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  1. Looking for some help please......
  2. What does a cortisol test show?
  3. Would going to 30mcg cytomel be too much? Thoughts?
  4. Can my GP still refuse to treat me?
  5. When to blood test after Z-Pak, Steriods?
  6. How do you stay positive at work when you feel like crap?
  7. Huge growing goiter!!!
  8. 2 weeks post-op and soooo aggravated with follow-up!!
  9. More Confused Than Ever... Help!!!
  10. High TSH + High T4 = WHAT?
  11. Do I have a conversion problem?
  12. Years of issues, 'enlarged multinodular thyroid'
  13. Euthyroid Graves Disease
  14. So confused, for what reasons do dr suggest thyroidectomy?
  15. High TSH, High T3, and High T4
  16. Thyroid, parasites and a cup of coffee !
  17. Jittery??
  18. strange menstrual cycle when levo increased-anyone else?
  19. hashi's and dead thyroid?
  20. Tsh
  21. Prescribed Armour for Hashimoto's, Normal Range TSH, T3, T4
  22. Just Diagnosed and Question about Westhroid
  23. hashimoto's and uticaria
  24. Missed Medication Dosage for a Week
  25. Thyroid Labs and Stumped on results
  26. Could elevated lymphocytes be due to hashimotos?
  27. what is a normal level of T3, T4 and cortisol
  28. Partial thyroidectomy; follicular carcinoma
  29. Thyroid Eye Disease
  30. Is there a difference between Hashitoxicosis and Hashimotos?
  31. New here and feel terrible on thyroid meds
  32. mixed results
  33. Elevated TSI (Thyroid Stimulating Immunogobulin) Do I have Graves?
  34. No help.......here are my first labs.....TSH Free T3, Free T4.....
  35. scar after thyroidectomy
  36. does Iodoral help with t-3
  37. what is the meanig
  38. Weight gain w/ thyroid medicine????
  39. antibody levels for anyone with hashis
  40. Can Meds make you feel worse?
  41. Borderline thyroid
  42. How to take Levothyroxine for Alzheimer's patient
  43. possible overactive thyroid?
  44. what does immunoglobulin A, QN, Serum high level mean
  45. Forgot Pill Yesterday
  46. Subclinical Hypothyroidism
  47. why am i losing weight with hypothyroid? (Hashi's)
  48. Thyroid make periods late?
  49. why can't I build muscle with Graves Disease
  50. low tsh, everything else normal
  51. Trouble breathing and nodules...
  52. Feeling great after total thyroidectomy
  53. Dr. says I'm 'subclinical hypothyroid'
  54. Should I have gone with armour instead of other t4/t3 combo
  55. Symptoms, but normal Free t4
  56. I think i have hypothyroidism
  57. does evening primrose oil contribute to hypothyroidism
  58. Have endo apt. need advice PLEASE.
  59. How Hashimoto Works Question....
  60. Dumb question on "feeling of a nodule"
  62. Thyroidectomy - anyone not miserable afterwards?
  63. 17yo male, TSH=23.7, Is this bad?
  64. is 88 over 57 a low blood pressure and what do I do about it
  65. Those that have had a Total Thyroidectomy, Questions!
  66. swallowing/sore throat or neck
  67. Help! Too many thyroid cases showing up here.
  68. what happens if you dont drink a glass of water with your synthroid?
  69. hyperthyroid issue????
  70. what is normal ranges for T3,TSH and free T?
  71. Frustrated by Lab Results, please help
  72. Enlarged Thyroid with Cysts with normal bloodwork
  73. what are symptoms of multinodular goiter
  74. why do you get reactive lymph nodes in thyroid gland
  75. Pretty odd case of subacute
  76. Tsh 86???
  77. synthroid side effect?
