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  1. I'm too scared to meet up with girls!
  2. Feeling good on Lexapro!!
  3. Mind lingering?? please help
  4. Xanax & Adderall
  5. anyone dizzy/lightheaded all the time?
  6. mind chatter?
  7. Panic Attacks
  8. Spots/ light sensitivity!
  9. Anxiety and Stomach Issues
  10. L-tyrosine
  11. Xanax and Benadryl
  12. Body Heat
  13. Dizzy feeling
  14. always going to the ER?????
  15. Strange, sudden anxiety relapse
  16. valium with zoloft?????
  17. Passing out from Panic/Anxiety Attack???
  18. Uncomfortable Prickly Sensation?
  19. "Natural" cures?
  20. visteril for anxiety?
  21. READ, if you have silver tooth fillings!
  22. Xanax "as needed" Questions
  23. xanax.vs.xanax xr or clonopin
  24. What med has worked best for your anxiety ?? Confused!
  25. anxiety cause head picking?
  26. Tips for long term use of Klonopin for social anxiety
  27. lexapro and itching
  28. Blood Test
  29. Buspar buddies
  30. "Pinching"/Stabbing feeling in heart area?
  31. Xanax withdrawl?
  32. 7 year Old "Doesn't Want To Be Alive" Now!
  33. Xanax..temporary relief?
  34. Everything bothers me
  35. switching from effexor to lexapro
  36. Post Paxil weight loss
  37. Safe to Take Beta Blockers?
  38. Paxil and Prolactin
  39. Upped Celexa and now feel more anxious is it normal?
  40. If a Benzo stops it then it must be anxiety? Yes?
  41. Why can't I take a deep breath?
  42. Did anyone else stop physical activity?
  43. Effexor and Social Anxiety
  44. doc is cutting back my xanax
  45. Fear-obsessive Thoughts Of Going To Prison?
  46. 7 Year Old with Anxiety? Help!
  47. Doctor Frustration
  48. Anyone ever try Pure Calm for anxiety?
  49. Has anyone here tried Cymbalta ?
  50. Zoloft and Acne?!
  51. Effexor-XR and high blood pressure
  52. Docs want me back on meds - Effexor, Paxil? nervous.
  53. Why do I keep going to the hospital???
  54. Is Klonopin Or Ambian Better For Sleep Problems Due To Celexa?
  55. Hope is gone.. please just someone read and help
  56. Celexa & Short term memory loss?? anyone else
  57. Going off Zoloft, it may be making me worse!
  58. Can I be myself again?
  59. Started Celexa And Cant Sleep Please Help!
  60. almost a month and still side effects? anyone else have this
  61. such a scare today, i don't know where to turn.
  62. Best Time Od Day To Take Klonopin?
  63. Week 4 of Zoloft, Please help
  64. Ativan rebound anxiety?
  65. Does anyone else feel like this?
  66. Benzo Fatigue
  67. Cymbalta questions
  68. dont be too proud or too stubborn
  69. Getting over anxiety....
  70. Anxiety and Exercise
  71. Anxiety attacks while driving
  72. Fear Of Being Sick etc.
  73. irritability
  74. Does anyone use Xanax XR for GAD
  75. Zoloft and Antacids?
  76. anxiety and pms
  77. legs
  78. Night Sweats...
  79. Waking up gasping for air at night???
  80. Can I Take Celexa and Xanax? is it possible? or can they interract
  81. Took 1mg of Ativan...
  82. Awareness of breathing
  83. Can Coffee Reduce or Increase Anxiety?
  84. Buspar
  85. Klonopin (clonazepam) -- how long does it take to work?
  86. uncomfortable in my skin
  87. Is my daughter the only child with anxiety disorder? Need Support
  88. withdrawal from paxil and clonazapam in the elderly-I need some advice please!
  89. burning sensation down arms and back????
  90. anxiety meds that doesn't cause weight gain
  91. vague feeling caused by extreem anxiety
  92. advice on diazepam
  93. xanax and caffeine
  94. Do you ever feel like some is just wrong?
  95. zoloft with valium
  96. Which antidepressant med???
  97. sertraline? Any ideas
  98. valium vs klons vs loranzapam vs xanax
  99. loranzapam for social anxiety
  100. How do I stop XANAX after 3 months HELP?
  101. Prozac or Zoloft?
  102. XANAX and Worst anxiety hours after taking it
  103. dreading tomorrow - can't sleep
  104. starting Zoloft... help! questions!
  105. Ativan/is this okay?
  106. Xanax...is this safe?
  107. Please help I feel brain dead!
  108. Does anxiety last forever-symptoms here since October!
  109. Some questions, schizophrenia, panic attacks.... please read sorry if its long!!
  110. worried about health...all the time!!!
  111. Can anxiety cause localized gut pain?
  112. crazy weird scary dreams.. please help
  113. Anyone get muscle twitches?
  114. Breathing "trouble"/breath catching
  115. afraid to go to sleep
  116. i think i got a bad batch of xanax...
  117. nightmares / withdraw from zoloft
  118. Quick Quetion : Scatterbrained With Memory Loss = Anxioty Disorder Symptom or Not?
  119. valium side effects
  120. Severe case of panic+anxiety.. can no longer deal without help~
  121. panic disorder and gad symptoms
  122. GABA vs Valerian Root
  123. Anyone tried Valerian for anxiety?
  124. Klonopin for 15 years, New Doctor wants me off now!
  125. Paxil and Buspar
  126. Fainting or near fainting with anxiety?
  127. New User of Citalopram - Advise Please
  128. Heart palps????....
  129. Has anyone tried hypnosis for anxiety and insomnia?
  130. Anxiety with Fever
  131. Major Life Decision-Need Advice
  132. Empathetic Illness?
  133. Take Zoloft Am or PM???
  134. Buspar for mild GAD and insomnia
  135. Xanax vs. Klonopin vs. Ativan
  136. My Four-Year battle with Anxiety
  137. Difference between panic and anxiety disorders?
  138. zoloft? starter dose to 50mg
  139. 3 Month Update...Please Read if you have Anxiety / Panic!!!
