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  1. I miss me
  2. Fast Heartbeat - opinions, please!
  3. Thyroid Nodule Ultrasound
  4. My muscles are very TENSE-what's up??
  5. Thyroid and ANA?
  6. Could I have a thyroid disorder?
  7. No Thyroid - Extremely Low Tsh Levels - What Could Be The Cause?
  8. L Tyrosine question
  9. Pregnancy and FT3 levels
  10. I'm getting impatient...when will I feel better?
  11. Synthroid Crash?
  12. underactive thyroid - no hair (armpit)
  13. I accidently took 2 synthroid
  14. Low TSH for years now...
  15. Why sometimes the tests for thyroid don't show that you have a thyroid disorder?
  16. Bp And Pulse Spikes Way High/then Normal
  17. Was Hyper, then Hypo, now cured?
  18. sweaty palms?
  19. Synthroid Side Effects
  20. 38% uptake
  21. Head pressure, thyroid symptom??????
  22. Armour experts; help please, new to board
  23. Armour or Synthorid & Cytomel
  24. Burning and nausea!
  25. Hypo but Anxious
  26. why am I getting under-eye bags???
  27. Is it important to test T3 &T4??
  28. What other test besides TSH
  29. Birchtree, Erinbeth, Midwest...
  30. FNA Results, Opinions Needed Please
  31. Sore neck, glands, from thyroid meds?? Midwest or anyone else
  32. Hashimotos and abnormal EEG
  33. Called Dr./Lump in Throat
  34. THANK YOU MIDWEST!!!Saved my life!!
  35. Question about Hurthle Cells
  36. Lump in Throat
  37. Cause of thyroid nodules --> homeopathic doctor
  38. trouble breathing while on back-goiter problems?
  39. Clumsiness ~ symptom ????
  40. Did Thyroid Storm kill Anna Nicole Smith?
  41. Mark Starr MD - Hypothyroidism Type 2
  42. Mocha232....question On Hurthle Cells!!
  43. hypo vision problems - saccade anyone?
  44. pins and needles all day off and on??????
  45. Are These Symptoms Thyroid Related???
  46. hurthle (thyroid)
  47. MIDWEST????? anyone with Armour??
  48. how long does it take for meds to leave your system?
  49. Dr. Says Hyperthyroid, Numbers Low
  50. hyperthyroidism and birth control pills
  51. what helps T4 to T3 conversion??
  52. New labs, questions & Aldosterone level - any experience?
  53. Lab results in. Any thoughts?
  54. Hyperparathyroidism
  55. Strange throat sensations and gurgling
  56. Tsh.50 Normal?
  57. I think my husband is hyperthyroid, dr. says NO
  58. neck achy
  59. If ultrasound normal, any point in an MRI or CT scan?
  60. Nodule Found In My Daughters Thyroid Gland
  61. Monkey update post TT
  62. heel/foot problems and Hashis
  63. Cortisol Levels - Adrenal Tests
  64. FNA Biopsy & Scared!!!
  65. Question about Ultrasound test?
  66. Can thyroid disorders be found on CAT scan/MRI?
  67. How many have low TSH, hypo symptoms, and Free T levels not in upper 1/3 of range?
  68. How/when to take PTU?
  69. Feeling extremely worse after taking levoT medication...
  70. Stephen E. Langer M.D.? Should I try him?
  71. Bad Day - Cytomel, I think
  72. muscle jerking
  73. Question about Cast Scan with contrast????
  74. Graves Rage
  75. Armour blood test tomorrow...when to take med??
  76. Low Libido
  77. Cushing's Syndrome/HELP
  78. Fast Heartbeat While Exercising
  79. anyone w/ a thyroid prob. ever used follistim for fertility?
