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  1. Had Left Thyroidectomy, nodules in right side,
  2. Connection between low ferritin and thyroid disorder
  3. 2x3cm benign nodule so why remove it?
  4. Armour Unavailable; How does Naturethroid compare to Armour?
  5. Armour and Synthroid?
  6. parathyroidism post-op results
  7. Low TSH - High FT4 - Normal FT3
  8. What Foods Sabotage Thyroid?
  9. TSH 8.21, T4 13 - a question
  10. Can anyone tell me if these numbers could be hyperthyroid?
  11. Hyperparathyroidism--Low Normal PTH and High CA 4 mo. Post Op
  12. high f t3 and high r-t3. What does this mean
  13. Thyroglobulin question
  14. Anyone feel depressed when they're hypo?
  15. Hypothroidism vs Hassimotos
  16. Substernal Thyroid
  17. Difference between Hashimoto's and Hashitoxicosis?
  18. Total Thyroidectomy in three weeks
  19. Face gets hot & red when eating/Medicine related?
  20. For all of you that have had a total thyroidectomy.. questions..
  21. Hypo & losing weight
  22. any good family doc's/ do's/ thyroid doctors in st.louis?
  23. Thyroid symptoms
  24. phosphorus levels
  25. Toxic multinodular goiter with Grave's.. surgery this friday 7/10!
  26. Vitamins and Supplements for Hypothyroid.
  27. Low TSH but symptoms of hypo not hyper
  28. ultrasound of the thyroid
  29. Symptoms of low TSH levels
  30. what is your tsh meant to range between
  31. Thyroglobulin Question....Panicking :(
  32. Feeling like something is pushing on my wind pipe
  33. Self medicating with 800 mcgs of levothyroxine
  34. Weight Gain/loss With Thyroid Disorder
  35. Getting treatment seems impossible HASHIMOTO'S
  36. Hashimoto's Disease
  37. Medically induced hypothyroidism
  38. how long should I expect to wait before I see a change in T4 T3 combined
  39. TSH after discontinue Levothyroxine
  40. Armour Dosing/Questions
  41. Strange Symptoms - thyroid?
  42. Total Thyroidectomy - Severe muscle aches/pain & anxiety
  43. Mercury and Toxins Underlying Cause of Autoimmune/Thyroid Problem
  44. Thyroid test results interpretation
  45. Thyroidectomy - any good stories?
  46. I got my lab results...advice please
  47. Does it look like i have hypothyorid? Results Inside
  48. Hashimotos and other issues..
  49. Hypothyroid & synovial fluid....
  50. what kind of voice exercises can be done after a thyroidectomy
  51. Vitamin B12 range controversy
  52. Synthroid and St. John's Wort
  53. hypothyroid symptoms? No insurance, another newbie
  54. IVF - Thyroid levels for best success
  55. calcification of the thyroid
  56. Neutro Auto of 41.2
  57. Can anyone help?
  58. Dizziness in the morning
  59. Gluten Free Diet and Hashi's: did it work for you?
  60. post thyroidectomy
  61. Opthamologist-Thyroid Eye Disease
  62. Synthroid & Mineral water
  63. Hashitoxicosis- what do you do?
  64. iodine deficiency
  65. Sister is hypo and pregnant, She's worried about brain development. Info needed!
  66. what are the normal levels for thyroid peroxidase
  67. thyroid levels?
  68. Strange feelings with weakness
  69. I'm desperate to lower my cortisol
  70. In the low end of the 'normal' range....could I still be hypothyroid?
  71. Anybody knows what is MMS ?
  72. Hyperthyroid episode
  73. Synthroid vs. Levothyroxine
  74. goiter swells up and down HELP!!!
  75. Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms
  76. what does bungleweed do?
  77. THS level is 27
  78. Heterogeneous echotexture of the thyroid gland with a mass
  79. Can neck trauma cause thyroid problems?
  80. Methimazole/Inderal causing headaches?
  81. Low TSH, Low Free T4 and Low Free T3
  82. why am i still so sick after having my thyroid removed?
