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  1. Zoloft and insomnia -- What help's???
  2. Lexapro - effects - good and bad?
  3. Success with combatting sexual side effects?
  4. anxiety and teeth
  5. Coffee and cigarettes
  6. I take Ativan only in morning, am I experiencing withdrawal at night?
  7. Zoloft and Anxiety, has anybody had this happen
  8. Does anyone else have tremors that last days on end???
  9. Worrying 24/7
  10. Short-term Memory Loss from Lexapro
  11. Fear of sleep?
  12. quiting buspar cold turkey
  13. Help changed my meds,got depressed on xanax xr ?
  14. Good Experiences with meds???????????
  15. Any Experience on Buspar???? Need Info....
  16. New Meds: Very Confused...Buspar, Xanax, and Zoloft?
  17. Just need some sympathy and good advice right now :(
  18. Prozac and anxiety
  19. IS this a panic attack!? seizure? or, or, or..
  20. No breathing sensation
  21. How Knowledge cured my anxiety!
  22. Can anxiety create tingling sensations?
  23. Xanax and birth control pills
  24. Tingles? Creepy Crawlies?
  25. LAMICTAL good for anxiety?
  26. Help! Anxiety on long car rides means a million pee stops!
  27. Week 3 on Lexapro
  28. Someone Please help me explain....
  29. Is Xanax addictive?
  30. im freaking out. help
  31. Can long-term Xanax make me sick?
  32. Nausea from Lexapro
  33. Taking Zoloft...sometimes xanax..still anxiety!!!
  34. Anyone get this from Paxil?
  35. I cant stop worrying
  36. What's the longest anxiety/panic attack you've ever had?
  37. reflex test question
  38. Insomnia with Effexor - Please Help !
  39. How many get pain between shoulder blades?
  40. can stress cause stomach noises
  41. Is It Ok To Take Advil While On Ssri's?
  42. Anyone here ever take Vistaril (AKA: "Atarax")?
  43. Prozac & Xanax?!!?
  44. High Cortisol Levels
  45. Zoloft side effects is this common and how long
  46. Lexapro for Anxiety?
  47. Vacation Anxiety ???
  48. Watery eyes!
  49. Can You Drink Alcohol On Ssri's?
  50. Ativan withdrawal
  51. HELP! Zoloft and Herbal Supplements...Safe or not???
  52. Does Anyone Get Major Dizziness With Anxiety
  53. Preoccupied with thoughts
  54. Benzo withdrawl...4 months or longer???
  55. How many with finger Tremor?
  56. very bad anxiety but is there a med that doesn't cause weight gain???
  57. Why Do I Worry about my health if i'm fine?
  58. Anyone get High BP Due to Anxiety?
  59. Tingling sensations-does anyone else get this?
  60. Heart palps are ruining my life......
  61. Vacation of a Lifetime, and I'm Terrified
  62. L 5-HTP Serotonin
  63. please help. is this anxiety.
  64. Valerian Root - Does it Work?
  65. Zoloft withdrawal...when will I feel normal?
  66. Lexapro and Ginkgo??
  67. HELP! Enlarged Pupils from Lexapro!
  68. Lexapro Causing Anxiety!!??
  69. Inner vibrations or buzzing anyone?
  70. If 10mg of Lexapro isn't working should I try taking two at a time?
  71. Weight gain from Lexapro
  72. Klonzapan and xanax
  73. I'm my 4th week of Lexapro, so how exactly should I be feeling?
  74. Anyone researched mercury as the root cause for Anxiety?
  75. Has anyone been "cured" with therapy?
  76. Nervous about Lexapro
  77. Anxiety/Panic/Stress and Physical symptoms
  78. Celexa to Wellbutrin?
  79. anxiety, surviving without medication
  80. How long to ween off of Klonopin? (or benzos in general)
  81. Excess of saliva anyone?
  82. Anyone try Elevex-50
  83. What are your reactions to caffeine?
  84. Worried This Can't be Anxiety
  85. Celexa and sex drive...
  86. Twitches/jerks while falling asleep
  87. Starting Zoloft
  88. Zoloft at 200 mg!
  89. missed Paxil dose and dizziness?
  90. Strange feeling in foot!!!!
  91. I'll Try Again,,, Please, Need Your Advise!
  92. can Anxiety cause chills/sweating?
  93. No more anxiety!!! please read
  94. What does Lexapro make you feel like?
  95. Started Lexapro on Wednesday
  96. I did it AGAIN! 170/96!
  97. Help! I think I have Leukemia!
  98. Can this all really be anxiety? Please reply!
  99. Those of you taking Lexapro...
  100. Need Advice About Lexapro Part 2
  101. Few questions about Xanax
  102. zoloft to lexapro switch
  103. Bad to mix Clonazepam with trazodone
  104. What the heck is wrong with me?!?!
  105. Urgent, can I take motrin (ibuprofen) with xanax?
  106. Generalized anxiety disorder anyone??????
  107. Fear of Passing Out
  108. Tapering off Klonopin - Need Advice
  109. Can having anxiety make you depressed
  110. Need advice with Xanax and antidepressants - need the instant relief feeling
  111. It's back and I feel hopeless
  112. Help Overcoming Health Anxiety
  113. Paxil Help.....
  114. Fingers and hands tingle
  115. Why do I have anxiety upon waking every morning
  116. prozac and dizziness
  117. Need doseage advise on starting Lexapro.
  118. Zoloft and Alcohol
  119. Lexapro is working but I am so tired...Part 2
  120. Strange anxiety issue with physical affection
  121. Help, Eyebrow Falling Off!
  122. Is Xanax Dangerous?
  123. Spot in Vision, Help!
  124. Klonopin (Clonazepam) works wonders :)
  125. Thinking about taking Zoloft. PLEASE READ
  126. How many WEAK after exercise?
  127. Feeling Faint
  128. Really Scared! Need Advise On Lexapro!
  129. Can Xanax be taken with an SSRI?
  130. Weightlessness ??
  131. Replacing one worry with another
  132. Benzo withdrawl or what?
  133. anyone like Zoloft?