  78. What Does a Low Iron Saturation Level Mean
  79. thyroid mass biopsy showed moderate follicular cells, colloid cells and histiocytes
  80. Dizziness
  81. Enlarged thyroid with a thickend Isthmus
  82. really confused my doc said i have a level of 120 points what is this
  83. methimazole has now made my thyroid hypo, my doctor wants me to stay taking the same
  84. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!! Lab Questions. High TSH WITH High T4 levels???
  85. Upper normal TSH, above 1.0 T4, no antibodies, 23 years old...
  86. Thyroid Genetic Testing
  87. New to the Nodule scene....
  88. What is inpatient RAI 131 like?
  89. what does it mean when your antibodies are high
  90. how long does it take to get over a thyroidectomy?
  91. what does enlarged thyroid glands mean
  92. Vitamin D Test Results.. Please Help
  93. Got my tests results back--Hashimoto's? Adrenals??
  94. Normal TSH, but Hypothyroid symptoms
  95. Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)
  96. I picked up my lab and ultrasound results.....
  97. another person with test results
  98. TSH level of 3.1 what does it mean?
  99. what is considered high TSH levels
  100. Thyroid/PCOS
  101. Confused and need help with labs
  102. Iodine/Ioderal
  103. update more labs on 16yr son with low testosterone hypoT?
  104. Went to endo - more labs needed - anyone heard of these?
  105. Has anyone had this with methmazole or atenolol????
  106. I need information about TPO
  107. Just confused and need some good advice
  108. Normal TSH. But Slightly Elevated T3 and T4
  109. Doctor's appointment and new thyroid blood results
  110. I need some guidance (Long 1st post)!
  111. Thyrogen and thyroglobulin tests
  112. Raised TSH
  113. New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st post)
  114. Levothyroxine, Synthroid, and Synthrex and Petit Mal Seizures
  115. how much armour thyroid is equal to synthroid .075
  116. What does this mean? what was the nodule?
  117. Irregular period after thyroidectomy
  118. Multinodule goiter with normal TSH
  119. Hypothyroidism and pulmonary hypertension
  120. Thyroidectomy and Back to Exercise??
  121. Hashi's Hypo but with hypersensitivies-Anyone else?
  122. Labs advice needed :)
  123. Facial Hair
  124. Help understanding thyroid tests....
  125. Received my Ultrasound report!
  126. Did you treat hyperthyroidism naturally without drugs or surgery?
  127. what is the chances of getting pregnant if im taking synthroid 100mg one a day?
  128. Any advice gratefully received!!
  129. under chin swelling
  130. Chemical sensitivity and hypot/hashis
  131. Am I stupid? secondary hypothyroidism
  132. Hyperthyroidism Eye Pain
  133. HELP! Doctor and I are baffled
  134. Here are my ultrasound and lab results.....any input?
  135. Skin on neck red in thyroid area
  136. Steroid Shot Question
  137. Many hypothyroid symptoms, normal TSH
  138. PET Scan for Thyroid nodules
  139. Please Help, Dr sent me for another thyroid ultrasound
  140. thryoid nodules
  141. Labs question
  142. Confused - Hashi's
  143. Underactive, multivitamins & menstruation
  144. losing alot of weight with hypothyroid??
  145. Adding T3 after thyroidectomy?
  146. Thyroidectomy needed in Atlanta
  147. suppressed TSH?
  148. how long does synthroid stay in the body?
  149. Help for low iodine diet
  150. Temperature Regulation and Thyroid
  151. what is a heterogenous thyroid
  152. Hyperthyroidism and insomnia and difficult sleeping
  153. Enlarged Thyroid Cartilage?
  154. blood test results and medication
  155. Do you have Hashis/Hypo & allergies?
  156. Synthroid dosage and constipation
  157. Evista and levoxyl?
  158. New to forum- diagnosed Hashimoto's
  159. TSH is 11.8 while T3 is Normal
  160. thyroid uptake scan
  161. connection between thyroid and high blood pressure
  162. joint pain/cracking with hashimotos??
