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  12. am i too stupid for ppl
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  19. hi
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  22. obsessive... please help
  23. Don't know what to do
  24. Am I feeling too emotional sensitive or is it others making me feel worthless?
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  28. Please help diagnose me.
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  32. Could I have a personality disorder, or could it just be Asperger's turned evil?
  33. lack of empathy
  34. Borderline Personality Disorder. Can anyone else relate?
  35. So I have derealization/depersonalization..
  36. Are racing thoughts a side effect of borderline personality disorder??
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  41. Please help me: Am I a sociopath?
  42. Does BPD really have to be a life sentence?
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  44. Histrionic disorder...
  45. Letter from a Narcissist
  46. I have some sociopathic tendencies.
  47. I'm slow at work... how do I make a living?
  48. I'm lonely because I'm so easily triggered
  49. my childhood was horrible and because of that I got split personality.
  50. I feel trapped by my dysfunctional mind
  51. Depression vs personality disorder
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  60. Borderline Personality Disorder
  61. Does anyone w/BPD experience the following?..
  62. sociopath
  63. Dependant personality disorder
  64. why am i antisocial
  65. Is this a personality disorder or just selfishness?
  66. talking himself and laughing
  67. BPD Treatment DBT?
  68. Am i a sociopath
  69. I'm angry all the time.
  70. Depression and / or BPD?
  71. borderline personality disorder- confused
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  73. "Messed Up" doesn't even describe it
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  77. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)
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  79. why am i becoming so mean
  80. Stress..
  81. Borderline Personality Disorder
  82. histrionic personality disorder?
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  84. Double Life
  85. Two Minds one body? Advice
  86. Serotonin Discontinuation Syndrome
  87. I don't understand myself.
  88. Depersonalization Disorder
  89. For anyone who thinks they may have or someone else has a personality disorder.
  90. angry and hyper
  91. Can anyone please say something calming...
  92. Borderline in every sense...
  93. Its like theres 2 people in my head
  94. No Emotion
  95. i would realy really appreciate it if someone took the time out to actually read this
  96. The Relationship Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Split Personalities?
  97. i am always tired, angry, and irritated
  98. Dependent Personality Disorder -Please help me!
  99. is it possible to be semi-sociopathic?
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  101. Anyone ever challenged their Dr's or shrink over diagnosis of BPD?
  102. Pervasive Developmental Disorder-NOS diagnosis at 16
  103. I often feel tired and lack motivation to do anything. What's wrong with me?
  104. The Borderline-Narcissistic-Antisocial Combination
  105. New to the group - I just got diagnosed with BPD
  106. Is there a cure for BPD?
  107. i think i have SERIOUS social issues
  108. Is borderline personality disorder inheritable?
  109. Paranoid Personality Disorder
  110. why am i antisocial?
  111. I work full time, and on my days off I'm super depressed. What's wrong with me?
  112. When times get tough...the BPD is back with a vengeance
  113. Being a BP in a relationship
  114. If somebody relates to this? I don't know what I have.
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  117. I think I "outgrew" borderline personality disorder!
  118. Dual Personality
  119. A new beginning
  120. New name for Borderline Personality Disorder
  121. My story about being one of the first to have border line disorder
  122. This is not a Relationship Health, Caretaker's, or Parenting Board....
  123. I feel like my brain changes every 6 months or so........
  124. Cyclical mood disorder
  125. BPD dating BPD???
  126. Sociopath...
  127. Binging/Addictive/Compulsive Behaviour
  128. :confused: confidence an paranoia issues....MY LIFE BEIN TOTALLY AFFECTED :(
  129. Histrionic Personality Disorder
  130. Schizotypal Personality Disorder
  131. Serious questions about BPD
  132. Feel like my head is not all there.
  133. i think im a sociopath
  134. Avoidant Personality Disorder
  135. Borderline-Narcissistic Comorbidity
  136. minor avoidant personality disorder?
  137. Help....am I crazy, paranoid, or just someone that nobody likes???
  138. Compulsive talking to self
  139. BPD + NPD + alcohol/substance addiction
  140. Avoidant Personality: Good Jobs
  141. question about borderline personality
  142. how to get rid of narcissistic personality disorder
  143. lying instead of facing reality
  144. Is BPD a mental illness?
  145. Dealing with anger of BPD gf
  146. Constant & destructive urge for years to try drugs
  147. How to deal with neurosis?
  148. paranoid personality disorder
  149. Schizoid and Schizotypal Personality disorder
  150. Why are my moods so inconsistent on a day-to-day basis?
  151. Queitapine- Schizophrenia & Personality Disorder.
  152. Lost love because of BPD... Please help!
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  157. Can drugs damage my "eggs"?
  158. Emotionally Guarded?
  159. I've become a bit of a wreck..
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  161. not sure what personality disorder I have
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  164. Do all people with Borderline personality disorder cheat?
  165. Fresh new update
  166. I'm schizoid...and UPSET. (emotion, yes)
  167. bpd......my nightmare coming to life
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  169. strange behaviour
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  171. My emotions....how it feels to have bpd...sigh
  172. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder
  173. Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder
  174. What causes borderline personality disorder?
  175. Is it possible to have a mixture of personality disorders?
  176. How do you define personality disorder?
  177. Any Help Would Be GREAT !!
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  179. What on earth is wrong with my head?
  180. Social Mute
  181. Lost sense of self?
  182. Does Anyone Else With Bpd Have Trouble Keeping Friends?
  183. Do I have a social problem???? PLEASE HELP, I AM SO CONFUSED!!!
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  186. temper problem...how to resolve?
  187. People with personality disorders bully and label others as mentally ill.
  188. What is Borderline personality Disorder?
  189. does this mean i have a personality disorder or what does this mean because i dont
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  191. What are MAOI's
  192. i think im messed up.....
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  195. narcissist...how
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  202. how accurate are those online personality disorder test
  203. always looking for something new
  204. I am so MEAN!
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  212. Borderline Personality Disorder