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  1. Question about Alzeiheimer's/Dementia and Sundowning... please help if you're able
  2. medical air mattress
  3. Caregiver Woes
  4. The one single thing I most regret and miss ....
  5. Mom has taken a major turn
  6. Husband has Dementia
  7. what is this depression/dementia or alz. plz advise
  8. Itching with dementia
  9. Mom drinking alcohol
  10. strange food tolerances and palate
  11. ovoid plaques
  12. Early Onset with Young kids
  13. Difficulty in remembering words as one is speaking and slow reading
  14. Stopping Aricept
  15. i see bugs always that are not there
  16. How bad is she *really*?
  17. It's been a while...
  18. vitamin D and alzheimers - please advise
  19. Difficulty swallowing?
  20. Moved Mom in 2 months ago
  21. Younger Onset Alzheimer's - Seeking Support and Advice
  22. One Year Later - Thank you!
  23. Is there a distinctive "look" of dementia?
  24. Lucy called the cops on my son tonight
  25. Chewing/Eating Clothing... :-(
  26. At home care, Bedtime
  27. Alzheimer Disease Resource Links
  28. Stages of Dementia
  29. Power of Attorney?
  30. Question about Frequent Falls and Dementia
  31. Questions re UTI and cognition
  32. Lucy update
  33. Washing Hair
  34. Query
  35. Father with Alzheimer's and Brain Bleed
  36. Weird changes in food preferences
  37. Alzhemier Mother/Bi-Polar Sister
  38. Anyone successful with off label scrip?
  39. wanting to go home
  40. Question about memory loss in early stages of Alz
  41. Comfort care
  42. Post Sugical Dementia
  43. What sort of help can I get?
  44. Movie portrayals of dementia
  45. "Problem Child"/FTD
  46. What recourse do I have left?
  47. The bank froze mom's account
  48. Mom is getting worse!
  49. Mother has Diabetes and Dementia
  50. MIL hurting herself
  51. Help for Frontotemporal Dementia?
  52. Dementia AND Type 1 diabetes?
  53. Depokote for Agitation?
  54. anyone else experience night visitors?
  55. Feeding tube???
  56. Early Onset of Alzheimer's and Domestic violence: Hobsonís Choice
  57. Unable to find things right in front of you an early sign?
  58. Advanced Alzheimer's and Potentially a Broken Hip
  59. Diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
  60. grandmother fixated
  61. Won't see a doctor about it
  62. Do You Tell Them They Have Alzheimer's
  63. Latest challenge: Rummaging and Hoarding
  64. I forgot I let the dog out.
  65. microvascular disease - vascular dementia
  66. Vaseline in hair???
  67. My mum hates me - I'm her carer - help
  68. Best way to take away car?
  69. Hospital nightmare.
  70. Home care or nursing home: lifespan
  71. Should I tell Dad he's moving to assisted living
  72. Man, I'm scared.
  73. Talking
  74. cheyne-stokes breathing
  75. Aircept - Gabriel, are you still here??
  76. Dad Never Stops Talking / Questioning
  77. Catheters, Oxy, and Dementia... oh my!
  78. So angry
  79. Banking
  80. Mom, 81 Broke Hip
  81. Early Onset Alzheimer's Parents
  82. I need help and advice...
  83. Psychotic Dementia Delusions: Believing you are dead
  84. Lights seem brighter to eyes
  85. Lights seem brighter to my etes
  86. Ah, the phone... thoughts welcome
  87. the train ride
  88. my journery, my ramblings.
  89. Gerrie Chair Virus Wheelchair?
  90. Mom in memory care... did I do the right thing?
  91. Mom re-broke her other hip and is now on Hospice
  92. Hospice and fading fast...
  93. Progression of Disease
  94. Feeling Constipated
  95. New doctor - new meds
  96. Moderate Dementia... or "really fine"?
  97. I'm going crazy, Husband has early to middle alzheimer, Dad 95 confusing
  98. How much time, or is this the end?
  99. Christmas Cards
  100. Anemia, Blood Transfusions and Delirium
  101. Fast moving AD
  102. Mom fell and broke her OTHER hip
  103. Wheelchair
  104. Dementia is scaring me!
  105. Experiences with the Exelon Patch?
  106. Help, my Mom is scaring us all!!
  107. Ensure--Question?
  108. FrontoTemporal Lobe Dementia? Anyone?
  109. Vascular dementia-speed of progression?
  110. Dementia and Hearing loss
  111. New, scared, worried and sad
  112. Not sure if my mom has Alzheimer's or not...
  113. Mom broke her hip and had surgery
  114. I ***HATE*** This Disease!!!
  115. Namenda Withdrawal and start up
  116. Question on Namenda withdrawal...
  117. crappy weather, crappy mood...
