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  1. Does heat alter effectiveness?
  2. Birth control what meds ect. can mess up the the effectiveness
  3. Desogen & Skin
  4. Tri-Cyclen and Bloating
  5. pricing and insurance
  6. Birth Control And Tanning?
  7. Ovcon 35 And Weight?
  8. Ovulation on the Pill
  9. Switching Birth Control Pills question?
  10. switching bc stop spotting
  11. Tri Levlen Questions
  12. iud question
  13. I'm SO SCARED to start Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo!!!
  14. Natural Family Planning
  15. How am i protected on the 4th week of the pill?
  16. Diane-35 BCP
  17. Horrible side effects from Alesse
  18. BC compact cases
  19. Tri- Sprintec: What is with the gain?
  20. Yasmin...how do you like it?
  21. BC Pill Vs. Nuvaring
  22. ortho Micronor
  23. NEW to Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo...i have a few questions.
  24. No Period?
  25. help im about to lose my virginity and i dont know what birth control to use!
  26. Depo Causing Yeast Infection?
  27. IUDs
  28. Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo (or) Ortho Evra??
  29. Does birth control make you taste bitter?
  30. ortho-Tri-cyclen
  31. Antibiotics and Seasonale
  32. Skipping periods sucessfully on Diane-35?
  33. skipping the placebo week?
  34. Does weight affect birth control?
  35. Going off Seasonale and hoping for weight loss...
  36. coming off evra patch?
  37. Nuva Ring
  38. Missed Pill
  39. Pregnant and ON THE PILL!!
  40. Sore Breasts - Ouch!
  41. Yeast Infection from pill?
  42. Should I go off Seasonale?? I'm torn...
  43. had my period for almost 2 weeks straight!???
  44. effects of taking Plan B pill
  45. stopping birth control
  46. Estrostep vs. Kariva
  47. A very serious question about Alesse 28
  48. Diane 35 or Yasmin?
  49. Can the pill be inserted in the vagina?
  50. does taking BC a few hours late make it not work?
  51. Can I use my pill brand for emergency contraception?
  52. Can birth control cause unwanted body hair?
  53. Birth control and Migraines
  54. Stopped BC and still no period
  55. Stopping BCP & weight loss??
  56. trusting the pill
  57. low sex drive (birth control?)
  58. Vitamin B, BCP and depression
  59. Plan B Morning After Pill Questions.
  60. OTC vs. ortho lo for acne
  61. stopping the pill?
  62. Anyone Taking Desogen?
  63. On the pill: Bleeding during sex
  64. Birth control pill and taste
  65. Birth Control and lactating
  66. Monophasic pills for acne
  67. How do you gain 20lbs on the pill??????
  68. Cramping on Estrostep?
  69. when am i safe...7 days? 2 weeks? or 1 month?
  70. Sleeping Aids and the Pill?
  71. LOOK here: monophasic and triphasic pills
  72. Depo weight loss, blood loss
  73. Side effects of POP pills.....
  74. STILL no period after stopping bcp 3 months ago, anyone else?
  75. Microgynon 20/Mircette OPINIONS.
  76. mentrual flow and depo
  77. Skip period on Nuvaring?
  78. Pills in hot car?
  79. Can you wear the patch continuously?
  80. Sex on 5th day of first taking the pill.. am i safe?
  81. ***Best Pill to take continuously?***
  82. Early Period - Brown Discharge
  83. Can i switch from Day1 start to Sunday Start?
  84. Showering and pool with patch on?
  85. First time using the pill..kinda late period
  86. Discontinuing Ortho Evra
  87. FIRST TIME BIRTH CONTROL USER...anxious about taking the pill
  88. Microgestin Fe 1/20
  89. Question about BC (skipping sugar pills)
  90. Has anyone taken Alesse continuous?
  91. Low sex drive on the pill..
  92. Skipping My Period and Estrostep Fe
  93. Tingling, Numbness with Depo
  94. Pregnancy and IUDs
  95. Birth Control Patch
  96. Messed up BCP schedule
  97. Effects of stopping the pill abrubptly?
  98. Estrostep FE
  99. Missed Period!! Please Help!
  100. Anyone have multiple periods on minipill?
  101. 9th day on pill and sex
  102. Tri-cyclen
  103. Sex for first time JUSt condom okay?
  104. Ortho Cyclen and Zithromax interaction
  105. Excessive hair growth after going off Depo
  106. Brown spot (melasma) on face
  107. Contraceptive pill free days
  108. ortho tri lo, sex on the green pills??