  163. What effect does thyroxine have on blood sugars in a type 1 diabetic
  164. Do I have Hashimoto's?
  165. Wishy washy thyroid results???
  166. 3 wk post op coughing
  167. To thyroidectomy or not to thyroidectomy ...that is the question
  168. Will my voice ever be normal?
  169. Super strong gag reflex
  170. Hyperthyroidism, T4 & diarrhea
  171. how high can a tsh level go
  172. what is the worst TSH thyroid reading
  173. Hyper hell! anyone out there on 60mg tapazole?
  174. Baker's cysts in knees.
  175. Free T4 at 48%, TT3 @32%, is this enough?
  176. how long after thyroid sugery does your voice come back
  177. catscan for goiter. Need info, please!!!
  178. ANy great endo recommendation in SugarLand, Houston, TX?
  179. how long does levothyroxine stay in system?
  180. reduce a thyroid goiter
  181. Do symptoms go away?
  182. Low TSH and nodules
  183. How much is too much?
  184. FNA result -abundant Hurthle cells
  185. Approaching menopause - dosage reduced?
  186. Tsh = 51
  187. Borderline?
  188. Tsh 54
  189. 31 y old male do I have a thyroid problem?
  190. Heart Palps / Armour
  191. Thyroid & Other Hormones
  192. Gaining weight!!!
  193. Exhausted with Hashimoto's
  194. Pregnenolone - buy where
  195. tsh of 19
  196. swollen throat but thyroid ultrasound did not show anything
  197. Ok!! Got Labs Please Help?????
  198. Tsh 54.5 and vit d deficeincy??
  199. what does a very low TSH level mean?
  200. need endocrinologists for hashi graves disease
  201. Lab results after partial thyroid removal
  202. Why does my TSH say I'm hyper when I'm not?
  203. Do benign hurthle cells turn into maligent cells?
  204. Hyperthyroid symptom??
  205. So what do y'all think of these results?
  206. Test Result Interpretation??
  207. Hashimoto and wheezing
  208. sleepiness with Levothyroxine
  209. Levothyroxine
  210. FT3 of 794.5
  211. Thyroid synthroid Bad Taste in mouth
  212. Small thyroid gland? Ord's Thyroiditis?
  213. Labs Normal after Cortef
  214. My thyroid hurts.....
  215. Fatigue: General and in Sports
  216. lowering my dosage to help!
  217. Hashi's flare??
  218. What tests shall I DEMAND?? I need a diagnosis.
  219. Coming Off Levothyroxine - Help!
  220. Thyroid Antibodies/Normal TSH,T3,T4
  221. ACTH result - is this really ok
  222. Hyperthyroid treated with Tapazole
  223. Herbal remedies for adrenal exhaustion?
  224. Tsh 54.5 and vit d deficeincy??
  225. RT3 and my other labs i dont understand
  226. Connection between coccyx pain & adrenals?
  227. Back Again Need HELP Please??? Question??
  228. Ever hear of a sticky Thyroid?
  229. Is it a need for more T3 or more Metformin?
  230. Cyst/nodule on thyroid
  231. 1st medicated lab results just back
  232. Does anyone take Armour along with synthetic thyroid?
  233. Help! Confused about thyroid results and lab ranges
  234. Why do they remove thyroid gland and are problems hereditary?
  235. What is :Hypodensity on thyroid lobe ?
  236. muscle spasms anyone else/?
  237. forgetting words or names
  238. Grave's Disease?
  239. Help!! Crashing with Armour - Adrenal Fatigue
  240. Hypothyroidism - I have questions and need answers please!
  241. Cystic Nodule size changes.
  242. just got back from E>R help
  243. thyroid storm????? Any thoughts PLEASE
  244. 1.99 for a Noral TSH level?
  245. ACTH suppressed--what does this mean?
  246. Goiter
  247. thyroid (hypothyroidism)
  248. I have numbness and tingling in my fingers of my left hand. What is it?
  249. First visit with Endo doc
  250. New thyroid blood draw results; What now?