  83. Thyroid problems and bromelain
  84. What does it mean when you have an enlarged thyroid?
  85. 6cm nodule & facing surgery very scared
  86. Daughter (13yrs) Newly Diagnosed
  87. Graves affecting Home Pregnancy Tests..??
  88. Lobectomy, what to expect?
  89. Tinnitus and thyroid?
  90. Lingering cold, inflamed goiter, hard to breathe
  91. can allergy shots cause thyroid disease?
  92. All of a sudden I am getting very weak...anyone else??
  93. Hypothryoid and Melatonin??
  94. Change in thyroid levels after neck surgery?
  95. Jaw stiffness continues...
  96. Is there a thyroid and acne/pimples connection?
  97. When is the best time of the day to schedule labs?
  98. fainting and hypothyroidism?
  99. Hashimoto and achy all over
  100. doctor prescribed 25 mcg levothyroxine will it make a difference
  101. New labs.......help please.
  102. Need some help understanding results
  103. large goiter what do I do?
  104. What to do with Reverse T3?
  105. foods to avoid when hypothyroid?
  106. Will treating subclinical hypo help adrenal fatigue?
  107. Hashimoto's and hypo have ruined my immune system!
  108. Low T3, normal T4, high TSH and mixed symptoms?!
  109. Anyone hypo and LOSING weight?
  110. Hives and Hashimoto's
  111. 3 weeks post Thyroidectomy and still very hoarse
  112. Is It Normal To Shed A Ton Of Hair On A Dose Change?
  113. Prednisone for Hashimoto's?
  114. Menstrual cycles after a total thyroidectomy
  115. Should I let Them take out part of my thyroid?
  116. lab results got me worried!
  117. Low TSH but still feeling horrible....
  118. ARmour/Synthroid vs. Cytomel/Syntrhoid
  119. throid ultrasound results
  120. How do I know if my fever is too high when I don't know my normal temp anymore?
  121. Newly Diagnosed as Hyperthyroid
  122. Just started synthroid.. Questions??
  123. Partial Thyoidectomy 1 Week Ago, now have large hard area under/around incision
  124. low vitamin D and slightly elevated Parathyroid hormone levels
  125. Cytomel help
  126. Can someone please help me with lab results?
  127. low tsh, high prolactin???
  128. Has anyone else got the new armour?
  129. Hyperparathyroidism? cpnfused....
  130. TSH #....Are my numbers ok??
  131. Low TSH
  132. Perfect labs but maybe hypothyroid?
  133. Combining Armour and T4
  134. Doctor Dropped Me - What To Do?
  135. Armour thyroid causing anxiety
  136. Could positive ANA titer have anything to do with hashi's?
  137. endocologist for low tsh level
  138. Newly pregnant with a rip roaring case of Hashi's
  139. Awaiting thyroid uptake scan results
  140. Tgab antibodies but no TPO antibodies????
  141. should I stop taking my supplements before Thyroid blood tests?
  142. Heart palps?
  143. Hyperparathyroidism? Please help!
  144. Selenium - how much to take? 100 or 200 mcgs?
  145. They NEVER tested me for Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies!!! Help!!
  146. Ginseng is good for hypo?
  147. Night/day sweats...help
  148. Armour and agitation and anxiety?
  149. Anyone know when voice returns after thyroidectomy?
  150. Gastrointestinal Issues with Hyperthyroidism
  151. Thyroid effects on fertility and periods...
  152. thyroid shadow syndrome
  153. Kelp / Levothyroxine - T4 levels
  154. ALL normal bloodwork HIGH TPO...
  155. Anybody take Cytomel ONLY????
  156. My T3 and T4 Are In The Normal Range. Why Is My TSH Not?
  157. Lid lag/lid retraction from too much synthroid?
  158. low tsh - all other blood work normal?????
  159. atenolol
  160. does magnesium make you poop
  161. Advice required for appointment with endocrinologist
  162. sweaty palms
  163. Struggling Adolescent... Hypothyroid symptoms, no clinical evidence? (LONG)
  164. Will my sex drive return?
  165. Can these meds induce Hashimoto's thyroiditis/symptoms?
  166. Would change in dosages cause this issue within 2 weeks????
  167. thyroid nodules
  168. Hyperthyroid
  169. diagnose me! underactive thyroid?
