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  1. Super Confused T3 is lower after treatment?
  2. Need Help with my Doctor
  3. Please Help Explain My Results
  4. I hate my thyroid
  5. Total Thyroidectomy & Hurthle Cell Neoplasm
  6. please help brain fog ,chills headache and back pain in the morning
  7. Can Cytomel be taken at the same time as T4 meds?
  8. Swollen glands and Synthroid
  9. Subclinical Hyperthyroidism w/small nodules
  10. Hashimoto Thyroid with Panic Attacks
  11. Some hypoT questions
  12. thyroid nodule and FNA questions
  13. thyroid nodule
  14. Everyday life feels rather foreign to me
  15. Food getting stuck in throat
  16. Thyroid
  17. Low TSH and high antibody
  18. I am taking 100mcg of Cytomel and feel nothing?!
  19. New To The Site - Need Help Understanding Ultrasound
  20. want to ensure 5.4 tsh is normal
  21. OMG - This Doctor Gets It !!
  22. Hyperthyroid remission?
  23. I am 23 yr. old female and have Hyperthyroidism
  24. Blood Test Results: Borderline Hypo
  25. help with results please! low progesterone and cortisol?
  26. Hyperthyroidism and asthma
  27. Thyroidism, ITP, Diabetes
  28. 3 blood tests and still no clue...help!
  29. 5.5 Nodule?
  30. how to calculate dosage
  31. Hello, any ideas to ask endo whats wrong with me.
  32. Normal TSH range
  33. Results from Thyroid Bloodwork
  34. tingling in hands and feet?
  35. From lump, goitre, MNG, HCC?
  36. Any chain pharmacies that carry several strengths of Nature-throid???
  37. feel better when im hyperthyroid
  38. Hypothyroidism and Soy
  39. Hypothyroid or Low Testosterone or Just Fine
  40. HyperThyroid with Normal Labs???
  41. Please help me interpret these test results:
  42. Weight gain from hypothyrodism
  43. hypo-hippo
  44. Muscle cramps from Levothyroxine?
  45. Levoxyl-Is it Brand or Generic
  46. Allergic to Tapazole?
  47. Thyroid or carotid artery pain?
  48. weight loss bt i am hypo
  49. Just ran out of Cytomel before I will be able to have my lab work done again
  50. Thyroidectomy 6 weeks ago and have questions
  51. can cold chills be due to overdosage?
  52. High Normal FT4, Low Normal FT3, High TSH???
  53. Dose Equivalent
  54. my synthroid is annoying to take
  55. Ultrasound reveals thyroid is inhomogeneous
  56. My Free T4 and TSH results
  57. Thyroid Antibodies High No Treatment what to do now
  58. Reverse T3 results went up on T3 - why?
  59. .15 TSH, normal T4 (but i've been on prednisone)
  60. unusual symptom - is it thyroid-related?
