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  1. Switching Pill Time
  2. 3+ weeks off Yasmin
  3. Stopping BCP
  4. took a pill out of order
  5. Headaches from Estrogen withdrawal?
  6. Antibiotics and Yasmin...what to do?
  7. more than 12hrs late taking first pill of next pack
  8. Upset about Seasonique
  9. Breakthrough bleeding...
  10. Condom broke, sperm killer?
  11. weight gain on Yasmin?
  12. Stopping Yasmin
  13. Should I come off my pill?
  14. IUD help!
  15. only taking active pills..chance of pg and what it would do?
  16. Quitting the pill after 7 years
  17. Levlen vs. Ortho Novum
  18. switched from depo to nuvaring
  19. YAZ birth control pill and light periods
  20. Missed Pills
  21. Have you taken the pill just for menopause problems?
  22. Please read anyone who takes Ortho Novum 1/35?????
  23. What if you skip a month on the Pill?
  24. Has anyone suffered depression while on ortho tri-cyclen lo?
  25. Birth Control/ Condoms
  26. double dosed pill last night
  27. Hunger
  28. First Time BC - Microgestin FE 1/20
  29. Weight Gain with Diane 35?
  30. NuvaRing and Breast Enlargement
  31. Yasmin or Tricyclen Lo?
  32. Depression and Contraceptive pills
  33. Yaz and start and length of period
  34. Switching pills.....again?
  35. Wanted: a pill that does not increase breast size
  36. Cramping worse on the pill than before?
  37. missed period after morning after pill?!
  38. Breakthrough bleeding/safe sex?
  39. From Depo to Loestrin Fe 1/20
  40. Can Stress cause my period to be late even though I'm on BC?
  41. Just started taking yasmin and have breast tenderness is it normal?
  42. When going back on the pill...
  43. Nuvaring questions
  44. Common to miss a period?
  45. skipping placebo pills
  46. which bc makes periods lighter?
  47. Missed Pills, What are the chances??
  48. Mini pill Cerazette?
  49. No Period on 4th Week on pills?
  50. late pills, placebos, changing brands...
  51. Apri BC PILL
  52. Going off ortho lo
  53. Alesse to Yasmin advice
  54. Switching birth control question
  55. How long is pill adjustment period? other options?
  56. levora
  57. morning after pill - heavy bleeding problems!
  58. Missed Pill on Day 14
  59. A questions on Fermodene - The Pill
  60. From Triphasil to Trivora to Junel 1/30 Fe
  61. Early period on the pill
  62. Depo shot but period ended 2 weeks ago
  63. Spotting after skipping sugar pills
  64. IUD, for those thinking of getting one and have questions
  65. For those gaining weight on BC..some info for you
  66. large blood clots after taking pill!!!
  67. BC and "tricking" the body into thinking it's pregnant...
  68. tubes tied and got pregnant dont know what next
  69. Why do we still get our period while on birth control?
  70. Started the pill too early & Tri Sprintec?
  71. can i delay period with the pill?
  72. Breakthrough bleeding after 7 years on Mircette
  73. Depo or the pill?
  74. Starting back on the Nuvaring, LOTS of questions. Any input is appreciated!
  75. Scared of BC YAZ now...
  76. Switching brands
  77. Charting my AF
  78. Need to delay one week!
  79. Missed 2 days and bleeding a lot now!!!
  80. Estelle-35ED - question
  81. Irregular bleeding
  82. Breast growth and birth control.
  83. from ortho tri cyclen lo to something new?!?
  84. Yasmin 28
  85. Birth Control & antibiotics!
  86. I've lost my sex drive!
  87. Depo, Breakthru Bleeding, and Ibuprofin
  88. Trinessa vs. TriSprintec?
  89. Should I switch pills mid-pack or finish the cycle?
  90. Switching from Depo to the pill
  91. question about taking the pill to start period...
  92. "Mini Pill"? -- nothing else has worked...
  93. Safe without a condom
  94. headaches after coming off nuvaring?
  95. Sick after taking a pill
  96. severe cramping
  97. clocks turned back
  98. NuvaRing-going off- bleeding for weeks!!!
  99. I lost a pill...
  100. Period won't stop
  101. Breakthrough Bleeding with Loestrin 24 FE
  102. Bleeding wont stop
  103. Can I switch brands after only a month?
  104. Sunday start for Aviane?
  105. Nuvaring and going in water
  106. Just switched to NuvaRing and had no period...normal?
  107. getting off the patch + skipped period??
  108. Ortho Tri Cyclen!!!! HeLp!!
  109. smoking and the pill
  110. YAZ and Cortisol Levels
  111. Kariva Birth Control
  112. Anyone Use YAZ? - Please read
  113. I need your opinions on Kariva
  114. Depo Provera Users, Please Read
  115. About Depo Provera
  116. Microgestin 1.5/30
  117. Will the pills straighten out my period?
  118. How much weight do you gain when you go on birth control?
  119. Birth Control Pills and Emergency Contraception (PLAN B)
  120. Birth Control and Coffee?
  121. is diane 35 a birth control?
