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  1. Exercise Induced - slurred speech/behavior
  2. Abdomen Tender to Touch After Appendectomy
  3. Abdominal sinus tract?
  4. Back Pain Following Hospital Stay
  5. Ciprofloxacin questions
  6. lack of appetite, nonstop thirst and bloating?
  7. Please give advice. Right upper quadrant pain, burping/belching, light stool
  8. h-pylori diagnosis.suffering for 4 months now
  9. Why is my head larger than average
  10. Coughing after eating (mainly fried food)
  11. Anyone experience a Glomus Tumor in ear
  12. Thick catarrh in throat.
  13. Scared I have brain tumor; doctor is concerned
  14. Small bulge left side oblique area...
  15. Belly crease wound
  16. Help still have flu symptons on week 3
  17. Not sure, and a little (very) scared.
  18. Abdominal Pain
  19. Numb weird taste mouth tongue
  20. Body and head shake/twitch like symptom
  21. Severe Thigh and Calf Pain while Sitting for long and continues even while Standing
  22. Prozac, Adderall, Terazosin Killing me....
  23. Could my organs be failing?
  24. Help! I take Tylenol daily and I think my liver hurts. Is it serious?
  25. Cellulitis - Question about antibiotics prescribed
  26. Is there cough medicine without dextromethorphan
  27. Fatigue, brain fog, lack of motivation, concentration after ingesting Carbohydrates
  28. Constant urge/desire to clear throat
  29. Sensation of movement throughout body
  30. Pneumonia from exercise
  31. Ovarian cyst, no period for 6 months???
  32. Extreme weakness left leg
  33. Gets sick after not eating for about 5+ hours
  34. Concerned with my Hand(s)
  35. sharp pain on left side under rib cage
  36. Pain above tailbone after soccer
  37. Blood pressure question
  38. Anything new to help stop restless legs please?
  39. dont understand my mri results, can you help
  40. New Here- I need help finding what's wrong with me... Anaphylaxis
  41. I have lice.
  42. Need Help with my Lymph Nodes
  43. Weird, pinching chest pain. Abdominal pain. Rapid weight loss. :(
  44. Steroid injection recall questions
  45. How to get the most out of a doctor's appointment
  46. Skin Cysts in Groin, Armpits, and Chin - lymph node related?
  47. Possibly Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease?
  48. bladder prolapse
  49. Help with blood work results
  50. left breast/armpit pain -if it's not cancer, what could it be ?
  51. Continuous burning in chest
  52. tingling and numbness, and chest pain.
  53. Bean/Globule type object in my stool
  54. Chest pain
  55. Chest pain
  56. cold/bronchitis?
  57. Need prayers don't know what's wrong! fell, dizzy, tingle, sensitive head
  58. Trying to prepare myself...
  59. Chronic pain/Abnormal labs
  60. Unknown bruising and skin discolouration?
  61. Trouble Walking
  62. Was it actually Hernia?
  63. Long-term Adderall Use Affects?
  64. Toddler and Eczema
  65. Was that a Heart Attack
  66. Lyrica? Any bad side effects, I would like to hear!
  67. Unexplained bruise on leg (photo included)
  68. Not sure what's wrong with me! =/
  69. lung and back pain
  70. Curiosity..
  71. foot surgery
  72. Inhaling A LOT of exhaust fumes. HELP?!?
  73. unexplained sickness, clean blood tests..
  74. Causes of Sickness?
  75. How deal w/ multiple Physicians
  76. Mouth and reputation ruined with one surgery
  77. Sick and hopeless.
  78. Just switched from Adderall to Vyvanse and do not like the way I feel
  79. back/shoulder pain spreading
  80. Muscle spasms in the morning
  81. fluid in knee now pain is in foot ?????
  82. Period
  83. Heart pounding real hard tonight while in bed
  84. My Story
  85. height for a woman
  86. Domestic lighting seems brighter than usual
  87. Say to hello
  88. Random Sharp Pains
  89. left breast/armpit pain and left lower abdominal/lower back pain
  90. Low Potassium Chicken Broth
  91. itchy red bumps... heeellppp!!!!
  92. Nobody knows whats wrong!!!
  93. Skin surface pain on right foot
  94. Percutaneous procedure for ASD Closure
  95. Need a diagnosis!
  96. Acute compartment syndrome
  97. Help!!! Cause of Bad Breath?
  98. pain - inner arm, red, tender to touch.
  99. Is this appendicitis ?
  100. creepy crawling sensation
  101. confused and worried Dad
  102. How I am doing with Addison Disease and NB
  103. Undiagnosed Illness
  104. Tapeworm Eggs?
  105. Am I a hypochondriac?
  106. Extreme Fatigue
  107. Need help!!
  108. Please Advise
  109. Soft painful lumps under skin
  110. Is it Really Unlikely I have Lung Cancer?
  111. Yosemite Hantavirus
  112. Brostrom Pain
  113. Long term iv bisphosphonates and fractures, breast cancer survivor with mets to bones
  114. Severe Tic Disorder, Anxiety, etc and Jury Summons - Please HELP!
  115. Mystery Illness
  116. Mouse cleanup
  117. Very bad pain in neck
  118. Am I allergic to heat?
  119. Sharp pains in my head
  120. not arthritis, but bursa related and desperate
  121. What's growing on my face?
  122. Sore underneath tongue
  123. head pulsations, pressure in the head, light headed, spaced out - 4 months!
