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  1. mri scan, please help
  2. Lexapro, zoloft or paxil......?????
  3. CBT success stories?
  4. Dif betwn excessive vs. obsessional worries
  5. Feeling so sick the last few days, sound like anxiety?
  6. People who take Lexapro
  7. Anyone have luck with raising Prozac dosage?
  8. Anxiety and vision problems?
  9. Klonopin vs Generic
  10. Derealization and anxiety..please help me!
  11. Anxiety, chest pain, lightheadedness
  12. Do Cigarettes Lessen the Affects of a Benzo?
  13. Xanax not working anymore
  14. I feel terrible around other people
  15. So mad/upset I am shaking...jury duty, letter to dr
  16. Prozac for Social Anxiety?
  17. Anyone get anxiety from movies?
  18. I Think I Made My Doctor Mad-I'm Panicking
  19. XANAX for flying
  20. Crying Spells
  21. Do you avoid people that stress you out?
  22. Bad reaction to Lexapro - other meds to try?
  23. What's the Difference Between Anxiety Attacks v. Panic Attacks?
  24. Anyone take Vistaril? or ever taken it?
  25. yawning a lexapro sideffect
  26. fear of choking
  27. Anyone experience change in their "normal" anxiety symptoms?
  28. Zoloft and Sleeplessness
  29. Need advice on SSRIs and other questions..please
  30. Derealization, spaced-out 24/7 for 15 months!!! Help!
  31. Severe Social Anxiety.
  32. Question about swallowing reflex
  33. "Adrenaline Rushes?" I think I'm having these
  34. Jumping out of my skin ANXIETY
  35. Anxiety worse in the heat?
  36. Torturing myself with anxiety
  37. Paroxetine Going Back To Paxil
  38. good days VS bad days on Lexapro
  39. Breathing Issues
  40. Zoloft & Sleeplessness
  41. New here with anxiety.
  42. fuzzy, heavy, lightheaded is this anxiety, inner ear or what?
  43. Which is better Celexa or Zoloft?
  44. Atenolol and Anxiety
  45. Ativan - Your Experiences
  46. how Lexapro makes you feel
  47. Going of Klonopin - Going on Ativan
  48. Lexapro Q for MEN
  49. Success stories for dealing with anxiety?
  50. Day 2 on Lexapro - facial twitches?
  51. dying..feeling sick
  52. Breathless
  53. Prozac/Xanax/Wellbutrin Combo
  54. lexapro and weight gain?????
  55. ok, Any good experiences with Buspar?
  56. sunburnt? pins and needles?....HELP!!
  57. Nausea, Burning, Itching, Insomnia
  58. Anyone else have weird nights like this??
  59. Spaced out 24/7, 1+ year now. Can anyone relate?
  60. Am I Stuck on an SSRI Forever?
  61. Seredyn / Amoryn
  62. Why am I not normal?
  63. Atarax (hydroxyzine)
  64. Burning up!
  65. Klonopin/heart damage?
  66. Paxil vs Generic Paxil
  67. Migraine Suffers on Lexapro
  68. KLONOPIN??? is that all you take?
  69. Little Hot Spot On My Arm
  70. Lexapro & Constipation
  71. Pill cutters & Lexapro
  72. Lexapro and Insomnia
  73. Need to Zoloft again after 5 months..will it work?
  74. Extreme stiffness in legs--can it be caused by anxiety?
  75. weird feeling upon waking
  76. people that get Metallic taste in mouth.. questions..
  77. Increased Motion Sickness Anyone?
  78. Zoloft
  79. More trouble with Topamax!!
  80. Fear of dying before bedtime..
  81. extreme shaking
  82. Paxil and beta blockers
  83. How long is safe to stay on an SSRI?
  84. 9 year old is having panic attacks...
  85. allergic reaction to lexapro?
  86. Comparing weak vs. stronger benzos question
  87. Buspar: Experiences from YOU! thank you
  88. effexor bring on high BP?
  89. Does Lexapro come in 5mg?
  90. Upped my dose of Zoloft
  91. Increasing Dosage of Lexapro Too Soon?
  92. Anxiety over heart
  93. Anxiety or heart problem
  94. How long before Prozac overtakes the anxiety?
  95. Globus Hystericus
  96. Lexapro and sweating
  97. Starting Lorazepam
  98. Hi -- head shock sensations
  99. Scared to Death !!!!
  100. How long can anxiety last??
  101. Amphetamine (adderall esp) to treat anxiety??
  102. Night sweats & loss of appetite
  103. upping your dose make it work faster?
  104. anyone gone on & off their meds
  105. Benzo's. vs. SSRI's
  106. Head rushes. How do i get rid of them? what is this?
  107. Constant dizziness for 12 yrs - is it anxiety?
  108. Lexapro side effect?
  109. My 2-1/2 week diary of misery
  110. Gagging Sensation?
  111. What Benzo is recommended most
  112. Depakote Question
  113. Prozac\Xanax Question
  114. Anyone ever take prozac? EVER?
  115. Wellbutrin xl and Bupropion hcl sr -Diff??
  116. 11 year old son with anxiety - advice needed
  117. Very low Serotonin levels
  118. How in the heck do I quit the Xanax?
  119. Sense of unreality = Dysthemia? What's my prob?
  120. Need Help: New GAD and Health Anxiety victim!
  121. Could this still be lexapro withdrawal?!
  122. Addiction to Xanax question
  123. Xanax side effect - menstrual cramp PAIN???
  124. Does Anxiety EVER go away? Or are we all cursed forever?
  125. anyone take buspar??
  126. cant orgasm on lexapro
  127. Lexapro and Lorazapem
  128. clonazepam/klonopin?
