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  1. Fasting blood test(s) question
  2. molluscum contagiosum
  3. Question about severly assymetrical deformed rib cage
  4. Testosterone Blood Test Results please help!
  5. Epilepsy is ruining my life.
  6. Low Iron & a Chromosome Abnormality
  7. Cardiac Ablation Procedure
  8. polymyalgia rheumatica
  9. 45 years of Sugar...Go figure
  10. ...DIURETICS...?? and their affect on potassium & magnesium
  11. pinched ulnar nerve?
  12. Mole Removed - small raised spot?
  13. Could this be epilepsy or just a panic attack or seizure?
  14. Levaquin and side-effects
  15. Head tenderness and indentation
  16. itching,burning,rash-like cracked feet.
  17. symptoms GIVING ME BAD ANXIETY! halp
  18. constant chest discomfort all day long for 8 weeks and counting
  19. Detox Levaquin
  20. I am on Prednisone again, should i just not take it?
  21. hard painless lump under left rib cage
  22. Fall asleep no problem but for only 3-5 hours....
  23. MYL in medication?
  24. sulfur burps and sulfur gas
  25. sudden diminished hearing in one ear
  26. Can't breathe for short time after hitting/falling on my back
  27. Severe Bloating
  28. i keep getting electrical static shocks :( PLEASE HELP ME
  29. Broken index finger knuckle.
  30. Mitral Valve Repair Surgery
  31. Blood test results
  32. Heart Palpitations at night!
  33. Amoxicillin - time to work?
  34. no appetite, fatigue and weight loss
  35. Creepy crawly feelings
  36. Turn your head and cough...?
  37. Right Paraspinal Mass??
  38. Can someone please tell me how tryptophan works and how much is a low dose??
  39. skin diease
  40. sperm count
  41. Severe Migraine Headaches
  42. Warm Mist Vaporizer Question
  43. automatic and programmable blood pressure monitors
  44. Coreg and Stomach Aches?
  45. Polycythemia Vera
  46. Testicular problem
  47. Chest Vibrating / Shaking
  48. prolonged menstrual bleeding- 3 weeks
  49. Kidneny Stone, Kidney Infection, or UTI?
  50. lump under skin on finger
  51. Pinpoint Red Dots on Skin
  52. Are my nipples normal?
  53. How to cure my hand tremor
  54. how to store human sperm after ejaculation
  55. back pain after chiropractor adjustment
  56. I have a d dimer of 700 .
  57. withdrawal from Parnate( an mao)
  58. Neurological problem? im 16, have many frightening symptoms
  59. large toenail - new growth
  60. Persistent cough post Pneumothorax VATS surgery
  61. Help!...I Can't Satisfy My Hunger
  62. Please help! No one can tell me whats wrong with me.
  63. Methotrexate Side effects?
  64. Swollen, itchy, tingling fingertips
  65. painful lumps near spine on neck
  66. Weird Round Rash on Inner Thighs
  67. Treatments for PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease)
  68. Constantly dizzy & still undiagnosed-can anyone help me?
  69. Do I have Anemia? PLEASE HELP
  70. Seeking an ORGANIC Marmite?
  71. Chronic gasto-neurogical problems.
  72. Anyone else have trouble with Staph Infections?
  73. snoring loud before passing away
  74. Side effect of expired milk
  75. hamstring pains and tightness
  76. cysts on Liver and Kidney!
  77. Bloating from "ANYTHING"
  78. High Potassium & HGM levels...meaning?
  79. Septic Shock - Please help
  80. Please, please help me. Weird arm sensations/dodgy vein
  81. Urge to urinate very often.
  82. Swollen knee, no pain and no injury....don't know what it is :(
  83. Tongue biopsy?
  84. Help me understand my carpal tunnel!
  85. tongue swelling
  86. on going too many different pains.. what is wrong with me ?
  87. Broken ribs?
  88. internal and external lipomas
  89. CO% and CO# in blood test
  90. why does my toe hurt when i press on it?
  91. recurring staph infection?
  92. Rapid heart rate...need help....
  93. Help.. I dont know what is wrong with me? Advice needed desperately :/ thanks..
  94. I feel so alone and in agony, please help!
  95. Unusual pain in lower left abdominal?
  96. Downward Growing Fingernails
  97. MRI burn
  98. Plastic Surgery: Rhinoplasty Revision
  99. not absorbing Vitamin D
  100. Severe Stomach Pain -- Any Answers?
  101. lower back injury and serious swelling
  102. Blank outs
  103. sticky phlegm
  104. Never thirsty!
  105. I am scared (ercp)
  106. Bad coughing, now side pains!!
  107. don't know where to post since all I know is what it's NOT....
  108. I am now referred to as the "HOUSE" patient
  109. Chewing tobacco alternative
  110. Why am I angry all the time?
  111. Hip/Abdominal/Pelvic Pain...doctor's don't know. Need ideas.
  112. On Going Chest Pains, Sugery didn't fix, Elevated Liver/lipase levels
  113. sharp shooting pain in upper right back, chest and shoulder
  114. natural treatment for cervical dysplasia???
