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  1. Do the tests rule out Hypothyroid?
  2. Is TSI a Grave's marker? What do you make of this.
  3. Sudden Onset?
  4. Does thyroid affect eyesight?
  5. Triiodothyronine, Free, serum
  6. Very high midnight salivary cortisol?????
  7. Is the Levothyroxin ok?
  8. Grave's disease help...
  9. Green Tea
  10. TSH Results
  11. Is it a thyroid problem? Neeed Help
  12. what happens when your TSH is high
  13. Parathyroid Disease?
  14. Yellow Eyes & Thyroid Problems??
  15. Ultrasound after nodules and rai ????
  16. Which is stronger, cortef or adrenal extract?
  17. Please explain- MY High TSH (46) no symptoms
  18. Having Iodine Uptake Scan Next Week -- Foods to Avoid??
  19. what is thyroxin?
  20. hashimoto's - low tsh
  21. Herbal treatment for Thyroid - thyroid throu. Any info?
  22. Levothyroxine odd side effects
  23. Is thyroxin the same medication as levothyroxines
  24. does low free t3 and high reverse t3 mean anything
  25. TSH range?
  26. Starving from synthroid
  27. Thyroid nodules, when do you have surgery?
  28. What causes an Armour rash???
  29. 7 weeks post op - wound still sore & swollen
  30. have most of thyroid posters had surgery for nodules or what?
  31. New labs along with Cortisol/cortisol stim test
  32. to much triiodothyronine can cause what?
  33. Thyroid Medication linked to Breast Cancer
  34. Adding Cytomel, long list of labs~CONFUSED
  35. postpartum thyroiditis?
  36. Sound in the ears
  37. New Here - Q about Voice After Surgery
  38. Recent News-High Fructose Corn Syrup,Mercury and Auto Immune Disease
  39. Parotid gland tumor.. CT scan next
  40. blood test results tsh 0.42 thyroid normal
  41. High TSH & TPO = No treatment necessary?
  42. Please help me with ultrasound results
  43. Question about starting Cytomel
  44. Feel better WITHOUT meds???
  45. What Else Would Cause Hyperthyroidism Besides Graves' Disease?
  46. how long does it take for levothyroxine to start working after taking it
  47. how to lose weight while taking methimazole
  48. Very "out there" question regarding coming off anti-depressants
  49. Hypothyroidism causing horrible anxiety!
  50. losing weight hypothyroid
  51. Herbs for Hypothyroidism
  52. synthroid horror stories?
  53. TSH of 100
  54. alternating dosage
  55. Metal crowns and fillings and thyroid disease
  56. TSH of 100 While T4 and Free T3 Are in "Normal" Ranges
  57. does hypothroidism cause osterporosis
  58. Please help me with these?
  59. Endo says it's not my thyroid, any other ideas?
  60. does thyroid nodule with calcification mean you have cancer
  61. what size nodule is too large
  62. TSH lower and lower, but normal T3 T4....
  63. how long does increased dose thyroxine take to work?
  64. Multiple nodules and worried. Help, All Alone!
  65. lump in throat and serious hair thinning- thyroid problem?
  66. Doctor says labs are normal- are they?
  67. why one eye become smaller than the eye
  68. my hair is really dry and brittle and breaking really bad
  69. Hyperthyroid and front neck pain
  70. How big are throat nasuals
  71. my tsh is .59
  72. Where have my eyegrows and lashes gone?
  73. radioactive VS surgery
  74. New to the board - Hyperthyroidism
  75. can you tell me if my levels are normal
  76. Can anyone please help?????PLEASE
  77. TSH .16 but still feeling achy, tired, chest pain
  78. doctor who prescribs armour in calgary
  79. low basal temp
  80. Do T3 meds suppress TSH?
  81. Normal Thyroid hormones yet Thyroid cyst?
  82. pins and needles
  83. sore muscles and thyroid meds
  84. Hashimoto stories
  85. Tired After Meal
  86. Help with lab results please!
  87. Hashimotos? Your input I'm taking to my MD(long)
  88. hypothyroid confusion
  89. Can Anyone Recommend a Good Endo in Atlanta?
  90. Anyone take generic armour?
  91. how much is 150mcg iodine
  92. i do not understand it?