  61. Iodoral supplements
  62. Need Thyroid opinions, please help...
  63. Synthroid making me crazy
  64. For Hypo, what blood tests
  65. Hair Coming out!! Hashimoto's, High TSH, High FT3, Low Ferritin
  66. TSH Normal, Low Free T4
  67. Hypothyroidism & Thin
  68. Hi Everyone I'm Back and I need help now with thyroid function test.
  69. Does this sound like possible thyroid problem?
  70. Normal TSH, Does this really rule out Thyroid problems?
  71. Labs
  72. Hypo Numbers ....
  73. new labs, please help
  74. Need interpretation of results (new to boards and Thyroid tests)
  75. How long does it take your thyroid prescription to start working?
  76. Are Doctors Clueless or Is It Me?
  77. Synthroid Armour Tinnitus?
  78. Pain like the Flu!!!
  79. Low Lying Thyroid ??
  80. Choking caused by sore throat?
  81. Abruptly Stopping Armour, Any Symptoms?
  82. TSH high levels after 1 week
  83. I dont understand my lab results :(
  84. Partial Thyroidectomy and Synthroid
  85. Brain fog and dizziness after partial thyroidectomy
  86. Just diagnosed RT3 - Sigh - is this right?
  87. Is my thyroid the root of all evil? with Labs!
  88. New Thyroid patient has questions/needs advice
  89. TSH erratic
  90. V8 Diet
  91. Graves Disease post RAI
  92. Multinodular Goiter...so confused???
  93. Needing help with understanding us results ~ large thyroid with nodules
  94. Beta-Blocker withdrawal causing Thyroid issues?
  95. Hypothyroidism and Arthritis
  96. Please help with ultra sound results!!!!!!!
  97. Please help me with my ultrasound results
  98. Secondary Hypothyroid? Hashimoto and lab results? Help
  99. So, my doctor keeps suggesting that basically it is all in my head.
  100. Help! Confused About Hashimoto's
  101. Do I need more thyroxine?
  102. New here, symptons, lab results
  103. What is going on with this nodule? So confused.
  104. Was Hypo, now low TSH, High FT3
  105. New thyroid patient with questions??
  106. Energy is Up and Down - is this normal?
  107. hashimoto's lab help
  108. Synthroid causing LOW Blood pressure?? Is it possible?
  109. TSH Count doubled and now low folic acid count
  110. Dizziness and hypothyroidism?
  111. Dizzy, wonky, loopy, ack!
  112. What does ft4:ft3 ratio mean?
  113. Hashi's and *surges* of thyroid hormone?
  114. TSH and Free T4 - my Thyroid results what do they mean?
  115. My 5 year old has Hashimoto's. Do I too?
  116. Mixed Thyroid Results - I'm Confused
  117. Side effects of taking erfa
  118. Hypothyroidism and fevers
  119. Tsh 91.98?
  120. difficulty with nature-throid
  121. Hashimotos Lab, High TSH, Low T3, T4 normal
  122. Lab results skewed. Need Help!!!
  123. Curious, having subtotal Thyroidectomy Surgery on Thursday
  124. Borderline Thyroid Test
  125. Questions about Cytomel
  126. Hypothyroidism & Sex Drive
  127. feeling worse after meds-panic attacks and anxiety
  128. Effects of alcohol after thyroid removal?
  129. Hyperthyroid: what caused it?
  130. Overactive Thyroid
  131. Thyroid meds make me tired
  132. If my labs are so "normal" why do I feel so bad?
  133. can anyone help to read my test results
  134. My TSH > 150 help me
  135. Feeling weird, don't know how to describe it...
  136. Low T3 - High T4 ? T3 conversion problem?
  137. Low Free T4, normal T3 looking for advise
  138. TSH of 89
  139. I increased my Armour on my own-should I have?
  140. Thyroid / Gastroparesis link?
  141. My thyroid functions
  142. Good dr in Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio?
  143. Naturopath on the Gold Coast that uses Thyroflex
  144. Trouble Adjusting on Synthroid
  145. TSH question....
  146. levothyroxine and Flovent
  147. normal tsh, low free t4, normal free t3--please explain
  148. I think my tHYROID cANCER HAS RETURNED. ?
  149. Free T4 18.03 pmol/L + TSH 4.60 mIU/L
  150. newbie to levothyroxine, great at first, not anymore
  151. Thirst and Constipation
  152. 14 yr old girl with high Hashi antibodies- is this normal?
  153. Is it hyperthyroidism
  154. Hashi's, What happens to the antibodies if you remove the thyroid?
  155. Nodules neither hot or cold?
  156. Very high TSH but normal ft3 and ft4 - help please?
  157. Weird, vivid dreams on meds?
  158. Free T4 Dialysis/Mass Spec
  159. Hypo after partial thyroid removal/test question
  160. Possible Early Stages of Hashimotos Thyroiditis
  161. switching from armour to synthroid/cytomel....
