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  1. can a pulled/strained muscle cause low blood sugar?
  2. Is Mayo Rochester better then Jacksonville?
  3. what is total bilirubin 2.7%
  4. Employer asking for return to work
  5. Any kind of physical exertion makes my head feel so "drugged"
  6. Swollen Calf :confused:
  7. Swollen Lymph Nodes
  8. We are losing our Kids to OXYCODONE!!
  9. slightly elevated alp liver enzyme
  10. My hand fell asleep and won't wake up...
  11. crackling breathing sound
  12. Afternoon Cortisol drop and then night elavation
  13. breathing problem with a heaviness in chest and lungs not taking in enough oxygen and
  14. high b12 blood level
  15. 16 year old with heart pain
  16. IV meds administered incorrectly
  17. developing dry cough after taking a fall
  18. Tri cyclen lo and antibiotics, help!
  19. Artificial Sweeteners & sore throat
  20. In pain and don't know what to do...
  21. can skin cysts cause low iron?
  22. Throat Problem
  23. Acromioclavicular (AC Shoulder) separation
  24. low white blood cell count
  25. Palm/Wrist Pain, enlarged vein??
  26. Eczema with no family history?
  27. What is Glycosylated Serum Protein?
  28. I'm 16 and I'm angry and frustrated all the time
  29. Stomach pains after taking paracetamol?
  30. Is there a so called virus that causes lightheadedness???
  31. Mystery vomiting
  32. Hemianopsia - Stroke? Migraine? or TIA?
  33. urine color is very dark yellow
  34. high white blood cell count
  35. red and yellow spots on chest
  36. Why does alcohol relieve my hypothyroidism brain fog!!?
  37. Do I tell my dentist I was bulimic?
  38. cervical cancer
  39. My U/s results showed two hypoechoic solid nodules in my Thyroid
  40. i almost fainted for no reason
  41. lump sensation in throat and sensations of breathlessness
  42. blood plasma donation vs. high red count
  43. Unable to eat (going days without any food) due to illness: what should I do?
  44. Strange Feeling in my head
  45. can't get my ring off of a swollen finger
  46. abdominal pulse
  47. Spinal Tap Recovery? PLEASE HELP!
  48. I'm always falling asleep. Could it be Narcolepsy?
  49. Adult Fetal Alcohol Syndrome / fae / fasd
  50. blue lump in middle finger joint
  51. Glomus Tumor
  52. My food is running right through me :/
  53. Odd red streaks on inner thighs, aren't going away.
  54. Chronic wrist pain at least four years?
  55. spontaneous venous rupture
  56. ankle swelling after knee dislocation
  57. Funny feeling in stomach, ora and dizziness
  58. Orange Tongue
  59. ASGUS rated at cin3 twice in 6 months and fertility after 2 leeps
  60. Symptoms: Anxiety, shaky hands, skin infections, etc.
  61. Accidently Sprayed sunscreen in my mouth
  62. Why do I have white patches on my lower abdomen and upper groin area?
  63. B12 injections
  64. Whiplash 1 Year after ACDF (C5-C6-C7)
  65. Cholesterol, Vytoria
  66. shooting nerve pain in head
  67. Awful thirst and hair falling out...Kidney/Diabetes?
  68. Removed Mole
  69. recovery from cystocele surgery
  70. Horrendous muscle aches after a cold/flu - anyone heard of this?
  71. Quitting sleep medications...specifically Ambien CR
  72. geen/yellow tongue & producing lots of phlegm especially after eating
  73. Diarrhea 3 days in a row mostly in the morning
  74. Extreme Tailbone pain! Please help :(
  75. Severe Lower Right Abdomen Pains.
  76. Adhesive allergy/burn?
  77. Missing Pain Meds for Pill Count
  78. Intolerance/sensitivity to heat, excessive sweating, overheating etc: what causes it?
  79. Can't digest meat
  80. Undiagnosed chest pain - driving me crazy!
  81. never drinks water, how does she survive?
  82. Recurring belly button abscess.
  83. Geez, _what_ is going on with me?
  84. blood test results, any advices?
  85. rib cage
  86. Dry Hacking Cough for extended time
  87. Various symptoms - Sleep apnea, nasal problems, dizziness, heaches, eye floaters, etc
  88. Chiggers-no more itch
  89. Back pain, Fever, and Stretch Marks?
  90. middle of chest hurts sometimes (like swallowing hard)
  91. Anxiety in early morning/worry
  92. Coughing small amounts of white phlegm
  93. Sickness/Diarrhea -on/off month.. Getting worse. Please Help.. Im really worried :(
  94. large navicular bone pain
  95. FSH results: deciper all these numbers??
  96. blood test results
  97. tarsal tunnel surgery
  98. Did something to my ankle, no swelling
  99. high cpk and elevated uric acid
  100. I have little red pink spots on my skin than doesn't hurt.
  101. 3 Years of Chest Pain (Sharp and Dull)
  102. Bronchitis from allergies?
  103. endometosis
  104. nerve twitching
  105. I need help with lung flutter and back pain
  106. Stomach Pain when hungry
  107. tingleing an numbness in right hand for over a weeek now
  108. tetanus shots
  109. Minerex
  110. Constipation question/suggestions
  111. itchy welts under apron of stomach
  112. Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
  113. Stomach problems. Age 16 female??
  114. chest injury caused by sneezing
  115. Silent Migraines or Thyroid Brain Fog?
  116. Swelling in my foot
  117. Twitching cheek
  118. pilonidal cyst maybe?
  119. Pain in the lower right back of the head
  120. Palpitations, Shortness of Breath, and more.
  121. Diarrhea and little brown grape-lookin' things in stool
  122. Terbinafine
  123. Large lump under my left armpit? (recurring)
  124. tramadol script
  125. Scraped off my tastebuds...(?)
  126. When is it safe to drink alcohol after taking 4000mg of Tylenol?
  127. vomiting 13 year old for 13 days!!