  129. seeing rainbow halos when stressed
  130. New here, crying, and desperate
  131. Talking in my Head..Anyone else understand?
  132. Panic Attack Relapse and Its Bad!!
  133. What happens to you when you have an Anxiety/Panic attack?
  134. urinary tract infection symptoms?
  135. constant anxiety, high b.p., racing heart & epinephrine
  136. what is giddiness?
  137. ok this is getting stupid...
  138. Dizzy and test results today...
  139. severe anxiety. my story. and what can it do to you?
  140. Starting Lexapro Problems
  141. Another Symptom of Anxiety (I hope)
  142. Anxiety while waiting in line?
  143. i can feel my pulse everywhere
  144. skipped lexapro doses help!
  145. after 6 weeks on zoloft............
  146. Obsessive thoughts...a side effect of celexa?
  147. Paxil Dose
  148. Morning Dread
  149. Prozac/Xanax& Adding Wellbutrin XL
  150. What "disease" do YOU have?
  151. can anxiety meds cause low white blood cell count?
  152. ears ringing ,fingers and neck tingling and tight chest
  153. going off paxil... support please!
  154. Mild electrical shock across neck???
  155. Muscle Twitches and aches
  156. major attack
  157. Physical symptoms of anxiety ?
  158. Quitting Effexor
  159. Effexor and tingling ??
  160. Paxil Withdrawal help
  161. Night Sweats?
  162. Side effects from 10mg Prozac
  163. Anyone tried therapy with 5HTP for Anxiety?
  164. Benzos vs. ADs for anxiety and panic
  165. Anyone Still Taking Serzone / Nefadozone?
  166. I am taking 10mg of Lexapro and dont feel anything.....
  167. is it ok to take aspirin with a ssri?
  168. Natural Ways to Cure Anxiety
  169. librium/xanax
  170. Has Anyone Experienced Chest Pain While On Zoloft??
  171. Advice on Anxiety and weight loss
  172. convinced I have a terrible disease
  173. Disney trip and the Tower of Terror!
  174. Anyone have an EKG that showed extra heartbeats?
  175. Fear of Driving: Please help
  176. Fear Of Not Being Able To Find A Job *major anxiety !!!!
  177. Zoloft for a month...yet still anxious.
  178. anxiety or heart problem or what!?
  179. Unnecessarily jumpy and on edge
  180. Anxiety?? Or What??
  181. Tongue Feels Strange?
  182. severe anxiety problem
  183. starting Zoloft
  184. Break through Anxiety on Lexparo
  185. Taking Zoloft, now starting on Remeron
  186. Meds for Panic Attacks
  187. feeling goofy today
  188. Jelly Legs
  189. fear of parents dying
  190. Sugar and Anxiety
  191. Zoloft induced Depersonalization?
  192. How long does it take for meds to kick in?
  193. beta blockers best BP meds for anxiety
  194. zolft................so tired,any others?
  195. Will Zoloft help Anxiety/Panic Attacks???
  196. best anxiety med. for weight loss
  197. Trying to get pregnant & Zoloft
  198. Anyone on or has taken Effexor XR??? 1st med ever, welcoming all comments!!
  199. Mood Swings On Paxil
  200. Anxiety or MS?!?! Scared!!
  201. amoryn and seredyn
  202. scalp/head problems
  203. Anyone read "Your Body's Many Cries for Water?"
  204. has anyone ever really been cured
  205. 'tight throat' after lariam, tips for chilling out?
  206. Work Discrimination about Anxiety
  207. HELP! Desparetly Need a "Pro" on Lexapro! Having PROBLEMS!!
  208. Need Lexapro Advise!!!
  209. strange feeling in chest
  210. Internist said no to zanax!!
  211. Do any Dr's. refuse to prescribe benzos to you?
  212. When did you hit rock bottom?
  213. I perceive myself to be ugly causing lack of confidence
  214. question about upping paxil dose from 10-20mg
  215. Feeling your heartbeat in your body?
  216. Middle of the nigh anxiety???
  217. Halcion
  218. Expired Xanax
  219. Fish Oil Capsules and V-B12 Questions...
  220. Tom Cruise's interview
  221. Alprazolam/Xanax..whenever?
  222. Neck So Stiff That . . .
  223. obsessing on things
  224. Feel like I cant breath
  225. Smaller Zoloft dose okay? (sorry long post)
  226. medications and weight gain
  227. Constantly thinking about life/death/reality
  228. Constant Tingling - Help!!
  229. Do you ever feel like you're going crazy?
  230. anyone have side effects from paxil?
  231. Anyone else have trouble concentrating
  232. Vistaril and Atarax
  233. Phenergan
  234. What cold meds are safe with Effexor XR?
  235. How much do benzo's lower your blood pressure?
  236. Going off Effexor, switched to Lexapro and Lamictal, Scared!!!!!
  237. 1st day on Lexapro
  238. does anyone else get weird thoughts ?
  239. Decreasing anxiety with lifestyle changes?
  240. Zoloft - taking 1/2 2x a day or whole pill at once? Any Difference?
  241. strange sensation in mouth
  242. Do I have anxiety? panic attacks?
  243. Lexapro and Sleep Patterns
  244. Problems with girlfriend, I haven't been eating, hows this effecting my body?
  245. told boyfriend about my social anxiety
  246. Experiences with extended-release versions? (CR, XL, etc.)
  247. Panic the day after drinking alcohol--please help!
  248. effexor xr in the am or pm
  249. 24/7 panicy/anxious feeling
  250. Slowly switching from Effexor XR back to Zoloft r/o