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  1. Levothyroxine a miracle drug for me
  2. Questions about HYPERthyroid...
  3. What do these numbers mean?
  4. Emotional numbness
  5. Synthroid-Increasing dosage difficulty
  6. constant hoarse voice....why?
  7. New blood work, what do you think?
  8. Endo Stopped Thyroid Meds for 6 weeks & Testing Adrenals - Anyone Else? Advice!!!
  9. Thyroid Labs...HELP
  10. Help Doctor in SC
  11. my mother has a enlarged goiter
  12. Graves hypOthyroidism - it's not Hashi's
  13. tsh levels
  14. TSH Levels - Is this hypo? Do I need treatment?
  15. paralyzed vocal cord post op thyroidectomy
  16. What's the difference between a ferritin test and a CBC?
  17. 7 weeks post-op lobectomy and swollen thyroid??
  18. Test Results Suggestions please help me
  19. 5cm Nodule just turned up in my thyroid from nowhere! anyone else have this happen?
  20. Hashi's/Hypo - Bloating and TSH levels wildly fluctuating - anyone have this?
  21. tsh results...at what level should treatment start
  22. Please Help -- Levoxyl potency question
  23. boring eye pain and swollen eyelid with hypothyroid
  24. Slightly high T4, slightly low T3, slightly low TSH... Umm?
  25. palpitations with hypothyroidism
  26. Anyone take apple cider vinegar on thyroxine please?
  27. Synthroid & iodized salt
  28. Iron in prenatal supplements and timing of thyroid meds
  29. subacute thyroiditis? What do you think? Any advice?
  30. Thyroid and depression
  31. My 14 yr old daughter with swollen Neck
  32. Please look at new test results
  33. why is my heartrate in 90s all the time?? Anyone else??
  34. when do you see results with levothyroxine
  35. can thyroid problems cause yeast infections?
  36. Why would my TSH go up when my dose is increased?
  37. Ft4 & Tsh
  38. Slightly high thyroid levels in 18 year old male.
  39. Thyroid meds before blood test or not?
  40. low free t3 help what should I do?
  41. do toxic nodules ever go away on their own?
  42. Thickness in throat
  43. flashing lights in vision
  44. Thyroid Peroxidase
  45. Thyroid Med(Synthroid) Plus Osteoporosis Med (Actonel)Which First in A.M. ? i
  46. thyroid/what is normal?
  47. Low ferritin
  48. TSH is 16.49
  49. Question re: Cytomel with Synthroid/Armour
  50. Just got back from endo appt. Need your educated opinions, please
  51. Hurthle Cell neoplasm waiting for a surgery appointment date
  52. 5 years post surgery and having problems
  53. Jaw tingling after thyroidectomy?
  54. Hypothyroidism: Have you used Amino Acids supplements
  55. Need help with blood results please.
  56. Rash from thyroid medicine?
  57. Hashimotos question
  58. Energy level up - ability to sleep down
  59. Hypo and Jet lag/time changes
  60. suddenly hyperthyroid and confused
  61. suddenly hyperthyroid and confused
  62. Can you have "normal" TSH levels but still be hyperthyroid?
  63. High TSH
  64. ARMOUR Users - need YOUR input p-l-e-a-s-e
  65. daughter born without a thyroid- scared parent
  66. thyroid and puffy (dark) eyes
  67. What is a normal level for TPO AB
  68. Armour vs. Synthroid w/Cytomel
  69. Can someone tell me what compression symptoms are?
  70. effects of alcohol
  71. Cytomel
  72. Heat intolerance & thyroid
  73. The entire thyroid gland removal
  74. Will thyroid medication help me lose weight?
  75. Rechecking a solitary nodule?
  76. Ovarian cysts, high BP and BC pills
  77. can someone help me out i have nodules on my thyriod
  78. Generic Levoxyl
  79. Thyroid Overstimulation
  80. Resistance to thyroid hormone
  81. Armour Use
  82. Helping T3 conversion, anybody had success? How?
  83. Hypothyroid Male
  84. thyroid repair itself?