  80. Swollen Glands common with Goiters?????
  81. Cat Scan of Neck with Contrast
  82. Looks like i'm out of remission :(
  83. sensitive gums
  84. Midwest or Anyone who can help...Can the thyroid affect your blood pressure to drop??
  85. Daily burning sensations!
  86. Are Allergic Reactions Common With Thyroid Problems!!!!
  87. TSH Rise in Only 6 days?
  88. need some advice from someone
  89. Update on Me and Question for vets (GTA Forte II)
  90. Is it okay to have thyroid labs drawn while on antibiotics?
  91. surgery cancelled due to cold -scared!
  92. Vent...No one understands I'm sick!
  93. Anyone ever had nonpuerperal mastitis?
  94. TT tomorrow, but have mild cold
  95. The "Paper Test"
  96. daughter TSH 827-mother Hashimotos but not hypothyriod
  97. coughing in the middle of the night
  98. Thyroid nodule, just found out
  99. Could it be a thyroid disorder? PLEASE HELP!
  100. Goiter Problems Normal Results????????
  101. I'm So Scared: I was Choking!!!!
  102. Pursie...Hashi's AND Graves
  103. air pockets seen in CAT scan
  104. Feeling Yucky When Starting Synthroid????
  105. Thyrolar? Anybody?
  106. BioIdentical T3 and T4
  107. Too much T3?
  108. Lab Results - NOT Graves! Treat for hyper???
  109. How many have Adrenal fatigue with Hashi's
  110. uptake scan
  111. Swelling under right eye
  112. Parathyroidism
  113. What's a thyroid specialist called?
  114. Hashimotos AND Graves AND Pregnant - HELP!
  115. Midwest, I have a question
  116. Is That My Thyroid I See When I Swallow????
  117. does anyone skin hurt
  118. Could a biopsy be wrong?
  119. extremely high TPO levels, what's this mean?
  120. What does 41.01 mlU/ml TSH mean
  121. Hi! New and confused about Dr result???
  122. Midwest, I have a question about Thyroid Storm
  123. Hashis and Pregnant with high TSH
  124. What would you do? Nodule question, long.
  125. having a thyroid uptake scan
  126. Hashimotos and pregnancy - effects on the baby?
  127. Wavy Vision
  128. Hashimoto's and anti-anxiety meds?
  129. Scan results......NOW I AM SCARED!!
  130. smoking and thyroid
  131. low TSH, low Free T4????
  132. Antibodies and ??Normal Thyroid Levels
  133. Does a negative ANA...
  134. Hashimoto's encephalopathy anyone? PLEASE HELP!
  135. Does Anyone Know Of A Good Endo In S.e. Michigan!!!
  136. Roid rage
  137. Anyone have puffy face with hypo?
  138. Thyroid Problems or Not
  139. Hashimotos - what is this?!
  140. Mood swings
  141. info for RIA treatment
  142. help me if you can i'm feeling down and i do appreciate you being round>>>>>
  143. Hashimoto's question
  144. Help Gone HYPER again doc wants me to take 2 different dosages of meds?
  145. Starting at 75 mcg and another question
  146. HELP!!! Please looking for insight on many symptoms! HELP!!!
  147. When is it time to add Cytomel to Synthroid ?
  148. Anyone else w/Graves looking for nutritional alternatives over Meds??
  149. TSH Level of .89
  150. Levothyroxine and Synthriod - What's the difference?
  151. Side effects of hyper meds?
  152. Hyperthyroid-difficulty swallowing?
  153. Levothyroxine-upset stomach/anxiety
  154. Is shaky weak a thyroid symptom? HELP!!
  155. TSH what is normal? Help
  156. Hair Friendly Thyroid Meds
  157. Has Anyone Tried Accomplia Or The Generic Rimonabant?
  158. Just started Armour; those with success once a day or twice a day?
  159. Need to know conversion with armour and Levoxyl..
  160. Negative Effects On Body from High TSH
  161. Total food intake affecting ideal Synthroid dose?
  162. Can Synthroid cause anxiety?
  163. Hyper - how long on meds
  164. how did you find your nodules and goiters?when to go for scan???
  165. Double Vision after taking crestor
  166. tapazole or ptu for hypers?
