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  1. HELP!!! Uncooperative Doctor
  2. TSH with reflex to T4 what now?
  3. I stazrted spotting this week. Is this normal on Cytomel?
  4. Meaning of T3 Uptake 39 H Out of Range
  5. Concerns regarding a iodine uptake scan
  6. Sudden weight gain of 20 pounds?!
  7. dandruff on back of head and throat contrictions
  8. Can Cytomel cause acid reflux?
  9. Hashimoto's + Joint Pain
  10. selenium intake
  11. dandruff/periods
  12. Muscle aches! Joint Pain! Hypo!
  13. Eyebrow and Facial Hairs Started Falling, Thyroid issue?
  14. Hypothyroid diagnosis-help please!
  15. Going on 7 months of persistently swollen lymph nodes
  16. New labs and STILL too low....
  17. RAI after Thyroidectomy??
  18. Now I'm on Liothyronine 25mcg twice daily
  19. A question for Armour (or other naturals) users
  20. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, horrible symptoms!
  21. Help confused!
  22. FDA announces Erfa Thyroid from Canada can be ordered with a US Dr's prescription
  23. hyperthyroidism w/ "feeling out of it"
  24. Hyperthyroidism & "feeling out of it"
  25. Do you think being on Cytomel actually made my thyroid worse?
  26. urgent help hurthle cell neoplasm in state of panic
  27. Possible to be hypothyroid with normal test results?
  28. hoarseness and voice change
  29. Feeling like death warmed over
  30. Tsh 4.39
  31. Hypothyroidism, PCOS and body temperature questions
  32. Lab result? What do they mean?
  33. Thyroid Hormone Resistance? Proper Synthroid/Cytomel Ratio?
  34. new & confused: sub-clinical hyperthyroidism + markers for Graves
  35. Hashimoto's and Celiac's?
  36. Feel worse on hydrocortisone?
  37. what knd of doctor does thyroidectomy?
  38. Newbie with hypo symptoms, questions, TSH etc
  39. What Causes the Dizziness?
  40. Severe Hypo Symptoms but "Normal" Test Results?
  41. partial Thyroidectomy
  42. can someone please help me with my test results and symptoms
  43. Newly Diagnosed with Questions
  44. what is it when your t4 total is a little out of range
  45. FNA biopsy results. What could this mean?
  46. How long does it take for Cytomel to completely be out of your system?
  47. I'm about fed up with Cytomel....too much inflammation
  48. New! Help, should I get second opinion?
  49. How is Hashimoto's diagnosed?
  50. Has anyone experienced muscle soreness from cytomel?
  51. Thyroid nodules
  52. 3 days on Levothyroxine & have side effects
  53. Sensitive eyes
  54. New on Levothyroxine - any positive experiences?
  55. Help with possible goiter!!
  56. pregnant (hypo) and worried
  57. crazy labs afer TT for papillary carcinoma
  58. If you have high cortisol levels will T3 meds not work?
  59. Hypothyroidism & Amenorrhea
  60. Night sweats...and sweating in general when HYPO
  61. Throat Numbness After Surgery
  62. compounding vs armour etc
  63. Buddha belly anyone?
  64. Lump above my collar bone
  65. Need the wisdom of your experience
  66. How long does it take to clear synthroid from system
  67. Anyone's lymph nodes react to thyroid problems?
  68. I'm definately taking too much T3
  69. Sore boobs since starting Cytomel
  70. excessive sweating with unithroid??
  71. Adjustment issues-Nature-throid
  72. Do ENTs prescribe thyroid medication? Could they change a dosage prescribed by Endo?
  74. what effect does cold weather have on the thyroid hormone?
