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  1. Loss of appetite
  2. lymphocytosis; skin rash; pink eyes
  3. Is this MS? 1st Neuro tomorrow
  4. 17 year old, 98 resting heart rate
  5. How do you all cope with the possibility of having MS
  6. Help, I'm very scared
  7. Back and looking at MS (again).
  8. Possible MS?
  9. Skin rash, sore throat, sore everything, shivery
  10. McDonald Criteria for MS Diagnosis
  11. Fainting/black out is it a symptom of MS?
  12. Coughing and clearing of throat
  13. Worried about possible MS
  14. MRI showing 1 large periventricular and 2 smaller lesions - MS?
  15. Finding out if I've MS tomorrow anyone I can talk to
  16. Low cortisol, Normal Acth. Help please
  17. Please help, im losing it. Dr is failing me
  18. Opinions please help, thanks
  19. Scared - ms?
  20. possible m.s
  21. Episodes of Severe Abdominal Pain, Pressure, and Vomiting
  22. Pulsing Stomach
  23. in limbo :(
  24. Pain Left Side Rib
  25. Appendicitis or something else?
  26. Methadone Dilemma
  27. 2 Years of Scary Symptoms! No Answers...Pls read
  28. Fat Necrosis
  29. Chest pain/discomfort) right side, throat stiffness, pain/discomfort between shoulder
  30. Misread Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test (TST)
  31. Lower abdominal and back pain
  32. Fell today
  33. Very high doses of Prednisone for short period of time - side effects?
  34. Help with a bulge (lump?)
  35. Feeling fatigue
  36. Alcohol & Drug Treatment- Jury Duty?
  37. Too many health problems/issues for my Age?!?!?
  38. Im worried. Very worried.
  39. Help I can't identify what is wrong!
  40. Severe ear/facial pain
  41. Balance loss, no vertigo, no dizziness
  42. Undiagnosed
  43. Weird Symptoms
  44. Don't really know where this should go
  45. Question about tremors
  46. Low sodium
  47. RA? Metabolic myopathy? Going crazy
  48. Newbie in need of some advice
  49. Lump next to collar bone - Tender
  50. Question about Drug Screening?
  51. Small hard lump in armpit
  52. Heat sensation in big toe - not diabetic
  53. Very weird - symptoms primarily fever/malaise. Any ideas ?
  54. If anyone has any input I am open to any suggestions, please help!
  55. Swollen lymph node, back of neck - WORRIED
  56. Apnea and slurred speech
  57. Help, I found maggot-like bugs around my ear hole ...
  58. Advice & Opinions Please ... I'm Frustrated ...
  59. Does anyone have or know about Nerve Entrapment Syndrome?
  60. Strange pressure sensation in face, head and mouth.
  61. Begging for input!
  62. Please Help!
  63. Doctor says I'm fine, but I'm not?
  64. Horrible leg pain
  65. Could This Be Result Of Magniseium Deficiency?
  66. Rib Growth or Lump that Attached itself to Lowest Rib. HELPPPPP!!!!!!!
  67. Very worried, does anyone know what's wrong?
  68. Cognitive impairment
  69. Stressing and freaking out
  70. how can I get a DNR for myself?
  71. Paxil withdraws ...
  72. Concerned about CT radiation
  73. Iron Deficiency Solutions
  74. Arms and legs random spasms
  75. Preparing for sweat battle for August vacation
  76. Some Very Odd Symptoms ...
  77. My Dad, not sure where to begin. need help.
  78. Ill from damp garage conversion, 4 years on.
  79. Iron Weight Gain
  80. What's wrong with me? - spacey feeling, lightheaded, and more
  81. Nobody feels sorry for you when you have symptoms with no cause
  82. Sudden onset MS possibility - mystery illness
  83. How to get more fat on one cheek, Cheek disbalance
  84. refused for being a non-compliant patient? from six years ago?
  85. Am I over thinking or should I be concerned
  86. Desperate For Answers ... Long Story ...
  87. Can anyone help me figure out what this is? I am at my wits end!
  88. blood test and urine test show not show
  89. fever over 100.1 to 103.1
  90. Dent in thigh after hitting sharp edge of table
  91. I can't figure out what's wrong with me.....
  92. Beta Blocker, GERD, Depression, IBS, Depression?
  93. What Kind of Doctor Should I be Looking for?
  94. So confused, please help! I don't know what is wrong with me
  95. i think out loud literally and people can hear me. how can i stop this!?
  96. Parotid Gland and Facial Nerve concerns
  97. Help with suggestions about RUQ Pain please!!
  98. no results
  99. Sensitive Gag Reflex. Advice Please?
  100. Dumb decision three days ago. Still paying for it.
  101. ER nurse hurt my feelings...
  102. How much water can I drink a day?
  103. Time to change a doctor?
  104. I'm scared. I think I might have rabies
  105. First post, does anyone else have these symptoms?
  106. Giving this one more shot
  107. i seem to be a health wreck mystery please help me get my life back!
  108. 6 year mystery
  109. Acetaminophen + Alcohol = Liver & Kidney Damage?
  110. Stiff neck , Dry Mouth , Not Hungry , 8 hours 1st symtomes major Headache !
  111. spine lesion??
  112. Reaching Out in Desperate Need of Help
  113. Hurt rib
  114. Very painful/burning lmyph nodes and spleen
  115. right side.