  115. Please help me name this symptom
  116. Help!... At a loss and getting depressed
  117. bump on uvula
  118. Doctor seems stumped!
  119. upper front tooth infection
  120. hair and eyebrows falling out
  121. Twitching Face
  122. why do my muscles ache after doing housework
  123. Lip stings on corners/sides
  124. Piriformis syndrome or sciatica
  125. Sharp left upper arm pain when moved
  126. ache/pressure left side
  127. How to Increase Sperms count !
  128. Appendicitis symptoms?
  129. leg pain worse while lying down
  130. General feeling of unwellness
  131. Is it possible to change from a weakling to someone strong?
  132. My nephew gets drunk after eating sugar.
  133. torn frenulum
  134. calf pain
  135. Offbalance dizziness tiredness weakness etc whats wrong? Ideas?
  136. what can an xray see?
  137. Headaches, dizzyness, nausea, and pressure at base of skull
  138. Tremors/Shakiness Inside Chest??
  139. Diverticulitis and black stool
  140. Poor circulation in arms and hands
  141. Lazy/Tired Legs Problem. Help PLZ!
  142. What is an acceptable wait time in a doctors office?
  143. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Surgery
  144. Shakiness inside
  145. Wierd Symptoms that may be unrelated, or related?
  146. I have had a weird ringing in my ear/ears for the past 5 weeks
  147. Constantly feeling sick
  148. Black Lines on Thumbnail?
  149. Incessant Cough
  150. Rapid weight loss or no? You judge.
  151. werid itchy rash
  152. undiagnosed pain
  153. Legs hurting, taking klor con m10
  154. Weird bump in back of throat after i eat???
  155. I'm having a weird pain in my side....
  156. large mass/tumor on upper right thigh/hip
  157. Sick of feeling unwell
  158. knees and the bloody tibial tuberosity
  159. Pulsating in head???
  160. Meniscus?
  161. need help diagnosing head/brain "issue"
  162. Feeling hyper on antibiotics??
  163. Worried about the Colorado altitude! Please help!!
  164. vocal chord paralysis
  165. Trembling when fealing a little cold
  166. after haveing a pumanary embolism
  167. Sprained wrist bartending
  168. Pain left shoulder,neck,ear,eye,temple,and in head above the eye
  169. PVC/PACs
  170. so many people in pain needlessly, looking at these posts -so sad
  171. spontaneous rupture of veins in fingers and/or hands, feet
  172. High ALT, GGT, and Uric Acid levels
  173. 25 year old female with yellow circles around eyes
  174. unbalanced
  175. Green and yellow poo
  176. Why eat beets?
  177. internal and external shaking
  178. Hard painful lump inside elbow!
  179. Anyone have experience with Mayo Clinic Jacksonville?
  180. Red 'Scar Like' Lines on my back.
  181. large hard lump on chest (male)
  182. Elevated H&H, Jak2 negative... Hemochromatosis,PV...Looking for answers!!
  183. Asthma, constant chest tightening.
  184. Lump behind my ear associated with back pain?
  185. HELP! I feel like i'm going to pass out while driving....
  186. Hpylori
  187. m protein
  188. Blood Smear
  189. Neutrophils abs
  190. Large lump
  191. Cheek Bone Injury
  192. High blood pressure
  193. Wierd Skin irritation/White itchy bumps!!
  194. connection between abnormal lab values and TPN dependency
  195. Question regarding Morphine...
  196. False positive on Saliva Alcohol swab!!
  197. Multiple Shoulder Surgeries?
  198. i'm 18 years old & Possible dignosis PV or ET ( Doctors don't know :( ..)
  199. Lower abdominal cramps
  200. Canadian Looking for Comprehensive Healthcare Centre in US
  201. damage from joint cracking
  202. Moveable lump in stomach , please help!!!!
  203. Gag reflex after drinking liquid! Please help!?
  204. Reaction to Power Port
  205. Throwing up every morning
  206. Embarrassing issue - Flatulence & Borborygmus
  207. 12-18 hours of sleep daily, still tired!
  208. Dull pain in left side of pelvic region
  209. Very swollen & painful groin lymph nodes
  210. Bible Bumps
  211. Have a small painless pimple on the back of my neck, please help!
  212. Strange lab results...help
  213. Do you get nervous before doctor's appointments?
  214. undiagnosed illness- cant find any info and could do with some help if possible
  215. Total Protein number
  216. mini stroke or pinched nerve?? Need advise
  217. No appetite but gained lots of weight
  218. Lumps on inside of elbows (where bicep meets the forearm)
  219. Lithomin?
  220. Can lipomas become inflamed?
  221. Ripping sound in elbow?
  222. any danger from metal splinter?
  223. Blood Test interpretation - Low MPV
  224. chest pain when I move my shoulders... help!!
  225. right rib, burning pain
  226. Aches, Pains & Numbness
  227. Neutrophils and Leukocytes
  228. Query about Polycysts / Menstruation/ VAginal Itching and Discharge.
  229. Tingling face
  230. Dizzy, weak, tight chest...what's up?
  231. Labcorp LOST MY URINE SPECIMAN.. What should I do?
  232. subconjunctival hemorrhage & head trauma
  233. floaters and allergies
  234. Punch biopsy?
  235. Sneezing black mucus?
  236. Smooth Muscle blood test
  237. Permanently Swollen Lymph Node (Now over a decade)
  238. septic shock
  239. Help...I just found out my boyfriend has herpes
  240. Guys feel like going cross eyed?
  241. I have lumps in different parts of my body
  242. Strange feeling in lower right abdomen after taking Excedrin
  243. Is Beer Unhealthy?
  244. What is the best cough medicine?
  245. acetone use associated problems
  246. Elbow problems :(
  247. Strange stomach discomfort (+mucus)
  248. Polycythemia
  249. soooo many mosquito bites!!!
  250. Panadol & Alcohol mix