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  1. What do you eat for breakfast after taking meds?
  2. Could I be hypothyroid? Please see labs
  3. low TSH, high T4 - post hurthle cell carcinoma
  4. cant stay hypo thyroid forever... help me please!
  5. Levothyroxine makes me tired
  6. new to hypothyroidism at 32 on levothroxine 25 mg
  7. What is anti-peroxide?
  8. Possible Thyroid problem?(need guidance)
  9. Possible Hyperthyroid?
  10. Solitary Nodule on Isthmus: help with analysis?
  11. Low T3,High TSH - Lab test input?
  12. TSH, Free T3, and Free T4 levels
  13. My ENDO appointment... QUESTIONS???
  14. Can I add a little cytomel to my Armour??
  15. High TPO, but normal TSH, T3 and T4
  16. Secondary Hypothyroid- Very Scared Any Insight is very much appreciated
  17. Just Diagnosed Hypo Today - Kind of freaking out...
  18. High TSH - Normal T4 - Lot of Hypo Symptoms
  19. New lab results. HELP!!!!
  20. Early or Mild Hashimotos?
  21. Graves "Burn Out" - HypoT - Elevated TSI ...
  22. Take it or Leave it? THYROID question.
  23. 4 cm+ thyroid nodule and many 1cm ones
  24. need help with lab and xray results
  25. Thyroxine, Armour, Erfa or Thyro Gold?
  26. What food to avoid to make Levothyroxine more effective?
  27. How did you get a doctor to listen to you?
  28. What is Reflex T4 on labs?
  29. Can someone explain Reverse T4?
  30. low white blood cell count and low lymphocytes
  31. Just had a Total Thyroidectomy - Need some recovery advice
  32. put on Armour, have some questions!
  33. Temperature Range affecting Synthroid
  34. Hair grows in strange places
  35. What is an example of a TSH, FT4, and FT3 on a NORMAL person?
  36. Could I be hypothyroid now?
  37. Undermedicated?
  38. Why did I have such a bad reaction to T3? What can I do about it?
  39. Reverse T3/Vitamin D Deficiency
  40. Updates & Change to Tirosint
  41. Are lab test results affected by recent minor surgery/anesthesia/pain killers?
  42. Thyroid Hormone in FLUX
  43. Hashimoto's Encephalopathy
  44. Low HDL... what does it mean??
  45. Am I hypo?
  46. Possible thyroid dysfunction/ mental symptoms
  47. New labs, TSH very very low, RT3 very very high - I'm so confused
  48. Wait to eat after taking med?
  49. Alternative Treatment/LDN
  50. Anyone here have a problem with High Reverse T3?
  51. swelling of the neck post hemi thyroidectomy treatmentt
  52. How long will it take me to recover?
  53. Could someone please look at test results..
  54. Low tsh
  55. Question about alternatives for potential hyperthyroidism..
  56. allergic to Thyroid medicine?
