects
  221. Ok to just stop Lexapro after 1 month?
  222. Anxiety Over Teeth
  223. random pains/weakness .. really has me feeling down :(
  224. Xanax XR is horrible!
  225. Another Prozac Question- HELP!
  226. psychosomatic pain
  227. Buspar
  228. do you ever worry that things arent real?
  229. Hot flashes/Flushing... anyone experience this?
  230. Dont think there is no hope left for me so fed up
  231. Xanax and Anxiety/Depression
  232. Zolft to Wellbutrin and now Adderall+Wellbutrin
  233. Would like input on what you all are taking for anx/dep.
  234. Anyone ever take Serzone?
  235. What is the Linden Method??
  236. meningitis anxiety
  237. Prozac questions
  238. Paxil and Anxiety
  239. anxiety and the Mirena IUD
  240. Twitching and Lexapro
  241. tips for fear of flying
  242. Please help.... Anxiety???
  243. Very tired on Lexapro
  244. Diazepam - How Long To Addict You?
  245. xanax question
  246. Celexa stopped working, should I try Lexapro?
  247. Shower Anxiety. Seriously.
  248. Haircut Anxiety attack
  249. Severe anxirey after getting sick??
  250. Neurotransmitter testing in Pennsylvania