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  1. Tips on Transition to Nursing Home
  2. Husband 45 yrs old forgetting all of the sudden....
  3. Nursing Home
  4. Does Namenda or Exelon cause loss of personality?
  5. URGENT - Father with dementia charged with assault!
  6. Does SVD cause Dementia?
  7. Outings for woman with dementia
  8. Do they forget how to walk? Comments please
  9. I'm POA from my AUNT with Dementia who is in a Facility and DEFECATING ON HER BED !
  10. How do we know when death is near?
  11. how long death and not eating
  12. Mom's 1st Birthday in Heaven
  13. Primary progressive aphasia
  14. bleeding
  15. My Grandfather is getting progressively worse...
  16. Dealing with dementia
  17. Mom needs to go in NH, family is giving us a guilt trip!
  18. my husband
  19. I'm a very good liar...but the others are not
  20. What to say about dead relatives (lie or tell the truth)?
  21. What to Do!?
  22. Do you have a sense of smell?
  23. Mom is digging at her skin, looking for advice
  24. Grocery Shopping
  25. help for my mom
  26. Siblings are useless!
  27. Mom is getting worse
  28. humming and repetition
  29. Can a person have hydrocephalis AND dementia?
  30. Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and Dementia????OMG!
  31. Appt w/Dr. today - Abnormal amount of water on/in brain? What's this?
  32. Now my mom has alzheimers
  33. Post stroke news
  34. Severe Caregiver Burnout and Guilt Over Leaving Soon
  35. The aftermath
  36. My mother's Doctor Called today
  37. Nursing home concerns
  38. Don't know what to do for mom
  39. Experiences with aricept?
  40. Dad's decline
  41. My mother needs long term care.
  42. taking care of Mother in Law
  43. Can't do enough and feeling guilty
  44. Is this a "normal progression of the disease"?
  45. Too much to handle
  46. DNR Opinion
  47. Aggressive behavior in a NH?
  48. Dementia: do they go back to childhood? and other stuff my MIL does...
  49. My first post........heartache
  50. Laundry, Odor, and Other Tips for Caregivers
  51. Alzheimer attack on a loving Husband
  52. The best incontinent diapers
  53. How can I calm husband so he will go to bed?
  54. Bed sore question
  55. The letter I want to write to my parent's church
  56. Prescription Food / and or Coconut Oil
  57. Top 10 Do and Don't List for Caring for Caregivers
  58. Total hip replacemnt in mid stage Alzheimers
  59. Experiencing the last stage
  60. Afraid of dark?
  61. When do we have to start lying?
  62. Any suggestions?????? Hunger vs. Aspiration
  63. Crying inside, but so angry
  64. Difference between Alz and dementia
  65. My Mom refuses to eat, drink, ANYTHING
  66. Dementia and life
  67. Medications in last stage/doctor's appointment
  68. Both sides of family have it...what about me?
  69. Past year was a journey.
  70. My Parents are Lost
  71. Mother in law, late stage dementia; tube feeding
  72. Working with Dementia patients now
  73. Etiquette Question: Xmas Gifts for Nursing Home Staff?
  74. scratching...
  75. When it rains it pours!!!
  76. Does stress, even "good" stress, accelerate this process?
  77. Power of Attorney for finances
  78. My 92 year old mother is driving us crazy
  79. My parents are going into dementia and I'm trying not to panic
  80. Mom's Dementia. And My Guilt And Overwhelming Sadness...
  81. Money
  82. vitamin B12 and alzheimers symptoms
  83. Power of attorney
  84. Nursing Home Wait Lists
  85. morning sundowning???????????
  86. neighbour with mind trouble
  87. What to buy a dementia patient for Xmas?
  88. Vascular Dementia and Early Alzheimers
  89. Diagnosis of Stage of dementia/alzheimer's
  90. Rough day today.
  91. Mom Is very sick
  92. pivot disc??
  93. my dad is dating after 4 months!
