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  1. ? About Klopolin???? Pls. Help. Buspar??? Maybe?
  2. Someone figure out this mystery...
  3. What does your anxiety feel like?
  4. Need Help with GAD and Tension Headaches
  5. What to eat after panic attacks?
  6. how to stop medication Ativan
  7. Back on the merry go round (wellbutrin?)
  8. Anxiety, derealization, weird moods
  9. Xanax questions
  10. Anxiety symptoms or hypochondria? help!!!
  11. Twilight MRI
  12. I'm not feeling well...
  13. Trying to help my sister get over social anxiety
  14. Better to confront anxiety or learn to live with it?
  15. Please help im scared of open spaces and outside.
  16. GABA and Seredyn
  17. Muscle tension...Effexor XR
  18. So uncomfortable around others or in social situations.
  19. cold flashes? with left side chest pain?
  20. My anxiety/panic attack story... :(
  21. I am going mad, Don't feel real.
  22. Anxiety & trouble swallowing food
  23. Heart flutter - panic disorder
  24. Alcohol & Klonopin
  25. Mental hospital for anxiety?
  26. uncomfortable in my own skin
  27. anxiety dizziness fatigue
  28. Problems focusing
  29. Post EPV (Glandular Fever) Anxiety and Mirtazapine
  30. Very specific irrational fears?
  31. Anxiety?
  32. spacey/dream-like feeling, please help.
  33. Anxiety/Panic- (GO AWAY)
  34. I am going INSANE!!
  35. Tingling face, neck and arm.....
  36. nausea & anxiety
  37. I'm so sick of anxiety!!! Anyone taking Zoloft?
  38. Dizziness/panic/light sensitivity/spacey feeling
  39. lightheadedness, weak and anxious
  40. Intermittent Chest Pains....
  41. Anemia & Magnesium deficiency and cause anxiety?
  42. New Zoloft user - question?
  43. dentist tomorrow - ugh can i take a klonopin?
  44. ENT specialist for anxiety?
  45. Anyone else here have SVT and Anxiety?
  46. Red neck/chest
  47. Anxiety success with Remeron anybody?
  48. Pains after Anxiety attack
  49. I am curious about Generic Antidepressants
  50. Doc wants me to try the Zoloft again....*sigh*
  51. Fear of flying!! I have to get on a plane.. Help!!
  52. Wellbutrin and Metoprolol?
  53. Natural treatment
  54. Why has my anxiety worsen
  55. Any Paxil users out there?
  56. Question about Xanax and Alcohol
  57. 7 years later... Still dizzy, spaced out 24/7
  58. Chewing a hole though my cheek.
  59. New to the Board, some questions..
  60. physical symptoms of anxiety/stress
  61. Can't Think Positive
  62. Anyone tried Nortriptyline (aka Pamelor)
  63. can anxiety give you high blood pressure
  64. Anxiety, panic attacks & zoloft - my story so far...
  65. Cymbalta causing headache/pressure - any relief?
  66. Frequent urination
  67. Seroquel for anxiety???
  68. Symptoms 24/7 for YEARS !!
  69. waking up dizzy - sinsuses??
  70. Who takes Buspar? And/or Effexor?
  71. Almost non-stop anxiety over stressful and traumatic experience?
  72. can you cure generalized anxiety disorder with just SSRI?
  73. 3 weeks on Lexapro, any one want to talk?
  74. Lexapro & leg aches
  75. Anticipation Anxiety for Driving
  76. Does anyone take Buspar?
  77. Lexapro - feeling very shaky
  78. Dont know how much longer I can stay on this Lexapro
  79. I feel as though I'm under a spell, so to speak
  80. Help! Weird rush/surge feeling in my chest
  81. Day 12 of Lexapro :(
  82. One week on Celexa
  83. Caffeine Withdrawal and bad anxiety
  84. Constant muscle tightness on the right side
  85. AUGH! 8 Days on Lexapro and still anxious
  86. Do I know the cure to anxiety?
  87. Long Battle With Anxiety
  88. Taking Zoloft for 2 weeks, can I just stop? I'm a mess! Please help me out...
  89. Started taking Celexa
  90. Could I PLEASE have someone to talk to? Very Scared...
  91. Feeling sick after a bad panic attack.
  92. xanax stopped working?
