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  1. I sliced my right palm area open
  2. One Thigh is Bigger Than The Other
  3. Rash on hands/wrists or feet that comes back now and then
  4. High Prolactin Levels!!!
  5. Chocolate and caffeine
  6. accessory navicular bone injury/surgery
  7. Ankle fusion help
  8. Burning smell and taste
  9. Heartburn & Constipation
  10. Swollen soft palate
  11. Small second-degree burn- oozing
  12. banged elbow
  13. Cracked finger tips on both hands
  14. dizzy and nausea after ejaculation
  15. Speech, mixed up words, etc
  16. Severe Depression from Gabapentin Withdrawal?
  17. Random UA's and my Doctor
  18. fasciculations, severe & sudden joint pain
  19. Severe Dizziness and Fatigue
  20. saliva leak while sleeping
  21. biaxin and flonase
  22. Fingernails are white
  23. Right shoulder, right chest, upper arm and abdomen muscle pain (right side of body)
  24. Window open or closed?
  25. How can we rule out kidney problem when we find cause of leg edema
  26. Swelling (edema) on right leg what that can be due to?
  27. Hard stomach...
  28. numb scalp
  29. Haematoma - Blood Test
  30. High maintanence child with bad attitude at home
  31. Is is possible to have a relapse of Mono?
  32. evens syndrome
  33. Neck, Back, Scapula, Rib Cage Pain!
  34. i'm looking for advise on muscle spasms
  35. feel fluids running down my left part of chest and straight down my chest as well
  36. Cant stop vomitting...stomach really hurts
  37. can I get blood work done when I am sick?
  38. Underarm painful lump
  39. Constant shoulder blade pain
  40. BURNING above elbows IN MUSCLES
  41. Throat closing and cant swallow
  42. Itchy muscles???
  43. Seizures, numbness in leg, ect.
  44. scaphoid fractures
  45. Congestion after eating meals
  46. Blood Pressure Monitoring
  47. low sodium level
  48. I'm 15 and have a lump on my left testicle
  49. Dull Ache Under Bottom Left Rib
  50. Ultrasound Clinic in Canada,Ontario.How to get license?
  51. Where do I go from here??/suggestions
  52. Is Novacaine considerd anesthesia?......
  53. endocrinologist exam
  54. Insect bites?
  55. gout attacks all over
  56. shortness of breath or asthma which is it?????
  57. Chest pain that wont go away! please help!
  58. MRSA infection PLEASE HEELLPP!!!!
  59. Is a 102 fever for a 5 year old too high?
  60. Chemical Burn in the Anus Area?
  61. Hard to breathe and feels weird when I inhale or take a deep breath
  62. Ear Pain...Worse At Night
  63. Parathyroid Doctor in Minnesota
  64. What is a SED RATE? A blood test for ....?
  65. strange feeling in my chest
  66. what does onion body odor mean
  67. little cuts in corners of mouth
  68. Questions about bone marrow
  69. HI I Need some major help
  70. Little lump on foot
  71. clicking OR pop feeling in heart beat
  72. Lump on chin
  73. Frequent mini-dizzy spells followed with tingling/numbness in fingers, face, and lips
  74. Phlegm problem
  75. It's Been going on for a long time and I'm fed up...
  76. Spinal Cord is too thin
  77. Bloody Nose
  78. Dr. did drug screen on ds15 without his/my knowledge or consent.
  79. how do i locate my tonsils?
  80. False Negative Test Results???
  81. plantar fasciitis
  82. Swollen Lymph Node/Parotid Gland??? Help!
  83. Constant Nausea for two and a half weeks.....
  84. i'm feeling pain and cold sensation in the upper left arm, what is it?
  85. Artificial sweeteners & Pleurisy
  86. 18 year old with chest pain
  87. I have a c5 fracture on my neck, and I have halo on, need INFO!
  88. Cost of dermatologist?
  89. gagging, choking
  90. Weird feeling on the top of my head
  91. Serious skin rash
  92. Habit/Obsession of Stretching stomach. Help!
  93. burning leg sensation
  94. Rectal fissures
  95. frozen shoulder
  96. CSF Leak Following Bacterial Meningitis - Can I ever fly again?
  97. Numb Fingertips - need advice
  98. hot flashes?
  99. how to get rid of stomach heat
  100. headache, sore neck, rash ???
  101. C6 C7 problems...any advice??
  102. Constant Nausea+other symptoms
  103. Burning near Trachea and in ear - Any Help is Apreciated.
  104. Horrible pain in middle chest sternum area....
  105. unexplained bruise
  106. abnormal ct scan abnormal neoragical exam normal mri?
  107. Ammonia smell
  108. i have had pityriasis rosea for about 8 months ,,,,
  109. Vitamin B12 deficiency- causes?
  110. What could a white bump in the throat be with burning?
  111. tongue goes numb and my vision is blurry
  112. Unknown Diagnosis
  113. Hi everyone can anyone tell me about a positive Babinskiís Sign?
  114. How can one person have so many health issues?
  115. Toxic Poisioned,Soooo sick! Doctor doesn't know what is wrong with me. PLEASE HELP.
  116. painkiller reducing coughing reflex - good or bad?
  117. leg indentation, need help now!
  118. Stitches Under a Cast?
  119. Large unmovable lump above and to left of adams apple
  120. What Causes Fingernails to Turn under
  121. Disappearing lump after painful breath?
  122. what could cause a incision to sting?
  123. how long till sertraline kicks in ?
  124. Internal Quivers...anyone experience this?
  125. Lump Under Scalp
  126. Thigh Feels Wet!
  127. My mouth feels and tastes weird!
  128. why do i get red only on one side of my face?