  85. Thyroid Test
  86. Synthroid too high?
  87. Cold Weather and Brain Fog
  88. Surpise large solid nodules found
  89. Surprise finding of 2.6 cm nodule plus more
  90. Hypo and Aging Facial Skin
  91. why do i have pitting edema throughout my whole body
  92. TSH shot way up real fast
  93. what are the aftermath of a thyroidectomy?
  94. what does TSH level of .25 mean
  95. Need to know if there is a natural way to reduce goiter?
  96. High b12
  97. TSH Range
  98. what can i use to cover up a thyroidectomy scar?
  99. Hyperthyroid symptoms, inflamed thyroid, but normal thyroid levels
  100. Hypo and Hormone Therapy-Estradiol
  101. synthroid and water
  102. Ultrasound Results Back/QUESTIONS
  103. Antibodies negative! TSH still climbing, now what?
  104. Armour Thyroid Recall?
  105. radiated thyroid, high blood pressure, cholesteral and blood sugar
  106. I am new, can anyone answer ?
  107. why would my doctor prescribe cytomel and levothyroxine
  108. TIA or Mini-stroke
  109. Anxiety and Armour
  110. what does it mean when there are multiple nodules on the thyroid
  111. Quick Question About Armour And Levo Together???
  112. does crying worsen thyroid
  113. what next if radioactive iodine does not work for killing your thyroid
  114. New Labs Suppressed TSH on Armour
  115. Stitches poping out after surgery and a knot under my insicion
  116. Looking for Cytomel success stories
  117. Vocal chord damage during thyroidectomy
  118. New TSH number
  119. Any one have ringing in ears . . .
  120. Pregnancy and TSH
  121. Having Thyroidectomy 12/13/07 and terrified of general anasthesia!!
  122. AntiBacterial Soaps
  123. Cystic acne, thyroid, recurrent yeast infection
  124. Giving Up Smoking While On Thyroxine Help
  125. Sharp stomach pains? (with hypo)
  126. Is this a Thyroid problem or am I going Crazy
  127. Could itching be from Tapazole?
  128. what does high Thyroid Peroxidase mean?
  129. Dizziness after surgery.
  130. armour thyroid T3 find doctor
  131. TSH high..T's Normal?
  132. Energy but Palpitations:Day 1 Cytomel and Armour - Dosage Methods?
  133. Question About Armour
  134. does levothyroxine make you gain or lose weight?
  135. Update on double vision...
  136. Am I now Hyper? Help with New Lab Results
  137. Help Interpreting Lab Data & Whether Synthroid Seems Like the Wrong Med
  138. Hashimotos to Graves???
  139. tyrosine and other amino acids
  140. Desparately Seeking Advice~~Hashimoto's~Test Results
  141. Swollen ankels
  142. Synthroid makes me dizzy!?!
  143. New here~ can anyone help me with my test results
  144. Thyroid uptake
  145. Levoxyl to Armour, Still Achy & Fatigued...Now What?
  146. Pathology Experts - Suspicious for Follicular Neoplasm?
  147. Armour or its Generic?
  148. adenosine and L-theanine
  149. The depression is overwhelming!
  150. Help understanding test results.
  151. Endo put me on low dose synthroid--questions???
  152. does raspberry leaf tablets stop levothyroxine from being absorbed
  153. Only T3 hormone is elevated... I'm really confused.
  154. Graves Disease & Food & Test results??
  155. Hypoechoic nodule?
  156. Niacin and Hypothyroid
  157. Is this a thyroid problem?
  158. How can I cope until seeing a doctor?
  159. Painful Legs
  160. How serious is Hashimitos and what should I do?
  161. Thyroglobulin ABY
  162. Started cytomel about a week ago, have a question . . .
  163. Thyroid and fungus?
  164. Help with Test Results
  165. Feeling cold
  166. subacute thyroiditis
  167. what happens if you dont use thyroid replacement medication after radioactive iodine
  168. Thyroid Goiter Questions.....
  169. test results
  170. anyone have prickly skin as a hypothyroid symptom
  171. Those Who Had Tt Around 4 Months Ago
  172. microcalcification now found in thyroid nodule
  173. Midwest and Deb, I could go on a cruise with the money I am spending on my Teeth!!!!
  174. Something stuck in my throat
  175. Question - does hyperthyroid effect blood sugar levels?
  176. Scheduled for lobectomy...questions, please help!
  177. I had my ultrasound yesterday.
  178. who tests for hypothalamus problems?