  93. Benadryl for panic??
  94. Lightheaded, faintness, head pressure + other symptoms? Anxiety? Brain? Ear?
  95. how do you cure GAD?
  96. cost of medications without insurance
  97. can anxiety cause 24/7 lightheadedness?
  98. Weakness and Parathesia on left side of body
  99. Please help! Death Premonition or Anxeity
  100. What do I do if my anxiety meds don't work?
  101. higher anxiety when starting a SSRI?side effect'??
  102. Anxiety and overwhelming fear of dying ruining my life! Please help!
  103. How do you tell someone about your panic attacks?
  104. prestique??
  105. Strange Xanax reaction?
  106. Anxiety is preventing me from sleep. only 2 hours per night
  107. Anxiety and Stomach pain
  108. zoloft users any positive feedback?
  109. Can anxiety and stress cause tuberculosis?
  110. TERRIBLE palpitations...please help!!
  111. Help...Dizzy/Lightheaded for 3 and half years...
  112. Victim of Anxiety...again! Caused by Dr.
  113. can anxiety cause 24/7 lightheadedness?
  114. Xanax vs buspar
  115. Very Bad panic Attacks
  116. Panic Disorder and Obsessive Thoughts
  117. Chest pains, Palpitations, dizziness... Doctors say i'm fine ! HELP, please.
  118. Scared to be around my own family
  119. Anyone used Kava Kava or Ashwagandha?
  120. Fight-or-flight, restlessness, worthlessness
  121. Questions about taking Paxil & Wellbutrin together
  122. Relief finally some relief.
  123. Is Zoloft Addictive?
  124. how long can physical symptoms of anxiety last?
  125. I'm tired of being scared all the time
  126. Lexapro concern
  127. Is lack of patience the same as anxiety?
  128. Terrible pain below breastbone/sternum
  129. I wish I could run away from my anxiety.
  130. sexual dysfunction on zoloft?
  131. Anxiety is all I am anymore.
  132. Heart attack, panic attack, or am I just dying?
  133. Is this anxiety... help me...
  134. Left Body Tightness and Eyesight Problem Caused By Anxiety/ Hypervigilence?
  135. Being anxious makes people misunderstand you
  136. Lexapro not working anymore
  137. Extreme GAD
  138. New Father Anxiety
  139. Anxiety attack after falling asleep for 30-45 minutes
  140. Anxiety and Wellbutrin SR
  141. shortness of breath and Aniexty
  142. Axiety and B12
  143. Anxiety about going back to work after 2 1/2 years...
  144. thumping or fluttering feeling in chest
  145. Buspar (buspirone) discontinued in Canada?
  146. Anxiety attacks?
  147. Weird chest senation brought on by anxiety
  148. Anxiety attacks only in certain situations
  149. Eye dizziness anxiety
  150. Is this workplace discrimination?
  151. away from home anxiety
  152. Nardil for anxiety/panic/depression
  153. Derealization or depersonalization????
  154. Possible Ativan Withdrawal
  155. Anxiety causing sinus problems
  156. question about physical anxiety symptoms
  157. How bad does anxiety impair wit/intelligence/memory?
  158. Xanax
  159. Gained 60 lbs on lexapro!!!!!!!
  160. Why do doctors always believe everything is linked to my anxiety?
  161. 'Cramp' like pain in chest and other symptoms
  162. Pounding heart/bloodflow for month and a half now
  163. Burning sensation in head
  164. 24/7 heart palpitations for 2 years anxiety?
