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  1. UTI after 3 days antibiotics
  2. masturbation
  3. UTI, how long to clear?
  4. will mri shows ureters
  5. what does it mean when my urine is really yellow
  6. cloudy urine
  7. I have another uti?
  8. Varicocele- Have you had Micro surgery?
  9. cloudy/sweet smelling urine
  10. Burns when I Pee :(
  11. Extravasation of urine into penile shaft
  12. Please help!
  13. Urologists
  14. Dull Pain in left testicle that is radiating to left leg & left kidney.
  15. why does my urine always smell
  16. Penis health
  17. unine
  18. Urine
  19. antibiotics not working for uti
  20. UTI complications
  21. What to do?
  22. 12 UTI Infections in 2008, HELP!
  23. Urinary symptoms--not sure what to think
  24. urinary frequency
  25. Swollen vein on the shaft of my penis?
  26. Stinging when passing urine
  27. does color of human urine mean anything
  28. How do I stop bedwetting?
  29. phimosis options: circumcision, preputial plasty, dorsal slit?
  30. e coli in urine
  31. Microscopic Blood in Urine
  32. Urinating frequently
  33. This Might Be A Strange Question
  34. stuborn uti
  35. Vasectomy and very swollen testicle
  36. Libido good, inability to ejaculate, takes heart meds, frequent urination
  37. Cystocele/rectocele
  38. my son's urologist found scar tissue in his penile fascia
  39. Turp
  40. what does it mean when you pee a lot
  41. urethritis or urethral irritation?
  42. Constant feeling of urinating while drinking alcohol/itchy anus...
  43. Very bad OAB/Incontanace...
  44. Very bad OAB/Incontanace...
  45. vasectomy on an atrophied testicle
  46. need to uranate but can't
  47. Bleeding with a UTI?
  48. foul odor in urine for over a year - no uti!! Huh?
  49. Constant feeling of having to urinate
  50. bubbles in urine
  51. Penis glans nerve damage??
  52. e coli
  53. blood and protein in urine????
  54. Recurrent Hematuria with +2 blood levels
  55. Gotta Go Now-pee Urgency
  56. testicular pain
  57. lower back pain
  58. need help for a uti
  59. prostate enlargement
  60. Pressure when Urinating?
  61. Straddle Injury - Urethral Rupture, long term complications
  62. Abnormalities in the urine
  63. Kidney Stones
  64. vibrating pinus`
  65. blockage in penis
  66. Is trace blood normal in epididymitis?
  67. how do i help someone with a uti
  68. Sudden pain when urinating, visible "stuff"
  69. It hurts
  70. Any woman have these symptoms?
  71. help
  72. why is my pee brown
  73. why grown ups pee at night on bed
  74. why am i so thirsty and have to pee all the time
  75. Sweet Smelling Urine
  76. male with urinary issues
  77. Varicocele
  78. very yellow urine
  79. Ureaplasma, help!!
  80. can anyone help me with what these symtoms sound like?
  81. Did anyone have urinary reflux as a kid?
  82. How much cranberry juice when you have bacteria in the urethra?
  83. why does my doctor want to perform a cystoscopy on me without sedation?
  84. So worried
  85. Help I am peeing to much.
  86. HELP Atrophic Urothelial Mucosa
  87. How long does a person have to use AVODART?
  88. Young Males with Voiding Dysfunction
  89. UTI, kidney pain, ugghh
  90. Female frequent urination- Nothings working
  91. Stricture? Cystoscopy
  92. Blood in urine test, male
  93. Blood in Urine
  94. Kidney stone
  95. lumps on my testicels when i ejactulate
  96. Has this happened to you? Bactrim for UTI.
  97. what causes cloudy urine
  98. Kidney problems
  99. blood filtering thru the kidneys
  100. microscopic blood in urine
  101. how soon can you have sex after a tot surgical procedure
  102. Birth Control cause of cystitis?
  104. what is Bilateral mild hydronephrosis
  105. Night Sweats after kidney stone removal -cystoscopy
  106. NO UTI , what other causes of sensation to urinate
  107. Diabetes insipidus or...??
  108. possible uti?? someone help
  109. Buried Penis Syndrome
  110. why does my urine smell like acid
  111. Prosed DS not working for frequency
  112. Weeing 10-12 times per day - Whats The Problem ??
  113. Severe pain in my left kidney after cystoscopy
  114. brownish drops in john
  115. Something urinary going on here...and I don't like it
  116. incontencence at 23
  117. help, uti or something else?
  118. should I see a specialist?
