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  1. Red Circular Bump On TonsiL ????
  2. can't eat without feeling sick right after or in middle of eating
  3. stuffy nose, driving me nuts!
  4. Stones
  5. Left pinky numb
  6. Abdominal Calcifications
  7. PinWorms Or Somthing
  8. Little blood in stool
  9. IM scared to get a girl friend becuase of my bad breath!
  10. Long history of symptoms/No Resolution
  11. Weird Pains and Bubbling Beating Feelings
  12. Mental cloudiness, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, etc.
  13. Kidney Stones? Back Pain, Possible Hematuria
  14. broken fibula that Dr says no need to treat
  15. Syncope and fluctuating blood pressure
  16. Waking up in the middle of the night choking
  17. Pneumonia, or something worse?
  18. SCARED : Breathing problems at night.
  19. Tylenol Cold a tranquilizer?
  20. Sub-talar fusion-to do or not to do?
  21. Lab bill dispute!
  22. H Phlori
  23. Sore Throat
  24. strange bleeding taking a shower
  25. Pulsatile Tinnitus Tips To Share
  26. What would cause red swollen hands and feet?
  27. Chronic Mono?
  28. Pimple developed excess skin
  29. Have a bump on temple, not cancer but now Giant Cell Arteritis?? Only 25! Help!
  30. Pop/Rubbing against lower left ribs
  31. donating excess skin to burn victims
  32. Itchy
  33. Swollen Red Hands Facial Flushing
  34. Cramping hands
  35. Powdery Taste in Mouth
  36. Twitching Nerves, not just normal twitching here
  37. penicillin and alcohol
  38. Blood In Caca
  39. severe sore throat persistant
  40. Quit Smoking....now I cant go poop..constipated :(
  41. Arrhythmia-should I worry?
  42. feel sick after eating... ???
  43. I have a bump on my right temple that hurts and I'm afraid it's cancer! Please help!
  44. Cant keep liquids down what to do
  45. Tingling in arms and legs and short black outs
  46. Mold and its health effects
  47. Question about tonsillitis and nausea
  48. Fainting during doctor visits?
  49. Pain associated with chronic osteomyelitis
  50. dried fruit problems
  51. Hearing heart beat in my ear
  52. Weird question regarding goosebumps and hair growth
  53. weird taste in my mouth
  54. excessive sweating for no reason
  55. What is the regular normal heart rate?
  56. Coughing Up yellow pellets
  57. Eating moth eggs?
  58. Ruptured Eardrum!!!!! Please Help
  59. advice on belly button piercing
  60. how to deal with period during surgery?
  61. question about bowel problem
  62. Is running BAD for dancers?
  63. Open Leg Wound
  64. How are lymph nodes supposed to feel?
  65. itchy/rash bottom of neck / pain in side
  66. Ouchy Itchy Rash
  67. 23 male pressure around head off balance feeling
  68. crusty stuff in middle of nose
  69. Quick help please....sore throat...worried
  70. Spasms, Twitches, Pain, Numbness, HELP!!!
  71. My face suddenly turned super dry over night.
  72. Can You Pop Your Hip?
  73. Chest Bumps
  74. could i have tetanus???
  75. Is eating too many baby carrots bad for you?
  76. What is this blister like thing on my leg?
  77. growing pains at 19?
  78. PAINFUL EAR after LOUD [email protected]@@
  79. Help! eyebrows falling out!
  80. Need advice. Possibly breathed asbestos
  81. Sweet smelling urine?
  82. Lump on lower inside lip?
  83. penicillin affecting BC
  84. bad chest pain/non cardiac related
  85. blood and urine test in 1 week, will chewing tobacco show up?
  86. Mycoplasma Infection
  87. tired after eating meat
  88. Concerned/Confused/Not sure where to go.
  89. Neck pain after armpit injection (for hand surgery)?
  90. Alcohol and surgery
  91. Struggling with Kidney Stones - PLEASE HELP ME
  92. Need Help. finger was burned when picking up a pot that was burning hot
  93. Strange sickness, help?
  94. Intermittant very low-grade "fevers" for years
  95. Internal shaking
  96. Hole Under My Nose
  97. I brush my tongue 2 times a day, What kinf of damage can I cause?
  98. Unsuccessful Crown - Now what?
  99. Question about my mole...please help
  100. blood around anus area
  101. Reliv
  102. Info on Obagi or Thermage??
  103. Lump in throat, hard to swallow...
  104. esophageal stricture
  105. bump on rear end
  106. Can Nerve Damage in the Jaw be serious?
  107. Do I really have body odor?
  108. scoliosis?? sternum problem??
  109. Much pain after ACL reconstruction surgery
  110. Rheumatic fever
  111. What are these dots on my arm?
  112. Blood in Stool
  113. soreness near adam's apple
  114. need help day dizziness night jerking
  115. Growth Plate Closing?
  116. Painful swollen leg and groin area
  117. Will I turn into a walking mole?
  118. Can Laxatives Cause Infection??
  119. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach
  120. Pouch of Douglas
  121. skin peeling due to medication????
