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  1. Artificial Sweeteners + Anxiety
  2. Does Prozac work for anxiety?
  3. anxiety is driving me crazy!
  4. dizziness during the day, what could this be??
  5. zoloft and weight gain
  6. Gabatril??
  7. Frequent Urination - caused by stress?
  8. Frequent urination & anxiety disorder?
  9. stabilium and noni juice? anyone tried either?
  10. Kava and antidepressants: please help.
  11. Do you need help buying your prescriptions?
  12. Can anyone relate to tightness of face?
  13. what helped me (breathing problems and anxiety)
  14. duration of klonopin?
  15. Feeling Anxious after Eating...
  16. Re: Ashton Manual-tapering off benzos
  17. Taking Buspar & Benzos together?
  18. Dizziness / Back Ache / Antsy
  19. How long does it take to form dependence on anti-anxiety med?
  20. Anyone try and have success with natural anxiety products?
  21. Benzo Dosing
  22. Ativan, Wellbutrin, Paxil
  23. Purely Physical??
  24. Does anyone have Generalized Anxiety Disorder?
  25. Visual snow
  26. Burning Stomach - stress?
  27. Remeron with Buspar
  28. please, anyone else have constant episodic hiccups?
  29. Yawning sensation
  30. Derealization-does it always come with depression and anxiety?
  31. Anybody heard of Linden Method
  32. Paxil and no energy
  33. Pain in left side only
  34. Zoloft & antibiotics
  35. How do I know my Zoloft is working?
  36. article on lightheadedness and dizzyness
  37. ?ordering Xanax, Vicodin on Internet?
  38. Head Tremors w/ Social or Stress Anxiety
  39. Head preassure + face numb.. help!
  40. starting zoloft and dizzy? please help!
  41. Supplemental GABA works like Xanax ?
  42. derealization?
  43. So scared at how I feel...
  44. Feeling Hot and Cold
  45. Do benzos help with derealization?
  46. DEPAKOTE ANYONE??? Need Advice!!!
  47. seraquil????
  48. Prozac for an eye twitch???
  49. Popped Blood Vessel in the eye
  50. Anxiety when cardio and weight training
  51. anxiety cause muscle twitches
  52. Suffering from Anxiety for years
  53. Derealization anxiety-does it ever go awy?
  54. Feel anxious all the time--can't help it--is this GAD?
  55. Anyone else get bloated, gassy feelings when anxious?
  56. Anyone had Excess Energy or Nervousness with Lexapro
  57. Its not Globus
  58. Electric Jolts Anyone?
  59. Is this ok to take together for anxiety and depression?
  60. What is causing this feeling in my head?
  61. Masterbation, physcial pleasure but against my conscious will..
  62. tense jaw
  63. Throat problem, bah its driving me CRAZY help please!!!
  64. GABA treatment
  65. anxiety/depersonalization
  66. Can/does anxiety cause these things?
  67. Fear out of nowhere
  68. numb left side, stress related?
  69. Lexapro & Restless Leg
  70. is this paranoia or anxiety? .. or both?
  71. Paxil, Lexapro, Zoloft
  72. Post Nasal Drip - Hard Breathing? Anxiety
  73. Lump in throat feeling
  74. Has anyone had any water retention with Lexapro, Klonopin, Xanax or Trazadone?
  75. afraid to go out :(
  76. Risperdal
  77. sedona method
  78. What is a pdoc?
  79. Tightness in throat and Trouble Swallowing?
  80. why does paxil & zoloft cause toothaches for me?
  81. Constant Dizziness-Anxiety
  82. 24 hour anxiety attacks
  83. Paxil, Zoloft, or Effexor for SAD?
  85. Could Someone Explain to Me about Half-lifes of Xanax and Klonopin?
  86. Severe Falling Sensation
  87. bllod pressure and anxiety / panic
  88. Why do I yell so much?
  90. Benzo withdrawal
  91. Anxious about depression - 5-htp/St John's Wort?
  92. Irritated by unnecessary noise. Can you relate?
  93. Muscle Twitches and Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  94. Going off then on again.... CELEXA..NOT WORKING NOW
  95. Dizzy? Hearing muffled?
  96. heart pounding
  97. Has anyone heard of anxiety like this
  98. Stress/anxiety or something else?
  99. xanax vs. klonopin???
  100. Herbalife, vitamins for depression and anxiety
  101. calmes forte for anxiety
  102. Petechiae
  103. Inositol for anxiety?
  104. butterflies in chest
  105. driving anxiety/lexapro...
  106. I want to check myself in a mental hospital!
  107. swallowing saliva all the time HELP!
  108. is this stress/anxiety or am i sick?
  109. cold ,hypothermia and anxiety
  110. Breathless at Night?
  111. Jaw and Neck stiffness, aches, etc - anxiety?
  112. weird lightheaded feeling
  113. anxiety-weak heartbeat?
  114. Buspar or Xanax or...?
  115. NEURONTIN??
  116. anxiety or labyrinthitis ?
  117. excessive swallowing and/or dry throat
  118. some reasons for hot flashes and sweating for men
  119. Can stress cause fainting?
  120. mental institutions...