  165. Happy attack???
  166. Going nuts - Is this anxiety?
  167. Can you reinstate Klonopin?
  168. tight feeling in upper abdomen
  169. Dizziness due to Anxiety? Long story..
  170. I'm so paranoid about my health, it's taking over my life
  171. Panic Disorder / Anxiety triggered while traveling for work
  172. my story crippling devastating anxiety disorder
  173. Overwhelmed.
  174. The cost of getting help
  175. Am I making my own mental health worse?
  176. I'm at breaking point. I need help :(
  177. Heart Palpitations
  178. anxiety/ocd physical symtoms
  179. Reboxetine or Nortriptyline
  180. Spouse triggering anxiety attacks
  181. How do you get things done with anxiety?
  182. Anxiety: keep thinking "what if I am bipolar?!"
  183. Health Anxiety Acting up during Pregnancy
  184. Buspar twitches
  185. Depression/Anxiety - I Don't Leave House! I Barely Talk! What Can A Doctor Do To Help
  186. A panic attack that doesn't go away!!!!!
  187. My first post, Troubles with citalopram and anxiety :(
  188. Lexapro and bradycardia
  189. Health Anxiety
  190. Need to see a psychiatrist ASAP...help!
  191. Your experience with non-benzo non-SSRI anxiolytics?
  192. My Effexor XR Experience
  193. Severe anxiety
  194. Anxiety, OCD, Derealization, Strange feelings...
  195. Confused if I should take Zoloft for Anxiety Attacks... Natural vs Medical help
  196. Please shed some light LEXAPRO
  197. Pristiq for panic & anxiety - HELP =[
  198. Just moved to a new state:(
  199. Strange reaction to Zoloft...input?
  200. Anxiety-living with a nightmare of no hope
  201. Dealing with negative stares and intimidation...
  202. Anxiety
  203. weird state of mind...
  204. Lexapro hurting relationship
  205. Anyone taking Paxil and Zoloft together?
  206. Can Anxiety Seriously Do All This?
  207. Still trying to deal with horrible anxiety...
  208. Could severe anxiety and other factors cause this?
  209. I'm out of Xanax till next week. Will I go into convulsions??? I'm worried.
  210. Stopping 7 months of taking .5 Ativan every night
  211. The Fear of Going Crazy?
  212. Anxiety caused by mold?
  213. How much Xanax for my dental visit?
  214. Anxiety back and worry about using Klonopin?
  215. 10 year old and anxiety?
  216. Seeming to have Anxiety Relapse
  217. Zoloft not working anymore after 10 years.
  218. anyone here with social anxiety AND bipolar disorder?
  219. Health anxiety taking over my life!
  220. Heart flutters/hot flashes!!
  221. Bad fear of death
  222. Shaking/trembling
  223. tired of feeling like im going to die!
  224. Waking up scared
  225. Bad Weakness, very cold and heart palps
  226. Pristiq Experiences?
  227. Why did fish oil cure my anxiety for less than two months and stop?
  228. Vistaril - The Good, Bad and Ugly! HELP!
  229. Starting Zoloft Soon...experiences?
  230. Does Luvox make you sleepy?
  231. Does Buspar help with Anxiety and depression?
  232. I feel like I'm dying. Please Help. Withdrawl.
  233. Clonazepam (Klonopin) & Citalopram (Celexa) Worries
  234. Zoloft/ Day 1
  235. I need a recommendation for meds for anxiety due to a certain event/situation.
  236. Buspar and Insomnia?
  237. Hi .. My 1st attack OMG
  238. Not feeling "real" Depersonalization on ZOLOFT
  239. 5mg Celexa???
  240. Lexapro for anxiety... My daily experience with it.
  241. Anxiety Attacks Gone, Symptoms remain
  242. Weird (or Normal?) Reactions to Amitriptyline
  243. Stuck in two minds
  244. seriously NEED agoraphobia HELP!
  245. I'm 17, and I'm about to have to drop out of school because of anxiety?
  246. What's best for sleep/anxiety - remeron or trazodone ??
  247. Inability to swallow
  248. Adrenaline surges
  249. Irregular heart beat due to anxiety!
  250. Anxiety Chest Pain?