  93. Synthroid and pregnancy
  94. Been on Armour, now feeling bad!!
  95. if you tsh range is 13.5 what does that mean?
  96. Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck
  97. what does it mean if i have 19 tsh
  98. need help with armour dosing/switched from synthyroid
  99. Suspicious Nodules- thyroidectomy?
  100. sharp pains in neck/throat area
  101. Why is my doctor so concerned about my body producing too much DHEA
  102. How did oprah cure her thyroid problem?
  103. Switching to another synthetic thyroid med - experiences?
  104. help with numbers
  105. Isocort/glandular adrenal
  106. need help converting ng/dl to pmol/L, anyone??
  107. What causes HYPER symptoms? TSH or FREE T's?
  108. 28 year old female seeking advice...please help!
  109. thyroid level tests
  110. Can my thyroid pinch nerves in the neck?
  111. high dhea
  112. Nasal congestion and hypothyroidism?
  113. Could this be a reaction from the antibiotic?
  114. Thyroid medication may have helped me become pregnant!
  115. Tight muscles
  116. Thyroid Problems with TSH of 1.110?
  117. Hashimoto's with thyroid numbers that aren't too "bad"?
  118. sore throat a symptom?
  119. I can feel the pain in my neck with my finger - is this a bad sign? More ?'s, too.
  120. hypothyroid? Normal????? tsh level
  121. FIsh oils in Graves disease
  122. My health is a mess
  123. Sed Rate of 42, TSH of 5.1???
  124. Sore Throat once a month
  125. Do I need an Increase to 100mcg of Synthroid?
  126. my tsh is 47 what does this mean
  127. Just got thyroid ultrasound report anyone care to help interpret?
  128. Hashimoto's and mercury fillings
  129. Update on biopsy results of neck
  130. Oprah and her Thyroid Situation
  131. Elevated TSH/Liver Hemangiomas
  132. Heat Intolerance...any answers?
  133. Hypyo - new test results - HELP!
  134. I need some BTDT advice for 1st appt. with endo.
  135. I HATE reference ranges... will I EVER feel better?
  136. Time sensitive Cytomel questions...pls help....
  137. Hyperthyroid ~ Confused & Lost
  138. High/low normal labs...anyone care to take a peek?
  139. Are your fingertips like this?
  140. TSH of 5, "normal" Free T4 and T3
  141. Your TSH level when diagnosed with hypo
  142. Question about mucus in throat
  143. Hashitoxicosis
  144. Please, I need help to get a diagnosis...
  145. Anyone have thyroid nodules accompanied by neck and ear pain?
  146. "Within Normal Range"
  147. Question about T3 and T4 drugs.
  148. Did my estrogen dominance mess my thryoid meds and function up back in Sept????
  149. Hasimoto's-now parathyroid hormones high
  150. Will the cold intolerance and chills ever go away?
  151. Tapazole
  152. synthyroid vs. armour
  153. Can hypothyroid cause kidney problems? or stones?
  154. How many of you have had this???
  155. Synthroid Leg Aches
  156. Feeling really discouraged
  157. addressing adrenal fatigue with hypothyroidism
  158. Anyone on a t4 and separate t3 take their t3 only at night?
  159. what if tsh is high but t-3 t-4 is normal
  160. Hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's Disease)
  161. t4 plus a little armour??