  121. pain in hand
  122. Does anyone have Shaky hands/arms?
  123. To Stressed Out About Nothing??...
  124. Should Lexapro help my anxiety?
  125. Luvox To Effexor XR no go!
  126. Anyone ever tried Hydroxyzine. How long on your anxiety med?
  127. numbness? RSI? Zoloft? I wish I knew what was wrong!
  128. Is 12.5mg Paxil CR enough? Does anyone take just 12.5????
  129. paxil and vision
  130. How do you know if you need a higher dosage of Paxil CR???
  131. hungry all the ttime on Paxil CR?
  132. Excess Salivation
  133. Did anyone ever feel this?
  134. Lexapro and Seroquel questions
  135. inositol for anxiety?
  137. I feel like I have an irregular heart beat.
  138. My Panic Experience
  139. Possible drug induced anxiety (Metformin)?
  140. started remeron and i am in a bad mood HELP?
  141. Panax Ginseng
  142. Gabitril and vision, anyone have experience with this?
  143. fast heart rate - anxiety?
  144. body's reaction to bad news??
  145. Is this weird breathing really anxiety????
  146. I feel REALLY hot when I'm anxious...anyone else????
  147. Depersonalization/Derealization
  148. drug-induced anxiety
  149. social anxiety
  150. Nightmares and Prozac
  151. Klonopin Question!!!
  152. Should I take the anti-anxiety medicine?
  153. any experiences on reboxetine ?
  154. Did Xanax ever quit working for anyone???
  155. Overcoming addition to Klonzapin
  156. tingling sensations
  157. Success stories ONLY with Zoloft
  158. Xanax for anxiety and sexual problems ?
  159. keep your valium type meds cool
  160. what is good for brain fog?
  161. Increase dose of Zoloft
  162. I suffer from soul crushing loneliness
  163. can anxiety cause arrhythmias?
  164. Please help me. I can't take much more!!
  165. staying on low dosage of paxil cr
  166. valium type meds are safe for anxiety
  167. Facial Blushing
  168. twitching eye, canker sores +
  169. anexity for years but new side effect started, HIVES
  170. lexapro and sweating
  171. Paxil CR to Lexapro
  172. Does anxiety cause dizziness or does dizziness cause anxiety?
  173. Weelbutrin
  174. Xanax, Over the counter replacement?
  175. Permanency And Valley Mist
  176. your mind can make you sick
  177. amitriptyline
  178. stress and oily skin
  179. Swallow or put under tongue?
  180. Best Books To Read Concerning GAD
  181. excessive swallowing of saliva
  183. Throbs? Am I the only one that knows what this is really?
  184. sexual dysfunction on zoloft!
  185. Gastric Reflux, GERD
  186. Sweating Armpits (even when not anxious)
  187. How Long Can Tension HeadAches Last For The Longest?
  188. zoloft going on 3 months
  189. Anyone recovered?
  190. Difference between Valium and Clonazepam (Klonopin, Rivotril)?
  191. prozac and unexplained problems!!!
  192. difference between xanax and valium
  193. General Anxiety Symptoms
  194. valatrin
  195. Zoloft.....how long till it kicks in?
  196. Waking up with sweat and panic...
  197. finger nail biting
  198. Today it's rabies...
  199. Anxiety makes me want to die...
  200. Stomach feeling
  201. Sudden Drop in Sugar Levels, WHY... Can someone explain it to me PLZ!
  202. A thumb pushing down hard in my throat. How to stop it?
  203. Taking Paxil, and can't sleep!
  204. Help someone! I have been looking for answers forever! I'm getting really tired..
  205. feels like constant lump in throat!!!
  207. Paxil : Drowsiness and sexual side effects?
  208. ativan and chills?
  209. zoloft and sleep diorder
  211. serafem
  212. Kava Kava is NOT TOXIC!
  213. prozac and weightloss?
  214. Natural alternative to anxiety medication???
  215. Chamomile with paxil?
  216. anxiety and the bathroom
  217. cautionary tale about high daily dose of benzos
  218. how to know whether your antidepressant is working
  219. Serzone & Liver Damage?
  220. A Dependancy vs. Addiction definition
  221. lexapro and alcohol
  222. Orange Klonopin???
  223. double vision
  224. zoloft/klonopin for anxiety
  225. Please, I need your advise, lots of it.
  226. sometimes an antidepressant med never works
  227. Lost my job - severe panic attacks
  228. Night Sweating
  229. Can you have stress and not even know it?
  230. Waking up with rapid heart rate
  231. Could this underarm rash be caused by Paxil?
  233. Heartburn and Zoloft
  234. valium and the other benzos
  235. Rash..>Paxil???
  236. What is this feeling?
  238. taking xanax 1mg 2-3 x's a day! NOO!
  239. head quivers linked with anxiety?
  240. Meniere's Disease
  241. getting off lexapro
  242. Any good experience with PAXIL?
  243. Benzos like xanax/ ativan
  244. night sweats stress
  245. Paxil CR and Insomnia
  246. Lexapro and side effects???
  247. Can you drink on Xanax?
  248. New to this forum and just started paxil CR
  249. upset with my therapist
  250. Lexapro and Delayed orgasm