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  1. fired from job today
  2. Diazepam/Valium Panics question
  3. Is drowsiness a symptom of anxiety/panic? My trip to the ER!
  4. Insentive Husband/venting
  5. Pulse Checking hard to find neck pulse, easy to find wrist pulse.
  6. what's the difference?
  7. Float, dont fight
  8. hives/red streaks on chest from showers?
  9. Shaky... out of nowhere... help me out...
  10. lexapro and klonopin
  11. bed ridden??
  12. Is it possible to have an anxiety/panic attack without a racing heart?
  13. tired of anxiety
  14. symptom shifting
  15. anxiety & svt
  16. Why does my chest and left arm feel so weird all the time? Frustrated!!!
  17. Eye Doctor gave me an anxiety attack
  18. Throat Spasms
  19. Ever have heavy/weak arms with anxiety/panic?
  20. Can a Panic Attack leave you drained/weakened?
  21. Can Xanax affect your period?
  22. Chess pains
  23. anxiety since birth?
  24. Quitting Zoloft after 3 days, help
  25. Anyone had success with Paxil/Paroxetine?
  26. Can physical exertion make you feel ill/crappy/weak when you have GAD/Panic Disorder?
  27. Starting and SSRI make anxiety worse?
  28. SSRI"S Causing Cheek TWICHING? anyone else?
  29. Severe Anxiety?
  30. Anxiety and weight loss. Anyone else?
  31. Lexapro & Nausea?? help pls
  32. A BP med that seems to help an antidepressant work better
  33. How long before Zoloft side effects fade?
  34. Anybody else sleepy on Zoloft?
  35. weird/uncomfortable sensation.. can anyone relate??
  36. Right side of chest pain?
  37. Can the shock from a gas powered lawnmowers spark plug be dangerous?
  38. weight loss has me worried
  39. I was mowing my yard and I felt like I was going to faint (anxiety?)
  40. Anxiety worse in spring?
  41. Anxiety driving me crazy
  42. Stopped breathing suddenly??
  43. Do you get occasional stomach nausea or feelings like your body is dying?
  44. Anxiety is TERRIBLE in the mornings when I wake up...WHY?
  45. Unexpected deep breaths.
  46. anxiety/panic getting blood drawn for thyroid today . Help .
  47. Need help asking for meds from new doctor!
  48. question for schmoo/Buspar
  49. What sucks about 30 day holter/event monitors
  50. I have a question about my heart and testing...
  51. Is Lexapro actually good for lots of anxiety ?
  52. panic and red bumps/hives?
  53. dad fainted.. im worried.. please need advice
  54. throat clearing
  55. Anxiety, panic attack and Gagging reflex
  56. Anyone have wellbutrin experience?
  57. I'm desparate I can't work because of anxiety
  58. Minimal movement/fast heart rate
  59. anxiety-ocd related, awful!
  60. Premenopause increases anxiety?
  61. Buspar working great but......
  62. Zoloft-vivid dreams!
  63. Having a breakdown, what do I do???
  64. why cant i be normal...i freak out so easily...
  65. Doctor prescribed paxil...
  66. is it ok to take benadryl allergy and robitussin DM and lexapro?
  67. CELEXA helps OCD only NOT anxiety-is LEXAPRO better?
  68. Anyone Taking Lyrica?
  69. Mood controlling pulse rate?
  70. Prozac for Anxiety = More Anxiety?
  71. Citalopram
  72. I got my Holter Monitor today...anxiety
  73. PVCs and Anxiety
  74. Rid yourself of caffeine please!!
  75. klonopin withdrawal?
  76. Heavy Arm ..anxiety? please help
  77. Questions about Muscle Relaxers
  78. zoloft questions, not sure I should take it.
  79. Anyone have anxiety AND heart issues?
  80. Is Niravam/Xanax expensive after insurance?
  81. Has anyone had a "cant cough", "Can't swallow" feeling?
  82. Fear of relaxing?
  83. sudden chest tightness?
