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  1. BAD reactions to Nature-Throid. Anyone else?
  2. TSH normal, T4 and T3 high?
  3. what is considered an enlarged thyroid on ultrasound
  4. are salivary glands hurt from Wisdom tooth extraction
  5. TSH of .09 what does this mean, I also have a nodule 6mm on the upper left lobe--i AL
  6. Eltroxin/dosage
  7. Is hospitalization ever necessary for thyroid disease?
  8. Splitting the pills??? EEEK!
  9. Do you have to fast for TSH, T3 and T4 blood test?
  10. How can I tell if I'm going hyper from too much T4 or T3?
  11. Please HELp interpret results (can get a hold of endo to interpret)
  12. Please help with results from FNA Biopsy
  13. feel better with no meds
  14. New Test Results - Need Help with Translation!
  15. Are the synthetics and the dessicated the same?
  16. Feel better at night?
  17. Can Levoxyl make you feel dizzy?
  18. High TSH, normal T4
  19. how long does thyroxine stay in the body
  20. Can someone interpret my test results
  21. swelling and redness around eyes
  22. how long does it take for levothroid to start working
  23. Could I have hypothyroidism? ( with a TSH of 2.753
  24. Hypothyroid symptoms, even when levels ok?
  25. HELP! (sorry...long)
  26. Contact Dermatitis, Chronic Hives and Hashimotos???
  27. Hoarsness
  28. thyroid to be removed - goiters
  29. Daily Shut Down / Now Tsh 0.8 ( Was 150 ) - T4 17 ? Is This Normal ?
  30. what sort of vision disturbances can you have with HYPO
  31. Omega -3's and Hashimoto's
  32. Vitamin suplements and thyroid medication
  33. Feeling of fullness and pressure in neck
  34. Hypothyroid to Hyper Crisis
  35. Is there a connection between thyroid disorders and high blood pressure?
  36. ********
  37. Optimal Vit D level
  38. Please help with ultrasound of thyroid findings. ( multiple nodules?)
  39. what happens when you dont take enough ml of synthroid
  40. FT4 and FT3 - at what level do you feel bad?
  41. 150mg thyroxine daily-levels good, but still - daily episodes where body shuts down ?
  42. confused about Thyroid scan results
  43. Tsh Levels and symptoms
  44. pregnant with galactorrhea?
  45. Thyroid specialist
  46. Should I see an Endo or ENT?
  47. Sttill suffering from subacute thyroiditis since may 2006- please help me
  48. asking for a friend, bad headaches
  49. zynthroid makes me feel like I am starving
  50. what is a thyroglob AB test
  51. Low Body Temp of 96.6 and BAD Headaches - more Hypo symptoms?
  52. Anyone w/Hashi's ever.....
  53. hypothroidism need some help
  54. do you always need to treat an enlarged thyroid
  55. Hurthle Cell Prolifieration
  56. Dizziness...Please reassure me.
  57. Can you have hypo and hyper symptoms at the same time?
  58. Ready to give up...Literally...Comments, suggestions, encouragment, anything needed
  59. Hypothyroid-Broccoli and Cauliflower etc.
  60. thyroid antibodies keep rising.
  61. TSH level Please help
  62. odds of solid/cysitic nodule being malignent??
  63. how to make surgery scar look better
  64. Pregnancy and Hypothyroid
  65. Yikes.....Cholesterol up 68 points in 5 months.
  66. Fainting/Thyroid
  67. Levothyroxine and ST. John's Wart
  68. Multinodular goiter with cervical adenopathy
  69. TSH is 6.62
  70. Oprah Says She "Blew out her thyroid"
  71. Hypothyroid and Effexor? I'll bet!
  72. Thyroid Nodules
  73. Biopsy shows Follicular Lesion - Qs about surgery and travel
  74. New Endo says .18 = no symptoms
  75. Do you think this is thyroid or weak adrenals?
  76. Sore dry throat?
  77. 2 solid thyroid nodules 1 cyst thyrax med for hypoactive thyroid
  78. Medication switched from Synthroid to Armour
  79. Thyroid + Spotty skin
  80. Accidentally Took Double Dose of Armour for Three Days
  81. Thyroid Disorders and Focal Dystonia
  82. Kelp for Hyperthyroidism/Graves disease? how safe?
  83. Need good thyroid doctor now
  84. Synthroid and facial hair.
  85. If Your Tsh Test Result Is .28 What Does This Mean
  86. horrible headaches since beginning Synthroid?
