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  1. 5 months after RAI...and I'm pregnant...anyone else have this experience?
  2. synthroid and kidney problems, any relation?
  3. diagnosed with hashimotos and no meds
  4. what to expect...thyroid surgery
  5. iodine
  6. Has anyone ever felt normal on Thyroid meds?
  7. Question? regarding levels when first diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  8. shocking headache after increase in meds
  9. small brown circular rash on my neck what is it
  10. Strange dents in fingernails
  11. How many dosage changes before your thyroid was stable?
  12. Beaus lines
  13. Confused about Lab Results????
  14. what does it mean if T4,Free is normal but TSH is slightly high?
  15. "hypo hell"....when should it start?
  16. Vitamin Absorption/Levoxyl - Reminder Please!
  17. Would I look stupid going to the doctor and asking for a thyroid test?
  18. What a rollercoaster!
  19. Periodic flare ups with severe fatigue
  20. Synthroid vs Levoxyl experiment
  21. Anyone attribute digestive problems to their medication????
  22. if a nodule produces thyroid hormone why.....
  23. Does codeine have iodine in it?
  24. Need Some Advice- Synthroid Increased
  25. Help understand these #'s?
  26. Hyperthyroidism and Flexeril
  27. Grave's Disease and Weight Loss
  28. MG or others who know about HURTHLE CELLS
  29. Off meds...going hypo? Insomnia? I don't get it!
  30. High reverse T3 mean anything?
  31. Hi! I'm new had a question about Methimazole
  32. Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
  33. High reverse T3
  34. what happens when you take synthroid with food
  35. Can you take diet pills if you have thyroid disease???
  36. is my tsh test normal?
  37. Low ferritin + Armor = bad?
  38. What to expect post op thyroidectomy
  39. Now i am getting head rushes and cloudy feeling in my head! pls help!!!!!!!!
  40. what will happen if I stop taking my armour thyrodi medication?
  41. My wife has thyroid disease.....
  42. Does Your Children Get Hashimoto's If You Have It
  43. First month on Synthroid and having menstrual problems *help*
  44. can i ask for a copy of my results?
  45. Has Anyone Been On Cytomel Long Term?
  46. Low in EVERYTHING--what came first?
  47. RAI - precautions with family members, esp older children?
  48. tsh of 14.2
  49. Experts--Hurthle cells in FNA biopsy , what to think/what to do?
  50. Hurtle cells?
  51. Taking thyroid meds and painkillers
  52. having thyroid symptoms, lab results inconclusive
  53. What happens after Radioactive Iodine Treatment
  54. Newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism
  55. Need Help on Cortisone/Cortisol Lab Results
  56. Weird Naturopath Treatment of Hashi's Antibodies-What do you think?
  57. Initially feeling worse with Armour?
  58. yesterday i was officially diagnosed as hypothyroid...
  59. Pregnant, hypothyroid in San Francisco Bay Area... NEED MD HELP!
  60. Confused about anti-bodies and Graves' vs. Hashimoto!
  61. How long til you start feeling better on Synthyroid???
  62. Should I be on meds?
  63. Radioactive iodine or a thyroidectomy- please help???
  64. Vitamin C with HypoT meds
  65. Mystery Diagnosis-Not such a Mystery!
  66. Hi newbie here with questions :)
  67. Medicine Change and feeling weird! Should I stick it out?
  68. Slight thyroid problem, could anyone give some insight?
  69. Levoxyl side effects.....
  70. potassium& sodium levels in secondary hypo???
  71. Chronic Hives/Low Basal Body Temperature/Hashimoto Auto Immune
  72. lab results!!
  73. How long for Synthyroid to help symptoms?
  74. High ACTH caused by thyroid medication?
  75. Hyperthyroid/Diabetes
  76. Excess Estrogen
  77. Need To Understand Tsh Levels
  78. Do vitamins (or lack of) change thyroid?
  79. Please interpret my TSH results
  80. what does clinically euthyroid mean?