  162. Cold Medicine & Hypothyroid...
  163. Parathyroidism??
  164. Fish oil and Hashimoto's
  165. Echinacea and Hashimoto's?
  166. Multiple nodules
  167. Naturothyroid
  168. Enough already!!!
  169. Low Iodine Diet - Off the Shelf Items?
  170. How does T3 affect you?
  171. Synthroid/ Armour help!
  172. Mucus Retention Cyst in Maxillary
  173. can you take floradix when you have thyroid
  174. Full Thyroid Panel
  175. Numbness/tingling
  176. Calcium metabolism! Can someone explain?
  177. Propranolol and Tapazole
  178. Why can't I take propranolol and tapazole?
  179. Always hungry
  180. Hurtle Cell Carcinoma
  181. Ideal follow up timespan after initial synthroid prescription?
  182. Thoughts on where to go from here?
  183. Have a persistent rash on the chest area
  184. Help finding answers...
  185. Low Free T4, High free T3, normal TSH
  186. What is T7?
  187. I'm experiencing compression symptoms and I'm scared. Help. Anyone gone through this?
  188. Relationship affected by wife's thyroid disorder
  189. I have a thyroid nodule with calcification
  190. Thyroglossal Duct Cyst?
  191. Tsh=5.11
  192. Lab results please help!
  193. calcium levels slightly high
  194. Thyroid/Colloid Cyst concerns
  195. nodule in thyroid showed up during the ultrasound but not on scan and uptake
  196. Dr. Arem Author of The Thyroid Solution
  197. Help with symptoms and lab work, am I crazy to be feeling like this?
  198. Very low TSH and free T4, swollen thyroid - even doc is baffled. Help!
  199. treat adrenal fatigue with Prednisone?
  200. TSH testing range - clarification pls!
  201. RAI treatment...
  202. Questions for anyone who has had treatment for thyroid CA following thyroidectomy
  203. New--have thyroid, anemia and digestive issues--anything welcomed!
  204. Follicular lesion - now what?
  205. T3 and it's effect on Well Being
  206. Going Gluten Free to Help Adrenals and Thyroid?
  207. what are the signs and symptoms when your tsh, 3rd generation is high
  208. Shrinking thyroid glands - good or bad?
  209. Hashimoto's new DX
  210. Pssd!!!!!!!!! elderly dads' medical records
  211. How many NORMAL test results have you had before you were diagnosed?
  212. Sore throat and tight feeling under ear by jawline
  213. Symptoms with a 1.687 TSH
  214. reaction to increased dosage of synthroid?
  215. what does a TSH of 20 mean
  216. choking sensation, tenderness, pain thyroid area- anyone else???
  217. weight gain or lose weight with thyroidectomy
  218. can't swallow liquids after thyroidectomy
  219. choking in the neck because of thyroid
  220. Adrenal Medication for low Cortisol
  221. Thyroid diagnosis because of foot pain?
  222. Wanting input on test results, please help.
  223. Sustained release T3
  224. New blood work and Odd shaped thyroid
  225. Swollen salivary gland - hashi's related?
  226. New lab work/ultrasound - request analysis
  227. Doing better, levoxyl vs synthroid
  228. Adrenal Fatigue/Hyper Adrenals?
  229. New labs on Synthroid
  230. Are all T4 meds the same for your T3 conversion?
  231. What does it mean if your TSH is high, but T4 is not?
  232. FT4 Level High
  233. Hashimoto's and Male Infertility?
  234. Feeling really weird lately
  235. new thyroid patient
  236. Is this dose too much?
  237. synthroid / naturethroid
  238. Tsh .44
  239. dexamethasone for hyperthyroidism, cortisol for hypothyriodism?
  240. Need help with new test results
  241. When will the TPO AB go down?
  242. Latest results from holisitc doc...pls give feedback
  243. Newbie Questions
  244. Hashimoto's and Tonsil Stones
  245. Has anyone had hives with tapazole?
  246. Had parathyroidectomy over 2 months ago....still don't feel "normal"
  247. Adrenal Fatigue with normal thyroid tests?
  248. Raising free t4 levels naturally
  249. Just started 50mcg of Levothroid, need help with symptoms asap!
  250. Methimazole for life