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  1. Side Effects of Cephalexin
  2. horney goat weed
  3. Surgery with thrush?
  4. Ankle bone fusion pain
  5. Itchy blisters
  6. Biotin; Pros and Cons?
  7. my girlfriends throwing up blood.
  8. I hear crackling in the back of my head/ears.
  9. A Pulled Muscle In My Chest Or My Heart?
  10. Petechiae?
  11. Pain in calf
  12. Vasamotor Rhinitis
  13. Swooshing noises in my head
  14. right shoulder pain after IV
  15. Upper Lip
  16. Extremely Overactive Gag Reflex
  17. Pinched Nerve?
  18. bowel trouble.even hospital wont help!any advise please?
  19. Why am I dizzy and lightheaded?
  20. Son has extra skinfold on leg???
  21. does sunburn cause swollen glands?
  22. My 22 month old son does not talk at all...Help!
  23. Head Trauma
  24. growth near anus... what might this be??
  25. coughing, tight chest and a metallic taste
  26. About meningitis PLEASE HELP!
  27. Pain in upper calf of leg
  28. I can't seem to feel full
  29. Why Isn't My Klonopin Showing Up In Urine?
  30. Swollen Parotid gland
  31. Chronic Myofascial Pain - My Experience
  32. Lots of Muscle/Bodyache Pain & Fatigue
  33. Baker's Cyst - Inflamation will not go away????
  34. broken nose
  35. Onion Body Odor
  36. boyfriend very sick, food poisoning?
  37. blood test results
  38. Erythema multiforme Minor...Dr's no help
  39. cloudy and sweet smelling urine...??
  40. strange "crunchy" sensation in head
  41. Huge Vein bulging on my forehead ??
  42. Need advice for a CT scan with contrast
  43. ESR Sed Rate
  44. Stomach radiating pain to back and jaw
  45. Has anyone had this??? Pushing on chest near armpit creates pressure in ears?????
  46. lab results question(Cardio CRP results came back at 13.6 !!! )
  47. "Gut Malrotation"
  48. Fainting teenager
  49. Electrolyte Tablets to suppress gag reflex
  50. Appendix Pain
  51. sharp pain in left side? help please!
  52. dehydrated? lightheadedness after gastroenteritis
  53. I Fractured my ankle playing soccer and the Doctor said it may never heal???
  54. Lowering dosage of Synthroid
  55. colonoscopy prepping after an ileostomy reversal
  56. Swollen gland and/or lump in neck
  57. Wierd Sensation in my Back
  58. mucus in stool?
  59. Blisters on bottom of tongue and throat is raw
  60. How safe is a colonscopy
  61. Right lower quarant pain...please tell me what to do!
  62. No one knows why I'm still in so much pain
  63. Heart rate 224 after 1 1/2 mile treadmill run
  64. Factor 5 Blood disorder and the military
  65. I don't know what is wrong with me?????
  66. upper rib/chest pain?
  67. Tension headaches and head twitch
  68. Voluntary Movement of Sternum-why?
  69. bad breath/body odor
  70. Cat Scratch, should I be concerned?
  71. Black, burning stools.
  72. Lipoma
  73. Not a UTI-- What is it??
  74. Feeling weird like im dizzy and stoned everyday
  75. wringing rubbing feet (not hands) when awake
  76. what kind of doctor treats metabolic disorders?
  77. Squam Epi in Urine Test
  78. Pea-Sized Lump on my neck
  79. Veins that "tickle" in the arms...what's happening here?
  80. Long hair = Scalp Odor?/More grease?
  81. Over emotional
  82. Rash on Inner Thighs
  83. Weird Chest Pain...
  84. Got Shocked By Electrical Cord
  85. Canker sores, tonsil stones, scratchy throat, malaise, nausea - brushing helps?
  86. 34.22 (C) Body Temp?
  87. Electric shock sensations
  88. Foot(bottom)&Toes numb w/redness;feels like walking on "hard boards";spasms-2nd toe
  89. Constant electric shocks!
  90. many symptoms , not sure, needs advice
  91. symptoms: slow heart rate, pressure in head, loss of hearing one ear
  92. have i got lupus ?
  93. Possible Strep throat?
  94. In desperate need of help and advice
  95. Swollen Salivary (Parotid?) Gland
  96. Spinal Tap made me really sick! Help!
  97. Hurts when I drink tea, breathlessness, indigestion like pain.
  98. 19 month old with elevated lymphocytes??
  99. Syringe size for b12 injection
  100. I possibly ingested human blood from fast food.....
  101. Norovirus? :( Please help me!
  102. Swishing Noises
  103. bleeding belly button
  104. Sudden collapse. Few seconds loss of control of balance and (?)temporary paralysis(?)
  105. Scared in my own house
  106. Left side chest pain and nausea amongst other symptoms...
  107. girlfriend faint w/hot/cold spells, advice needed.
  108. Dizzy and out of it for 6 months and counting
  109. Need Help concerning a Hematoma
  110. red raw patch on tongue
  111. Topamax Users-Did you break out?
  112. Lumps around stomach/abdomen area
  113. Weak Urinary Flow
  114. Are there nerve endings in hip joints?
  115. Fatballs on my side of my stomach???
  116. Cerebellar Ataxia
  117. Severe Nausea
  118. Itchy legs- Which medication side-effect
  119. Sudden loss of use of hands and feet
  120. Can Tooth Pulling Cause Lisp or Speech Problems?
  121. Knotty Lump above C section Incision
  122. oxadate
  123. What if Depends are too big?
  124. adrenal fatigue diagnosis / chinese herbal medicine
  125. please please read and reply
  126. Two days after stomach virus, still no appetite
  127. toxic mold and reactived mono/chicken pox
  128. Tingling and Numbness in Right Side of Face
  129. zyrtec/reactine XS side effects
  130. Immediately tired after smoking one cigarette?
  131. Going Insane From Pain! Please Help!!!
  132. Dementia, Hydrocephalus
  133. undiagnosed symptoms weird, help!