  116. Potassium!!
  117. Nausea!!
  118. Joints!!
  119. Me again!!
  120. panicking!!
  121. Don't know where this would even fall under
  122. Blood test result
  123. CT Scan - Safe or not safe?
  124. Releasing Gas Technique
  125. Would really appreciate some advice on my latest blood work. Thanks guys
  126. Need guidance before docs visit
  127. VERY weird leg pain and swelling - Need help!
  128. painful spot and rib cage
  129. Heat Intolerance, Heat Disorders, Overheating
  130. Anisocoria or something worse? ... Getting Desperate.
  131. Lump under collarbone? Super nervous.
  132. muscle fatigue upon waking up? please help
  133. Undiagnosed, advice welcome
  134. CT Scan
  135. fatigue?
  136. MS or what?
  137. Several blood counts came back abnormal. Strange blood pressure. Help!
  138. Can I get concussion from this?
  139. What is wrong with me?
  140. Meningitis Question
  141. Hygiene Question
  142. I'm a medical mystery
  143. Urine test for a gp office visit?
  144. Ice Cream Cough - Possible Cold Urticaria?
  145. progression!
  146. Sick with the Unknown
  147. Need Dr. House or someone to help!!!
  148. losing weight, feeling worse
  149. I was wondering what i have
  150. SICK of not feeling good
  151. New here - Have health issues that are unresolved, help!
  152. Eye lid!!
  153. night sweats
  154. Hit head just above temple
  155. Adhesive removal
  156. Mild soreness just below ribcage/mild nausea
  157. parotid gland cleanse
  158. Cause Of Abdominal Pain When Standing Still?
  159. lumps
  160. Unhealty looking face
  161. Warm, facial flushing
  162. Sweats.
  163. inability to regulate my body temperature
  164. What is wrong with me? Please Help!!
  165. Feeling really ill on a night time and other symptoms
  166. Swollen Taste Buds
  167. Chest pain/discomfort. What's wrong with me. Please answer.
  168. I need help! Any advice opinions anything please!
  169. Question about body odor
  170. Lump on my upper thigh
  171. Dry Mouth, Constant Thirst
  172. So stressed out because of deteriorating health
  173. Swollen lymph node on jaw line
  174. Help me please urgent please!
  175. Unexplained muscle pain and weakness/fatigue-please help
  176. What does my CBC test mean?
  177. I hit my head.
  178. sore throat, canker sores
  179. shooting pains!!
  180. Brain Fog
  181. Attack.
  182. Help! I'm so sick...
  183. Is there something wrong with my mom?
  184. Muscle Spasm
  185. limbo!!
  186. Do patients have to give permission for shadowers?
  187. Recent Problems
  188. lumbar puncture.
  189. What is wrong with me?! Vision and balance
  190. acid-free ways to flavor water?
  191. Please help me
  192. Help, please! Concerning symptoms!
  193. Strange lump lower leg
  194. Bat in the Bedroom
  195. When to remove steri strips on my face?
  196. Question, concern about lymph nodes
  197. heat exhaustion
  198. Extreme reaction to codeine. Causes?
  199. Sudden weight loss, please help!!!
  200. cold burning sensation in chest
  201. Esophageal Spasm
  202. lumbar puncture tomorrow.
  203. Barrage of Chronic Unsettling Symptoms
  204. Small red dots on hands
  205. Iron Overload
  206. Could bruised blood draw be from reused needle????
  207. anyone have experience with histadelia?
  208. strange symptoms. what's wrong with me?
  209. Whats wrong with me? Fibromyalgia or Mono
  210. Fatigue!
  211. Deep wound scab changing colour
  212. low sodium recovery
  213. is there a side affect with medrol dose pak and bladder infections?
  214. Residual Congealed Blood from Bruise
  215. Undiagnosed & Looking for Help
  216. Epidural and lumbar puncture side effects
  217. Random Breast Pain & Anxiety.
  218. High Androgen levels, need help deciding what to do
  219. Can't wear clothes
  220. I am done with doctors, I need YOUR help to solve this.
  221. Weird symptoms and cant get any answers
  222. Lymph node in groin from ingrown? Or bug bite?
  223. Pain in arm after IV
  224. Slightly elevated bilirubin in urine dipstick test... terrified!
  225. Prescription for inversion table
  226. Losing weight without intention! PLease Help!
  227. Abdominal and rectal pain
  228. Dotty red rash on arm?
  229. CRP blood test of 47
  230. Could this be infected?
  231. Possible Heart Disease? Heart Issues. Help!
  232. Lump and/or depression on top of my head
  233. Elevated B12
  234. Burping and Accident
  235. Scared!
  236. Is it safe to fly with a hematoma?
  237. Jaw and mouth numbness
  238. Mayfly Man disease
  239. Feel poorly but dont know whats wrong?
  240. Bright green veins in upper torso
  241. Severe halitosis! Help me please
  242. Can Diarrhea Be Drink Colored?
  243. Unknown weakness
  244. Is my Vitamin B12 and Red Cell Folate low??
  245. Can taking Percocet make you fail drug test for hydromorphone?
  246. swollen painful leg and ankle
  247. Is it normal to feel dizzy when you're tired?
  248. Right Flank Pain for 3 weeks...Need advice
  249. Weird things going on
  250. nerve pain in chest?