  179. Once again I need HELP pleaseeee??? Questions about Armour and Rash
  180. Calcified thyroid nodule & enlarged cervical lymph nodes
  181. Optimal blood still exhausted and depressed
  182. Hypothyroid and now parotid stones question
  183. what is normal Ferritin level?
  184. Do you have nodules or goiter? If so, where?
  185. Early Hashimoto's? Questions
  186. skin symptoms
  187. Double vision...is it possibly thyroid?
  188. Switch from Synthroid to Armour
  189. Grave's Disease - Newly Diagnosed - A Few Questions
  190. can synthroid possibly stop your monthly period when going on a higher dosage?
  191. My goiter is growing help
  192. How can I find out FOR SURE if I have an allergy to Iodine? Cobalt?
  193. mixing generic and name brand
  194. Please help, hyper and hype - question about starting cytomel
  195. Hypothyroid..help with results..
  196. Graves disease, with high iron count ??
  197. Had Endo appt. Started Armour. QUESTIONS??? Help please!
  198. My thyriod has grown what does that mean
  199. what to do if you have HIGH CORTISOL and what that exactly means?
  200. What is T7?
  201. Is a sore throat a symptom?
  202. Headaches, difficulty walking up stairs, etc.
  203. Sweaty hands?
  204. TSH results differ from morning & afternoon draw?
  205. What is the difference between Synthroid, Unithroid, Levithroid, and Amour(sp?)
  206. Feeling tired and hyper off meds and no Thyroid, normal?
  207. Thyroid disorder...irregular menses... bleeding problem
  208. Question re thyroid result - new to forum
  209. PLEASE HELP-Dr. just called said birth cntrol might be causing issues-MORE TESTS ORD.
  210. Doctor recommendation for Nashville, TN?
  211. Flaxseed oils Vs Fish oils (omega3 source), which one is better for graves disease?
  212. Anyone on Armour have a suppressed TSH?
  213. Armour and high TPO counts
  214. Adrenal question
  215. Now taking Cytomel with my Armour. Anyone else taking Cytomel?
  216. mgkbrook, re: flax
  217. Graves Disease and hyperthyroidism with hypop symptoms
  218. What happens to Hashi's AB after thyroidectomy?
  219. Hashi Symptoms Please
  220. Enlarged Thyroid related to slow metabolism from medication?
  221. Hashimoto's and Gastroparesis?
  222. Got blood tests result and need help
  223. Tegretol and Thyroid Testing
  224. calcium
  225. Elthroxine
  226. Losing my hair!! LOW TOTAL T3, but normal TSH, FT4, HELP!
  227. Do certain foods block absorption of Synthroid?
  228. hypothyroidism and doctor does not prescribe natural thyroid help!!!
  229. hot flushes, is this linked to thyroid?
  230. one week on the drug.. frustrated
  231. flashing lights in vision
  232. Anyone w/Hashimotos Taking T3 Meds Only? (long post)
  233. Fine needle aspiration - Thyroid nodule
  234. What treatment do I need?
  235. colds and flue is this hashimotos or more?>>>>>
  236. Thyroid Perox / Thyroglobulin AB OUT OF RANGE
  237. What are the main SYMPTOMS of hypothyroidism?
  238. How many of you had follicular cells on your FNA?
  239. A general surgeon or ENT to do surgery??
  240. MIDWEST1 - The OATMEAL worked
  241. thyroid nodules, normal blood work
  242. Iodine (Iodoral)
  243. help understand test results
  244. Ultrasound Report Would Appreciate Input (long)
  245. BAD reactions to Nature-Throid. Anyone else?
  246. TSH normal, T4 and T3 high?
  247. what is considered an enlarged thyroid on ultrasound
  248. are salivary glands hurt from Wisdom tooth extraction
  249. TSH of .09 what does this mean, I also have a nodule 6mm on the upper left lobe--i AL
  250. Eltroxin/dosage