  75. Could I be in the early stages of thyroid destruction?
  76. In desperate need of "PROLOID", thyroid medication !!!
  77. Going To Endo Today....Thyroid Possibly Enlarged....Feeling of Choking
  78. Is there any way to lower antibodies or do they stay with you forever?
  79. Help with Ranges needed
  80. parathyroid
  81. thyroid goiter
  82. Thyroid Problems and Hives
  83. Bloating of the face
  84. Hashimoto hypo and hyper?
  85. Have you experienced a Thyroid Storm?
  86. Wait 6 months or no? Please read
  87. What does hypoechoic mean?
  88. Worst Headache, Nausea, Weakness and Body Shakes
  89. Does using products with sodium chloride make anyone dizzy?
  90. Racing heart during sleep?
  91. Worried about Calcified nodules
  92. severe itching
  93. Do I need to split my Cytomel dose?
  94. best time for Thyroid Test
  95. New Test Results - Not sure where to go from here.
  96. Generic Cytomel
  97. Iodoral Side Effects, Fast Pulse! Help!!!!!
  98. I'm always thirsty but it's not my blood sugar
  99. question about TSH test
  100. Anyone out there taking or have taken Phentermine? Anyone with Hashimoto's?
  101. Happy Dance...Woohoo!! YES!! NEW DOC. NEW MEDS. NEW HOPE.
  102. tsh levels on synthroid
  103. Switched from Synthroid to Nature-throid
  104. Has Armour been discontinued?
  105. Night Chills
  106. autoimmune/hashis/3.5 Nature-throid too much?
  107. Pressure on Neck/Throat...Feels Tight
  108. Hashi's Roller Coaster
  109. Thyroidectomy?
  110. Cytomel and calcium
  111. What time of day to take Cytomel?
  112. Pregnant with elevated TSH.Pls advice,very worried =(
  113. Worrying myself sick over thyroid nodules
  114. Has anyone tried generic Cytomel?
  115. Doctor Recommendation? Kaiser, San Diego.
  116. looking for the best treatment for Hashimoto's
  117. Having high thyroglobulin..
  118. Do you ever feel "normal" or "good"???
  119. Thyroid complex cysts, worried abt cancer
  120. thyroid complex cysts, worried?
  121. High T3 level on lower dose?
  122. Could synthroid be making me dizzy?
  123. OTC Thyroid Essentials
  124. Help finding Armour Doctor Fl
  125. My test results
  126. Bought the tests online for daughter...
  127. Reference Ranges...Confusing! Help?
  128. Melatonin for jet lag ok for someone with Hashimotos on levothyroxine?
  129. Midwest, need your opinion....
  130. Does anyone have an issue differentiating between Thyroid Issues and Menopause......
  131. Problems with taking multivitamins and iron
  132. Very confused about Armour dosage.
  133. Thyroid hurts after eating shrimp???
  134. Help with TSH please
  135. hi everyone. new to the board
  136. Has anyone gone to a Holistic doc?
  137. Could You Please Read My Free T3 and Free T4 Results?
  138. Hair Miniaturzation and Thyroid meds
  139. Hypo & learning to understand labs
  140. The Thyroid Paradox by James Rone
  141. Weening off of synthroid
  142. Update to my Hyper/PTU Thread... Finally saw an Endo Today
  143. Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormone
  144. Iodine questions
  145. Do you have other autoimmune diseases?
  146. Supplement Info needed
  147. Hypothyroid question
  148. Hypothyroidism and bleeding
  149. can a low thyroid function slow down the digestion of alcohol?
  150. Opinions on these test results?
  151. Anyone have mild anemia as a result of hypo? Or vitamin D deficiency?
  152. desperate for help ..is this thyroid related?