  170. Total thyroidectomy...Thyroid eye disease
  171. When do you get the pathology results after Thyroidectomy?
  172. Is 25mcg levothryoxine enough to make me HYPER from hypo?
  173. When to draw blood for diagnosing thyroid?
  174. Restless Leg Syndrome associated with thyroid problems?
  175. increase tsh naturally
  176. I'm so scared ~ Pain in right-front of neck for 12 months...
  177. Thyroid surgery and singing voice
  178. Has anyone chosen NOT to have surgery for follicular neoplasm
  179. Underactive thryoid and trying to conceive
  180. Ths level
  181. What does Ultra Sound results mean?
  182. Thryoid and Seizure and High TSH
  183. Thyroid guru Dr. John Lowe...your thoughts Midwest
  184. Have you ever reacted differently to a different synthetic thyroid med? Esp. Levoxyl?
  185. Thyroid Results
  186. post partial thyroidectomy bloodwork results your input PLEASE!
  187. Facial changes anyone??? I don't look the same anymore!!
  188. new test (Peroxidase (TPO) was very elevated
  189. Can I have elective surgery even though I am hyperthyroid?
  190. Lab test- anti-tpo AB=411? age 21
  191. High DHEA-S and IGF-1 and Free T4
  192. Is this normal the first time you take Phosphatidyl Serine?
  193. FOR WHAT WE DO T3,T4 and T SH TEST
  194. Falling asleep in the middle of EVERYTHING- so frustrated
  195. What does this test mean?
  196. Follicular lesion with suspected papillary carcinoma
  197. Labs......please help
  198. Disability due to hypothyroid?
  199. Does supressed TSH really matter?
  200. Question: Arthritis and Hypothyroidism
  201. what CAN I take OTC?I have Hashi's(new here)
  202. how to naturally cure hyperthyroidism?
  203. armour
  204. methimazole for Hashitoxicosis?
  205. Has anyone had bad reactions from almond butter?
  206. Just started taking tyroid meds for low thyroid, gaining weight.
  207. detecting thyroid disease please help
  208. Aren't you supposed to start replacement meds after total thyroidectomy?
  209. side effects Liothyronine (cytomel)
  210. How quickly did you lose weight after starting adrenal treatment?
  211. What does a TSH level of .77 indicate?
  212. Average time for biopsy results?
  213. Multivitamins I am using, please comment on them..
  214. weight loss
  215. Synthroid - weight loss or weight gain once you started taking synthroid
  216. Question About Hashi's Symptoms
  217. What does my Reverse T3 mean
  218. Mercury,hypo and Chelation therapy
  219. Can increasing Armour increase fatigue?
  220. what does it mean when a diagnosis says dominant nodule in thyroid
  221. Too high a dosage of Armour.. symptoms?
  222. How Quickly Can Levels Change???
  223. First labs, not sure what to think...
  224. extremely dry hair from thyroid???- anyone else
  225. Needing some help (lab numbers and opinions)
  226. Central Hypothyroidism - HELP
  227. Switching Armour to Levoxyl/Cytomel Combo
  228. Help..elevated thyroid peroxidase antibody
  229. lymph nodes after total thyroid removal cancer
  230. Is this a high dose of Levoxyl and Armour?
  231. What to tell my NP? (REALLY long post)
  232. New here...stress the cause? and where to go from here.
  233. Looking for some help please......
  234. What does a cortisol test show?
  235. Would going to 30mcg cytomel be too much? Thoughts?
  236. Can my GP still refuse to treat me?
  237. When to blood test after Z-Pak, Steriods?
  238. How do you stay positive at work when you feel like crap?
  239. Huge growing goiter!!!
  240. 2 weeks post-op and soooo aggravated with follow-up!!
  241. More Confused Than Ever... Help!!!
  242. High TSH + High T4 = WHAT?
  243. Do I have a conversion problem?
  244. Years of issues, 'enlarged multinodular thyroid'
  245. Euthyroid Graves Disease
  246. So confused, for what reasons do dr suggest thyroidectomy?
  247. High TSH, High T3, and High T4
  248. Thyroid, parasites and a cup of coffee !
  249. Jittery??
  250. strange menstrual cycle when levo increased-anyone else?