  122. Pheochromocytoma, need help, information
  123. Rotten Egg Smelling Body Odour
  124. Doctors unable to diagnose me, any help
  125. Tongue and Mouth Problem
  126. HRT and Cushing Syndrome?
  127. Anus swelling - need advice
  128. solaquin hydroquinone
  129. Cortisone shot in elbows... pain is worse
  130. Hot feet=No sleep
  131. head rushes??
  132. picking scabs on scalp and baldness
  133. Ridges on fingernails
  134. White sores in the back of my throat..please help!
  135. Cartilage Piercing Territory Looks Gray
  136. My black eye, wont go away
  137. Any info on cauterizing tonsilectomy bleed?
  138. cough that won't go away
  139. sweet metallic smell?
  140. Surgery Yesterday = Cold Sores Today???
  141. Feeling of Extreme Fullness
  142. Sudden Nosebleeds
  143. weird sensation
  144. Tonsils and neck
  145. Dark circles...liver?kidney?no problems?
  146. Implications of weak gag reflex
  147. Has anyone ever had Laser Surgery on tonsils or shaving of the tonsils?
  148. Feeling of fullness in the throat
  149. Sore cracked tongue
  150. Really sore tongue, im stumped
  151. lumps on left side of neck
  152. Are lipomas anything to worry about
  153. Streak of Light in vision
  154. Moderate blood in my urine!!!!
  155. Fungus In Mouth Question...what a Dr told me
  156. Excessive gasping and yawning for air
  157. What's wrong with me?
  158. Pennington's Disease
  159. Bovine Ovarian Breast Enlargement??
  160. Swollen lymph-node?
  161. what causes fingernails to bend under and curl?
  162. What does 2-3 fold mean?
  163. are you taking cardizem CD, are you retaining fluid
  164. my husbands triglyceride level
  165. hyponatremia/low sodium levels in blood
  166. 3 years now-chest pain and numb little finger
  167. Chromason Disorder
  168. Sore Throat for two months
  169. Blood with stools, Please Help!
  170. Bed Bugs that bite hairs?
  171. Unexplained Tingling
  172. lump in throat?
  173. Share your pain
  174. alcohol has no affect on me, why??
  175. Ribs Protrude
  176. Could this be strep?
  177. Alcohol and Antibiotics
  178. Osteoblastoma Tumor
  179. Am I allergic to alcohol ?
  180. Ridges or teeth-like marks on both sides/edges of tongue?
  181. heartburn after endoscopy
  182. Breast pain?
  183. Burning Sensation in the lower stomach
  184. Does my brother have a mental dissorder?
  185. About the having sex with opposite blood groups
  186. kidney concerns
  187. burning facial skin
  188. Anal Curiosity
  189. Crack in the corner of my mouth...help!
  190. Bulging Vein?
  191. lump in throat and constipation???
  192. constant sore throat!!! help!!!
  193. military spine
  194. Bump on forehead -- could it be an embolism?
  195. Vocal Chord Dysfunction and fainting
  196. What symptoms are these??
  197. Help Me Please
  198. Constant Nose Problems & Chest?
  199. uvula causing cough?
  200. What is tested for when you donate blood?
  201. Withdrawal Symptoms of Paxil CR
  202. Light headed, weak in the legs...extremely worried...PLEASE HELP!!
  203. 800mg Ibuprofen
  204. Solution for chronic itching on arms
  205. bumps on the side of the tongue
  206. cervical spondylosis
  207. White Tongue
  208. Sick over a month, not getting answers
  209. joints popping.
  210. Red streaks on thigh
  211. Blood clots?
  212. Throat ach due to flu:
  213. i feel extremely weird when i smoke a cigarette why??
  214. sarcatosis
  215. i can't yawn!
  216. neck and throat problem
  217. can biscuit dough kill you??
  218. Pain on right side
  219. Ankle pain, please help!
  220. inhalers and leg cramps
  221. Crushing pills
  222. tonsil problems
  223. knee injury....need help..wont go to DR, they will just tell me i cant play
  224. strange...very strange...
  225. 4month old urinary tract infection
  226. Severe cough following cold.
  227. strange feeling in chest/stomach!!!
  228. Enlarged spleen and other problems..Please help
  229. Advice needed please on Fatty Liver
  230. polyps, swollen gland, throat problems...very scared
  231. white coated tongue, not going away
  232. Phantom Smell
  233. Pregnancy after tubes tied
  234. bump in ear
  235. Acid Reflux?
  236. lump on leg
  237. Bloody smell in nose...
  238. Deep aching legs
  239. sore ribs/chest
  240. leg feels likes its on fire
  241. rectal bleedin and tummy ache in a 9 year old
  242. swollen lymphnode in armpit
  243. Topamax
  244. Please Help, Weird Problems that dont make Sense
  245. Shaving with electric razor....
  246. Bakers Cyst
  247. Tongue biting in sleep
  248. Zantrex-3 Severe Reaction
  249. Hyoscyamine?!! Help
  250. Progressive Aphasia...