  134. Difference between Anxiety & Stress???
  135. balance off, heavy feet
  136. can lexapro cause heart problems
  137. Please HELP! Muscle twitches/spasms all night long
  138. from Lexapro to Prozac for panic???
  139. Weird sensations-is this anxiety?
  140. Lexepro and insomnia
  141. twitches, muscle jerks.....please help..freaked out
  142. Fainting...Could this be due to Lexapro?
  143. Lexapro=Loose stools?
  144. Zoloft experience: Was worth the wait
  145. Anxiety and Employment - please help!
  146. Pinching pain in muscles!
  147. Please help me help my girlfriend! Social anxiety?!
  148. The Best Antidepressant for Social Anxiety???
  149. stopping Lexapro cold turkey
  150. Is Xanax for long term use or just as needed use.
  151. How should I wean off my 3rd week of Zoloft
  152. Is depersonalization and derealization really anxiety? HELP PLEASE :(
  153. No appetite on Lexapro...
  154. Anyone else noticing blood vessels becoming more visible?
  155. Experiences to share with Wellbutrin?
  157. Need Some Advice on Lexapro & Buspar
  158. Did Lexapro make anyone more anxious when they started taking it?
  159. Does Zoloft Cause ZITS???
  160. anyone tried valium?
  161. Has anybody tried the new sleeping pill 'Lunesta'?
  162. Increased heart rate
  163. Question about Paxil vs Zoloft...
  164. Depersonalization and derealization since 2 years - help!
  165. Muscle pain with Zoloft???
  166. First week side effects Prozac
  167. Is jaw-clenching normal on Zoloft, plus I'm extremly tired?
  168. Doc wants to put me on Zoloft
  169. Paxil, timeframe taking it for withdrawal risk
  170. any natural/herbal tranquilizers?
  171. feels like i am stoned
  172. Anxiety causing Liver and Kidney aches
  173. How Long Till Your Dependent On Ativan?
  174. Ears Plugged?
  175. Palpitations In My Throat
  176. Need Advice. Anxiety is not going away.
  177. Anxiety During A Job Interview...I can't get a good job!
  178. new to the anxiety board
  179. Anyone NOT have side effects with SSRI's?
  180. Panic Disorder
  181. I need help with my Symptoms
  182. First appointment tomorrow any advice?
  183. Xanax - some questions
  184. I saw where anxiety could cause diabetis later in life.
  185. Zoloft and Allergy meds
  186. Stressful period becoming permanent state?
  187. Questions about my first week Using Zoloft
  188. alcohol and klonopin
  189. Inderol?
  190. cervical cancer worries
  191. Sinking/Weak Feeeling in chest
  192. Anxiety Or Epilepsy??? SCARED. Please READ.
  193. Hyperventilation
  194. Ativan shakes after 1mg a day for 2 weeks?
  195. Lexapro is working but I am so tired!
  196. Xanax XR Tapering
  197. fear of seeing people you know in public
  198. Need Some Advice About Anxiety/Panic And Ativan
  199. Anyone else have issues with people not taking your anxiety seriously?
  200. Doom and "balloon stomach"
  201. How to Switch from Paxil 10mg to Lexapro 10mg
  202. Muscle twitching/grinding of teeth
  203. Buspar made me SO dizzy
  204. bloodshot eyes?
  205. Moving in w/ bf - Anxiety attacks galore!!
  206. Forget Benzos L-Theanine Is Where It's AT!!!
  207. Extreme anxiety about my health
  208. Went to the doc for Ativan, ended up with BuSpar
  209. Anyone tried Remeron?
  210. Lorazapam & Buspar
  212. Klonopin Question!
  213. Anxiety Relapse After 5 Years on Paxil
  214. Lexapro weight gain
  215. How diff is panic attacks & a seizure?
  216. Any negatives with starting Xanax???
  217. Scared -Feeling like water is dripping down your leg?
  218. Lexapro verses Paxil
  219. Anxiety Or Depression?? Help!
  220. Twitches and Anxiety
  221. Klonopin and Buspar??
  222. OCD because of my breathing?? PLEASE READ.
  223. does anyone else get aura?
  224. Klonopin/Xanax Anxiety and panic
  225. Fear of Dying
  226. Can't Stop Thinking About Breathing
  227. how long do anxiety muscle twitches stick around for?
  228. Anxiety and heart rate
  229. Lump in throat symptom
  230. zoloft 19 days
  231. Hepatitis A vaccine for travel?
  232. W/drawal effects from getting off paxil cr DO go away eventually, don't they??
  233. St. John's wort/lorazepam should i mix
  234. Buspar.....side effects????
  235. cymbalta for social anxiety
  236. Xanax users
  237. How does one fix G.A.D?
  238. Can impotence be connected with High Anxiety?
  239. Xanax to Klonopin? Anxiety way high!
  240. do you dread going places?
  241. Anyone else have this?
  242. Alchohol and Anxiety Meds
  243. Lexapro And Low Heart Rate
  244. what are your physical symptoms?
  245. Extra saliva normal for anxiety?
  246. lorazepam
  247. Chattering Teeth
  248. how long does it take to withdraw?
  249. Motion Sickness From Television?
  250. nardil