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  1. ANTIBODY LEVELS: I would be grateful for advice
  2. Can't tolerate my thyroid meds!!
  3. Hypothyroid
  4. Test Results
  5. Choking feeling...
  6. Hypothyroid and heat intolerance, plus IBS
  7. Cytomel & synthroid,take at same time?
  8. Utilizing Adaptogens to strengthen Adrenals / Thyroid
  9. Anyone have deviated trachea from nodules?
  10. Switching from Synthroid to Armour
  11. Swollen from levothyroxin
  12. Synthroid to Nature Throid, crashed in 6 weeks.
  13. Hypothyroid - new member, eyebrows/lashes falling out
  14. How long after a total thyroidectomy before meds level out?
  15. Test results (ultrasound and thyroid panel)
  16. Hashimoto's and Sinus Bradycardia
  17. Alpha Gal Allergy, looking for T3 T4 non dairy non pork medication to replace Armour
  18. Is free T3 of 4.35 high enough to cause symptoms?
  19. Parathyroidectomy
  20. high tsh, high shbg, low iron.. help?
  21. Please look at my test results
  22. Confused about thyroglobulin. Help! Please!
  23. T3 & T4 normal but high TSH with antibodies present
  24. thyroid blood wk normal but 6cm nodule Help
  25. Droopy Eye After Thyroidectomy
  26. 5 days after partial thyroidectomy
  27. Too much levothyroxine???
  28. Lab interpretation/Counterintuitive treatment?
  29. anyone see a connection between flu shot and hashimotos?
  30. low Tsh, normal T3,4, high antibody thyroid peroxidase
  31. Converting to different Meds - Question
  32. Hashimotos Hypothyroid
  33. Needing Cytomel?
  34. Does my doctor's treatment plan make sense?
  35. Increase in cytomel and free t3 and t4 went down
  36. Still feeling horrible and tired
  37. I need help for hypothyroidism, but I have NO HEALTH INSURANCE!
  38. Help understanding my lab results
  39. Lab results, need advice on results
  40. Reference range for antibodies. Is my thyroid ok?
  41. New to message board looking for help
  42. FT3 and FT4 lower after Cytomel Added
  43. Hypothyroidism during pregnancy and the consequences
  44. Normal TSH, high Free T4
  45. Goiter that shrinks and swells
  46. newbie... feedback on my lab results
  47. Is it possible to have thyroid problem if I have normal TSH, Total T3 and Free T4?
  48. Normal to have good days and bad days?
  49. Nodule on right side and blood work
  50. adrenals and reverse t3?
  51. FNA results question for Thyroid Nodules
  52. ITCHING and Hypothyroid
  53. Sudden swelling at base of neck?
  54. Thyroid Results--TSH is 1.321 and T4 is .91
  55. Here are my lab results...
  56. snake like skin arms legs
  57. thyroglobulin antibodies >3000?
  58. Anyone else having trouble due to Levoxyl Recall? Any Tirosint fans here?
  59. Eye pain/topamax/blepharitis??
  60. VERY Low TSH
  61. Antibodies
  62. Needing help and support for LPR and Thyroidectomy
  63. TSH level is below 0.06 -- likely to be hyperthyroidism?
  64. Lab Test Information
  65. So confused. And scared FNA biopsy report
  66. New to Thyroid Issues & Slightly Freaking
  67. What is the normal value of TSH?
  68. Hypothyroid No Goiter, No Constipation, No Weight-Gain?
  69. Test results!?!
  70. Free T3 + Stiff Neck
  71. Levothyroxine and bloating?
  72. Naturethroid exhaustion
  73. Am I on too high a dose?
  74. Dr. Barnes' BBT Test
  75. High TSH optimal ft3 and ft4
  76. Pet Scan with contrast and autoimmune thyroid disease
  77. Hypothyroid craziness
  78. Any insight on labs and ultrasound results welcomed
  79. Scared! Any help would be great!
  80. Weakness/Heaviness lower legs
  81. Over the counter thyroid supplements
  82. How do you know?
  83. More help reading test results
  84. Need advice and opinions of hyperthyroidism
  85. Need help with numbers
  86. TSH High T4 Free Normal
  87. Hi Im new to this board and was wondering if someone can help me read my thyroid lvls
  88. How to bring on anxiety, chest pains with synthroid
  89. High TSH and High Free T3!?
  90. Elevated WBC caused by Hypothyroidism?
  91. High TSH and High Free T4
  92. Thyroid cyst disappeared... Another one forming?? Help!!
  93. very large nodule in my thyroid. would love some advice.