  128. Staph or Spider Bite or WHAT?!
  129. Allergic to Metronidazole...am I still?
  130. Pretty sure I am dying, but hope not. No Health Insurance or money. Any advice?
  131. Random Muscle Cramps
  132. High Iron Serum, Everything else normal?
  133. Lipoma on shoulder
  134. Neck/Shoulder pain with alcohol consumption
  135. Hydrocephalus Shunt Query
  136. Is it normal to love something you hate after quitting energy drinks?.
  137. bactrim rash or allergy please help!!
  138. Arm turned brown after iron IV infusion. HELP!
  139. Question about propranolol & fast heart rate
  140. Please help diagnose me!! Swollen Lymph Nodes and Joint Pain!
  141. I don't know what's wrong with me?
  142. Nasal and Chest Congestion for 3 months
  143. Low Hemaglobin, Hematocrit, High MCH, High Platelets and Fever
  144. White spots on Cervical Spine MRI
  145. I'm constantly getting sick...is something wrong with me?
  146. Right buttcheek pain
  147. Cancer Survivor/Vegan Low Platelet Issues
  148. Feels like something stuck in the back of my throat
  149. brain vibrations/dizzy
  150. Elevated ASO - knee pain - 18 year old
  151. pain and prednisone
  152. Having to stop LITHIUM after 30 years
  153. just diagnosed with an ovarion cyst
  154. Low WBC and High Monocytes...any help please?
  155. Shoulder MRI findings
  156. what is leukopenia
  157. can you still have a blood cot when taking warfarin
  158. moles appearing from scabs?
  159. Pains in Joints, hands & feet and stomach
  160. How long for chalazion (lump on eyelid) to go away on own?
  161. my mums whole body hurts...
  162. Piercing foot pain
  163. my left leg has a burning sensation near to my feet
  164. Phlebitis
  165. Shortness of Breath at rest
  166. Ibuprofen for injury to rt arm now reflux issues
  167. History of high blood sugar - just went to Lantus
  168. Help...arm pain?
  169. Can anyone diagonise...?
  170. Discolouring of the skin
  171. Vitamins got rid of my PMDD
  172. My Mother Says it’s an Iron Deficiency…I Say it’s Stress
  173. I vomited neon yellow this morning.....
  174. High Ferritin levels
  175. what can cause pinhead sized red spots on my legs
  176. gurgling sound in ear
  177. i have bad breathing problems please help
  178. body temperature is consistently at 97 degrees
  179. random chest pain
  180. Has anybody tried COLOCYNTH for sciatica ?
  181. Cystoscopy retrograde stone manipulation
  182. how to improve my legs with full of scars
  183. numbness that is best described like socks that have bunched up in my shoe
  184. Kidney stones
  185. I know its not normal but..
  186. Is this more than a cold?
  187. Is this Marfan Syndrome
  188. Chest pain/lump in throat/muscle pain/tingling
  189. I'm injured but can't afford care
  190. What the heck is wrong with me?
  191. Muscle aches, lightheadedness after meals, twitching, ears closing
  192. What is Radiesse Injection for Vocal cords?
  193. Cheek Lump
  194. High Calcium and Potassium Levels in Mom
  195. what is the expiration date of tums?
  196. Knee issue.
  197. Shoulder Surgery Soon - Need Your Advice
  198. Pain in vein after blood draw
  199. both hands and feet go numb
  200. Glandular fever.
  201. Estrace 0.01% cream
  202. Permanent Lump after Tetanus/Pertussis Vaccination
  203. diagnosed with plantar fibroma / plantar fibromatosis
  204. fingernail ripped off
  205. Oral Diseases? (HELP PLEASE)
  206. Throbbing pain in outer upper right arm
  207. how to eliminate or minimize butt crack sweat
  208. help
  209. Mystery illness, extreme thirst, off and on for a year
  210. What is wrong with me? This is long. PLEASE HELP.
  211. paradox reaction to benzodiazepines, permanent damage?
  212. low WBC, high monocytes
  213. how long can trapped gas last in your system?
  214. dizziness going on 2 weeks....going crazy
  215. cure for a very sticky phlegm
  216. cortisone injection
  217. why is my white cell count always 3.1
  218. embarassing problem!
  219. q-tip pushed too far down ear
  220. Solid thyroid nodule
  221. Someone explain what these MRI results mean & More
  222. Levaquin problem! help??
  223. Lip bump?
  224. LONG term Albuterol effects
  225. Fatty cysts and lumps
  226. pain in the right side of my neck when i swallow
  227. Neurological / tendon issues and levaquin, prednisone and other assorted
  228. bowel loops in foetal abdomen
  229. uneven womb
  230. gag reflex is killing me
  231. dermatomyositis and blood vessels
  232. Soreness high on right buttock / hip
  233. fluid around the lungs after valve replacement
  234. At 22, I have chest pressure, dizziness, panic, hot/cold flashes, etc.
  235. Numb neck
  236. Ice pack burn/frostbite
  237. Red bumps all over my body!
  238. shins hurt bad! can barely walk sometimes
  239. how long the pain on a lung blood clot
  240. Ischial Bursitis/Weavers Bottom
  241. surgical incision issues
  242. Ammonia levels high! some questions!
  243. dizziness upon rising from bed
  244. Stomach ache (stress related or not?).
  245. What alternatives are there forVick Sinex nasal spray addiction
  246. TMJ Arthritis/Malocclusion Question
  247. Is Cholesterol Plaque Permanent Damage?
  248. Chipped Bone in my ankle
  249. Yellow Discharge from Runny Nose
  250. weird feelings