  124. Intestinal Parasites
  125. Appendicitis?
  126. Top right abdomen under right breast pain.
  127. Mysterious asymptomatic pain
  128. Neck pain after mctimoney chiropractor treatment
  129. Help to Diagnose - Sinus, Brain, Muscle pains
  130. Muscle Spasm in Thigh
  131. i don't know what this is
  132. Biologic Question Any help is appreciated
  133. Unexplained Upper Gum Discomfort/Pain & other symptoms
  134. Pain in right side under ribcage..
  135. Paxil cessation Withdrawals
  136. answers or opinions
  137. Chronic pain medication change question
  138. explosive leg cramp
  139. Hi :)
  140. fenofibrate & triglycerides
  141. Disposable Catheters
  142. 2 small kidneys
  143. Barraquer simons syndrome
  144. Pain under ears behind jaw on both sides when I press
  145. Live breaking illness.
  146. pressure / bed sores
  147. achilles tendons help pls
  148. Concerned about blood work results; Recent kidney stone
  149. Body balance issue with headache
  150. scalp burn from dye
  151. A newbie
  152. Growth felt during my 4 year olds digital rectal exam.What could it be?
  153. anal fistula threads
  154. I don't know what is happening need help!
  155. Leg scars
  156. Redness and white bumps in between butt cheeks
  157. sharp stomach pain when hungry
  158. My body is rebelling
  159. digestive issues
  160. Indention on left thigh
  161. Accidental ingestion of drugs will i die
  162. Getting the gag reflex when I get excited or nervous
  163. Rapid heart beat + dizziness?
  164. is the tap water unhealthy?
  165. Sleepiness
  166. Burning in head and headache
  167. Coughing Blood in the morning
  168. Worried about multiple pains new and old
  169. Hip, Rib and Back Pain
  170. Help! Intestinal Problems!
  171. Novocaine clears sinuses
  172. Pain in right side of head and behind right eye?
  173. Weird pain when sneezing...
  174. Mucus lump and Gurgle in throat after swallowing
  175. Pain in Upper Right Abdomen under rib cage
  176. So worried
  177. Thanks for a wonderful site
  178. nail color
  179. itchy red spots on stomach
  180. Acute Trauma C-Spine
  181. Help understanding blood results
  182. Tarlov Cyst
  183. Not sure which board to go to for this ?
  184. Help Understanding MRI MRA Results
  185. muscle infection?
  186. spasm?
  187. Need help understanding X-ray results
  188. Feels like hunger pangs
  189. confused..
  190. I'm not sure what this is, any ideas?
  191. Endocrine disorder Myxoedema
  192. bunion surgery with pins recovery with boot
  193. Now what?
  194. Not sure where to post this issues.
  195. bump between legs
  196. Cervical MRI results
  197. Does anyone know what could have caused this to happen. Very scary :/
  198. Tramadol Detox
  199. Foot issues
  200. A safe and strong combination of supplements!
  201. lump on my baby's right axillary
  202. hairy arms and legs
  203. Scared again!
  204. Pots Sydrome Question
  205. burning pain
  206. Tonsillectomy?
  207. Lump on my neck below ear
  208. FEEDBACK/advise on BACK issue. DECISION time and I dont know what to do
  209. Need some answers, Severed Extensor tendon
  210. blood test results for 5 year old
  211. Lump on lower right back
  212. 4 years of ringing ears, neck pain, and cloudy vision.
  213. what should i do?i can't breathe
  214. horrible feeling of choking
  215. Feet Problem
  216. Is ADULT Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome possible?
  217. HUGE lump under my lip!
  218. How tall do you think I can become?
  219. What is Olestra's other name on package labeling?
  220. Dizzy, headaches, nausea
  221. Help ???
  222. Gullian Barre
  223. Openness with therapist
  224. Medication Cost
  225. what else can it be?
  226. Lrp
  227. Alcohol and Anxiety
  228. Clavicle bone lump
  229. Some Kind of Head Problem
  230. Does Wellbutrin help with the irritable side effects of Adderall?
  231. please help diagnose me!
  232. Rapid heart beat
  233. Anyone who can help with TTP!
  234. 96.1 F Temp... What is this?
  235. Understanding Spine MRI Results
  236. sensation on the face and ringing on right ear
  237. weird feelings
  238. Getting a diagnosis
  239. help, what's wrong?
  240. Am I in risk of vCJD? Is there any test available?
  241. belly button
  242. Sensitivity in fingers
  243. sweaty hands
  244. Does anyone else suffer from schistisomiasis?
  245. Weird pain..
  246. Undiagnosed illness
  247. Knee problem
  248. Job Interview +physical but I have a very Temporary Injury (Fracture)
  249. Wavy Lines in Periperal Vision
  250. POTS Dizzy, racing heart, can't walk....