  94. generic armour thyroid meds
  95. Need thyroid test result help.
  96. Petechial Rash
  97. Need feedback on thyroid panel results
  98. Could I benefit from T3?
  99. Need help with thyroid labs and Uptake Scan Please
  100. Graves Disease Question
  101. Stop taking Thyroid Medicine
  102. Normal TSH, but LOW Free T4 - Please explain?
  103. Malabsorption?
  104. Lab results...low tsh, t4 and Free t4 while on Cytomel
  105. My experience and need help
  106. gastric ulcers and thyroid?
  107. Can you help me with my thyroid results?
  108. Nature thyroid dose
  109. Hypothyroid or Depressed or Hypochondriac or just plain crazy?!
  110. Update to help with my results please-714 antibodies
  111. Hypothyroidism, rT3 problem and other issues, please help
  112. TSH Result
  113. Lab results
  114. Help with my thyroid test results please!
  115. hypothyroidism and fungal nail infection
  116. Switched from Armour to Synthroid & Cytomel
  117. Low T4, Does Armour Thyroid help?
  118. FT4 won't budge, FT3 keeps dropping - advice?
  119. Synthroid and Thyroid NP
  120. My Thyroid is throbbing?
  121. New to board, thyroid questions
  122. Biopsy results - not as specific as hoped
  123. Hashimoto's: panel is normal, feel like crap
  124. Thyroid Nodules Biopsy Results Help
  125. New Here - TSH 5.75 but Doctor Isn't Convinced of Hypothyroidism
  126. Multi-nodal goiter = Hashimoto's??
  127. Hypothyroid test level ok. Still feel bad.
  128. low TSH and Nature Throid
  129. From hyper to hypo (graves)
  130. Does your memory get better?
  131. Hyperthyroid! can it have numbness feelings?
  132. I think I'm hyperthyroid? TSH 5.8
  133. Newbie help...
  134. Hypothyroidism causing Endometriosis symptoms?
  135. Need help analyzing blood work results...
  136. 1284 anti TPO and "normal" blood work
  137. 1284 anti TPO and "normal" blood work
  138. Parathyroid issue? Or just crazy?
  139. Cytomel Side Effects-DIZZY
  140. Thyroid nodule or parathyroid tumor?
  141. TSH is <0.05 1month after Thyroidectomy
  142. I've got Hashimotos - are these new symptoms hashimotos?
  143. Very Confused, need some help
  144. Thyroid Issues? Normal labs...please help
  145. Low TSH and Low T3 Normal T4
  146. I have a non functioning thyroid gland
  147. Question on Hashimoto/Borderline hypo
  148. Stomach Flu & Hypothyroidism
  149. Please help me read: My Thyroid Peridoxase 12/<35 and Thyroglobulin Antibodies 20/<20
  150. Grandma has trouble tolerating Sensipar
  151. Thyroiditis (Male - Please Help)
  152. thyroid
  153. Normal TSH, High FT4 and High T3 Uptake
  154. TSH really low and Dr. wants to increase Synthroid?!?!
  155. Can someone help me with my thyroid and bloodwork results pleaseeee
  156. Confused
  157. Please help with labs feel terrible but docs keeping saying normal
  158. fully with hypo symptoms but only slightly elevated ??
