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  1. Is It Normal To Be This Sensitive to Synthroid?
  2. what does it mean to kill your thyroid?
  3. TSH 47.80 - T4 2.9 - FreeT4 0.5 - T3 Free 2.8
  4. New labs, need input
  5. Meds make me feel worse
  6. Thyroid/Arthritis Lab Results Clarification
  7. jillian michaels metabolism diet
  8. thyroid removed now what
  9. eagle syndrome?
  10. My result after a dose change
  11. Multitude of hypothyroid symptoms, TSH is 2.48
  12. Low TSH, but normal FT3 and FT4 - is this okay?
  13. TSH results
  14. T3 only not working?
  15. Armour and Erfa thyroid taken everyother day
  16. I want to go on armour or erfa.
  17. Hashimoto's thyroiditis and low WBC??
  18. Question about Efra desiccated thyroid?
  19. Is a TSH of zero really that dangerous?
  20. is thyrolar available anywhere
  21. TSH rose after dose increase?
  22. Hyperthyroid but have always had hypo symptoms
  23. Going off Synthroid to check Pituitarity is my doctor crazy?
  24. Switched to SR T3 Compound
  25. FNA Biopsy Results
  26. Will birth control alter an ACTH test a lot?
  27. Hives and Hashimoto's
  28. Follicular neoplasm- hot nodule
  29. Small balls on side of Adam's Apple
  30. Hashimoto's thyroid pain, but no goiter?
  31. Hashimoto's, indeterminate FNA
  32. New dosage of Levothyroxine is giving me the shakes
  33. Hashimoto's and enlarged spleen?
  34. Been awhile hrt and thyroxine
  35. Sharp Neck Pain
  36. High TSH after thyroidectomy -- help!
  37. SCARED...3.5 solid nodule on isthmus
  38. Could Hashimoto's explain my symptoms?
  39. Hyperthyroid symptoms but TSH 5.6
  40. help!!! could really use some help in understanding these numbers
  41. Not sure I've I'm on correct dosage of Armour Thyroid?
  42. low t3- uptake, your opinion
  43. NEED HELP/ADVICE! Had a total thyroidectomy and thyroid was not removed
  44. Borderline Underactive Thyroid
  45. My wife had her thyroid removed
  46. Help With Readings :(
  47. What should my free t3, free t4 and tsh be?
  48. Hyperthyroidism, PTU, and SYMPTOMS
  49. Pretibial myxedema
  50. Sore throat with Hashi's?
  51. Labs Back Finally!
  52. hypothyroid question
  53. Thyroid Destruction Phases
  54. Thyroid/Graves Disease and RAI
  55. T3 is low, Free T4 and TSH are low-normal - any idea what's going on?
  56. Switching to natural thyroid... Erfa arrived today!
  57. Cytomel with Mitral Valve Prolapse Question
  58. 8 wks pregnant and Free T4 out of wack
  59. Goiter enlargement and supplements
  60. Coarse Black Wiry Hairs (crown of head) From Armour?
  61. Just learned my TSH is 150...
  62. new here and labs
  63. Help! TSH undetectable at 30w pregnancy!
  64. New labs - TRAB Positive - What does this mean?
  65. Anyone miss their period after having thyroid surgery?
  66. TT two weeks ago and Pathology report...
  67. Can I stop Hypothyroid medication due to the side effects?
  68. no weight gain when 7 months pregnant,hyperthyroid?
  69. New Results, Doc says normal BUT T4 seems low, any help?
  70. Is ZRT and Canary Club the only places to order saliva tests?
  71. Critical levels of Free T4
  72. thyroid
  73. Hypothyroism/Hemochromatosis
  74. feeling of electric current and twitching
  75. What does 200mcg of Synthroid convert to in Cytomel dose?
  76. Loss of taste, taking sensipar
  77. What do these Labs mean?- Hypothyroid
  78. How Long Does It Take for Cytomel to Leave Your System?
  79. Got latest lab results today
  80. swollen tongue, ideas?
  81. When to retest? (hypo)
  82. Possible Thyroid
  83. what should i do if low tsh and FT3 and FT4 are normal?