  119. Why am I peeing Blood?
  120. what have protein in urine and bone marrow have to do with each other
  121. A question. How to dr.'s test for UTI vs Chlamydia?
  122. what causes red specks in urine
  123. penis enlargement
  124. what is the reason for blood and blood clots in the urine
  125. what to do when passing kidney
  126. Weird prolonged problem
  127. Trouble urinating standing up
  128. White cheese like stuff under foreskin
  129. tvt
  130. Greenlight laser surgery?
  131. Diabetic with bubbles in urine
  132. consitant need to urinate but don't go
  133. 19 month old girl wih uti
  134. Question uncircumicsed unprotected sex need help real bad totally lost!
  135. stress and urge incontinent....have to wear diapers
  136. zero sperm count after taking testosterone shots
  137. Urologist app't for Caverject---what do they do?
  138. urine
  139. What does this sound like please?
  140. what to do when i get cystitis every time after sex, its horrific
  141. UTI Question
  142. varicocele embolization anyone???
  143. Is VCUG really necessary? Help please!
  144. Flank & abdominal pain......UTI gone bad?
  145. any tips before I get to see urologist???help!
  146. about to undergo first cystoscopy
  147. Pyridium effect time
  148. What can I do about my peeing at night?
  149. Help! Curing Urethra Stricture
  150. What is causing my daughters urge to pee?
  151. Intermittent frequent urination related to diet?
  152. I've had this achy scrotum for about 4 to 5 years now...
  153. Advise needed ref ache in uretha (please help)
  154. Toddler in Pain. Don't know what to do anymore. Please Help Us!!!
  155. First cystoscopy. So much pain, please help!
  156. Morning Erections and Urination
  157. Help!!!! Can never finish urinating!!!!
  158. Can't hold it
  159. Slight leak before urinating...
  160. rectocele surgery after cystocele surgery
  161. doctor saw abnormal urine test
  162. Multiple Hydoceles?
  163. No idea what's going on...
  164. Trace of blood in urinalysis!
  165. shooting testicle pain and ct scan shows dead area? what???
  166. what cause urination every hour?
  167. Hydrodistention and biopsy
  168. i have pain in my prostate when i urinate
  169. result of cystoscopy
  170. Constant UTI
  171. Urinating large amounts....what could it be?
  172. what does it means when have to urine alot to pain
  173. When should I see a Urologist?
  174. Pain when urinating, and blood
  175. please help
  176. They wont do cystoscopy is you have infection????
  177. Has anyone here done a cystoscopy before? Need advice.
  178. Is it possible to pull your urethra?
  179. Amoxycillin for a UTI?
  180. UTI's and Kidney Stones
  181. White Plastic coming out of vagina from sling support
  182. what is a lot of blood in the urine
  183. having a cystoscopy next week
  184. hematuria + amounts of protein
  185. Can a bladder/kidney infection raise your creatinine levels?
  186. Urination
  187. toddler with a UTI
  188. unable to begin urinating
  189. What+causes+bubbles+in+your+urine%3F
  190. anyone get a cause for their hematuria???
  191. ct is normal why have cystoscopy??
  192. need some advice....
  193. Bloody discharge after TOT surgery
  194. appointment with urologist
  195. what tests do they usually do first??
  196. YEA! Cystoscopy over!! Now Urodynamic, can anyone prepare me?
  197. Surgery scheduled. Not sure what to expect
  198. nocturnal erections
  199. Can someone explain Cystoscopy..I'm starting to get scared
  200. 4 days on trimethoprim, not working!
  201. Can anyone explain these to me?
  202. should I keep the appointment?
  203. Kidney pain constantly
  204. Tami
  205. i have a uti took all my antibiotics but its not going whats wrong
  206. need help
  207. Frequent toilet break..
  208. cystocele and rectocele repair surgery
  209. Penial Fistulas
  210. I have pain when I am finishing urination also I have urgency to go often, what is wr
  211. Possible vasectomy issue
  212. Anyone know what this is?
  213. need to go to the toilet but cant
  214. Self-cathing, just had success!
  215. Urinary Tract Infection.. help!!
  216. Burning and inflammed
  217. pee alot
  218. White blood cells in urine / no culture growth
  219. Kub
  220. what is proctitist
  221. Results from Cystoscopy today.
  222. UTI Question
  223. Cramp in my prostate when I sneeze
  224. 1 kidney- Peeing blood
  225. Frequent Sensation to urinate
  226. Still in pain
  227. what is this test and has anyone had it done?
  228. mystery leakage/bowel pressure.
  229. Urinary track infection--Help
  230. pain in my testicle and abdominal
  231. Testicular/Scrotum Pain
  232. Variococele....embolization again?!?!
  233. Don't know what is going on?
  234. Medication Side Effects?
  235. Catherizing
  236. why is my urine black
  237. Who to see...
  238. what treatment works best if IC Patients
  239. Strange Urine Results.
  240. Anyone Had A Cystoscopy?
  241. kidney pain and urine odor
  242. urine goes upward when my son pees
  243. Advice on self-cath
  244. Whats wrong with me?!!!!
  245. Long-term, MYSTERY frequent urination...help!
  246. Urinary Retention--need some advice
  247. problem with urethra
  248. urethral stricture
  249. Steptococcus species found in culture of urine
  250. Ejaculate With Blood