  84. Zoloft-Elavil(Amitriptyline) combination
  85. Warm Feeling
  86. ativan vs. anti-dep question
  87. I took 3mg of Niravam in 4 hrs. I feel faintish.
  88. Anxiety Symptoms causing skin problems?
  89. Life sucks lately, anxiety strikes with bad physical symptoms?
  90. glaucoma Anxiety
  91. Prozac Dosage
  92. Tachycardia (rapid heart beat)-- scared
  93. Nocturnal Panic Attacks
  94. Is 2 MG of Niravam alot?
  95. Does Lucinda Bassett panic/depression programs work?
  96. head pressure
  97. Premature Ventricular Contractions
  98. ativan or rivotril?
  99. Anxiety/Slow Heart Rate??
  100. Very anxious about 'real' life
  101. head explosion?? please help
  102. Upper back pains
  103. EKG and Stress Test Accuracy
  104. The Start of your Symptoms.
  105. Anxiety/passive aggressive husband
  106. Foggy-headed, "out-of-it" feeling, etc
  107. abilify
  108. just starting lexapro
  109. clonazepam withdrawal? seizures?
  110. Lexapro, missed period, pregnancy?
  111. GABA for Anxiety?
  112. Heat thing AGAIN~...
  113. Weird feeling in lips
  114. Have lost four jobs in two months due to panic/anxiety..hopeless and unsure of future
  115. Do I have the record for most self diagnosed diseases?
  116. Wellbutrin Question
  117. celexa, citalopram side effects
  118. Lexapro for Anxiety and other symptoms
  119. update on my "heart" problems..
  120. Rescue Remedy, does it work?
  121. Stress Leave
  122. Im soooo confused :( (Warning: long)
  123. Does All The World Hate Benzos?
  124. pregnancy and anxiety
  125. Lexapro and this weird ear feeling
  126. Homeopathic + Beta Blockers
  127. Anxiety while driving on expressway?
  128. Unsupportive wife - please help!
  129. Weird feeling of heart when laying down trying to sleep
  130. Generic or Brand of Xanax...is there a difference?
  131. Social Anxiety ruined relationship
  132. Ok I need quick help-Im FREAKING OUT
  133. afraid of taking meds!!!
  134. Doc give me buspirone.
  135. Strange Problem
  136. no energy extreme fatigue,lexapro?
  137. Help with allergy meds
  138. Anyone else have this Clonazepam/Klonopin side effect?
  139. A fragile Mind (anxiety and OCD)
  140. Do I need to wean off of 0.25 mgs. Xanax?
  141. SSRI and bed wetting?
  142. Just got my ativan filled
  143. Has anyone had good/positive results with Bushpar?
  144. new symptom
  145. Feel like exploding?
  146. Describe your headache
  147. Anxiety over a Shower?
  148. sweating,people sniffling & sneezing around me.
  149. Is anyone drowning in debt causing bad anxiety?
  150. heart skipping ALOT during stress?
  151. tell about your health anxiety
  152. heart palps and feeling faint?
  153. Xanax and like meds for anxiety
  154. Buspirone
  155. Shaking/Trembling/Tremors 24/7? Please help!
  156. Constant Indigestion and Nausea
  157. HELP* Took PERCOCET & it cant be mixed with CELEXA
  158. Fear of having a heart attack...everyday!!!! help
  159. Getting off Zoloft wothout having zaps, withdrawl, etc in unexpected way.
  160. Does anyone feel depressed after taking Klonopin (Clonazapem)?
  161. SSRI & Sexual side effects - men??
  162. Any "Xanax Free" suggestions for calming down?
  163. Upper Gastric Symptoms
  164. What's Wrong With My Heart?
  165. Heart Did Something Weird!
  166. Anxiety symptoms effecting neck and shoulders
  167. Does anyone get a "burning" feeling in chest from anxiety?
  168. Staying up late
  169. quitting effexor xr
  170. Are all of the SSRI's and SNRI's supposedly "hard to come off of"? Withdrawal.....
  171. I bought myself a shiatsu "massage chair" today
  172. new here...was put on ativan
  173. feeling out of breath with simple daily activities
  174. which generic "brand" of xanax are you using...