  81. can having hypothyrodism cause ovulation to stop and a high fsh level
  82. how much weight will i gain on carbimazole
  83. 33 yr old male with weird symptoms
  84. what are the symtoms of thyroid problems
  85. Myxedema madness
  86. DHEA, anyone else having success?
  87. Anyone just pray for a diagnosis either way?
  88. Doc says everything is normal, but I still feel lousy
  89. does thyroxine make you sleepy?
  90. How will halfing my dosage of Synthroid affect me?
  91. voice comes and goes
  92. cholesterol levels keep going up
  93. Hi, I'm new. Confused about lab/range results !!!
  94. Thyroid Care and Concerns Endocrine Balance Issues
  95. Hashi Experts: need feedback on labs, please!!
  96. Day 2 on Cytomel...Questions
  97. Levels seem normal - Why do I still feel like Crap!
  98. Can you get pregnant if you have hypo?????
  99. Swollen/Fat tongue with hypo ???????
  100. hashimoto's and being pregnant?
  101. Help with my lab results!
  102. Is this all down to Hashimotos ?
  103. Does brain fog ever go away?
  104. Test results and my hair is falling out fast!
  105. Please help new to this and don't understand!
  106. Lower end of normal TSH levels- Can this cause symptoms?
  107. Could .08 TSH ever be ok?
  108. what is armour, tapazole,synthroid?
  109. The low TSH topic
  110. how long before my unitroid meds start working
  111. hurthle cell carcinoma
  112. Hyperparathyroidism
  113. How long before T3 kicks in
  114. A Newbie Needs Help!
  115. Had fine needle biopsy of nodule today...not as bad Ive read
  116. thyroid storm
  117. 20 year old thyroid issues ??? Please help
  118. What can I do next?
  119. choking then vomiting
  120. Recent thyroid labs - thyroid problem, or no?
  121. ENT says Blood work for thyroid levels were normal, but have antibodies? So confused
  122. Severe Hypo tsh 150 but losing weight instead of gaining it. weird!
  123. The Weight Gain Issue
  124. synthroid vs armour - and rapid weight gain - please help
  125. New labs....need help interpreting
  126. What is "normal"?
  127. Need help with new thyroid sonogram-
  128. Cold thyroid nodule
  129. Question about taking antibiotics
  130. Sweating, high pulse rate...
  131. Food for Radioactive Iodine Treatment
  132. Cytomel dosage?
  133. How much cytomel with 100 mg of synthroid'
  134. Help!! Confused by lab results.
  135. Please help me understand my blood results
  136. What do I say to the doctor so he will order the right tests?
  137. how can my T4 level be 69
  138. test results question
  139. right sided neck pain
  140. ?? anxiety symptoms with hypothyroid ?? How about you??
  141. The Crazy Old Woman Thing-Myth and/or Reality
  142. High Sed rate and scalp problems due to hypothyroidism?
  143. Very High TSH level
  144. Tapazole and canker sores?
  145. Need advice QUICK! dr. appt. tomorrow A.M.
  146. Help - Panic attacks- High Anti TPO 4628
  147. Positive thyroid effects wearing off . . . suggestions?
  148. Thyroid mass
  149. 3 cm nodule
  150. How long does it take for Tapazole to kick in
  151. please look at my result
  152. I'm new to all of this... and I dont understand my labs
  153. Anti-Thyroglobulin rising question - Also HRT and Thyroid Replacement
  154. solid calcification...cancer?
  155. My mpv lab results are abnormal, what does this mean??
  156. Weight loss with Cytomel???
  157. Help understanding past and present results please.
  158. Parathyroid/High Calcium/Dr. Norman PART TWO
  159. So Far Synthroid stinks!
  160. Possibly hyperparathyroid for 2nd time, had surgery with Dr. Norman in 05
  161. allergic to iodine and have graves and hasimoto's antibodies.
  162. New labs.....I'm fuming!!!!!!
  163. why does my FT4 not change on meds?? (newbie hypo)
  164. Hypothyroid with heat intolerance??
  165. Itchy scalp, itchy eyes, itchy ears, etc.
  166. Do most endo's NOT do Free T3??
  167. I ran out of synthroid
  168. New labs... new doctor
  169. sore achy throat caused by synthroid?
