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  1. I need help have many symptoms
  2. Uncomfortable pharmacy experience
  3. Help, please! Concerning symptoms!
  4. Strange lump lower leg
  5. Serious muscle twitches
  6. Bat in the Bedroom
  7. Overwhelming Chest Pains
  8. burning back and right side of abdomen after recovery from jaundice
  9. When to remove steri strips on my face?
  10. OTC Cough Suppressants
  11. 22, male
  12. Question, concern about lymph nodes
  13. Odd symptoms, many others like me, no diagnosis but I may have a hypothesis
  14. Long term pain in lower left head?
  15. Adhesions??
  16. prescription help
  17. heat exhaustion
  18. Extreme reaction to codeine. Causes?
  19. Help Me
  20. Extremely dry lips for a few years, can anyone help??
  21. B12 defficiency?
  22. Spot on tongue?
  23. Cannot Identify Condition. Please Help.
  24. Collarbone pain
  25. Sudden weight loss, please help!!!
  26. cold burning sensation in chest
  27. Everytime I eat my left nostril clogs and left eye full of pressure.
  28. Lipoma that started growing again- should I be concerned?
  29. what's wrong with me!!
  30. Numbness/tingling/weakness in arms, hand? Quick help?
  31. What's the deal with all these bites I'm getting!?
  32. Zoloft-adderell Think medication is wrong.
  33. Esophageal Spasm
  34. No doctor can figure out what's wrong with me..
  35. Wife severe abdominal pain wont go away
  36. Can anyone tell me what this might be? Sometimes get sudden lethargy, hydration shift
  37. Excessive thirst
  38. Random symptoms! Please help!
  39. Barrage of Chronic Unsettling Symptoms
  40. shoulder to hand pain
  41. Really intense, sudden rib pain?
  42. What's wrong with my son???
  43. Wasn't sure where to put this so here it is: severe pain
  44. Not sure what this is? please read
  45. finger numbness
  46. headaches when standing?
  47. should i worry about rabies?
  48. Blurred vision and sensation in arm.
  49. Small red dots on hands
  50. Scared and alone
  51. Iron Overload
  52. Could bruised blood draw be from reused needle????
  53. anyone have experience with histadelia?
  54. strange symptoms. what's wrong with me?
  55. Stimulating growth...
  56. Adderall 15mg not working
  57. A career as surgical tech or medical lab tech?
  58. Whats wrong with me? Fibromyalgia or Mono
  59. excessive sweating from backs of hands...
  60. Uninsured- where to find least expensive Adderall generic?
  61. I can't force her to the hospital, I don't know what to do
  62. Deep wound scab changing colour
  63. Very upset
  64. low sodium recovery
  65. what is happening? neurological?
  66. Constantly feel like passing out.
  67. positive ana everytime,dry eyes & mouth,...
  68. What do my symptoms mean?
  69. Can this be csf
  70. Still struggling, any suggestions?
  71. Intermittent unilateral Palsy like symptoms.
  72. New diagnosis and commercial license
  73. Pinching pain in upper right rib area
  74. Intestinal Fistulas
  75. always feel "off"
  76. is there a side affect with medrol dose pak and bladder infections?
  77. Digestive System
  78. Drug Interactions
  79. Residual Congealed Blood from Bruise
  80. Burning tigh tlegs and Hands
  81. Progressing numbness
  82. Left pain on my tummy front and back and it keeps boiling
  83. Hand Flapping etc...
  84. Undiagnosed & Looking for Help
  85. Could exercise after eating cause pain under left armpit?
  86. itching
  87. Epidural and lumbar puncture side effects
  88. Adrenaline rush
  89. Sore around jaw unexplained question
  90. Mouth numbness burning sensation hands legs
  91. Neurocardiogenic Syncope
  92. Pain when waking up
  93. Should we take these antibiotics??
  94. Lower Abdominal Pain
  95. Help!!!!headaches, spaced out, faint feeling, dizzy, palpitations.
  96. please help
  97. Intermittent lower right abdominal pain
  98. bruises
  99. Pain near bellybutton for 6 years
  100. Random Breast Pain & Anxiety.
  101. Hypersensitivity
  102. High Androgen levels, need help deciding what to do
  103. fevers when hot
  104. Can't wear clothes
  105. I am done with doctors, I need YOUR help to solve this.
  106. Bone/Joint Pain
  107. worried
  108. I hate life
  109. Urgent Advice Regarding Inhaling Ammonia
  110. Weird symptoms and cant get any answers
  111. Need help with a very extreme problem with my ears.
  112. tightness and burning in throat and chest
  113. cramping in throat/jaw area
  114. Unusual symptoms, distilled water?
  115. Seizure like activity around time of period-
  116. Lymph node in groin from ingrown? Or bug bite?
  117. Underarm swelling (sensation)
  118. What could be wrong with hubby ?
  119. Pt/inr
  120. Twitching
  121. Extreme abdominal swelling
  122. got some stuff on my face and tongue... please help!
  123. Could this actually be a floating rib?
  124. Has anyone drink olive oil?
  125. How to check if urine test strips do work?
  126. Has anyone heard about Biotin?
  127. Burning numbness
  128. our water is polluted with calcium(Ca) - do i drink it or not?
