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  1. Do antibiotics or infections affect labs ?????
  2. Question about Extreme TSH Level?
  3. high tpo count
  4. Anyone experience adrenaline spurts, and stomache problems???? I am so tired of hopin
  5. Saw new dr. today, said body temp has nothing to do with Hypo.
  6. Salty lips? this is a new thing
  7. ? After partial thyroidectomy, how long before levels stabilize?
  8. High/normal cortisol and the FT4/FT3 imbalance....is there a connection?
  9. Advice on Synthroid Dosage - Fine Tuning
  10. Does Anyone Know About These Thyroid Tests? Please Help!
  11. NEW HERE Post op TT 3 weeks
  12. Prescribed Synthroid/cytomel - Question On Dosage Split
  13. Labs- Please share your opinion
  14. Natural Approach-hypoT, anyone?
  15. Tsh Levels
  16. My Endo Did Test For Free T3 And Free T4 Afterall - Mg Or Anyone
  17. Do I Need Thyroid Meds? Lab Posting
  18. Can hypothyroidism be caused by Lymes disease??
  19. New meds - Levoxyl 50mcg + Cytomel 75mcg (isn't that too much T3?)
  20. Thyroid Care and Concerns Around the World - Week 6!
  21. Lab Results: TSH high other Ts normal symptoms don't coincide with possible diagnosis
  22. low ACTH .. high cortisol
  23. Lab interpretation - Postpartum Thyroid problem??
  24. Need Help- interpret my symptoms and test results
  25. Miserable Hashimoto's w/ low T4 & very low TSH???
  26. High TSH Question
  27. Thyroid Panel Lab Results.....What are Normal rages
  28. still exhausted...need suggestions please
  29. Can Hypo turn low blood sugar to borderline diabetic
  30. low dhea so4 levels and slighty low T3; can dhea so4 be brought up?
  31. How long after taking my thyroid med can I take an Iron pill??
  32. Do these symptoms match hypothyroidism?
  33. Hashi test for children???
  34. New thyroid patient !
  35. PLEASE READ! What does hydrocortisone do?
  36. can your thyroid meds cause anxiety??
  37. Adding L-carnitine is it ok?
  38. Tapazole and insomnia/weight loss
  39. Need Help - Have Enlarged Thyroid with normal TSH and Questions
  40. Had my TT last week and have questions.
  41. new question ... cytomel and tsh level
  42. Does this mean I need a higher dose?
  43. Sub-clinical hyperthyroid and tapazole
  44. Feelin good on synthroid-but only for a week and 1/2
  45. Enlarged thyroid showed normal size on scan
  46. How long does it take for Synthroid headaches to go away?
  47. New Thyroid lab results, need interpretation help
  48. tsh keeps going lower
  49. medical alert
  50. Thyroid Care and Concerns Around the World - Week 5!
  51. Can being Hypothyroid cause headaches?
  52. Reaction To Dyes In Synthroid
  53. LOw free T4 Low TSH
  54. More Adrenal Questions
  55. Splitting Synthroid Tablet
  56. Can I take Synthroid in at night?
  57. Thyroid Ultrasound
  58. Normal tsh, borderline low free t4
  59. Abdominal bloating what helps?
  60. Can you help understand Hyperthyroid results, please?
  61. Could I be Hypothyroid?
  62. TSH levels rising
  63. Finally a diagnosis, Rx of tapazole
  64. Hashi mother ...When & How often should I have my Teenage girls blood work done?
  65. Finally feeling good, but labs weren't so good. Advice?
  66. is this normal
  67. Please help me understand my U/S results...
  68. I CANNOT wake up in the morning.
  69. Pain with enlarged thyroid?
  70. increasing Synthroid causes "clenching stomach muscles", ????
  71. joint pain anyone?
  72. Hypo sx after starting synthroid?
  73. My symptoms
  74. how to take DHEA supplements when taking thyroid meds
  75. elevated sed rate
  76. Do I have Hyperparathyroidism? My lab results. Please help!
  77. Can anyone give me some advice on overactive thryroid
  78. Want a second opinion on my thyroid labs! Please help!
  79. sore throat with synthroid?