  122. Getting IUD when I am not on period
  123. I'm losing my hair!
  124. Stopping Nuvaring.
  125. Late Period after break from Yasmin
  126. severe bleeding and clotting when taking pill
  127. When do I start Nuva Ring?
  128. When is the best time to put in an IUD
  129. Has this happened to anyone else??
  130. depo provera and atrophic vaginitis
  131. Anyone out there switched from Yaz to Mircette?
  132. What's going on?
  133. Anyone using Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo?
  134. Anyone using Depo who didn't want to get pregnant EVER
  135. Stopped pill, no period yet.
  136. Anyone on Trivora?
  137. Mirena IUD for cysts/heavy periods
  138. My wife has been off Depo for 9 months....
  139. Switched birth control and no period yet
  140. on Yasmin and didn't get my period yet---is something wrong?
  141. Nuvaring & weight question
  142. starting stopping
  143. Nor-QD
  144. Birth control and acne
  145. Yaz
  146. Has anyone tried to "phase" out the pill?
  147. Ovcon 35 help
  148. Yasmin Effects Update
  149. Yeast infection after stopping birth control.
  150. Ovary pain?
  151. When should spotting stop?
  152. IUD vs Pill
  153. ovcon birthcontrol
  154. seeking reassurance (spotting)
  155. Calf Cramping w/ Yaz
  156. What to expect switching from Yaz to Yasmin??
  157. Ortho Evra Irregularity
  158. Could I become pregnant while receiving the depo shot?
  159. tried to skip?
  160. Ortho Cyclen
  161. Yaz... not the miracle pill I once thought it to be
  162. I recently switched b/c...experiencing a VERY light period.
  163. Birth-control patch label warns of risk
  164. Birth Control and Anxiety?
  165. Yaz (or Yasmin...) to NuvaRing?
  166. Missed period for two months after ending BCP...Normal????
  167. changing the pill input please
  168. Brown Stringy vaginal discharge
  169. on BC but Spotting & the Condom Broke!
  170. Can going off ortho evra patch cause an itchy rash?
  171. Birth control for 14 year old
  172. birth control options
  173. Spermicide is Bad for You??
  174. Yasmin Experience So Far..
  175. Besides Depo-Any other 3 month shot?
  176. Diane-35 and sadness/depression?
  177. Birth control and cellulite
  178. As much as I loved Mircette...
  179. Spotting?
  180. Marvelon 21 tablets
  181. low progestin BC pills
  182. Has anyone found yasmin helpful for mood swings?
  183. beta blockers & birth control pills
  184. Please help a guy out with a "pill" question
  185. I want my libido back! How long?
  186. Nuva Ring
  187. effects of stopping the pill help!
  188. Burning Urination on Birth Control Pills
  189. Depo provera vs. IVU
  190. first week of second month?
  191. Going off 'the pill"
  192. Levora???
  193. New to YASMIN a few questions can someone please answer?!!
  194. Please help! Expired pills and unprotected sex..
  195. Out of Stock Triphasil-28
  196. Mid-cycle cramping?
  197. Reduced effectiveness from switching pills?
  198. Is birth control really as bad as everyone here makes it seem?
  199. sex on placebo pills?
  200. Skipped a few pills this month...
  201. Anyone experience this?
  202. Anyone taking the mini pill? Need info.
  203. Switching from Yaz to Yasmin b/c of $$
  204. TriNessa vs Orthotricyclen
  205. yasmin and insurance?? or bcp & insurance in general?!
  206. has anyone been on nordette/levora?
  207. Evening primrose oil for breast pain -- questions??
  208. Depo & Plan B Help?!
  209. mircette, skipped last week, now have period. help!
  210. Depo Shot? Any Info?
  211. Ortho-lo heavy flow & cramping?
  212. out of town...forgot pill!
  213. I'm 48 yrs old & just started Yaz!!
  214. ejaculating inside me?
  215. Any Copper IUD users here? What is your experience?
  216. your period, birth control (yaz), and sex
  217. btb on Yasmin after skipping placebo weeks
  218. Bleeding after taking antibiotics?
  219. How many have had breast tenderness on microgestin?
  220. What exactly is spotting?????
  221. Junel fe 1/20???
  222. Missed period on Yaz
  223. Possibly switching from Tri-Sprintec
  224. Noviday?
  225. heavy bleeding 1st week of pills,put on methergine?
  226. Mirena removed surgically yesterday
  227. how do you know if you're getting a blood clot
  228. Birth Control To Regulate Periods?
  229. Is sex with clothes on safe?
  230. Yeast Infections cause by Pill?
  231. Stopped the pill, tender breasts
  232. Ortho TriCyclen Question
  233. birth control and condom
  234. on tri-cyclen, early period halfway thru dark blue pills, when to start new pack???
  235. The lowdown on Yasmin! Must read...
  236. weight loss when pill stopped?
  237. Side effects with Yaz
  238. Yasmin and Topamax?! Help!!
  239. Micronor (or Errin generic) and periods?
  240. Stopping the pill??!!
  241. Loestrin 24 - to skip or not to skip....
  242. 1 day late start on BC Pack
  243. Loestrin?
  244. starting lutera, want feedback
  245. Hm...where's my period?
  246. Stopped BCP, still no period??
  247. Just started Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo
  248. reliability of Microgestin?
  249. BC and Paxil
  250. Just started the Pill for the first time - some general questions