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  1. Over 3 weeks on Prozac - still feel bad
  2. This is confusing.....anyone with thoughts?
  3. ativan
  4. Benzodiazepines and driving
  5. Starting My Magnesium!!
  6. Weaning Off Of Xanax
  7. fluoxetine any1?
  8. Can anxiety make your breathing feel weird?
  9. Could I have anxiety?
  10. Hoping this Klonopin will work full day 1
  11. Can bad anxiety make you feel really ill?
  12. Effexor XR jolts
  13. Went to Dentist, YEAH!!, and Throwing the Ativan away!!!
  14. Chills and/or sweating
  15. I have to go to the dentist today!!!!!
  16. Ringing in Ears (Tinnitus) due to Anxiety?
  17. What do your anxiety~panic attacks feel like?
  18. I had my First Anxiety Attack...
  19. Just another anxiety symptom, or something else?
  20. The Linden Method?
  21. Wellbutrin for Anxiety
  22. Cymbalta: Sugar/Carb cravings + Insomnia
  23. Bata Blockers
  24. The Good, The.........bad, and.....
  25. Why SSRI's for anxiety?
  26. I week on Lexapro
  27. Xanax XR
  28. Anyone try ANXIETOL 7??
  29. weird sensations with Lexapro
  30. Xanax not really working?
  31. Anxiety and Smoking (Cigarettes)
  32. Anxiety worsen in the fall
  33. Does anyone feel like they're on a boat
  34. Any ladies have worse anxiety during PMS?
  35. not sure remeron is helping
  36. Deja vu and terror?
  37. Tips for eliminating anxiety
  38. Can anxiety make you feel like you are in a dream?
  39. Weight loss from anxiety?????
  40. is this anxiety???
  41. What should I expect from Klonopin?
  42. Pulse rate is scaring me is this normal?
  43. Anyone take Buspar w/ xanax??
  44. Agoraphobic Dave's Intro
  45. just started taking zoloft
  46. Question about heart racing...
  47. Essential Tremor, anxiety
  48. Pain in left arm area has anyone had this?
  49. Anxiety and Insomnia!
  50. New Ativan User
  51. DVT? Does anyone know about blood clots?
  52. Tranquilizers or SSRI's?
  53. Remeron anyone?
  54. High Anxiety on Prozac?
  55. Please Read~If you are a Dizzy Suffer!
  56. Anxiety , Heart, pleas help!
  57. Bad day with my HEART!!
  58. fear of sudden death??
  59. Sudden movement/shifting sensations
  60. light headed, dizziness?
  61. What do you think, i am kinda worried?
  62. Buspar & back pain, joint pain ???
  63. doctor wont perscribe xanax
  64. Fluctuating Heart Rate & Dizziness!
  65. Is anyone taking Zoloft for Anxiety/panic disorder?
  66. I am obsessed with my heart!
  67. Health Anxiety - I am losing my mind, I think.
  68. constant lightheadedness, dizziness, strange sensations in head
  69. Pain in upper chest when breathing deep or yawning
  70. Woke up like I had stopped breathing.....
  71. Can worrying too much cause physical symptoms???
  72. hyperventalating
  73. What happened ??????
  74. Fear of Anaphylaxis/Eating?
  75. I have panic attacks even when I'm not stressed
  76. Switching from Klonopin to Ativan (withdrawals, anxiety and sleep)
  77. Lexapro or Xanax. What would be the better route?
  78. terrible psych. (long story)
  79. Bloated after eating. Heart Racing! Help!
  80. Anxiety,Gerd,Paranoia
  81. Stupid heart palpitations!
  82. How much lexapro do you take?
  83. Need someone to talk to, please
  84. Paxil......small dose, will withdrawals be any easier ??
  85. Panic Attacks Awakening Me?
  86. Numbness and Tingling
  87. 28 yr old with panic disorder for 11 yrs now
  88. zoloft and frequent urination
  89. Too scared to start my Lexapro
  90. What's the best anxiety medicine out there?
  91. whats the worst that can happen?
  92. Buspirone with St. John's Wort
  93. Tired Eyes
  94. Aftermath of a Panic Attack
  95. How fast can I wean off Zoloft
  96. afraid to fall asleep.
  97. Zoloft Makes Me So Sleepy
  98. long-term side effects of prozac
  99. anxiety and doom
  100. paxil. celexa. dissociation.
  101. I am starting Cipralex after 2 months of hesitation, please advice me here!
  102. I feel like I'm trapped - please help!
  103. Buspar
  104. Can Paxil Cause Anxiety Attacks ????
  105. GI problems related to anxiety??
  106. Clonazepam/Klonopin
  107. Can this be anxiety or health related
  108. i have POTS! no explantion
  109. feeling short of breath
  110. Being prone to panic attacks SUCKS!!!
  111. numb tongue?