  80. Can anyone tell me why my thyroid is becoming smaller on one side
  81. Aching arms and legs???
  82. Thyroid removel -
  83. Changed To Synthroid
  84. Has Anyone Suffered From This????
  85. tgAB and tpoAB results
  86. Thyroid Uptake Scan - Hyperthyroid-Can Anyone Help?
  87. graves disease and hypothyroidism.
  88. newly diagnosed hypo
  89. Does Levothyroxine lower my T4FREE? although My Tsh Is Normal
  90. Help understanding my thyroid ultrasound
  91. TSH Suppressed by T3
  92. Hashimoto's and Muscle Weakness
  93. Taking Synthroid At Night Instead Of Morning
  94. Thyroid care concerns around the world - week 3
  95. Purpura
  96. Is This Really Menopause Or Just Plain Hashimoto's? Confused..
  97. Could I have Thyroid problems? My Story
  98. free T3 of 480
  99. Does Armour contain iodine too?
  100. skin rashes
  101. RAI yesterday 150 millicuries, feeling nauseous & SO TIRED
  102. Synthoid dose too high? I can't stop eating all of a sudden.
  103. Recurring burning rash/hives on body, palms and body itching badly
  104. Minimallly Invasive Thyroidectomy
  105. Thyroidectomy PONV any tips????
  106. Will someone explain the controversy over Armour?
  107. Trying to increase cytomel with results of terrible anxiety
  108. Help pls - Synthroid and Sertraline (zoloft generic)
  109. Thyroid is enlarged but bloodwork is normal
  110. Can anyone recommend a GREAT surgeon in North Dallas?
  111. Does FNA spread cancer cells
  112. I think I need to whine.
  113. hashsi
  114. can anyone tell me what sort of levels i could expect?
  115. Skin peeling means hypo, right?
  116. Do I have a Thyroid problem? Please help me
  117. T3 lab is low; can synthroid (generic) alone cure it?
  118. Thyroidectomy Coming Up Input Please
  119. Hypothyroidism
  120. Hypo and enlarged heart
  121. 1/2 thyroid removed loss sense taste
  122. Was hypo, now hyper?
  123. Difficulty swallowing and tons more.....
  124. Acne is getting worse!
  125. Hurthle cells, feel better now
  126. Medication causing loss of appetite?
  127. Eyes really sensitive to bright light
  128. Iodine free vitamins?
  129. abnormal serum prolactin
  130. Are all my symptoms related to hypo?
  131. New Lab tests----Low cortisol Please help
  132. Cytology Report, what do you think?
  133. Feeling Dizzy And Cold After Taking Armour Thyroid
  134. confused
  135. Biopsy results question?!?
  136. Red Eyes
  137. Is this thyroid related? please help!
  138. swallowing problem following thyroidectomy
  139. Lab results...high antibodies??
  140. Critically low potassium and blood pressure dropů
  141. Hashimoto's ...."AND" .....Thyroiditis?
  142. Fast pulse and hypo?
  143. Low body temp-hypo
  144. Can someone tell me what my blood test numbers reveal?
  145. Thyroid Test Result- Do I have thyroid? Please help
  146. High T3
  147. Thyroid surgery? Nodules and hashimotos.
  148. Imporatn question for those of you who take Synthroid!!
  149. Effect of Beta Blocker on Thyroid Med
  150. Thyroid and menstrual cycles
  151. Newbie with thyroid questions-- Hi all!
  152. Anyone Tried Cla To Help Promote Weightloss??
  153. Mg Here Are My Labs Normal?
  154. Thyroid care concerns around the world - week 1
  155. I had thyroid surgery and still don't have my voice back.
  156. Thyroid and fainting
  157. Nodules, do they go away?
  158. do dr.'s treat symptoms and not just blood results?
  159. Pediatric Grave's Disease...help!
  160. Ovarian cysts and thyroid....related?
  161. Anyone have Keratosis Pilaris with their hypo?
  162. puffy and tired
  163. Labs - Do I Have Hypothyroidism?
  164. biopsy results, NOT Cancer!!!!!!