  87. Thoughts on drs. orders and Nature-Throid
  88. Auto diff question from blood work
  89. Parathyroid High Calcium from Dr. Norman
  90. hot flushes
  91. Lump in neck next to adam's apple.
  92. weird feeling in neck
  93. Puzzled by the Hypo Look
  94. Anyone sleepy on Armour?
  95. Just got labs, feedback appreciated...
  96. large mass right side center
  97. How long does it take to stabilise?
  98. Synthroid and Bone Loss
  99. Hypothyroid & Sometimes Not Hungry...
  100. Anyone on sustained release T3?
  101. What does low T4 Free level means in Thyroid test
  102. Latest labs, I'm confused!
  103. Ruling Out Hashi's
  104. New - TSH level slightly low
  105. Jelly Legs
  106. New Thyroid Test Results, Plus B12 Results, Same Symptoms!!
  107. Symptoms of hypothyroidism?
  108. Thyroid Test and Tests
  109. New Here. TT and vocal cord damage questions
  110. hypothyroid and weight gain
  111. TSH Level Help - 2.98 Normal?
  112. why does my vitamin d supplement make me feel so bad
  113. Multiple problems- could they be related?
  114. Complete List Of Thyroid Symptoms
  115. Synthroid Side-Effects
  116. Look at this diagnoses
  117. Can you live a normal life span without a thryoid? (More)
  118. hair coming out
  119. Hypercalcemia and abdominal pain?
  120. Can I take antihistamines?
  121. Anyone familiar with Wilson's Syndrome
  122. hard to breath, shaking and very tired
  123. lab help please
  124. Anyone else have Dysautonomia???
  125. New to this - Subclinical Hyperthyroid - Meeting Endo next week
  126. Thyroid Problem and Breast Cancer
  127. Anyone want a good laugh??? re:endo appt
  128. questions about Synthroid
  129. Lab Results
  130. Plantar Fascia Help!
  131. T3 suppressing TSH
  132. Vitamin D deficiency
  133. This is weirder than I thought and I have NO clue!
  134. Amount of T3 & T4 in Armour?
  135. cortisol testing - did i screw up?
  136. What questions should I ask my doctor?
  137. Hashimoto's Symptoms????
  138. High TSH but feeling fine???
  139. Please help with these labs...
  140. sudamonis
  141. what is normal range for t4?
  142. Update:Saw rheumy about swollen face and voice change
  143. Need advice from anyone taking Armour...
  144. Transdermal T3 and other oddities :)
  145. Upcoming TT surgery - papillary cancer - questions
  146. Viral thyroiditis AGAIN
  147. Newly Diagnosed, Strange Dizziness and other symptoms
  148. Was able to get my endo to order more tests...question about cortisol
  149. small multinodular goiter and synthroid
  150. 24 hour cortisol test?
  151. Huge TSH swings
  152. All thyroid victims, please respond
  153. A caution about mail order thyroid tests
  154. Extreme changes in TSH, need advice/ explanation
  155. Thinking of having sleep study, anyone have this?
  156. Hot flashes/fever?
  157. Contraceptive Pill/Thyroxine
  158. anyone else feeling emotionally crazy after thyroidectomy surgery?
  159. Weight Loss Question
  160. Hydrochlorothiazide Effects on Thyroid Tests?
  161. Could stomach ache be from Graves Disease?
  162. Low hemoglobin...does hypo-T affect hemoglobin levels?
  163. Thyroid surgery and problems with calcium? Can anyone help?
  164. Thyroid Disorder And Drug Issues
  165. HELP NEEDED!! Once again I have a question regarding NEW labs???
  166. heart flutters....
