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  1. Enlarged thyroid
  2. Is insomnia related to high tsh
  3. Erfa?
  4. Help understanding lab results and info on Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  5. TSH Level Over 27?
  6. Fine needle biospy tomorrow
  7. please anyone answer this ..... help needed about cortisol am test
  8. should you have your thyroid removed if FNA results show follicular hyperplasia
  9. Stopped Cytomel......appointment tomorrow....thoughts??
  11. Methyl Cellulose filler
  12. Need Help Understanding TSH, T3, T4 Test Results
  13. Stephen Langer and adrenals
  14. Is this normal for a teenage boy?
  15. Compounded Armour?
  16. Feel weird on higher dose of armour but it's not hyper
  17. Night sweats, general high temp feeling on levothyroxin
  18. Feeling worse on synthroid???
  19. new lab results - now I know why I feel so lousy
  20. thyroid shadow snydrome
  21. elevated TSH- is it due to cold weather
  22. Erfa Question
  23. Exercise-Induced Hypothyroidism?
  24. Extra Sensitive Hearing
  25. Antibiotics for thyroid?
  26. Normal to get worse before it gets better?
  27. Olive Oil
  28. + ANA, +SM AB titer eGFR 51??? What does this all mean?
  29. TSH levels after thyroidectomy for cancer
  30. Changes in TSH
  31. Hurthle cell does not mean cancer-test can be wrong
  32. new to board--question about ultrasound results
  33. Startling New Symptom??
  34. Adrenal fatigue...Cortef questions
  35. Surgery is over! Wasn't that bad.
  36. High TSH questions
  37. Is it worth cutting down on gluten if you can't cut it out completely?
  38. high protein level and hypot?
  39. Hives and Itching
  40. Hashi's and Vitiligo?
  41. got biospy results from thyroid surgery 12/15/09
  42. Anxiety Medication which ones are good?
  43. How long does it take to feel better after switching from Synthroid to Armour?
  44. Possibly Grave's Disease - not sure
  45. is it unusual to have just isthmus removed for hurthle cell nodule
  46. Newly diagnosed, Low tsh, normal T3, T4, very confused about diagnosis and treatment
  47. Does anyone's neck actually physically hurt when it's inflammed or just feel swollen?
  48. hairloss with thyroid
  49. Is it normal to get a headache after a dose increase?
  50. help thyroid neck pain breathing difficulty
  51. Adrenal Fatigue & Hypothyroid
  52. I have a TSH level of 9 but exhibit only hyperthyroidism symptoms.
  53. Breathing difficulty. Who has it and how is it?
  54. Malabsorption syndrome - need help...one question
  55. Will I gain weight after thyroidectomy?
  56. Have suspicious nodule removing half thyroid.
  57. salivary gland damage post RA-I
  58. What should I expect right surgery for 1/2 removal
  59. New labs; FT4 has dropped
  60. Im worried can someome give me advice please?
  61. What can I eat with synchroid and 1/2 thyroid
  62. surgery VS radioacive iodine
  63. Subclinical hypothyroidism and supplements
  64. new here...need advice for hypothyroid
  65. Please Help Me, I feel like I am dying!
  66. Can being hypo cause foot pain?
  67. Can I2 used in CT scan cause hyperthyroid?
  68. Does sodium affect the thyroid?
  69. Adrenal temperature results
  70. High TSH on hydrocortisone and pregnant
  71. Severe fatigue, dizziness with dosage increase
  72. westhroid ?
  73. CT w/ Contrast Affect Hypo - Dramatic Reaction
  74. after 3 months on synthroid now hyper
  75. Pregnant with Hashi's: Can you look at my labs?
  76. would you do surgery for 1.9cm hurthle cell nodule
  77. Low Free T4, "normal" TSH
  78. Low Free T4, "normal" TSH
  79. T3 Meds and Adrenal Fatigue Question
  80. Laser Thermal Ablation of thyroid
  81. New Labs...Settling?
  82. My results are in- Doc says I'm "normal." Why am I still exhausted then???
  83. i am supposed to get an uptake test, can anyone tell me what this means?