  165. Please help! Have antibodies on thyroid...
  166. New to Thyroid Troubles....Hypoechoic Nodules & Questions.
  167. Latest bloodwork results from ENDO - I'm CONFUSED!
  168. Thyroid antibodies
  169. RAI is NOT fair! Where did my life go and why don't doctors care?
  170. Is this a Hashi's "flare"?
  171. help with labs is free t4 too high
  172. Info re Levothryoxine, endo gave me
  173. Normal TSH means no thyroid problem?????? Please help.
  174. How long for meds to work? Maca?
  175. Hot and Cold nodules in same thyroid?
  176. Dehydration
  177. I spent the day in the ER!
  178. Thyroxine 2 Amour Conversion
  179. dr office just called and said I might benefit from thyroid removal . . .
  180. Having trouble breathing...well, sort of
  181. Nodule size & US acurracy
  182. Need Your Help with Interpreting & Suggestions
  183. Out of whack thyroid again... symptoms???
  184. Questions about test results and symptoms
  185. Question regarding low sodium and potassium
  186. moons
  187. ARMOUR users
  188. Just another thing to worry me
  189. armour side effects
  190. Cytomel & iron supplements
  191. Enlarged Thyroid??? Normal labs????
  192. Denied approval for WLS because of TSH levels
  193. Having trouble with armour side effects
  194. Hives with no answer
  195. sick of feeling like the walking dead
  196. Anyone lose weight with Levothyroxine?
  197. Graves Disease remission - How do I get off Tapazole?
  198. Headaches, hot flashes, mental confusion
  199. Tips for Total Thyroidectomy
  200. Endocrine Nightmare, Hashi Help!
  201. Thyroid nodules question-When to Remove
  202. Antacid Question Whilst Taking Adcal
  203. What normal TSH and Free T4 levels?
  204. Calling all thyroid family members.. Who is your doctor?
  205. Stopping my Sythroid - feel no different - gaining weight
  206. interpretation of test results
  207. How do you feel after RAI?
  208. Question regarding my TSH levels and Tapazole
  209. Hashi's and getting pregnant
  210. Question Concerning my Lab Results
  211. Is there a test for Hashimoto's Encephalopathy
  212. Regulating TSH Levels after TT
  213. Choking one day and not the next
  214. How much TSH does it take?
  215. Has anyone started breaking out after taking levothyroxin?
  216. Quck Question On How Long It Takes To Feel Effect Of Dosage Change
  217. If thyroid is "non existant", why keep it?
  218. TSH question
  219. Anyone taking levo and calcium? (adcal)
  220. lowest dose of Synthroid - 25mcg
  221. Reading Ultrasound report:
  222. 7 Thyroid Nodules -Is this Alot?
  223. What do these test results tell me about my metabolism?
  224. Med question: when you take T3 ( Armour or Cytomel )?
  225. Insomnia And Synthroid
  226. Question about TSH Levels
  227. Question on Levothyroxine Generic?? or Synthroid Brand Name
  228. Also new here. Question for those who have had a Thyroid Storm.
  229. synthroid/cytomel or armour
  230. No One Believes Me!!!!!!!!!!
  231. ANA and thyroid disease-kindspirit
  232. Hashimoto's reactive lymph node-MKG or Access any ideas??
  233. How much vit D is really counted as "Low"
  234. Normal T3 T4 Low TSH Apt today-help
  235. Please share stories of parathyroid or thyroid that were difficult to diagnose...
  236. Full body scan results
  237. thyroid removal and severe chronic depression
  238. Partial Thyroidectomy on Tuesday - discovered small amt of cancer?
  239. gave up smoking
  240. tsh level and metabolism
  241. Over med Thyroid
  242. low rsh and PVC's
  243. Lab results??
  244. Need Feedback on Labs with 2 Grains of Armour
  245. has anybody ever treated thyroid naturally ?
  246. Sweet taste in mouth
  247. No Symptoms But High TSH Level
  248. Side effects from even low dose of Synthroid
  249. lump in throat
  250. Test Results - Range Added