  94. Found a solution for the stairs!
  95. Nursing Home Help please - applying now.
  96. Dr. says nothings wrong
  97. Difference between Alzheimers and Dementia
  98. Mom's dementia is worse when blood is thicker
  99. Medicaid Application Denied
  100. Bundle of nerves - nursing home coming???
  101. Medication making things worse?
  102. How do I keep my patience?
  103. At what point do we suggest losing a drivers license
  104. My 84 year old mother said she had a baby
  105. Needing Some Advice ...Long Post !
  106. My dad is in final stage of mixed dementia and I need to talk....
  107. Can I force my mom to move?
  108. Another unresponsive attack.
  109. Yet another crazy hospital vist.
  110. Sundowning
  111. Surgery or not?
  112. Sundowner's syndrome+Alzheimers
  113. Another weird behavior.
  114. Going downhill fast!!
  115. Hello! I'm new..forced my parents to an AL..burdened by guilt.
  116. What is The Difference Between Dementia and Alzheimers
  117. Dear God...I need y'all's help...
  118. Moms Birthday
  119. How do you answer your mom who has dementia
  120. Rally over :(
  121. Rally!
  122. How often to visit??
  123. Changing Nursing Homes
  124. What does Power of Attorney mean?
  125. Coffee
  126. Is it nearly over?
  127. Wanting to run away from it all
  128. For just a split second she didn't know me today
  129. I am new here and want to talk
  130. Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
  131. Is knee surgery a good idea?
  132. When did you know something wasn't right?
  133. Worried About "A Sign"
  134. repeating over, shouting out
  135. I can't stand my mother anymore!
  136. smearing of feces
  137. Faster Than Usual Progression of AD
  138. Mother Dementia Questions (Meds, Doctors, Home vs. Nursing)
  139. Mom in final stage of life... going to nh by thur
  140. How to convince to take meds?
  141. Feeding tube issue again
  142. Tips on applying for medicaid
  143. alcoholic dementia
  144. Last Stage of Alzheimers
  145. Discharged for Aggression
  146. Shaky legs?
  147. Dads in Hospital due to Dehydration
  148. My 92 year old mother's twin sister
  149. Trouble swallowing pills
  150. 7 Yrs after Diagnosis of Early Onset - Update
  151. Kleenex and rocks
  152. Mom seemsto be starving herself to death, it's horrible
  153. In Desparate Need Of Advice
  154. Locked facility
  155. My chances of getting Alzheimer's?
  156. Feeling real guilty
  157. Alzheimer's cure!!!
  158. Packing to go home..
  159. She's flipping out.
  160. 911
  161. dementia why broken hip won't heal
  162. leaning and eating with dementia
  163. It Finally happened...
  164. abstract thinking
  165. feet don't touch floor in a geri chair?
  166. Sometimes I feel like a walking zombie caring for my parents
  167. Mild cerebral atrophy
  168. Mom is choking with food and her pills
  169. adjusting of a shunt for NPH
  170. Did anyone watch Dateline last week?
  171. Feeding Tubes/mom's condition
  172. Shunt surgery done for NPH
  173. Aricept and Nameda
  174. MRSA and Nursing homes?
  175. Caregiving: Fair Market Value!
  176. When should you discontinue Aricept
  177. now mother in law
  178. aricept
  179. Alzheimer care unit visit
  180. End Stage Concerns....
  181. NPH & Alzheimers
  182. Lewy Body Dementia
  183. is there a proper way to go off namenda?
  184. Feeling defeated
  185. Aricept-discontinue?
  186. Frequency of visits to psychiatrist
  187. Grandmother broke hip
  188. Looking For Advice Please
  189. Mom's journey ended last month
  190. Last stage ??
  191. if my grandfather had alzheimer's does that mean i will get it ?
  192. does lexapro lower heart rate
  193. God help me, I lost my temper with Mom
  194. I'm so glad to see you are all still here.
  195. Things are progressing fast...
  196. Dad probably being moved to the locked unit
  197. Saga is slowly and painfully coming to a close, but I need help or answers
  198. dementia fatigue
  199. So many questions... PLEASE HELP
  200. Update from CaringSister54
  201. Combative patient options
  202. families of ALZ patients go through stages too?
  203. Walking controversy
  204. What to do about selling the house.
  205. vascular dementia
  206. How do I go on?
  207. Holistic approaches versus meds?
  208. How I wish it would all go away, but it won't anytime soon
  209. Music and Alzheimer's
  210. Don't think I can do this anymore.
  211. my dad wants to take my mom home permanently
  212. Personal Space Boundaries in Nursing Home
  213. Galantamine - anyone else on it?
  214. mother's repeated phone calls
  215. PRI & application process re: Nursing Home
  216. Turmeric/Cucumin
  217. medicaid question and others
  218. laughter and tears
  219. Dementia or depression?
  220. Poop question (sorry)
  221. first post, serious question
  222. Affects of antipsychotics
  223. husband on two dementia meds
  224. why is dementia so rapid?
  225. Urinary/Yeast infections--91 year old mother
  226. Outside Caregiver accused me of Assault ....
  227. is early onset always genetic?
  228. had mom for thanksgiving
  229. I can't be the only one...father with alcohol related dementia...
  230. why do dementia symtoms worsen?
  231. moved mom today
  232. vascular event
  233. Caregivers - What are you telling your own children to do?
  234. Brain Atrophy causes?
  235. alzheimer's
  236. Oh, the stubborness! Took g-ma off Risperidone...
  237. Day Care visit
  238. 68 year-old with Alzhiemers....what to do
  239. Husband has Alzheimer's and startng to wonder at 3 AM
  240. Okay so here's the latest . . .
  241. Does your loved one "know" they have dementia?
  242. Geriatric Specialist, my eye!
  243. what happened to my mother
  244. the shakes?????????
  245. Alzheimer's Disease & Aricept
  246. 91 year old mother fell
  247. What To Do If You Even THINK! A Family Member Has Alzheimer's!
  248. remaining life expectancy
  249. Picking at fingernails.......help
  250. How often do you/did you visit?