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  1. is it hypothyroid?
  2. Prominent hypervascular mass
  3. Please help with lab results...
  4. Blood tests don't match symptoms, TSH changing, and low t3/high ish t4?
  5. Looking for a Kaiser Endocrinologist in San Diego
  6. High TSH, normal (low-end) free T4
  7. Can somebody please check my calculation for 'optimal' range FT3/FT4
  8. cant take ANY meds??? help
  9. Normal Thyroid function but elevated Thyroglobulin Level. What does this mean?
  10. u/s showed large nodule - going for biopsy
  11. The big T3/RT3 question
  12. Does this mean I'm hypothyroid now?
  13. Confused by Lab Results
  14. low tsh- normal t3 &t4
  15. Lab results and dosage adjustment
  16. Hypo and breathing issues
  17. How to properly prepare for blood work
  18. Lab and Ultrasound Results, advice helpful!
  19. Dexamethasone and Levothyroxine
  20. TSH level
  21. Cost of a month of natural hormones?
  22. Thyroid Ultrasound - help me understand :P
  23. Graves disease and Blood Pressure
  24. Multinodular goiter
  25. Afraid to take Levoxyl
  26. Levoxyl and Acne
  27. Labs questions Dropping TSH and Wellbutrin
  28. Radioactive Iodine Pill
  29. TSH Results
  30. Thyroidectomy and hot flashes
  31. Thyroid Ultrasound results
  32. Allergic to Armour & Nature Throid?
  33. Sonographic & FNA Results
  34. High TSH levels with no symptoms
  35. high TSH, high T4
  36. "Pebbly" thyroid?-Feeling hopeless.
  37. switching from NP Tyroid/T4 combo to Cytomel/T4 combo
  38. Anyone have knee stiffness after sitting or kneeling?
  39. Prevacid & Synthroid
  40. US question... Hashi/Hypo with Multinodular goiter
  41. Pore size and Thyroid - CURIOUS
  42. will my anxiety/depression be gone after thyroid treatment?
  43. Can one be Hypothyroid and negative on antibodies?
  44. Can someone please make sense of this blood work
  45. Going off synthroid and healing thyroid naturally
  46. Hypothyroid Treatment Concerns
  47. Hashimotos or T4 T3 conversion issue ?
  48. Hashimoto's and neck issues
  49. Weight gain on Levothyroxine
  50. Could it now be under active?
  51. Cytomel and more issues...
  52. Help with my results!
  53. Hypothyroidism T3 and T4 both low
  54. Need Help with Thyroid Issues Please!
  55. TSH showing... already? Graves
  56. T3 uptake and FTI (Free thyroxine index)
  57. Could dry eyes be caused by hypothyroid? Can you by hypothyroid at TSH 4.2?
  58. What diet will help with Hashimotos to LOSE weight!
  59. high Free T3 but gaining weight? (normal TSH and Free T4)
