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  1. Ativan withdrawal?
  2. Worry, worry, worry
  3. Paxil CR-make anyone extremely tired?
  4. psychiatrist too expensive!!! - what should I do?
  5. Scared of going crazy
  6. Is anxiety meds a cure or a temporary alieviation of anxiety?
  7. St. Johns Wort
  8. Pulsatile Tinnitus
  9. feeling like to pass out during my anxious moments
  10. Effexor Experiences? Third Week......
  11. Scalp Pressure/Pain? Side Effect?
  12. Ways I Found To Cope With Anxiety/panic Attacks And What I Think Caused Mine
  13. SSRIs, long term use?
  14. Feel my body 'Vibrating' during sleep
  15. Am I having panic attacks or side effects?
  16. Please Help! I'm afraid to take medication!
  17. Can someone help> Internal shaking and rapid heart beat..
  18. gabitril, good for anxiety?
  19. best beta blocker for anxiety
  20. Zoloft or Paxil?
  21. xanax/ambien
  22. does anyone with anxiety also have high blood pressure
  23. New Here. What's the best meds for anxiety?
  24. calling all XANAX users!!!
  25. Anyone else have obsessive dread of a serious medical condition?
  26. Xanax= Headaches?
  28. burning sensations
  29. I experienced my first anxiety attack today
  30. Can anxiety and stress cause heart and chest pain?
  31. High BP Anxiety
  32. Public Speaking Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  33. Ativan
  34. Is this anxiety overkill?
  35. Recurring Anxiety =(
  36. Chest Pressure.....
  37. Anxiety & Headaches
  38. Leg pain, buttock numbness? ~~ Anxiety related?
  39. Panic Attack/Anxiety when at doctors office.
  40. reduction of zoloft and feel like crap!!!
  41. God I hate Effexor withdrawals
  42. Creativity lost b/c of Effexor?
  43. Anxiety has destroyed my life
  44. tight throat
  45. I was doing 'okay' now Im back to where I was
  46. Anxiety worse in fall/winter
  47. dizzy and brain fog
  48. Lexapro
  49. Separation anxiety/hate being home alone
  50. best meds for occasional anxiety
  51. twitching muscles and shaking hands?
  52. Buspar Causing Insomnia???
  53. Paxil vs Paroxetine...a difference?
  54. Can anxiety cause vision problems?
  55. Anxiety and stomach problems?
  56. week 1 on Zoloft
  57. Twitching before/while sleeping (Effexor?)
  58. No answers to throat problem
  59. anyone else raising their blood pressure?
  60. lexapro causing panic?
  61. Zoloft anyone?
  62. Anxiety sufferers: describe anxiety
  63. Can you imagine a lump?
  64. Anyone on Buspar??
  65. Do your worst. (must read)
  66. Risperdal and Lexapro Questions
  67. bowel changes due to anxiety
  68. weird feeling with lexapro
  69. Has anyone ever taken an anti-depressant and Ativan together
  70. New guy with the heart thing going on (long)
  71. Anxiety with Inlaws
  72. Job recommendations for people with severe social anxiety?
  73. Suggestions on Natural Meds for anxiety?
  74. Burning sensation:could it be anxiety related?
  75. balance disorders and anxiety
  76. Celexa - 5 Weeks - Still Spacey
  77. what is a good anti-anxiety med?
  78. long walks are very good for anxiety
  79. How I miss the chest pain
  80. anxiety in winter only
  81. Anxiety & loud noise??
  82. Consistent Stomach Butterflies
  83. Small twitches
  84. Luvox a.k.a Fluovoxamine
  85. Speaking of Heart Anxiety!!!!
  86. Symptoms causing anxiety or the other way around?
  87. Has anyone suffered zoloft withdrawal and stayed off
  88. Derealization/Depersonalization
  89. How Is Paxil? Starting It Tonight!!
  90. success stories
  91. Muscle tension from anxiety
  92. "Brain shocks" anyone?
  93. Antipsychotic vs. Antidepressant for Anxiety. Advice ASAP please!
  94. Anyone ever have trouble breathing?
  95. Reasons for taking Zoloft?
  96. earlobe crease and heart trouble????
  97. What type of doctor is the best to see about anxiety?
  98. The Linden Method.
  99. The most unpleasant of hangovers... Anxiety related?
  100. SSRI alternative to imipramine
  101. low grade fever and anxiety
  102. Fish Oil Worked for Me !!
  103. Can worry and stress cause cancer?
  104. is this an anxiety symptom? muscle tension?
  105. Major Heart Anxiety!!!
  106. I'm forgetting to breath....scared of an attack
  107. Lexapro really works.
  108. Always worry and get severe anxiety where i think im swallowing my tongue
  109. Kava Kava for anxiety relief???
  110. Hives with SSRI's. Anybody else?
  111. Leaving Your Home town!
  112. Spaced out & off balance???
  113. fear of being cheated on
  114. does zoloft cause water retention?
  115. Double Vision
  116. will zoloft really help?
  117. Does anyone get a metallic taste in their mouth from anxiety?
  118. anyone on lexapro?
  119. zoloft and eye twitching????