  153. General Thyroid Symptoms Question
  154. no doc will treat me
  155. High calcium levels?
  156. Many thyroid questions from an addisonian
  157. Churning sensation in chest
  158. Thyroid and Kidney Pain
  159. Heart Aches, Upcoming Endo Appt.
  160. Do free clinics help with thyroid issues?
  161. Do I need Thyroid medication?
  162. Cracks in corners of mouth?
  163. I need info on iodine
  164. Need Help, Sorry So Long but need opinions.
  165. Is Flax oil bad for hypo and Hashi's?
  166. Need your help on....synthroid 112mg
  167. throat discomfort
  168. Followup scan for cancer & recent labs ADVICE PLEASE
  169. Low T3?
  170. What is normal TSH?
  171. Cytomel vs Compounded T3
  172. How often are thyroid nodules cancer?
  173. Nature Throid
  174. TSH of 99...scared...just had baby 6 months ago...Hashi's?
  175. visual problems with med's
  176. Does anemia cause hypo or does hypo cause anemia?
  177. Elevated ACTH, high-norm cortisol in the AM
  178. Labs on the money, low even, but still hypo symptoms (Hashis)
  179. Why I don't trust doctors anymore. A rant.
  180. Upcoming WBS With Thyrogen
  181. How long does Cytomel/t3 last?
  182. Already received my e mail from endo....
  183. Am I subclinical hypothyroid or normal?
  184. Treatment of Hashimoto's along with other symptoms
  185. Armour vs. Nature-Throid
  186. new here can you tell me what a what if you have a TSH level of 125 means
  187. New on levothyroxin... is this normal?
  188. Has anyone had their insurance pay for a saliva test?
  189. Starting cytomel
  190. Swallowing problem after thyroid removed
  191. face swelling & Hashimoto's
  192. ARMOUR Question? Crumbling?? Please help!
  193. tsh change
  194. Question on Armour
  195. Is 50 mcg Synthroid enough to make a difference?
  196. MRI with Contrast Experiences
  197. Just told I have Thyroid Disease
  198. Thyroid nodule and afraid
  199. On Fluoride and Thyroid
  200. Hashimoto's and joint pain
  201. when will thyrolar be available?
  202. Will I ever feel good???
  203. Would anyone happen to know.......long post
  204. Is this as crazy as it sounds?
  205. Secondary Hypothyroidism & Surgery on Nodules
  206. Just diagnosed help please?
  207. Could synthroid really work this quickly?
  208. Armour
  209. TSH of 63, Feel Great, What is this?
  210. Could Levothyroxine cause high blood sugar when pregnant?
  211. Can a medication cause a thyroid disorder?
  212. When is the best time of day to take synthroid?
  213. Has anyone had surgery for a Substernal Thyroid?
  214. Ultrasound Report - Please Help
  215. Is goitre like feeling in neck normal after taking thyroxine?
  216. hurtle cells and hashi's
  217. Do you think I could be hypothyroid? TSH 2.44
  218. How to treat/handle Hashi swings?
  219. levothyroxine vs Synthroid
  220. Need help with ultrasound and ct scan results
  221. Sharp, stinging pains in eye
  222. Is it possible to have Graves anitbodies but not gave Graves?
  223. Cholesterol
  224. hypothyroidism....do you think i have it?
  225. Thyroid test came back abnormal
  226. a quick question...
  227. missing left lobe - HELP!
  228. Stop the Thyroid Madness Book
  229. I want to STOP taking levothyroxine!!!
  230. My present situation regarding my Thyroid
  231. switching from levoxothyrine to Synthroid
  232. Is this adrenal fatigue or a low thyroid?
  233. Hot flashes night sweats insomnia Total thyroidectomy 03/09 synthroid dose is changed
  234. why does parathyroid stop working
  235. Free T3 and Free T4 results with TSH, Help Please
  236. Help-just started taking Cytomel
  237. Somethings not right...low TSH, lower end FT4
  238. My Thyroid Test Results. Please Help.
  239. Hypothyroid&Loss of Appetite...
  240. TSH 3rd Generation .08
  241. TSH 2.46 FT4 1.55 - Normal?
  242. Anyone being treated with synthroid with Hashimoto's, but normal tsh?
  243. Just got a positive home pregnancy test
  244. How often should a nodule be checked?
  245. weaning off levoxyl, transitioning to nature-throid
  246. Does Anyone See a Problem w/These Thyroid Results?
  247. Newly hypoŚneed input on labs/treatment
  248. total thyroidectomy
  249. New here, Hypothyroid, sudden onset of strange symptoms...help?
  250. Thyroid biopsy results are in.