  112. We are all logical people, why do our minds deceive us???
  113. Ativan/lorazepam for anxiety medication/sleep
  114. Up or Down on Zoloft
  115. ZOLOFT Day 18.....Should I quit!
  116. lexapro first dose
  117. Paxil: Morning or Night
  118. Do you ever become convinced something bad is about to happen?
  119. Missed my a.m. Buspar - will I notice anything?
  120. Sex and Xanax
  121. All in the mind???
  122. SJW/Kava together?
  123. I went to the ER tonight with blood in my mouth.
  124. feel like im moving when im still/ scared
  125. Anxiety when answering questions.
  126. Zoloft and Ativan
  127. Magnesium Question for CircusSquirrel
  128. Celxa anyone????? I need your help!
  129. Zoloft withdrawal...
  130. Buspar- what dosage do you take ?
  131. Seroctin for Anxiety?
  132. Difficulty swallowing food caused by anxiety and postpartum???
  133. Pinching/stinging feeling in stomach
  134. who in here is lightheaded and dizzy on a daily basis
  135. Please help with this question about lexapro....
  136. Non prescription anxiety pills?
  137. uncontrollable head shaking
  138. High cholesterol and anxiety
  139. Random occurances of shortness of breath.
  140. Anxiety and Acid Reflux
  141. anxiety and allergy.
  142. Stuck in your head?
  143. Stomach pulsing
  144. So is it actually possible for anxiety to go away?
  145. Puke Before Sex and Social Situations?
  146. exercise induced panic
  147. Does anxiety make you more aware of your body?
  148. Question for WorryWort?
  149. Burning face and ears, anyone?
  150. Klonopin Withdrawl???
  151. Anxiety after quitting smoking...
  152. Ativan versus Xanax
  153. My Disease Called ANXIETY..Please read
  154. Despair
  155. I feel like nobody is listening to me.
  156. Anyone here suffers from wierd tongue sensations...
  157. buspar for subconscious symptoms
  158. Something natural with no side effects for anxiety
  159. anxiety causing burning tongue and sores??
  160. Ever feel that your heartbeat is off?
  161. Fluttering in Chest
  162. My Doctor dropped me as a patient.
  163. Xanax. what good is it for?
  164. Pulse in stomach.
  165. Forgot to Take Lexapro
  166. lexapro 5mg - muscle twitching question
  167. Anxiety when sick
  168. What 's your lexapro dose-scared of upping!
  169. I am sick of feeling this way.
  170. Ear Pulsing & Heart!
  171. Xanax - First time use after effects
  172. 10 1/2 year old with separation anxiety disorder
  173. Terrible anxiety after drinking
  174. effexor & side effects
  175. Shakey arms and legs
  176. Left sided facial numbness, dizziness.....
  177. constantly anxious
  178. Chest and arm pains
  179. Is a glass of wine with dinner forbidden with meds?
  180. How long did it take for Zoloft to work for you?
  181. severe head itching...
  182. Feedback on Valium
  183. Will Paxil work again for me?
  184. weird thoughts running in circles.??
  185. Thoughts on Paxil??
  186. On Lexapro for 6 weeks now and its not working??
  187. Motion sickness feeling and vibrating feeling in head?????
  188. If you take Xanax what Dr. prescribed it?
  189. Anyone take Valium for their anxiety?
  190. Anxiety - Stomach Issues .. Advice needed!!
  191. Xanax and weight gain?
  192. my answer from hormone doctor!
  193. SO frusterated.........anyone with advice?
  194. Taking Cipralex for 6 weeks - feel more anxious?
  195. Cymbalta & Atarax?
  196. Clonazepam 0.125mg ???
  197. anyone weaning off meds?
  198. Could anxiety raise my temperature at times?
  199. muscle twitches
  200. Anxiety and Benadryl...
  201. Do you feel like you have lost all sense of reason?
  202. When is it safe to drink alcohol?
  203. do you have sweaty palms?
  204. Just my story, for those that have an hour to read it :)
  205. BuSpar
  206. How to deal with health anxiety when real health problem?
  207. Some questions- panic attack at concert; gulping down drinks; shaking
  208. Popping joints/Anxiety...related?
  209. how does it feel when the meds start to help?
  210. Please help me put my skipped beats in proper context.
  211. Anyone taking Sarafem?
  212. How long did it take for lexapro to kick in?
  213. difficulty with catching breath
  214. scary wierd feelings in my head ?!
  215. panic attacks in the shower????
  216. Has anyone taken Buspar along with their AD ?
  217. So what are meds supposed to do???
  218. Xanax interactions with Vitamins/supplements?
  219. i talked to the doctor!
  220. Okay, I went to a new psychiatrist and he prescribed three meds for.........
  221. missed Lexapro dosage, head now feeling weird
  222. Severe anxiety re: flying
  223. Afraid of Becoming Addicted to Xanax
  224. Propranolol (Inderal) for Anxiety?
  225. waking up everynight with a racing heart:(
  226. My husband thinks he is having a heart attack!
  227. jaw pain
  228. severe anxiety
  229. Dissassociation ?
  230. physical symptoms of anxierty
  231. Paxil CR or Regular Paxil?
  232. Im sick when i get anxious (alot). please help
  233. propranolol / beta blockers
  234. Went off Librax, and took Xanax....bad withdrawals !!
  235. Anxiety distraction methods
  236. Analyzing Reality....does anyone do this???
  237. Feverish Thoughts
  238. Can anyone recommend a good CBT in Hawaii (Oahu)?
  239. celexa vs. wellbutrin
  240. derealization. help please
  241. What's the difference btw MS and Anxiety
  242. Effexor XR Question
  243. Therapy helped anyone with GAD & Panic attacks?
  244. Effexor BAD...HELP!!!
  245. Does anyone else feel this way...
  246. Beta Blocker Usage
  247. doctors won't give me an anti-anxiety med, help!!
  248. Best med? Help
  249. Anxiety and heart palpitations
  250. My bat experience and subsequent anxiety.