  84. Need help with lab results & what to do next.
  85. Feeling Like Corn in the Throat
  86. Results of blood work - help please?
  87. Please Advice with my wife Ultrasound report
  88. Night sweats, weight loss and bruises..
  89. Switching to natural thyroid...
  90. Hurthle cell adenoma
  91. Levoxyl versus Synthoid users
  92. Headache since FNA
  93. Taking armour thyroid on my own, need help!
  94. Cat Scan Iodine Contrast- can this affect me?
  95. Can caffeine affect the thyroid?
  96. Just Got Ultrasound report
  97. Please help me understand my lab tests
  98. Synthroid Side Effects Opposite of Expected, Anyone Else Have This?
  99. Does listerine total care lower my thyroid?
  100. Should I avoid iodined salt while taking synthroid?
  101. Free T4 level
  102. Edema with well treated Hashimotos
  103. Large thyroid goiter with normal thyroid levels
  104. Diagnosis: Hashimotos - but doc says reversible
  105. GOT MY bloodwork!
  106. On Synthroid, not helping symptoms
  107. Increase in GERD symptoms since partial thyroidectomy......
  108. help with synthroid overmedication
  109. Did you lose weight when you started Synthroid?
  110. Hyperthyroidism??--Confused
  111. Should I try Naturethroid?
  112. Does anyone have an elevated Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)?
  113. My sons hypothyroidism
  114. Anyone want to read my labs and tell me what they think?
  115. Hyperthyroidism?
  116. Adrenal fatigue w/hypo symptoms
  117. Normal TSH, normal T4, T3 Normal, but in the low range. PLEASE HELP!
  118. Heterogeneous hypoechoic nodule?? what is this?
  119. Bad ultrasound results???
  120. Dosing of Armour Thyroid
  121. Can nodules cause hyperthyroid-like symptoms?
  122. Hyperthy symptoms nodules, almost normal bloodwork?
  123. Help understand high Thyroidglobulin AB test
  124. Confused with RAI....need help pls...
  125. Levothyroxine causing sun-sensitive skin?
  126. small anechoic image with central calcification
  127. Question for those of you who have had partial or total thyroidectomy.....
  128. Help need with a diagnosis/results/where to go from here?
  129. Thyroid enlarged...normal blood test?
  130. Labs Results on Armour
  131. Hypothyroid, Cortisol high, anxiety, dizziness
  132. 95.1 temperature
  133. Can you be hyper with no hyper symptoms?
  134. How long did you wait from biopsy result to surgery ?
  135. TPO Antibody???? NEED HELP
  136. PAINFUL lymph nodes in breast/underarm... is this related to my new thyroid prob?!
  137. confused. strange symptoms. please, help
  138. Ok, I found a great doctor...how long to wait ?
  139. Need help for daughter with hypo symptoms but close to normal lab results
  140. Need help with labs please
  141. does removal of thyroid effect libido
  142. Liver caused thyroid problems
  143. Birth control making thyroid worse?
  144. Blood tests and questions -- please look!
  145. Where do I go from here?
  146. thyroid nodule...should I have it removed????
  147. low ferritin, slightly high tsh...help
  148. Synthroid Adjustment
  149. Is it thyroid or both, adrenal and thyroid problems?
  150. TSH Level -- Graves in '06.
  151. hyperparathyroidism?
  152. What is secondary hypothyroidism?????
  153. Thyroid and Stomach Problems
  154. what does low T3 levels mean
  155. Exausted is it my thyroid?
  156. Frustrated Mom--Son has high TSH normal T3 and T4
  157. Question About Total vs. Free Lab Results
  158. Cyst on my thyroid....
  159. Is it possible to have a TSH of 3.99 and not need Thyroid Meds
  160. Relationship between FT4 and FT3
  161. Subtotal Thyroidectomy Then Regenerated Tissue and Possible Repeat Thyroid Surgery??
  162. thyroid test levels
  163. T4 conversion question
  164. New blood work after heart palpitations, chest tightness and SOB.....
  165. Scared,what does this mean???
  166. Not taking my synthroid before my tests?
  167. Low end of normal but all symptoms, is dr wrong?
  168. Mom has thyroid disease - High calcium, gout, sarcoid, etc. Please help. :(
  169. thyroid uptake scan results
  170. Three days post op....feeling odd...is this normal??
  171. High TPO levels (antibodies) and wanting to get pregnant??
  172. I need good arguments for a stubborn endo
  173. Question on recent lab results
  174. If dose is too high will it show in 6 weeks?
  175. NEED HELP WITH THYROID RESULTS, Do I need meds with these results ??
  176. Recently Started Synthroid -- Why Do I Feel WORSE??
  177. A word of warning about second opinions!
  178. Questions about thyroid tumor
  179. hypo, and i feel so bad!