  175. what antidepressant are you taking for axniety?
  176. Anxiety getting worse on Lexapro, Zoloft
  177. is this anxiety?
  178. Antihistimines for anxiety?
  179. Propranolol and Beta Blockers - How Long?
  180. Lexapro???
  181. Bupar info
  182. what are your physical symptoms, fears, and how long does your symptoms last?
  183. can you mix aspirin with paxil
  184. Question about Xanax (Alprazolam) dosage
  185. I'm noticing a pattern to my anxiety! Late afternoon/early evening....
  186. Fear of Intimacy
  187. Constant Tachycardia?
  188. Has anyone ever had the chills or shakes and not been cold?
  189. anxiety and paranoia
  190. Not Comfortable Talking On The Phone...How Do You Deal With That?
  191. Anyone have success with just 5 mg of Paxil?
  192. Looking for a little advice or guidance
  193. Please Read, zoloft and menstruation questions
  194. Try CELEXA FOR Fear of CHOKING/SWALLOWING Miracle drug for me!
  195. Anyone sleep and wake up choking?
  196. Muscle Twitches
  197. can anxiety attacks cause chemical imbalance?
  198. White tongue and nausea?
  199. blueberries?
  200. Anxiety and headaches
  201. Anyone ever have an abnormal EKG with anxiety attack?
  202. Anxiety (Self-diagnosing)
  203. Diagnosed with BFS - Anxiety now getting the best of me
  204. Always thinking I'm dying!
  205. kinda funny feeling in throat, could this be Anxiety?
  206. Burning/Tingling sensation
  207. dull ache from base of spine
  208. Antidepressants cause anxiety?
  209. Paxil CR Side Effects...?
  210. severe anxiety NEED ADVICE!!!!!!
  211. I Lost 10 Pounds In One Month On Celexa
  212. Buspar questions
  213. Anyone get off of Remeron?
  214. What is this Fight or Flight Response?????
  215. who has switched from xanax to another benzo?
  216. anxiety leading to not being able to go out
  217. Depersonalisation Syndrome ?? derealization, anyone ever been through this?
  218. Anyone heard of Bupropion?
  219. Constant Chest Pain!!! Is it all anxiety related???
  220. Experiences with Beta Blockers?
  221. Bad Anxiety..weird Feeling... Need Adivce Please
  222. Help..I'm SO Confused...
  223. difference between SSRI and SNRI antidepressants?
  224. Is anybody on Amitriptyline for Anxiety/Depression
  225. anxiety and depression?
  226. How old when anxiety started for you? Please share your story
  227. Safe cold meds to take while on celexa??
  228. Stay on Lexapro or switch to Zoloft or Wellbutrin ?
  229. Numerous Symptoms. No Diagnosis. Any Thoughts?
  230. Green Tea/Apothe Cherry
  231. Should I take zoloft?
  232. Xanax withdrawel
  233. Side effect of lexapro?
  234. How deal with health anxiety when real health issues?
  235. I'm stopping Paxil, what a nightmare!
  236. Allergic to Xanax all of the sudden?
  237. Hoping for Pregnancy, but have GAD
  238. Can Lexapro cause more anxiety?
  239. Xanax and grogginess
  240. Difficulty Swallowing
  241. Cymbalta confusion!!
  242. Social anxiety holding me back from career
  243. any one ever been told inner ear infection and it ended up being anxiety disorder
  244. fear of stroke or seizure
  245. Anyone taking Valium for Anxiety???
  246. Klonopin - VERY odd experience.
  247. Levaquin and Anxiety
  248. Diagnosed as psychosomatic
  249. Shaky after stopping beta blockers?
  250. Anxious upon waking?