  134. post discectomy scar tissue
  135. Facial redness and Flushing
  136. what causes the tips of your fingernails to curl under
  137. Side ill effects of probiotics
  138. need help managing pain
  139. absorbable sutures that don't dissolve
  140. POTS and pacemakers
  141. nerve(?) pain on right side of head
  142. dizzy, feeling disconnected
  143. lower right side stomach below ribs feels pain during gym
  144. Not feeling right at all...
  145. Possible foreign object in lung?
  146. burning sensation in lungs
  147. "Reformed Drunk Tells All In Juicy Post"...
  148. 5th metatarsal fracture and pain
  149. bruise feeling in armpit
  150. POTS Syndrome
  151. How to get bigger (more visible) arm veins?
  152. "Rice Krispies"
  153. last stages of cirrhosis of the liver - how long
  154. Neck shaking from nervousness?
  155. PLEASE READ - smoking! no smoke on exhale!!
  156. How to remove a 14 month old red blood spot under the skin ?
  157. Dreams disturb my sleep
  158. Pain, sleep, and euphoric prescription drugs. PLEASE help!
  159. Pain on left side of body from hip down to the leg
  160. Twitching nerve/muscle at front of waist
  161. large redish/blackish lump on tonsil
  162. help, bacterial vaginosis won't go away!
  163. Chest Discomfort
  164. undiagnosed chest pains
  165. Strange feeling, probably my fault.
  166. Tender bump on scalp
  167. Spinal tumor
  168. why elderly people stay so cold
  169. itchy sore tongue
  170. why do i have blue veins showing on my body
  171. Excessive Mucus buildup.. Night time
  172. Sharp burning pain in jaw while eating
  173. Vitrectomy Healing
  174. Eyelid Twitching...HELP, please ???
  175. Does anyone know what might be wrong with me?
  176. is it safe to take klonopin with zyprexa?
  177. Shrinking an enlarged Spleen.
  178. Damaged Superior Vena Cava
  179. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  180. Mesenteric adenitis...really?
  181. Food poisoning?
  182. Anxiety and slurred speech
  183. Big Boney Lump Protruding atthe Back of My Skull
  184. Rapid Heart Beat
  185. hard movable lump in mouth
  186. Toxic Mould Exposure, My Family & Municipal Gov. Negligence
  187. Swollen, tender and PAINFUL underarm
  188. Hallux Limitus - surgery for bone spur
  189. constant music in my head?
  190. Milk after dinner
  191. cold turkey withdrawal off of ativan, need help with questions
  192. bump under jaw bone below ear
  193. Radiology reports?
  194. Total Colectomy
  195. finger injury
  196. HELP!I'm constantly nauseous,vomiting at least twice a week.what's wrong with me?
  197. What is this hand clapping test good for
  198. Palpitations, numbness, lightheadedness. Virus? Bacteria? Thanks!
  199. Pain in Arms After Sneezing
  200. Skin peeling on finger tips
  201. 3 years of misery help!
  202. My hands are locking up?
  203. fracture tibia fibula with compartment syndrome
  204. upper left abdomen and heart problems
  205. Newby, but serious concern, Random EXTREME sharp head pains
  206. TIghtness inside head no painso much so felt like something was going to happen to me
  207. tylenol + alcohol?
  208. wound vac
  209. Feel like i've lost control of my body
  210. Wellbutrin XL how long does it take to notice effects?
  211. pill caught in "throat" for 17 hours
  212. Spinal Meningitis
  213. toxic mold do i have it?
  214. Vasotec 10 mg
  215. Dr says "up to me" if i get Diagnostic laparoscopy???
  216. Sudden Hearing Loss treated with Prednisone
  217. Adderall 30 mg XR
  218. HELP!!! I have a pill stuck in my throat...
  219. I have Systemic Lupus, Has anyone heard of bullous lupus rash
  220. Tracheal pain, or something else?
  221. Diet & Nutrition allowance
  222. bloating lower back pain tender breasts
  223. Bigger Breast without Surgery!!!
  224. High ALT of 72
  225. chronic watery diarrhea while on 'total' liquid diet, almost 6 mos.
  226. Pleurisy after pneumonia...
  227. "Unusual Thyroid Condition" looking for possible opinions or diagnosis
  228. restless body syndrome
  229. Lump under rib cage
  230. periodic fever syndrome
  231. painful banged elbow
  232. Hard Bump On Right Hand??????
  233. OPLL Sufferer
  234. Dull Ache in Heart Area wakes me after 6/7hrs sleep
  235. what type of doctor removes cyst
  236. Eyebrow hair falling out on one side
  237. Has anyone had touble with twitching on Lyrica 75mg 3x day?
  238. Hemorrhoids after hemorrhoid surgery?
  239. Excrutiating pain in back.. sudden onset.. help!
  240. Strange popping sensation between rib when breathing deeply
  241. metal taste and stomach noise
  242. white spot on panoramc x-ray
  243. how do u kno if someone is a nympho?
  244. Help getting off methadone
  245. What causes poor circulation or blood flow in the arms?
  246. ankle fusion/what angle should it be at
  247. Swollen hands and feet, please advise
  248. Shaking hands?
  249. how to not be anti-social anymore
  250. College football player, need help PLEASE