  129. Night time itching sometimes in the day too in private area
  130. Is it OK to wait a week to get tested for strep?
  131. Coughing difficulty
  132. Problems after blood draw
  133. lack of concentration or focus
  134. Has my staph infection returned?
  135. rabies??
  136. Pain in arm after IV
  137. Slightly elevated bilirubin in urine dipstick test... terrified!
  138. Forgetfulness or something more?
  139. Chest Pains
  140. Large mass on buttox.
  141. opll
  142. Pain in both arms when Napping/sleeping
  143. Wholebody numbness and cold
  144. Sunken abdomin
  145. Get your health history online
  146. I am 24 Years old and living with transfusion dependant Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency
  147. Iron Leaves Metal Taste in Mouth
  148. Pain in chest/back help please?!
  149. Prescription for inversion table
  150. Whole body nerve pain
  151. Hard to breath
  152. Losing weight without intention! PLease Help!
  153. Abdominal and rectal pain
  154. how bad is this infection?
  155. RLS in back
  156. Dotty red rash on arm?
  157. Eating Plastic
  158. Fingertip and finger pain
  159. CRP blood test of 47
  160. Could this be infected?
  161. gamma globulin injections
  162. Finger Pain - Weird
  163. Possible Heart Disease? Heart Issues. Help!
  164. I was hit by a car while crossing street, i'm in so much pain, what do i do?
  165. Multi symptoms
  166. Lump and/or depression on top of my head
  167. Ankle issues two and a half years after surgery
  168. Should I see a doctor?
  169. Fastest way to gain weight?
  170. Not sure if serious. Worried
  171. Please please help me
  172. Went to a Endocrinoglist MD/ND. Post is long but I need some advice.
  173. Elevated B12
  174. While I wait for MRI
  175. Hypnosis for Jealousy??
  176. lab results for thyroid?
  177. Presure in head
  178. Very odd symptoms I'm having, no one can explain them
  179. Daily Nutrition Stack Evaluation for Safety
  180. Burping and Accident
  181. Would anyone mind joining in my brainstorming? (warning: sorry, it's very long!)
  182. Is it safe to fly with a hematoma?
  183. Jaw and mouth numbness
  184. Mayfly Man disease
  185. My belly button looks weird
  186. Chest pain
  187. Feel poorly but dont know whats wrong?
  188. Migraines, Abdominal Pain, Anaphylaxis
  189. im allergic to drinking water too
  190. Head felt like i'd been punched; sharp liver pain
  191. Morning joint pain
  192. Bright green veins in upper torso
  193. spot on lip
  194. Chest/Back pain
  195. Turn of events; I don't understand
  196. Occasional Sharp Pain in Elbow
  197. Digestive problems, serotonin, mood swings?? What do you think?
  198. 24 yr old pain in chest!!!! Help
  199. Severe halitosis! Help me please
  200. Please help
  201. Can Diarrhea Be Drink Colored?
  202. Unknown weakness
  203. Sharp stomach pain on right side?
  204. I feel like I am dying alive, answers please
  205. Possible brain tumor?
  206. How to avoid waking up because of warm room?
  207. Tips on how to cope with exam stress the night before the exam?
  208. referral blood test results
  209. Is my Vitamin B12 and Red Cell Folate low??
  210. Sometimes feels like my heart hurts/breathing difficult…
  211. Ear pressure and headache
  212. New here
  213. Is this something to worry about or not?
  214. Can taking Percocet make you fail drug test for hydromorphone?
  215. What is wrong with me??
  216. Low copper and high zinc levels
  217. What could be wrong ??
  218. over active Gag reflex
  219. PAD ultrasound
  220. Why can't I walk without feeling I will die?
  221. Unhealthy/hazardous working conditions
  222. swollen painful leg and ankle
  223. Is it normal to feel dizzy when you're tired?
  224. Any suggestions please!
  225. Right Flank Pain for 3 weeks...Need advice
  226. Terrible stomach/back/chest pains when I eat ANYTHING
  227. Pain Meds,Mutiple strength??
  228. Pelvic Injury causing major health issues I need help!
  229. HELP! Did my girlfriend just go into shock?!
  230. Strange privacy situation at chiropractor's office
  231. Pain pill refill
  232. Finger spasm/twitching after using arm
  233. Should you cut out the sprout in the middle of Garlic?
  234. WORRIED about labs!!!
  235. im not sure what is going on pls help me
  236. Don't know what is happening?
  237. Weird things going on
  238. nerve pain in chest?
  239. Excruciating headache and pain in my left shoulder after massage?
  240. Weird chest feelings.
  241. Hungry and fatigue always
  242. What is going on !?
  243. i turn into a human fountain and boil. any ideas?
  244. Do you agree that I had a case of nurses and doctor "piling on" (medication)
  245. Exercise Induced - slurred speech/behavior
  246. Big toe with wart and circles on it
  247. Re: Burning pain on right side of abdmomen for 3 years!!
  248. Shaky muscles with slight strain
  249. Abdomen Tender to Touch After Appendectomy
  250. Burning feeling in side my head every time i laugh???