  84. Phosphatidyl Serine & DHEA (cortisol question)
  85. Hashitoxicosis -- need further explanation
  86. hypoparathyroidism
  87. Hi, thyroid tests normal but symptoms very serious
  88. Thyroid med and weight loss
  89. Tired, Anxious, and Heart rate
  90. Thyroid Medication (Effectiveness Throughout The Day)
  91. My child has elevated TSH levels!?!
  92. low free t4, low-normal free t3, high-normal TSH--and feeling horrible
  93. thyroid disorder??
  94. thyroid...sore under my jaw...anyone else too???
  95. cytomel...how long till you feel it's effects...
  96. 2 cm benign nodular goiter
  97. Lab Results
  98. Total Thyroidectomy - Need correct dosage of Levothyroxine
  99. Hyperthyroidism rash
  100. What should I expect switching from synthroid to armour?
  101. Follicular lesion FNA
  102. what size was your nodule when you decided to remove it
  103. I forgot and took my synthroid and I have a dr. appt today
  104. Menstrual cycle messed up, decreased T3 and what to expect from endo?
  105. Thyroglobulin in ThyCa question
  106. Is generic cytomel the same as reg?
  107. lactose free thyroid supp
  108. What if my tsh level is 2.8
  109. 200mcg Levothyroxine and 5mcg Cytomel combo
  110. Amour and sudden fatigue...
  111. Are these labs ok? 15 year old daughter...
  112. lumps in my throat
  113. does anybody do well just on synthroid ot t4 med
  114. Thyroidectomy help..I feel so discouraged and scared....
  115. Thyroid and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  116. do thyroid biopsy hurt???
  117. removal of 1/2 thyroid- never the same again -- true or false -- please respond
  118. Has anyone had their Thyroid medicine made at a Compounding Pharmacy?
  119. hypo and going nuts.....please help
  120. Help--elevated thyroid peroxidase ab
  121. Getting frustrated with levels (TT in July 09)
  122. How long are tsh tests supposed to take?
  123. endocrynologist
  124. 7.2 Calcified Mass on Thyroid
  125. Need advice. TSH "normal" but feel awful.
  126. Can anyone tell me what such a high anti thyroglobulin could mean
  127. First Day switching from Armour to Levothyroxine
  128. Hoshimoto's Thyroiditis Autoimmune Disease with now a Nodule on my Left Lobe
  129. How many of you have had problems with the new formulation of Armour?
  130. Switching from Armour to levothyroxine, has anyone done this successfully?
  131. thyroid removed - TSH varying a lot now
  132. TSH quetions help!!!!!
  133. Do you have to remove 4cm nodule?
  134. TSH level .28 how serious is that.
  135. Twelfth Week on Synthroid
  136. Got My Cortisol Lab Results. Help!
  137. BENIGN thyroid nodule(s)???
  138. Thyroid Confusion
  139. New & just diagnosed with Hashimoto's
  140. thyroid results
  141. Saliva Cortisol Test Results
  142. TSH 13.7 Help
  143. Had a new Testosterone Test done- need info please.
  144. signs elicited in examination of thyroid
  145. "Slow speech" as a hypothyroid symptom?