  129. Need diagnosis...stomach pain.
  130. Forteo Tests
  131. food poisoning!???
  132. Help with a question
  133. Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
  134. Lip numb after surgery
  135. severe stomach pain - now bad pain in back
  136. cyst with hip pain
  137. anachoice (tm) screen/positive
  138. Any comments about Radio Frequency Neurolysis for L4 & L5?
  139. 4 months pregnant and developing lumps on my shins
  140. Bump under my toe and swellen toe and top of foot hurts near toe, can anyone help me?
  141. ibprofen 800 mg and a bad stomach ache?
  142. Erectile Dysfunction / Viagra use for teen
  143. self medicating with xanax
  144. Weird Stool Issue - Orange Jelly?!
  145. Conch bullosa
  146. Golden ring gives a black skin, why?
  147. Could my son be autistic?
  148. 58 to 60 bpm heart rate, but 2 to 4 in a row--anything to worry about?
  149. Blood balls under skin
  150. was not sure where to post this broken shoulder advice please
  151. how is spinach,tomato & beetroot soup for kid
  152. Numb Tongue and Blood from Nose - VERY worried!
  153. Causes for rapid unexplained weight loss...
  154. Upset Stomach and Frequent Urination
  155. why does my stomach and my left side hurt
  156. Weird Chills
  157. how long do you have to keep your foot off after bone graft surgery?
  158. Jaw make gravel sound hard to close
  159. Why do I pespire after eating chocolate/candy?
  160. Terrible stomach pains from gas every 3-4 months
  161. when i sneeze i get really bad chest pains and its hard for me to breathe
  162. Darker / deeper voice medicine
  163. last stages of cirrhosis of the liver
  164. Knobs on collarbone
  165. What can I do to bring/stop my menstral cycle
  166. Hip Replacement Surgery and Rehab
  167. Clindamycin cause tongue sores?
  168. I Have Sharp Painful Heart Flutters!
  169. allergic to sulfa?
  170. Septated Ovarian cyst cont...
  171. I have a white bump on my uvula, what is it?
  172. Front of right leg numb from the knee to the ankle...
  173. How contagious is Herpes?
  174. Ache Behind Knee
  175. Ovarian Cyst!
  176. hungry all the time whats wrong with me
  177. my legs hurt they keep bruising very easily sore achy stiff pain what's wrong?
  178. Can enlarged Adenoids cause an extremely sensitive gag reflex?
  179. LIke Antifreeze
  180. What happens after I complete my 9 months of prostap???????
  181. i have pityriasis rosea skin condition
  182. loss of mobility and lumps in hands and feet
  183. Unknown Lump or "hump" in the middle of my upper chest
  184. Currently having some abdominal pain that is getting severe
  185. Fever and sore eyes
  186. Back pain after eating corn
  187. Nerve conduction test,dont know whats wrong..
  188. Pain in Right Side Unexplained
  189. Brown tongue
  190. Dislocated Shoulder
  191. Persistent pain in left leg
  192. Chest and back pain issues
  193. Xlif Surgery
  194. Detecting possible anurism.
  195. Bilateral Morton's Neuromas
  196. Has anyone every experienced this? What is it? Zoomed out vision...
  197. Colon Adhesions Anyone?
  198. The whole body suddenly jerks during the day
  199. Feels like plastic coming through the skin
  200. What does this CAT scan finding mean????
  201. NOt sure if i have an oral yeast infection.
  202. hunger pains and constant burping!
  203. Whats wrong with me?
  204. Ischial Bursitis/Weavers Bottom
  205. 21 and feel like I have every health problem in the book - please help
  206. help I think my brother is selling drugs?
  207. Laparscopy surgery and abdominal Rectus muscle strain & nerve entrapment
  208. Sudden surges in blood pressure
  209. Allergies? Or something more?
  210. Does anyone have attacks like these?
  211. Shudder
  212. Muscle twitching
  213. total exhaustion.......any advice
  214. Gas-x Question! Please Reply!
  215. Mold under toe?
  216. hives from activia yogurt?
  217. Extremely Hyperactive Gag Reflex
  218. Internal Quivering (or shaking)
  219. lumps in muscle tissue
  220. Air conditioners causing headaches?
  221. unforced alien sounding burps that smell like rotten egg
  222. I never burp!!!
  223. Chronic Radiating Pain in Arm
  224. Worried About My Girlfriend :'( - fainting
  225. Dark Circles Under Eyes.......Any Surgeries?
  226. Itchy Burning Legs (Thighs), Painful When Scratched
  227. Please Help Identify Symptons-Research resulted in mixed results
  228. dizzy spelles
  229. how long to wait to shower after eating
  230. convulsions while passed out?
  231. i feel like i'm bobbing up and down in water still!
  232. small lump in pubic hair area
  233. Aspirin overdose?
  234. Pain in upper left arm.
  235. Maxillary Frenectomy
  236. Finger Discolored
  237. Bakers Cyst ???
  238. Nausea and Vomiting 24/7
  239. Reaction to bleaching tray
  240. Wellbutrin & Adderall
  241. I have this weird pain in my neck, can it be because of a pinched nerve?
  242. Rush of blood to the head while I lift weights?
  243. Diarrhea
  244. Unbearable burning and pain in arm..
  245. why do I have a swollen and sore ankle?
  246. shoulder popping
  247. Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.
  248. Skin Abscess
  249. Post Nasal Drip/Chronic Bad Breath
  250. Severe intestinal pain and diarrhea: What food could be causing this?