  60. Hashimoto's and possible Adrenal Fatigue
  61. New Lab Results... Making progress!?
  62. Red Blotches
  63. Hypothyroidism causing early ovulation?
  64. Dosage increases on Synthroid
  65. Too much synthroid ??
  66. Reverse T3 and gaining weight
  67. Recently went to ER with dizziness and tremors
  68. Lab results show Hyper, RAID scan show Hypo?
  69. Please help, I think I have an enlarged thyroid and am scared...
  70. Does TSH increase with age?
  71. Does RT3 matter? Also thyroid/pregnancy?
  72. Hashimoto & Extreme Joint Pain
  73. Experiences with Thyrolar, Naturethroid, Acella?
  74. does the isthmus shrink on its own?/confusing sono results
  75. PTU for Hyperthyroid
  76. Do my test results indicate hypothyroid?
  77. Low FT4 and normal TSH: Means what?
  78. Recommendations for Doctor in the Austin Area
  79. Low T4 to T3 conversion?
  80. Thyroid
  81. False result on iodine loading test?
  82. What is the difference on types of TSH test?
  83. TSH Dropping Very Low T4 Fluctuating
  84. Lots of Hypo symptoms... normal test results
  85. Should a large thyroid nodule be removed?
  86. Change in Labs Question
  87. Breathing and hypothyroidism.
  88. High FT4
  89. Heart issues from overmedication?
  90. How to calculate Free T percentages?
  91. Does a high TpoAB but normal Free T4 and TSH mean I may have Hashimoto's?
  92. Synthroid Dosing And Panic Attacks
  93. Hypo and foot pain
  94. Hashimotos and taking Chlorella
  95. Urgent Help Needed! Converting Compounded T4/T3 to Synthroid/Cytomel
  96. TSH w/reflex to FT4
  97. I have a question.
  98. Diagnosed today, have no idea what's going on...
  99. Do I have a thyroid problem???
  100. need help with numbers
  101. Blood Tests - Grr - Any help?
  102. T3 Cytomel Replacement
  103. Please help, confusing blood results
  104. Hi... new here, with a Anti-TPO level of 509
  105. Gluten free = thyroid function improved????
  106. Thyroid test question and what to say to endo
  107. My results! Please help!
  108. Mild thyromegaly !
  109. Thyroid Hell
  110. Biomeridian testing MSA
  111. I'm so thankful for my thyroid miracle!
  112. Cytomel and other options
  113. Severe hypothyroid from prolonged zinc, magnesium and b6 supplementation
  114. edema vs. weight gain? any thoughts? anything that's helped?
  115. tirosint and blood sugar
  116. Would love some input on my thyroid test numbers
  117. Plz help w/lab results?
  118. Possible Hyperparathyroidism?
  119. Taking Armour and Levothyroxine together
  120. How did your hypothyroid change your body/looks
  121. If I hear "But your TSH is Normal." one more time I'll cry!
  122. Has anyone ever gotten their FT3/FT4 up to mid-range or higher and not felt better?
  123. Thyroid and emotional problems?
  124. ALA inhibit T3 to T4 conversion?
  125. Thyroid Disease stressing your marriage?
  126. Iodized salt vs. synthroid
  127. Is there anyone who has input that could help me?
  128. Help with Labs- Anxiety, Hashimotos, but TSH low and Ferritin 11
  129. Reflexes, twitching with hypothyroidism
  130. Trileptal and Levothyroxine and a few other things
  131. High Free T4, normal TSH question
  132. Advice for a newbie hypo please!
  133. Fluid Retention
  134. Thyroid Nodules-terrified! pls help interpret ultrasound?
  135. Hair loss for 1.5 years- Synthroid for 6 years
  136. hyperthyroidism? tachycardias, arrhythmias, etc
  137. Help! Can't get any answers!
  138. Question on levothyroxin
  139. REALLY? PA says that I am hyper! T3 & T4 are low, ugghh...
  140. doc in Durham/Chapel Hill for Hashimoto's?