  146. Digestive problems caused by thyroid???
  147. Thyroid Ultrasound Question
  148. Pills getting stuck in my throat
  149. Extreme fatigue where I can barely move...
  150. can ultrasound pick up an underactive thyroid when a bloodtest will not
  151. Adrenal Fatigue Pain
  152. Armour?? Is anyone else having these problems?
  153. Pooling T3?
  154. Adrenal fatigue
  155. Large nodule on thyroid and scared to death
  156. Eyesight Issues and Hypothyroidism?
  157. Treatment options for reverse T3 dominance?
  158. Tender area on scalp?
  159. Thyroid Labs - including antibody test - can someone explain?
  160. Weak Arms/Hands
  161. Help! With Thyroid flare-up...
  162. Help with lab results and ? for doc...please
  163. thyroid results normal but have symptoms
  164. Does OTC raw thyroid (not Armour) work?
  165. dx me/cfs LOW CORTISOL? 4.9
  166. Panic - hyper?
  167. what if tsh is 0.01
  168. Should i go back on Thyroxine (synthetic supplement)
  169. Hashimotos, normal levels, but....
  170. Found my saliva cortisol and DHEA
  171. I Got My Saliva Cortisol Results!
  172. Meds causing hyperthyroidism?
  173. Synthroid and Hunger Pains
  174. TSH .61 Ft4 1.51
  175. Increased facial hair/peach fuzz with Levothyroxine?
  176. what does it mean when your thyroid is full
  177. New to Hasimotos - lost hunger sensation
  178. Throat feels bone dry even after drinking tons of water
  179. can i take synthroid and prilosec at the same time
  180. Why do I feel hypo? TSH near 3 but FT4 & FT3 pretty good?
  181. lymph nodes
  182. Doc in ny that prescribes armour or other and takes insurance
  183. Underactive thyroid
  184. Hypothyroidism and dizziness
  185. biospy of thyroid nodule
  186. First lab result since starting levothyroxine
  187. Diagnosis: Mulitnodular Thyroid, Hashimoto's and HYPERthyroid?? and Anemia...
  188. Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms?
  189. Hard Thyroid + symptoms
  190. TSH Results-HELP
  191. Lab results - advice please
  192. Hydrocortisone Question
  193. How long before increased synthroid is noticable?
  194. how to lose weight when on thyroxine
  195. How rare is it that guys get thyroid issues?
  196. Do I need to fast for a TSH and Free T-4 test?
  197. Melatonin/Tryptophan/Alcohol
  198. Losing my faith in ever getting better (LONG post, sorry!)
  199. 375 mcg synthroid
  200. Thyroid symptoms? Labs OK...
  201. Normal tests with symptoms... frustrated, lost, depressed
  202. tachycardia after refined carbs, anyone?
  203. graves disease
  204. Hashimoto but signs of hyperthyroidism
  205. Why are docs so afraid to increase synthroid, but they're willing to give you Cytomel
  206. New Here...B12 vs Thyroid
  207. High TSH and normal T3 uptake, normal T4.?
  208. New to Cytomel...worse fatigue anyone?
  209. new!!! chest pains/thyroid
  210. what should i do ihave large thyroid gland with multiple nodules
  211. Eighth Week on Synthroid
  212. Lab Results...hypothyroid/cytomel?
  213. What does a person have to do?
  214. Lowered dose of Levothyroxine from 250 mcg to 187.5 mcg
  215. no enlarged thyroid but all the symptoms
  216. Switching from Armour to Levothyroxine and Cytomel...what a rollercoaster.
  217. Finally, Got my results from Bloodwork, need help reading them.
  218. Have I crossed over to Hyper?
  219. rai 131 and slaiva gland damage- permanent or temp
  220. Swallowing issues and my throat...
  221. Compounded Natural Thyroid
  222. Newbie
  223. when should i take the 24 hour adrenal saliva test?
  224. What is the deal with TSH Testing?
  225. Anyone Hypothyroid and Didn't Gain Weight or Lost Weight?
  226. Feeling weird on lower Armour dose.
  227. Paranoia and hypothyroidism...
  228. Finally unable to get Armour or Thyrolar2
  229. Dermatologist Visit (not O.T.)
  230. anyone here have fibromyalgia?
  231. What do these labs tell me?
  232. Help what do my labs mean? High Free T3
  233. numb lips - hypothyroid
  234. Are there any supplements I can take for energy besides B12?
  235. head tremors and Hypo
  236. tsh and t4 norml levels
  237. Help! Hypo/ablation=horrible!
  238. Started Cytomel and Synthroid - Is this normal?
  239. Need To Have a Thyroidectomy..what to expect?
  240. Hashimotos back ache and pins and needles in foot?
  241. where do you get westhroid or naturethroid or erfa from
  242. synthroid for antibodies alone?
  243. what does T3 T4 and TSH do in the body
  244. Questions about weight gain/cytomel/and drs in NYC
  245. Thyroid & LDL Cholesterol Connection?
  246. should I worry about a T4 of 3.03?
  247. I am crying with relief...
  248. high cortisol levels in the am..i thought adrenal meant low am cortisol levels.
  249. Thyroid Nodules
  250. Pharmacies out of Natural thyroid?