  167. Hashimotos
  168. Anyone know a Dr. in London, Ontario willing to prescribe Cytomel or Armour?
  169. I DO have antibodies for Graves!!
  170. Sister has no choice but possible thyroid storm
  171. What is normal for adjustment period for new dosage?
  172. Lugol's Solution iodine for HYPOTHYROID
  173. Restless Leg Syndrome?
  174. perimenopause and hypothyroid
  175. Paralyzed vocal cord post surgery
  176. My happy story with Synthroid...
  177. Hyperthyroidism...trying to concieve...help!!!
  178. Is there any benefit to removing thyroid?
  179. Shaky Weak Help!
  180. Hypothyroid and trouble losing weight.
  181. Need Advice About Scheduling Surgery
  182. Leg/arm tingling and vibrating
  183. Armour what might be going on
  184. TSH in "normal" range doctor diagnosis is depression
  185. Help! What happens when you miss dose of synthroid??
  186. Feeling funky with hyperthyroid
  187. Reason for decrease in TSH without meds
  188. New Here -having a breakdown- can someone help- nodule/biopsy
  189. Question, About Thyroid Medication, And High Blood Pressure Medication, Interacting..
  190. Hypo and twitching
  191. Allergic to IVP dye
  192. confused about test results
  193. Symptoms of high TSH and hypothyroidism
  194. A very mild case of Hashimotos Thyroiditis
  195. Anxiety post right Thyroidectomy
  196. Help! Is it premature menopause, thyroid or an autoimunne disorder
  197. Limbs falling asleep at night
  198. Levoxyl and depression
  199. Taking thyroxine before exercise?
  200. What is your T4 level - learning
  201. Evening Primrose Oil- Tell Me About It?
  202. Underactive thyroid newly diagnosed - please help!
  203. What was your TSH when diagnosed?
  204. What do these test results mean?
  205. strange feeling in my throat when I cough
  206. How long after surgery did u wait to go back to work
  207. cold sweating for 7 years, im desperate...
  208. Suffering pain and discomfort years after surgery
  209. We thought it maybe MS, or lead poisoning but hypothyroid?
  210. tsh levels and symptoms
  211. ANOTHER side effect of Armour?
  212. Coconut Oil After thyroidectomy
  213. Hashimotos Anyone? Looking to Compare Notes
  214. hyper with large nodule, what are my options?
  215. sleepy daydreamy feeling
  216. tsh 0.07 and free t4 18 is it abit hyper?????
  217. Splitting Dosage?
  218. Armour allergic reaction?!
  219. Does hypothyroid cause intestinal problems??
  220. Red flushing around thyroid
  221. overactive thyroid vs underactive thyroid
  222. Is coconut oil the miracle
  223. Grenz Ray Radiation
  224. Tailbone...
  225. Low-Grade Infections and Cold won't go away since starting levothroid.
  226. Hypoechoic structure
  227. Need advice, nodules increasing
  228. ranting
  229. lab results?
  230. Lab Results...can someone tell me what this means??
  231. armour making me sick
  232. Don't these lab results indicate disorder?
  233. I feel awful
  234. going hyper again oh no here we go!!!!
  235. Anyone have or had swollen tongue as a symptom??
  236. thyroid meds while on psychiatric meds question....
  237. PTU AND Synthroid togehter with Graves'?
  238. Increased heart rate
  239. New to this board...just got diagnosed with HYPOthyroid
  240. good and bad foods for hypo?
  241. Increasing Synthroid from .50mcg to .75mcg?
  242. Anyone gone "off" of thyroid after years??
  243. does exersise make you feel better?
  244. Tight Chest - is this Hypo or Anxiety?
  245. Going off of Thyroid Medicine Question
  246. HYpo but symptoms feel like Hyper! Anyone else the same?
  247. Hurthle cell neoplasm and surgery
  248. Thyroid, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression-?!?!?! HELP!
  249. im so scared that i will die of heart problems please read not long 3 kids under 10
  250. Can we have another thread on funny doctors quotes please? :-)