  57. Untreated thyroid disorder- What should I do?
  58. Hyperthyroid but overweight?
  59. TSH low norm, FT4 just below norm--am I wasting my time?
  60. Can *ALL* of these symptoms be thyroid-related?
  61. Latest Lab Results
  62. test results - help/advice
  63. TSH Level
  64. Finished my treatment for Graves Disease, what to expect?
  65. Hypo, PCOS, Arthritis, Low Cortisol
  66. Synthroid and excessive sweating.
  67. breathing issues after vocal cord paralysis
  68. Totally new to hyperthyroidism
  69. Dr says normal but this is NOT normal!
  70. dropping tsh and tf4 tf3
  71. Is this reading ok, meds dropping fast??
  72. Questions about Hashimoto's
  73. TSH Levels
  74. Do I need a new doctor for my hypothyroid condition?
  75. Cynomel dosing
  76. TSH 118.03 MIU/L 1 year after complete thyroidectomy
  77. 20 month with congenital hypothyroidism
  78. Help! All LOW: TSH, Free T3, Thyroxine (T4) & Vit. B12
  79. im on levorthyroxine 25 mg and missed my period
  80. Thyroid Nodules normal blood work up -negative for graves and hashimoto's
  81. testosterone and thyroid levels
  82. Newbie... could use some help deciphering bloodwork/diagnosis.
  83. Post partial thyroidectomy issues - please help
  84. Goiter and cyst on thyroid but normal blood work??
  85. Tests before Hysterectomy?
  86. 3 Weeks Post Partial Thyroidectomy
  87. Losing too much weight on naturethroid
  88. Sick, tired, confused, and angry!
  89. Levels getting better, but still have anxiety
  90. Need help understanding my test results
  91. High Rt3 suffering hypo symptoms
  92. Chest Tightness - Hypothyroid?
  93. Weird feeling in neck
  94. Waking up with a racing heart rate-Hyopthyroidism or Hyperthyroidism?
  95. Help w/my FREE T3 & T4 numbers from 12.15.11
  96. thyroid help/muscle spasm/chest pulling/spinal cord weird movement/
  97. HI...any input on my labs would be appreciated
  98. Please advise: Confused with numbers and symptoms
  99. Newbie - help!
  100. Help for Newbie
  101. TSH Level 2.98 & Small Lump On Thyroid
  102. Hashi's, Selenium, organic mushrooms, Grains: Connected>?
  103. Can low adrenals affect Thyroid lab readings?
  104. Is my doctor crazy..or am I..?
  105. REVERSE T3 above normal. What's it mean? Lab results included.
  106. Your Thoughts, Please -- Why Can't I Get My Free T's Up on High Levels of Armour?
  107. 19 year old male desperately needs help :(
  108. Hashimotos, sweating and rashes
  109. Help with labs, WWYD? Anyone on ERFA?
  110. Scared after discovering thyroid nodules :(
  111. ACTH Stimulation Test Results. Help!
  112. Low T3 & High Thyroid Peroxidase. Does this mean Hashimoto's?
  113. Cytomel Questions
  114. Looking for a good Dr. in the Baton Rouge, LA area - any suggestions?
  115. Synthroid dose of 300 mcg
  116. Switching from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid
  117. Very sore neck and Hashimotos?
  118. Tsh 5.2
  119. Is this normal, I feel like my throat is closing.
  120. Thyroid cancer?/high thyroglobulin
  121. Armour: not all symptoms relieved. Anyone??
  122. PLEASE HELP - Atypical Thyroid Growth: What's next?
  123. How Does a Chemical Pregnancy / Miscarriage Affect Hypothyroidism Thyroid Levels?
  124. Anyone else have swollen looking eyelids?
  125. Thyroiditis with unknown cause?
  126. Am I Crazy or Am I Hypo?
  127. Lower back, hip and vest pain with armour. Need Help
  128. HELP Cytomel not working
  129. Hi I have Reverse T3 problem, unable to take T3 it causes extreme anxiety. Please hel
  130. Im 21 and I have Hypothyroidism.
  131. On synthroid and cytomel for several years but Free T4 and Free T3 keep dropping
  132. Hashimoto's and thyroid meds
  133. my throid.
  134. New to this - help interpret results?
  135. Help Needed! Hypothyroid and on Armour
  136. Lots of weird nodules. Is surgery an option?
  137. TSH & FT4 dropping
  138. Ultrasound shows enlarged thyroid but I have normal thyroid levels on my meds? Help!
  139. Considering weight loss surgery after thyroidectomy...
  140. Newly diagnosed Hypo w/other hormone imbalances
  141. Bad batch of Armour???
  142. Very elevated Antithyroglobulin and Thyroid Peroxidase
  143. Miacalcin (Calcitonin) and Synthroid
  144. Slightly Elevated TSH, HELP?
  145. What to expect after a full thyroidectomy
  146. "I Don't Feel Like Myself"....what does that mean to you?
  147. shrinking thyroid nodule with yeast free diet
  148. Educate me please! New to this....
  149. My Dreams Seem More *Real* Than My Waking Life...
  150. Clues you were going hyper???
  151. Anxious, Tired, and Confused.
  152. Ranges for the Antithyroglobulin AB?
  153. New to Synthroid - what to expect?
  154. Endo wants me to try Byetta/Victoza injections for weight loss
  155. Multi Nodular Goiter---Normal Labs
  156. Stopping Synthroid Cold Turkey
  157. Problems with generic cytomel?
  158. High TSH, 'normal' thyroid hormones.
  159. I need help understanding my Thyroid test results, they're quite strange..
  160. Should I increase dose at this point?
  161. Do elevated TPO ab immediately mean Hashi?
  162. Thyroid nodule mobility?
  163. Synthroid, Hashimoto's and Bone Loss
  164. Levothyroxine + Crestor at night?
  165. Possibly Overmedicated on Synthroid
  166. Long term treatment options for Hyperthyroidism/Graves?
  167. 11 Years of Hyper Symptoms-No Treatment-Help with new Labs
  168. my tsh levels are85.5 can i get pregnant?