  118. Should I be worried?I have a lot of ?'s
  119. Shaking head...
  120. It's all a bout me.
  121. Dementia and URTI
  122. thank you everyone
  123. Mom's foot
  124. Legally Blind
  125. SUDDEN worsening in short term memory
  126. Why is he so weak?
  127. How can I get the doc to give dad a referral for a neurologist?
  128. Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
  129. Progression of Disease
  130. Looking for addvice/info on pottying issues
  131. Forgetfulness
  132. Broken wrist!
  133. Walking & stability
  134. Vascular Dementia Diagnosis?
  135. Not caring and incontinence
  136. Happy Birthday
  137. Does Alzheimer's affect legs?
  138. Rapid Dementia - Water Contamination
  139. masturbation and dementia
  140. Mother-in-law keeps telling lies--dementia?
  141. Dabigatran and dementia
  142. My father has early onset alzheimer's
  143. shingles
  144. How close is death?
  145. Durable Power of Attorney?
  146. 87 years old, question about my mother!
  147. Stages of Multi-Infarct Dementia?
  148. Mom thinks Dad has a girlfriend
  149. Symptoms of possible early onset
  150. Mom in hospital with UTI infection
  151. replacement social security card
  152. Moving Mom into an assisted living facility
  153. Walking
  154. Alzheimer's or ADD? Please Help?
  155. I have prepared a letter for my mother's Doctor.
  156. Need to get a State photo id without ss card or other photo id
  157. What's always the same!
  158. post stroke seizure again!
  159. Can dementia be slowed down?
  160. when to start the wheelchair?
  161. Mom Coughing
  162. Refusing to eat/take medication?!
  163. Resuscitation of elderly
  164. Axona and alternatives
  165. Suspected Early Stages of Dementia: Mom
  166. father in nursing home but still needs sitters
  167. understanding dementia
  168. Naminda study
  169. Moved Dad into Assisted Living/Dementia unit and he's out of control!
  170. Urinary tract infection and aggressive behavior?
  171. moms birthday
  172. Maybe another TIA??
  173. Melatonin and Alzheimer's
  174. 96 year old mother
  175. Lewy Body Dementia
  176. Time for a nursing home?
  177. Nervous agitation in dementia
  178. Alzheimer's and statin link
  179. Exelon patch, Lorazapam and transderm patch for vertigo..help
  180. Dementia and paranoia
  181. decline
  182. Runny Nose/Post Nasal Drip Caused by Namenda?
  183. Pureed Food
  184. Odds and Ends and Ups and Downs
  185. Alzheimer's Disease and Surgery and Meds
  186. Incontinence issues
  187. Mom is getting worse!
  188. mrsa in the urine
  189. OMG - Adult content - Sex drive?
  190. Coconut Oil as a treatment
  191. Mom acting strange after stroke
  192. Not looking so good on my end.
  193. Swollen ankles post stroke
  194. Confronting a Family Member about their symptoms
  195. Mom is now on Hospice!
  196. Puzzling rapid decline
  197. fucoidan and dementia
  198. Mom has sore throat and mouth
  199. MRSA ...
  200. Dementia very stubborn
  201. Dealing with Grandmother's severe dementia
  202. Scabies
  203. looking for letter telling Mom she is moving out of my home
  204. what is the average life-expectancy
  205. Multi Infarct Dementia vs. Alz
  206. Alzheimer mom refuses to bathe
  207. What do i say?
  208. A rare coherent day for a stage 7 early on-set alzheimer's patient
  209. Middle Age Mother Becoming Increasingly Forgetful
  210. 2nd Day in Nursing Home..Need advise
  211. Hallucinations of people and animals
  212. Financial instution won't recognize POA
  213. Aricept or Reminyl?
  214. Aricept and dememtia progression
  215. dementia and physical therapy
  216. Early stages of mental decline
  217. Mom doesn't know me...
  218. Stressful Night w/ jealous Momma
  219. Help, my Mother is so aggressive
  220. when to consider a dementia unit?
  221. New patient finds peace
  222. My Mom has EARLY-ONSET - 61 yrs. old. (new to Boards)
  223. aricept when to stop taking it
  224. family ripped apart
  225. Dementia- urge to vomit? help
  226. How do you know if you're developing Alzheimer's disease?
  227. Odd question about ex-spouse visit
  228. Namenda/Excelon
  229. What are fair expectations?
  230. Use of Namenda for beginning stages dementia
  231. OMG, my mom is so mad at me and the dr.
  232. how to deal with delusions
  233. Still reads, plays Scrabble
  234. closing eyes when talking
  235. Dementia and when the end is close..
  236. Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer's - A Few Questions
  237. Decline
  238. Dementia bracelet
  239. 7 Stages of Alzheimers
  240. Dad's in final moments of life
  241. Swearing and hallucinating
  242. vascular dementia + parkinison's
  243. Dementia Patients and signs to look out for
  244. What to do? My mother really took a turn for the worse.
  245. Does Alzheimer's Skip A Generation?
  246. Moving Mom with Alzheimers to Assisted Living
  247. Mom said she doesn't want to see me again
  248. What differece between Alzheimer and Dementia?
  249. progressing rapidly
  250. Just Doesn't want to Eat