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  1. My dear Mother is gone now
  2. Father dying of late stage alzheimers
  3. how long can a patient survive on liquid food
  4. Mom's being discharged....yikes!
  5. Pics Disease
  6. Cant stop crying
  7. Any suggestions for preparing for mother-in-law?
  8. how long can you go without eating or drinking
  9. Anybody live with a Control Freak?
  10. aggitation.... what to do
  11. Alzheimers & Ritalin along w/ all other meds
  12. Dad during the morning/afternoon VS Dad during the evening/night in the NH
  13. Mild cognitive impairment?
  14. Nursing Home vs Home Care
  15. mother--paranoid behavior
  16. hypocanthus
  17. How does frontotemperal dementia make you feel
  18. new here, EOAD diagnosis made today
  19. Both grandparents with Alzheimer's
  20. is it possible to get early onset alzheimers at 18
  21. Dear ladies, I need a sympathetic ear.......
  22. Mother with Alzheimer diagnosis--help needed
  23. Can a urinary tract infection mimic dementia?
  24. Guilt - Nursing Home
  25. For caregivers of Alzheimer's patients
  26. Too young for Alzheimer's
  27. Hard to wake up after surgery
  28. when is it time to come off of Namenda?
  29. 72 hour hold
  30. how long can someone go with out eating or drinking before they die
  31. alzheimers and urine retention?
  32. Namenda Question
  33. Mom had a seizure - in hospital over a week now
  34. taking aricept if you don't have alzheimer's
  35. Mother thinks someone broke into her house????
  36. Concerned about jerking when hubby is dozing
  37. Mom's rants....
  38. I don't know what to do...please help me
  39. question about alzheimer's disease
  40. More advice needed..
  41. My Husbands Early Signs of Alzheimers
  42. Husband with Alzheimer's
  43. Respirdol side effects
  44. question about the time frame...
  45. suggestions for mom struggling w/ mother w/ alzheimer's
  46. Alzheimer's and trouble with bowel movements
  47. Extensive Leukomalacia - MRI Report
  48. Assisted Living Dementia Unit vs. Nursing home Dementia Unit
  49. Overwhelming Sadness....
  50. alzheimer's and moaning
  51. Aricept/Namenda
  52. 91 year old mother with behavior problems
  53. dementia drugs
  54. Dementia? Psychotic symptoms. Prognosis?
  55. New with vasular dementia
  56. Confusion and disorientation - Before and after Prathyroid surgery
  57. how to keep mom from taking off her Depends
  58. Crying....
  59. HELP! Phone for Mother with short-term memory problems?!
  60. Minocycline and AD
  61. Arachnoid Cyst
  62. Starting bank account for Mom
  63. Sectioned under the mental health act
  64. I lost my dear mother in law last month to this horrible disease!
  65. How do I know what "stage" he's in?
  66. letter from doctor
  67. Mom sleeps 12-14 hours per day
  68. My Rose-Colored Glasses
  69. Neighbour driving us crazy
  70. Can an elderly patient with Alzheimers give up?
  71. Altzheimer's Support Group in Perth Australia.
  72. from the 7 stages sticky
  73. Help! Need to know if Alzhemiers affects walking
  74. Tremors?
  75. Parkinson med for treating alzheimer
  76. Stage 6 to Stage 7
  77. 5 Years after Diagnosis - Update
  78. Too good to be true??
  79. What's wrong with my Mom?
  80. UTI...why is this so common in the elderly?
  81. What the stroke did to my mom
  82. Mom Sleeps all the time - doesn't want to eat
  83. dementia patient taking avelox hallucinating
  84. Well, I finally made the decision...
  85. dementia and anthesia
  86. Welcome to Planet Alzheimer's
  87. Not bathing, sleeping in clothes
  88. what am i dealing with?