  169. Nausea after partial thyroidectomy
  170. Thyroid Ultrasound Readings?
  171. Please explain TSH levels to cholesterol levels.
  172. thyroiditis, graves, or toxic nodule?
  173. Can High Estradiol Cause Hypothyroidism?
  174. Various symptoms but TSH only 4.71 and T4 normal
  175. update on my daughter: Hashitoxicosis?
  176. multinodular goiter/normal levels HELP please!
  177. What does it mean when you have a very low TSH and low Vit. D?
  178. Thyroid nodule disappeared....then came back.
  179. Low TSH
  180. Can your low thyroid actually cripple you?
  181. Help with Thryoid Ultrasound Results
  182. doctor says enlarged thyroid.
  183. Lab Results In
  184. High TPO and super high TSI - hopeless?
  185. Cytomel vs Compounded T3
  186. Hyperthyroid, no auto-antibodies, no cancer
  187. Has anyone tried Armour Thyroid or Thyrolar after using Synthroid for awhile?
  188. test result help please
  189. 4 large >1 cm nodules; 1 cyst, 3 solid; L & R lobe involvement
  190. Help -Solid nodule w/Calcification on my Thyroid.
  191. Calcification on thyroid nodule -What can I expect?
  192. For the newbies.... no, you're not crazy
  193. Overtreated Thyroid
  194. Levothyroxine stopping it - does it have major side effects?
  195. Please help, I do not understand my TSH, T4 lab results
  196. Please help with these numbers!!
  197. When does Synthroid become effective with dosage increase?
  198. Ill-defined Hypoechoic Nodule
  199. memory loss, speech problems
  200. Talked to my Endo again about my Test Results feel worse than ever!
  201. Gagging/Coughing
  202. Para Hyperthyroidism (Low vitamin D levels, need help looking for pill)
  203. Hurthle Cells? Benign? Lots of questions????
  204. Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies Test >1000
  205. Thyroid meds cause Estrogen to drop
  206. 5 yr old boy with subclinical hypothyroidism
  207. 5 days post partial thyroidectomy - still feel awful
  208. Goiter, nodule, very high antibodies.. please help me!!
  209. Endo says I shouldn't still be fatigued ...
  210. Normal T4(low) Normal TSH (low) HELP!!!
  211. Test results in...Dr says they are normal!
  212. Can I Continue T3 If I Have Diarrhea?
  213. newbie to hashimoto's. feeling horrible!
  214. hashimoto appearance on ultrasound
  215. lab results and started on levothyroxine
  216. Second Auto-immune Disease After Hashimoto’s/Thyroidectomy?
  217. To split or not to split the Cytomel dose?
  218. Help with anti-tg elevation
  219. New with questions - thyroid nodules
  220. 14 year old daughter with Hashimotos
  221. Normal range for TSH and Free T3 for children?
  222. thyroid ultrasound today
  223. possible thyroid problems/ swollen lymph nodes throughout body
  224. Swollen lymph nodes and thyroid
  225. Confused by ultrasound/FNA results on 6cm solitary nodule, please help me.
  226. Adding Cytomel to Synthroid
  227. Large tongue, tired, foggy
  228. TSH ranges what about weight?
  229. TSH won't go down
  230. Hypo and Insomnia
  231. I think my thyroid hurts?
  232. Glassy, bloodshot eyes?
  233. FNA Results - did your dr want to see you to tell you it was benign?
  234. Liothyronine Headache - Will I Adjust?
  235. Hyperthyroid but cold?
  236. Should I try Cytomel?
  237. How much does birth control bill affect T4 levels?
  238. Very high TSH and normal T3 T4
  239. Hiccups related to low levels?
  240. Rhodiola
  241. Bruising and easily cut skin-what's going on?
  242. Asymptomatic borderline hot nodule hyperthyroidism
  243. Contradictory Symptoms - Could it still be hyperthyroidism?
  244. Stick w/Nature-throid or switch to NP Thyroid??
  245. Tsh
  246. Results of 24 hour urine cortisol
  247. Mixed Thyroid Results-Lab Error or possibly something wrong?
  248. Tinnitus... Synthroid to Armour ?
  249. please help with my labs
  250. thyroid nodules and persistant cough and weight gain