  159. Low Ferritin, Iron Shot, Next Steps??
  160. What are your numbers?
  161. thyroid disorder
  162. Could it be thyroid?
  163. Biopsy Fear
  164. hypothyroid and high blood pressure
  165. Living with Thyroidectomy, Lab tests, DR?
  166. Test Results, Why no T3 number?
  167. Anybody HYPERthyroid and take adderall?
  168. Any Hypos out there with ice cold, numb and burning feet/hands?
  169. High TPO test??? Normal thyroid???
  170. Multinodular Goiter, nodules, thyroglossal cyst..HELP
  171. Fluctuating Thyroid Numbers?
  172. THYROID- TSH w/reflex to FT4 level is 0.13
  173. New to boards... going crazy with symptoms
  174. Graves Disease but no symptoms?
  175. Thyroid antibodies test results..Please help me understand what is going on..
  176. Thyroid level 4.51 ? Help:(
  177. Do you ever feel really well being hypothyroid?
  178. Tricky, tricky thyroid
  179. Help!... with my Thryoid test results
  180. Please Help! Hypothyroidism after Thyroidectomy in 2004
  181. Hyperparathyroidism or Not
  182. 'Borderline high' - what does it mean?
  183. New Doctor / New Tests - Hashimotos??
  184. prolactin?
  185. Hashimoto's and new Cytomel
  186. Time for meds?
  187. Misdiagnosed Graves Disease???? (Hyperparathyroidism)
  188. Taking supplements with Levothyroxine?
  189. Started thyroid medication for first time... extreme diarrhea, eek!
  190. Cyst in my throat - should i have it removed?
  191. Help with lab results
  192. Hashimoto's symptoms resolved with Cortisone injection
  193. synthroid and dental work - is it safe?
  194. Help with my lab results
  195. It is NOT in my head!
  196. Hot and cold, nausea, fatigue, TSH-L result
  197. hypothyroid with high level of T3
  198. Thyroid Medication question
  199. Enlarged thyroid, feel terrible but "normal" test results
  200. Can I stop the Cortef? Armour may be working.
  201. Hitting Hyperthyroid while ramping up NDT
  202. Can anyone relate???
  203. HYPERTHYROID and hot flashes can't sleep
  204. Fluctuating between Hypo and Hyper
  205. TSH jumped to 8.8
  206. Switching levothyroxine to armour for muscle pains
  207. need help fast endo put me back on synth with ndt! anxiety
  208. Could this be Primary Hyperparathyroidism?
  209. Hair loss and thyroid
  210. Should I start meds or not?! Need advice
  211. Am I "Normal"
  212. Thyroid Results... TSH Slightly High, T3 & T4 Ok... help!
  213. Menstrual cycle & Armour
  214. what about hashi's with TSI?
  215. need an honest opinion regarding cytomel
  216. Can anyone interpret my results?? Please??
  217. Long post - I'm feeling desperate!
  218. Do these symptoms fit hypothyroid ?
  219. Thyroglobulin 2nd gen levels high
  220. Frustrated and FED UP...
  221. Is it a thyroid problem?
  222. So scared -- FNB is "Suspicious for Hurthle Cell Neoplasm". Advice appreciated.
  223. anxiety and hashimotos? Does it get better?
  224. Normal Thyroid, High TPO Antibody - cause of miscarriage?
  225. TSH 0.450/ Need help / input PLEASE!
  226. New lab results help please
  227. low magnesium
  228. Do I need to treat thyroid too, or is it enough to treat the adrenal fatigue?
  229. Advice Needed PLEASE (Levothyroxine/Cytomel)
  230. Thoughts on Dr. Ken Blanchard's theories?
  231. Thyroid Problem - Follicular Lesion.
  232. Hashi's and Insomnia anyone?
  233. Graves/Hashimotos with low TSH, normal free T4, no goiter?
  234. Enlarged thyroid and lump on neck ... Any advice please?
  235. My Lab Results
  236. Grey hair turning brown?
  237. Do I need treatment for hypothyroidism...
  238. Misdiagnosed with Hypothyroidism?
  239. Question about thyroid levels
  240. Is almond milk okay for people with hypothyroidism?
  241. Will switching from levothyroxine to armour help fatigue?
  242. My TSH levels are 24.50 help please need info.
  243. Could it be Hyperthyroidism??
  244. Thyroid and joint pain?
  245. Advice on: Normal TSH elevated T4 and elevated T3
  246. Anyone heard of this... Celexa and Prolactin
  247. Hashimoto's related constipation
  248. Hashi's and high d-dimer?
  249. Tirosint - Can I take it with anything other than water?
  250. Anyone else have these symptoms with Hashimoto's?