  141. High TPO THOUGH normal thyroid
  142. So Confused. Graves Disease possibly?
  143. I think I might live!
  144. thyroid 5.09
  145. Am I suffering from Hypothyrodism ?
  146. Itching
  147. TSH 0.16 but keeping levothyroxine dose the same
  148. Zithromax and thyroid med interaction
  149. Newly diagnosed with Graves... never been sick with anything... what to expect?
  150. HELP!My saliva cortisol test is off the scale???
  151. Elevated T3 in 7 year old
  152. Extremely Tired with Hypothyroidism
  153. Tapazole and Hair Loss
  154. Should I try Cytomel again? Depression is getting bad :-(
  155. Advice regarding lab results and levoxyl dosing
  156. Lab results - advice, please!
  157. Help please hypo or hyper??
  158. Is Free T3 really that important?
  159. Has anyone ever felt like they are just too tired to get up and get off the couch?
  160. Thyroid Test results / conundrum
  161. Synthroid and Cipro Ok together?
  162. Reflux with Armour?
  163. Titration Schedule from Dr. Ken Blanchard
  164. Complete results that I don't understand, please help?
  165. Interpreting my labs
  166. Help with thyroid lab results
  167. 3 weeks off work for thyroidectomy
  168. Question RE: Reference Ranges at Different Labs
  169. Need help with labs post thyroidectomy
  170. Hashimoto's and Painful/Swollen Lymph Nodes
  171. Labs Pls help! Edema, muscle pain - Am i hyper or Hypo?
  172. New and struggling
  173. So confused about lab results history vs symptoms
  174. Did I really need levothyroxine?
  175. What do you think?
  176. foot pain
  177. Med stopped working?
  178. Hyperthyroidism Treatments/Hypothyroidism?
  179. Need help with interpreting results
  180. Progesterone or T3 for mood and health once euthyroid?
  181. hyper thyroid feelings
  182. 9 weeks pregnant, high TSH, low-normal FT4?
  183. single nodule 5.9cm x 3.3cm, normal tsh
  184. massive weight gain on eltroxin... HELP! :(
  185. Solitary Thyroid Nodule...Biopsy inconclusive
  186. latest labs, any advice please? part 2
  187. Hashimoto Hell
  188. New Labs: thoughts?
  189. How long should I stay at 50 mg Synthroid before bumping up?
  190. Thyroid issues/questions
  191. Scary...TSH=152
  192. REALLY high thyroglobulin antibody levels (TgAb)
  193. TSH 5.2, many symptoms, told its normal
  194. Newly diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  195. unsaponifiables soybean and Thyroid
  196. 26, clinically hypo but doctor says "don't worry about it."
  197. Tirosan - New Natural T4 Med
  198. Elevated Thyroglobulin level after thyroidectomy
  199. Vocal Cord Paralysis after partial thyroidectomy
  200. Can low Ferritin cause hypothyroidism
  201. Brain Fog, allergies, Low T4
  202. Visible veins
  203. Partial Thyroidectomy Still Hyperthyroid
  204. New Here. Antibody Negative Thyroiditus. Help?.
  205. Abnormal uterine bleeding....is this thyroid related??
  206. New blood test results
  207. Hashimoto's but can't take med's
  208. 17 Yr. old boy hyperthyroid
  209. Multinodular Goiter
  210. Hypothyroid with LOTS of symptoms HELP!!!
  211. Can anyone help with my daughter's lab results
  212. Before speaking with Doc, someone please review my lab results
  213. What do my tests mean?
  214. puffy face changing from day to day?
  215. Test result help please
  216. Where can I find percentiles for TSH/ FT4?
  217. Do these antibody results indicate anything?
  218. Drastic increase in TSH in just one year. Help?
  219. Does the arm pinching test work?
  220. Hypothyroid and Diaphragm problems
  221. face swelling as a symptom?
  222. Hypothyroid and not medicated. HELP!!!
  223. Keep raising dosage with no improvement
  224. accidently took double dose
  225. Uvula with pus looking spots
  226. My story and, of course, hypo questions: is normal MY normal?
  227. free t4 range. I-m puzzle.
  228. very thirsty after synthroid increase
  229. TSH reflex to FT4 Question
  230. Anyone get tinnitus from Armour thyroid?
  231. Wearing Out My Welcome with ERFA Thyroid Replacement
  232. What can cause low functioning thyroid besides Hashimoto's?
  233. Hashitoxicosis & Lg Goiter - Symptoms gone w/removal?
  234. Am i suffering from Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism --- help please
  235. New member. I feel horrible on first day of Armour
  236. Thyroid has rough texture?
  237. Thyroid problems
  238. Need help
  239. Hypo with Chest Pains
  240. Are doctors more likely to check FT4 than FT3?
  241. Help me Thyroid issues with different doctors advice...
  242. elevated antibodies, thyroid nodule, and a whole bunch of hypothyroid symptoms
  243. Need help understanding lab results
  244. What do you eat for breakfast after taking meds?
  245. Could I be hypothyroid? Please see labs
  246. low TSH, high T4 - post hurthle cell carcinoma
  247. cant stay hypo thyroid forever... help me please!
  248. Levothyroxine makes me tired
  249. new to hypothyroidism at 32 on levothroxine 25 mg
  250. What is anti-peroxide?