  89. Mom said "you are not my daughter"
  90. Approximate amount of time for stages?
  91. Nursing Home Troubles
  92. Why is she always asleep?
  93. Link Between Alzheimer's and Statin Drugs
  94. Mom Has End Stage Dementia
  95. Heavy Metals And Dementia
  96. Dad has FTD and I'm going crazy!!!
  97. what would happen if alzheimer was left untreated
  98. Dementia and forteo
  99. Elexon and other meds- info. please
  100. Possible breakthrough in AD treatment?
  101. Drug-induced Dementia
  102. Mother has Alzheimer's and cancer
  103. Pretty sure this is early stages of Alzheimer's, what do you think?
  104. Is loss of leg function considered a part of Alzheimer's?
  105. What is the difference between Dementia and Alzheimers
  106. hearing hammering
  107. Terrible Rage
  108. Unrelenting screaming
  109. my dad's stages, and symptoms are different
  110. what respirdol does
  111. Powerful, yet simple natural antioxidant, DMSO
  112. Sundown effect
  113. galantamine
  114. end stage dementia
  115. Update: can't swallow
  116. How Often to Visit Mom at Assisted Living?
  117. No diagnosis yet but hiding symtoms
  118. Face Rubbing Habits
  119. can't walk
  120. Assisted Living vs In-Home Care...thoughts anyone?
  121. feeling helpless and distressed - please help
  122. Hoarding and family denial
  123. what are the final stages of demntia signs
  124. Excelon patch
  125. How do tell FIL he needs to be in a home.
  126. Watching a Guy who has dementia, doesn't seem to fit the stages
  127. Swollen hands??
  128. Aricept experience
  129. final stages of dementia
  130. teen and think I've got Dementia
  131. How distinguish one from the other?
  132. Forgetting to take medications...
  133. Problems With Mom After Knee Replacement Surgery
  134. Dementia and Moaning
  135. MIL that thinks someone is trying to kill her
  136. Need Help With Understand Final Stages Of Life
  137. What happened to my Grandma?
  138. NH/Death calculator. Can someome please explain....
  139. How do I deal with the last stage of Alzheimers.
  140. I am 19, and my memory is slowly getting worse.
  141. Knees drawn up?
  142. Dr jekyll and Mr Hyde
  143. cessation of aricept
  144. What is life expectancy for a physically healthy AD patient ?
  145. Dementia or not?
  146. is physical pain associated alzheimer
  147. not processing food
  148. Dementia with Recent Colostomy
  149. Withdrawing Food & Drink
  150. B12 and Zinc supplementation
  151. Senior toenails
  152. coming off aricept...
  153. Good Days-Bad Days
  154. The "Stare" is getting to me
  155. How Long Can He Last Like This????
  156. can someone tell me if this is signs of alzheimers and dementia??
  157. Swollen stomach
  158. mother in law with alzheimers
  159. Combative Behavior
  160. sundowning
  161. In the hospital with pneumonia/sepsis
  162. The cute side of Dementia
  163. Does anyone have knowledge of Lewy Body Disease?
  164. Dementia Romance
  165. mom's complaining of cramps
  166. Forgetting people
  167. My husband won't shower on weekend
  168. HELP! I think my husband has dementia of some kind
  169. Hardest thing I ever did!
  170. Important question about Zyprexa and Seroquel
  171. Excessive cleaning
  172. Stage 6 transition to Stage 7
  173. My mom has been dead 5 months and my dad has already got women on his mind
  174. Whirling, Spinning Spell
  175. Alzheimers Stages
  176. Worse than a Stroke?
  177. Grandmother's situation
  178. Rita Hayworth - actress
  179. My Daddy has AD (5+ years) now aspiration (unable to swallow)
  180. My Mom has dementia
  181. Talks loudly all night!
  182. My dad has alzheimers, and I need some advice. Please..
  183. Dad passed away today.
  184. At what point do you put him/her into assisted living?
  185. Hip Fracture recovery with stage 6
  186. How common is this regarding family members?
  187. Is the progression of Vascular Dementia the same as Alzhiemers?
  188. Needing Advice/Kind Words
  189. Picks Disease
  190. Always asking "Do I have Alzheimer's?"
  191. Anyone caring for someone in Stage 7?
  192. Pooled Trusts & Special Needs Trusts?
  193. How is Dementia Diagnosed?
  194. left "in charge"
  195. Any foods/vitamins that can help with Dementia?
  196. Repeating the same phrase.....
  197. Three Yrs of Early Onset
  198. Chronic UTI's / antibiotics?
  199. MME Score Going Up?
  200. Rapid Decline-anybody experience this?
  201. is my mom mentally ill or is this dementia, HELP!
  202. .... also Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
  203. It's not Alz, it's lewy body dementia!!
  204. How do I get my father to bathe regularly?
  205. Feeding tube? Pain?
  206. We seek advice
  207. Any tips for Dad's awkward behavior in public?
  208. Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital
  209. end stage
  210. Is it possible?
  211. How to respond?
  212. Hiding
  213. 6th Stage How Long????
  214. Father in law in denial
  215. No Sleep? What now?
  216. Repetitive Phrases/Sing-Song Speak
  217. Weeping
  218. BP, Heamaglobin and white cell count.
  219. The funny side of Alzheimer's
  220. extreme verbal aggression...
  221. Dementia or Alzheimers and at what stage?
  222. Never heard of 7 stages?
  223. stage 6 how long???
  224. Crying all the time....
  225. Broke my heart
  226. What could this be?
  227. Nh placement
  228. Update... Drooling?
  229. Can Nursing Home Take All Dad's Assets?
  230. can dental problems cause dementia?
  231. Legal Question re: Medicaid
  232. Mom's 98th Birthday
  233. Vascular Dementia
  234. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  235. Dad won't stop driving!!!
  236. caregiver burnout
  237. Better diapers?
  238. scary hallucinations
  239. My Dad Won't Visit His Dying Mother...
  240. Locking doors okay? Gates?
  241. Grandmother sees imaginary people in her home
  242. Dad is talking to someone.. himself maybe.. i dont know..
  243. medicine to stop wandering?
  244. Mother with Dementia - aggressive behavior
  245. Funny Stories about people with dementia
  246. Mother has severe Alzheimers (only 64yo) (LONG)
  247. Does anyone else have this????
  248. Verbally abusive grandfather
  249. Husband 44 may have AD
  250. Obsessive Behavior