  167. Hyperthyroidism??
  168. copper supplements
  169. Had U/S and Fine Needle Biopsy - Qs
  170. AFter Thyroidectomy
  171. Is the TSH Suppressed Thyroid Hormone?
  172. Hypothyroid and skin
  173. More symptoms, but TSH is normal
  174. new test results
  175. On the Verge of giving up
  176. Circulation issues - splotchy legs?
  177. How do you convince your doctor?
  178. Slow healing wound
  179. Breast pain and hypothyroid???
  180. Mostly normal labs? do I have thyroid problems?
  181. What questions did you ask your endocologist?
  182. Qs for those of you who know lots about hypothyroid
  183. Forthcoming Partial Thyroidectomy
  184. Looking for others who have experienced singular thyroid nodule
  185. Hands hot to the touch, do you have this symptom?
  186. Multinodular
  187. TSH Levels
  188. Hypothyroid with positive ANA test
  189. New Blood Test Results, what do you think?
  190. How long does Tapazole take to work?
  191. Question about Iron
  192. lab results and weight loss
  193. Got the Lab Ranges...please help me understand
  194. hi everyone so far so good 2nd time around on levothyroxine 25mcgs and feeling good .
  195. Thyroidectomy -RAI treatment or surgery?
  196. Sub acute thyroiditis and thyoid test numbers
  197. help with thyroglobulin range
  198. Carnitine and T3 - anyone?
  199. Copper in Supplements
  200. Can Anyone Help Me With My FSH, LH And Testosterone Results Please?
  201. What Do I Do Now? DR Says TSH of 4.37 is Normal-
  202. multi nodular goiter? suppressed tsh?
  203. Anyone here with amiodarone induced hyperthyroidism?
  204. Graves disease and bad chest pain, are they related?
  205. I was in denial with Hypo, but the symptoms keep piling up
  207. well took the levothroxine 25mcgs first time in 6 weeks and i feel good .
  208. Help! The endo said graves, but I feel fine.
  209. Normal TSH, low T4, what does that mean?
  210. well im back again.need some advice please anyone so frustrated........
  211. Finally got my labs. I"m confused. Can you help?
  212. Thyroid Eye Disease
  213. TSH 3.2 T3 High normal t4 High normal
  214. Have my hands on results! What do they mean?
  215. Synthroid w/ cytomel the same as Armour?
  216. Sore Throat
  217. Symptoms characteristic of thyroid problem?l
  218. New Labs - thoughts??? Thanks!
  219. Multifocal Fibrosclerosis/Riedel's Thyroiditis?
  220. Blood Test Results: High Thyroid (T3 and T4) Levels
  221. Transdermal T3 anyone?
  222. Left Lobe Thyroidectomy
  223. Taking Synthroid and Fosamax
  224. Drugged Up.
  225. Brain Function and Hypothyroid
  226. Got my TSH back
  227. Neck Fluttering
  228. Swelling in hands and feet. Should I be worried?
  229. can someone be hypo and hyper at the same time????
  230. Where do I go from here?
  231. Hashimoto with normal thyroid test?
  232. Anyone on Synthroid and the new Nardil?
  233. Thyroid & LDL Cholestrol ~ unsucessful in getting it down
  234. Anyone taking/have taken Cytomel? Headaches from ect....
  235. Anyone have nausea from hypothyroidism?
  236. need serious advice about my new endo's advice/treatment
  237. Need help with results please!
  238. hypothyroid , hormonal imbalance ,and insulin resistance.
  239. Optimal Ferritin levels
  240. Hashimoto's, Vit. D deficiency, and hormonal imbalance
  241. Seriously stupid question - antibodies tests
  242. orange/brown coated tongue
  243. Hypothyroidism cause Anxiety?
  244. children with thyroid problems.
  245. Here are my test numbers can someone help me
  246. Are these labs normal for 22 year old male?
  247. still clinching
  248. Anyone with Hypo/Hyperthyroid also suddenly get high blood pressure?
  249. Feeling tearful!
  250. Let's post our stories here-I'll start with mine 2