  140. Ativan For Sleep?
  141. Increased sex drive on prozac??
  143. Lexapro Question
  144. Atarax, please respond a.s.a.p
  145. question about zoloft????
  146. Zoloft Side Effects
  147. Buspar and weight?
  148. What does dissociation feel like?
  149. QUETIAPINE ( SEROQUEL) , have anybody try it?
  150. Tapering down from Xanax...
  151. Cold all the time/frequent urination?
  152. Just a few questions a/b Anxiety..
  153. Anyone get a return of anxiety the day after drinking alcohol?
  154. Cold Turkey on Zoloft??
  155. Xanax alternatives?
  156. Help Zoloft making me crazy!!??!!??
  157. cold feet
  158. Can anxiety cause abnormal stress test result?
  159. Hard to accept diagnosis....kinda long....plz help
  160. Mind on overdrive?
  161. Alcohol and rollercoaster emotions??
  162. Throat problems with anxiety....Help?
  163. Anxiety anxiety switch I switched back down to 50mg of Zoloft...
  164. Feelings of what i hope is anxiety what i gotta do???????
  165. Light shock after heart palpitation?
  166. Extreme anxiety after 3-day drinking binge??
  167. 7 Months of Zoloft and Alpralozam (Xanax) - Feedback?
  168. what benzo is equal to what?
  169. Constant Muscle Tightness on left side of body
  170. Doing a little better, but question on some black and blue marks.
  171. Lexapro side effects Help!
  172. Prozac causing jaw/mouth tension?
  173. Problems swallowing due to anxiety????
  174. irregular heart beat
  175. Anxiety affecting stomach?
  176. anxiety after getting period?
  177. VEry nervous about starting Paxil - any experiences?
  178. Breathing symptom theory
  179. 9 yrs of xanax ??
  180. The physical pain is hard to ignore
  181. waking up with choking sensation??????
  182. Prozac?
  183. Discomfort in chest/shortness of breath-Anxiety?
  184. Weak spells
  185. Breakthrough anxiety on Lexapro - HELP!!
  186. quitting clonazepam
  187. anyone switch from zoloft to paxil....?? need advice
  188. Breathing Symptoms all day long?
  189. Anyone on more than 100mgs of Zoloft??
  190. Anyone else get twitches
  191. Parents Don't Understand!!!
  192. antibiotic increasing anxiety?
  193. Irritability
  194. "Pounding head"
  195. Lexapro questions
  196. nervous exhaustion
  197. xanax makes you concentrate better?
  198. Help Please! Generic Zoloft and Regular Zoloft!
  199. Jolt through your body while trying to sleep?
  200. **JAW PAIN & Numbness/stiff When Anxious Help! Worried
  201. verge of death?
  202. everything stresses me out?
  203. Splitting Lexapro doses...
  204. Experience with Buspar anyone?
  205. on XANAX and causes PANIC ATTACKS? anyone else
  206. XANAX and asthma, worst after taking it
  207. Weird thoughts falling asleep...
  208. Who's taking Lexapro? Can you please tell me if it's helping you?
  209. ETS surgery facial blushing
  210. What do benzos feel like? (Ativan, Valium, Xanax, Klonopin)
  211. Is this anxiety? Lightheaded only symptom?
  212. Flank Pain? (SIDE) ?
  213. Mind Chatter, please someone
  214. nervous about medication
  215. Fear of exercising
  216. Cloudy Urine?
  217. Anxiety that does not go away
  218. Palpitations with walking?
  219. Anxiety causing gag sensations
  220. JAW Tension / Popping / Ache...???
  221. Has klonopin made anyone else anxious/agitated?
  222. How long should I be off Zoloft before getting pregnant?
  223. What is this??...I'm so scared!!!
  224. Strange symptom....Advice please.
  225. Question about my Panic Disorder again!
  226. Why is this happening to me?!? (Long)
  227. Tingling sensations in my hands and legs (feet).
  228. Q? about side effects from Risperadol
  229. Driving myself & my family crazy
  230. Update...ATIVAN (Lorazepam) Users...
  231. Panic Disorder/Anxiety Symptoms, and abbreviations
  232. Tightness, feeling like something in throat??...
  233. Sombody put my mind at ease.
  234. So I have an Anxiety Disorder...and Im supposed to FLY to germany this christmas!?
  235. bone crushing fatigue
  236. Visual symptoms. Urgent advice please.
  237. Xanax - can someone help?
  238. Zoloft+Caffeine=Anxiety?
  239. Argh!! Has my Lexapro stopped working already??
  240. Thought that don't make sense
  241. Does anyone here have pac's and pvc's that are destroying their life?
  242. Anxiety prone AND Inattentive ADD???
  243. Anyone know what this is?
  244. Xanax Rant!
  245. Vision distortions
  246. Aches?.....Anyone on MEDS....
  247. The perfect anxiety pill!
  248. Panic attacks and Bupleurum D
  249. panic attacks, headaches, weird feeling in body...paxil?
  250. Lexapro Withdrawal??