  180. Tsh 162
  181. T4 Increasing and TSH dropping...Is this good or bad?
  182. 8 weeks on methimazole
  183. TSH was high and 3 weeks later, it's normal (without meds) Am I hypo?
  184. toxic multi nodular goiter
  185. Just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism...
  186. CONFUSED with THYROID readings?? I need help? meds do nto seem to be working?
  187. I was hyperthyroid - weird feeling in my hands?
  188. COnfused about TF4/TSH result
  189. Can excess iodine cause thyroid problems?
  190. Swinginh HyPO to HypER - how does this work?
  191. Slightly Hypo, not sure if I should take Synthroid- side effects?
  192. Pain in neck, thyroid problem??
  193. Houston, Tx. Dr. Tiana Shiver
  194. Houston, Tx. Dr. Tiana Shiver
  195. My parents have jumped on the anti-depressant bandwagon
  196. Will steel cut oats interfere with thyroid meds?
  197. dominant solid nodule 5.3X3.0X1.8cm
  198. Synthroid and Allergy Meds
  199. Enlarged Thyroid with solid nodules with lucent margin
  200. Trouble Getting a Fine Needle Aspiration
  201. Symptoms of thyroid, but possible Chiari Malformation, help please!
  202. Thyroid or Chiari Malformation?!
  203. autoimmune disease? please help
  204. Pregnancy and Hypothyroidism, Anxiety
  205. Just had thyroid test...need help interpreting results
  206. Why wont TSH go down
  207. Parathyroid problem? Test results
  208. Is T3 available in Ontario, Canada?
  209. Too Young for Thyroid Disorder
  210. very frustrated... any advice?
  211. Pill Splitting Levothyroxine
  212. thyroid level 16, cold, constipation, uneasy feeling,
  213. Why did I react to CT scan Iodine Dye Contrast? HypoT a factor?
  214. How long after taking Synthroid do I need to wait to take Welchol?
  215. Synthroid side effects - dizzy, bloated? Second opinion needed?
  216. Low Vitamin D and Hypothyroidism?
  217. ACTH and Serum cortisol still high..why?
  218. Is anyone treating thyroid symptoms with ADHD meds?
  219. Labs and T4 meds only prescribed
  220. What is your synthroid dosage?
  221. Does Hypothyroid or Meds Cause Moon Face?
  222. Newest labs..
  223. Not Feeling Well on Compounded Thyroid
  224. Thyroid - Facial Expressions
  225. thyroid lab results, solid nodules and possible Hashimoto's?
  226. Joint Pain
  227. Thyroid Ultrasound and 2nd Dr - Very Discouraged!
  228. newly diagnosed hypothyroidism
  229. How long after stating meds for hypoT did it take for you to feel better?
  230. Hypothyroid & tingling hands and feet
  231. ended up in hospital due to thyroid meds
  232. Possibly Hypothroid? (cross post)
  233. Does anyone have these Symptoms?
  234. Please help decipher labs/symptoms
  235. Possible thyroid problem?
  236. Low thyroid and PCOS
  237. Thyroid Brain Fog and Depression
  238. i want to do permant vocal cord surgey but doctor/parents want me to do injection
  239. Swollen, Painful Wrists
  240. does having an underactive thyroid make you crave sweet things
  241. Very high TSH level..??? Hashimotos
  242. I don't know what this is...please help!
  243. Could be Thyroid - waiting to see
  244. Throbbing/pulsing related to hypothyroidism?
  245. Levothyroxine Right dosage?
  246. Value of free t-3 test versus regular t-3 test
  247. My RAI (I-131) Story Starting Today
  248. I feel cold all the time no matter the temperature
  249. Does Anyone know conversion of Erfa or Armour to Synthroid?
  250. question