  162. Please help me interpret these results
  163. Is it possible to have your TSH level be HYPO, then 10 days later be hyper?
  164. New to Armour and having major low blood sugar
  165. High IgG Ab's & Thyroid Disease?
  166. Please help me read my test results, Thanks.
  167. Low TSH, High Free T3, Low Free T4
  168. Hashitoxicosis with repeatedly hypo labs?
  169. If your Cytomel dosage was increased and you have a chest anxiety feeling, should ..
  170. hashimotos twitching musles, muscle pain
  171. TSH 0.02 -- Please help
  172. hi normal Free T4, low normal TSH
  173. How many hours apart from eating/drinking should you take your thyroid meds?
  174. Enlarged thyroid, but normal TSH
  175. 3.1cm benign nodule with low TSH
  176. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Swollen Lymph Nodes
  177. lymph node pain after RAI
  178. Unilateral lobe enlargement
  179. large thyroid nodule and high antithyroglobulin
  180. doc who prescribes cytomel
  181. Dr. orderd STOP synthroid and cytomel after 8 years!!
  182. Alcohol and blood tests?
  183. Tsh 10.4
  184. new thyroid labs
  185. Hashimoto's with now too LOW TSH
  186. Thyroid mass cancer probability
  187. normal tsh, ft3 and low ft4 while on armour
  188. "Normal" although I sure don't feel like it. Please help!
  189. Frustrated!
  190. What does this tell me - ANA blood test results
  191. Need help with interpreting test results
  192. OTC thyroid supplements
  193. I thought thyroid nodule calcification was a good thing
  194. Someone please HELP me understand what this all means!
  195. Thyroid and Panic Disorder
  196. new here......labs posted
  197. Has anyone else had a lot of nightmares during hypothyroidism?
  198. Angry lymph nodes? Well ok, more like mildly irritated!
  199. Help cant walk, talk and breath at same time!!!!!!
  200. 10 yr old boy with normal TSH Low Free T4
  201. Who can help me understand my FNA results and my Endo's advice?
  202. Synthroid Day 7 - No Sleep.
  203. How likely is it that I will end up with thyroid storm?
  204. T3 and menstruation
  205. So confused by labs!!!! Any help would be great!!
  206. how big is a 0.2 x 0.4 cm nodule
  207. Constipation and Hypothyroidism
  208. Dangers of high t3 levels in pregnancy
  209. Hypothyroidism/Throat Cramps?
  210. Hi - I'm back would love feedback on labs
  211. Elevated Antibodies But No Fatigue
  212. scan says Graves, labs say hypo
  213. Thyroid Cysts & Sinus Pain related???
  214. low tsh, low free t4, normal free t3 - what does it all mean?
  215. Thyroid Nodules and scared
  216. Armour thyroid side effects ????
  217. thyroid mass discovered on MRI
  218. my T4 is 8. Dr. says normal...
  219. My Dr. says my thyroid is fine, but I think I am HYPO.
  220. Help me make sense from these lab results please!
  221. Adrenal gland cyst with hormone imbalances
  222. TSH/fT4/fT3 from my endo appointment
  223. Looking for doctor in Calgary Alberta
  224. liothyronine sodium - question
  225. How long does it take to feel the effects of stopping synthroid?
  226. how do you recognize the difference between hypo or hyper symptoms?
  227. Normal T3 and T4 slightly higher TSH
  228. Hashitoxicosis: how to treat it?
  229. Who'd have thought - thyroid too small!
  230. Very High Reverse T3
  231. ACTH test results
  232. Does thyroid hormone decrease sex drive
  233. Fluctuating FT4?
  234. Natural Cure Wanted for Thyroid Cysts
  235. Gluten Intolerance Symptoms--skin and tissue
  236. Confused about test results...Thyroid issues?
  237. Thyroid Lab Results- 21 years old and have no idea help please!!!!!!
  238. Need The Best Doctor Around
  239. ahhh hypo/hyper/hypo/hyper and pain
  240. t4 11.4 what should it be
  241. levothyroxine and hair growth
  242. tsh 3.61
  243. Thyroidectomy
  244. Beta-blockers inhibit Thyroid hormones?
  245. Low TSH, low Free T3, and low Free T4...HELP!
  246. help needed- propranolol prescribed?
  247. Thyroid Ultrasound Exam
  248. Lab results and ultrasound question
  249. Weight gain after thyroid surgery
  250. Normal test results but still have symptoms