  170. How is Hashimotos diagnosed if TSH normal? Antibodies are in higher range?
  171. Nodule size not shown on past thyroid scan or CT ent ordering u/s
  172. Ergocalciferol?
  173. Iodoral
  174. Pregnancy test and hypothyroid
  175. Racing pulse and throbbing head at night waking m up.
  176. Anxious about switching to Armour
  177. Diarreah on Synthroid
  178. Feel worse with meds
  179. Adrenal issues with sleep, vitiligo problems
  180. thyroid & body pain???
  181. Why won't insurance pay for proper adrenal testing?
  182. 12 days post total thyroidectomy -- help?
  183. Thyroid nodules found. Blah
  184. Stopping Armour - Bummed Out
  185. FNA result Indeterminate doc says wait 4-6 months huh?
  186. heart palpitations - thyroid related?????
  187. Iodine Test Questions?
  188. Newly diagnosed HyperT & frustrated!
  189. Hypothyroid and PCOS - Do they go together??
  190. Hashis and Tender Lymphs... waht's going on here?
  191. Amoxicillin and Synthroid
  192. TMI but...having a second period this month!? TSH 150
  193. Cytomel with Levoxyl or Armour???
  194. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME! Been VERY ill and have questions?
  195. Joint pain and popping. Dont know what is wrong!
  196. 150mcg of iodine in the multivitamins
  197. My Synthroid Dosage Was Increased From 100mcg to 150mcg
  198. what does undetectable TSH mean?
  199. Does Ultra Sound detect thyroiditis?
  200. what is the normal result of tsh 3rd generation result
  201. Low Serum Iron, TIBC & Ferritin, what's wrong?
  202. hypothyroid, with muscle spasms,svt- anyone else have this too??
  203. YEA!! Thyroglobulin tumor marker less than 0.1
  204. Difficulty swallowing and breathing lately
  205. newly diagnosed Cancer(+ over active, T3 toxicosis) HELP?
  206. Anyone taking Armour Cytomel Combo
  207. Question about reading Iron and other vitamin Labs
  208. Tinnitus / Levoxyl / Armour
  209. Crazy Hyper symptoms
  210. Really, really hard time titrating with Armour
  211. thyroiditis how long it can last
  212. acute painful thyroiditis after a viral infection?
  213. Results in from Holistic MD...thoughts? Pls Hlp
  214. Hot shower tightens skin?
  215. I'd like to understand my lab results...
  216. Anyone else had the "I'm at the end of my rope!" Feeling?
  217. Hyper-thyroid symptoms but...
  218. both TSH and free T4 dropping?
  219. Hashimotos/Hypo and Miscarriage
  220. list of doctors in BC who prescribe armour thyroid
  221. Hypothyroid/Hashi's? Questions!
  222. Feeling good on 30 mg of Armour? (with positive antobodies)
  223. should I be concerned that it feels like my heart is beating in my throat or abdomina
  224. Butterfly rash with negative ANA
  225. Sick or Crazy?
  226. hyperthyroidism treatment options
  227. MMR booster shot & hashis urgent please need info!
  228. Hi all... can a low thyroid affect the digestive system?
  229. What went wrong?
  230. Help! Hashi and joint pain?
  231. Anyone been treated with TSH below 3??
  232. overmedicated
  233. when to go to the ER for hypothyroidism
  234. new here, TSH level advice please...
  235. Problems and solution for Synthroid / Levoxyl
  236. enlarged uterus w/ fibroids
  237. Just Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  238. Allergic reaction and Hashi's
  239. HPT vs. FHH: Hyperparathyroid or Familial Hypercalcuric Hypercalcemia?
  240. HypoT + hemochromatosis
  241. Daily headache after RAI
  242. Hi y'all...........
  243. Getting discouraged with doctors
  244. Lab results..How can I possibly Normal? I cant live like this anymore..
  245. temperature and full neck feeling
  246. Thyroid Numbers Still Don't Show Change Expected, Plus I Have Put Weight On
  247. Will RAI destroy a cold nodule?
  248. My results are in!! I go in tomorrow..
  249. i have a thyroid result of 16.5 what does this mean
  250. New Lab results after treatment, for interpretation and sharing.