  120. How many exerience shortness of breath and how long does it last?
  121. diazepam
  122. Buspar
  123. Quitting Xanax and Neck Swelling - Is there a connection?
  124. Digestive problems/Anxiety? Please Help
  125. Facial Twitching/Numbness from Axiety
  126. Anyone lost weight due to anxiety/stress
  127. what could this mean
  128. Facial Tingling- Anxiety
  129. Anxiety and camp
  130. 11 year old entering middle school-crying
  131. A Poem On Social Anxiety
  132. Anyone think they've got heart problems?
  133. PLEASE HELP!!! Lexapro vs. Prozac
  134. BuSpar problem? Would Paxil help? What's the best antianxiety drug?
  135. Everyone thinks I'm a paranoid kill-joy
  136. Oh god my head it tingling!!
  137. Ativan - Weight gain?
  138. Paxil losing potency?
  139. Fear of becoming pregnant and/or having a baby!
  140. Dealing with Anxiety, Part 4 of 4
  141. Dealing with Anxiety, Part 3 of 4
  142. Dealing with Anxiety, Part 2 of 4
  143. could this be anxiety?
  144. Confusion and forgetfulness
  145. swallowing and choking while speaking
  146. Lexapro & Low Heart Rate
  147. Does anyone have constant anxiety?
  148. Flinching/clumsiness...are these symptoms?
  149. Zoloft Side Effects
  150. You must not take paxil...please
  151. Side Effects with 10mg Celexa???
  152. generalized anxiety disorder??
  153. Hi - I'm new here...does anyone experience a burning feeling with their anxiety ??
  154. Leprexo and am I a hypchondriac?
  155. "Reishi" has anyone tried it?
  156. Started Celexa for my dizziness!
  157. Clumsy Hands?
  158. some questions about anxiety and medicine
  159. "Jelly legs" anyone?
  160. Anyone on Zoloft....
  161. HELP! I'm Suffering From Social Anxiety
  162. My anxiety is at an all time high?
  163. Effexor xr for teens?
  164. newbie battling health anxiety (long)
  165. So afraid
  166. Anti Dep Meds and PPl with Liver Probs.. What can WE take?
  167. Who else is dizzy/spaced out 24/7?
  168. How do your panic attacks manifest themselves?
  169. anyone troubled by escalators
  170. Thought I had it under control
  171. Eyes and tiredness.....
  172. Am I having panic/anxiety attacks?
  173. Anxiety.... physical but really no mental symptoms..
  174. Fluorescent Lighting and Anxiety Attacks
  175. My world is collapsing around me
  176. Blood pressure very sensitive to anxiety!
  177. Neck tension - social anxiety
  178. Trying to stop xanax....
  179. Side effect of Wellbutrin?
  180. Zoloft?
  181. To all the dizziness sufferers
  182. 24/7 Spaciness. Which meds have helped you?
  183. 1 Xanax = 3 days of withdrawl symptoms?!?!
  184. lexapro and birth control
  185. Slow heart beat?
  186. I have some WEIRD scary symptoms and I don't know if its anxiety
  187. Xanax and alchohol, tobacco
  188. itching, tingling face...anyone else?
  189. Weekly Prozac
  190. Lets list some of our crazy thoughts...
  191. Can gas in chest cause sharp pains?
  192. Shortness of breath..could it be the xanax
  193. Prozac Taken With Mood Enhancer ???
  194. Meds for anxiety? Side effects?
  195. What do Paniac attacks feel like?
  196. What symptoms do you get with social anxiety?
  197. too sensitive to our bodies
  198. Paxil vs Lexapro
  199. Dizziness a part of it
  200. Anxiety that mirrors serious disease
  201. Anxiety & Bowels
  202. My bowels go nuts when nervous/excited, know any foods?
  203. Increasing Lexapro dosage?
  204. Does EVERYONE gain weight on Effexor?
  205. when I hear bad news,my body freaks out
  206. Constant spaciness, head pressure, now nausea... Desperate for help.
  207. Dizziness from abrupt movement
  208. still scared to take paxil!!
  209. Neurofeedback for anxiety
  210. 3 year arm mortgage anxiety
  211. Celexa--sexual Side Effects!?
  212. Morning Anxiety
  213. Lymph Nodes
  214. Stressed! Waiting on results from HIV Test
  215. Stressed! Waiting on results from HIV Test
  216. Low Cortisol and High DHEA
  217. Lexipro & Blood Pressure...
  218. anxiety and stress.... do i have a more severe condition?? schizo maybe?? help plz..
  219. I got a ticket and now my anxiety is sky high!
  220. Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms?
  221. Do your legs fall asleep all the time?!!!!
  222. Questions on Lexapro??
  223. Making things bigger than they are...
  224. Does anyone else having fainting spells??
  225. A very very long post.
  226. ativan vs. zanax
  227. Klonopin Withdrawal - HELP
  228. Has anyone tried SSRA drugs (Selective Serotonin ReUptake Accelerator)
  229. Xanax/Alprazolam-Good, Bad, or Indifferent...
  230. Body Numbness
  231. Maybe it isn't stress/anxiety...
  232. I'm going back into my "I have some horrible illness" phase
  233. Nose Bleed
  234. Starnge jittery feeling
  235. hydroxyzine?
  236. quite urgent: Propranolol
  237. Effexor XR, Does it work?
  238. Derealization
  239. Nardil still worth trying out?
  240. depersonalisation/derealisation
  241. decongestant
  242. Anyone take Celexa?
  243. Complete inability to make eye contact
  244. social anxiety sufferers misunderstood
  245. Scared To Exercise?
  246. Chest Pressure - what does it feel like?
  247. Anxiety in the morning
  248. What stresses you out?
  249. please tell me Im not the only one who feels like Im going nuts
  250. What is your worst symptom?