  109. BCP and the immune system??
  110. Very Worried!! PLEASE HELP!!! 2 months late
  111. the pill & blood clots
  112. To others who take birth control pills to supress there period.
  113. switching from depo to patch
  114. Same time, everyday?
  115. BC after EC?
  116. Generic BC and spotting
  117. Anyone switch from Loestrin (or Microgestin) 1/30 FE to 1/20 FE?
  118. Nervous, just started the patch
  119. Is birth control bad?
  120. Experiences with Aviane!
  121. Seasonale and Acne
  122. Depo and Antibiotics
  123. Antibiotics and birth control?
  124. Birth Control Pills And Diet Pills= Less Effective???
  125. From Depo to NuvaRing
  126. The Sun and Birth Control
  127. Nuvaring Insertion Date?
  128. pill 3 hours late
  129. Scared about starting Yasmin!!
  130. Brown patches on face and Yasmin
  131. Ovcon-35 - No period?
  132. Is Spermicide alone and a condom better than a spermicide condom?
  133. Eye "floaters" and BC
  134. Wheres my period??
  135. Question on the patch
  136. when does your period usually come?
  137. Yasmin and IBS?
  138. has anyone tried ovcon?
  139. heavy period
  140. Switch from ortho-tricyclen high to low and subsequent spotting
  141. PLEASE HELP! How long for BCP to get out of system...
  142. What are the actual chances?
  143. Birth control and weight gain?
  144. question about orto-tri cyclen lo
  145. seasonale and early bleeding
  146. Planned Parenthood (again)
  147. Ovcon-35
  148. Mirena and scar tissue with cervix
  149. Facial spider veins and adult acne after stopping bc
  150. Condom, Spermicide, and Birth Control? How Effective?
  151. Off of Yasmine, On Ortho Try Cyclen and still in Pain!
  152. starting the pill and the period that wont go away!
  153. Levora Side Effects
  154. Condom & Pill Question
  155. sex with out a condom
  156. Yasmin birthcontrol & weight gain
  157. BAD Cramps on BC????
  158. Birth control pills for period cramps
  160. My period won't stop!
  161. Weight gain from Apri
  162. Good news about The Patch Ortho Evra...
  163. After the Depo shot my period won't stop!
  164. Mircette & Depression
  165. Birth control and breast size...
  166. Possibility of Pregnancy on last day of "active" pill after stopping
  167. Nordette to Levlen - depression?
  168. anyone on estrostep fe...
  169. Depo Provera efficacy?
  170. Ortho Evra/pregnancy question
  171. Changing Starting day/Moving period date.. Help!!
  172. Nuvaring users Please Respond
  173. Second Hand Smoke + Pill
  174. breakthrough bleeding - every pack on day 8
  175. Took Morning After Pill - should I get IUD too? Scared! :(
  176. Seasonale
  177. Switching from Depo shot to the pill
  178. Monophaisic BC (besides Seasonale) used for 4 periods/year?
  179. I got a Paragard IUD Inserted- Others' Experiences?
  180. Late period after stopping Birth Control
  181. Ortho Novum and yeast infections?
  182. New to the Patch! Creases?
  183. skipping period using BC, still bleeding?
  184. estrostep/estrostep fe?
  185. Cramps/Nausea- After 4 months?
  186. Breast pain...
  187. advice please: nuvaring & breakthrough bleeding?!?
  188. Still have sex when soon going off the pill?
  189. Microgestin...anyone on this?
  190. Depo and sore breasts
  191. Skipped period last month
  192. Ovcon 35
  193. When to start my pill...I'm so confused...haha
  194. did i "miss" my pill?
  195. Do all the pills cotain the exact same amount of hormones?
  196. Switching from Ortho Tricyclen to NuvaRing
  197. Calling all Kariva users
  198. PLEASE HELP! Birth Control Pills/ Honeymoon/ Breakthrough Bleeding
  199. worse than mood swings?
  200. Just Went off Ortho Evra and have a question
  201. othro cyclen
  202. The pill = weight gain?
  203. ortho-tri: anyone just like me?
  204. Ortho evra & Breast growth ??
  205. skipping period
  206. GF back to back periods within week and a half??
  207. taking pill to get cycle back on track
  208. No sex drive...
  209. breakthrough bleeding?
  210. Early and Long period
  211. Stopping the Pill? What to expect
  212. discharge and ortho evra
  213. Ortho Evra - Late Period caused by late patch change??????
  214. Does Omega 3-6-9 decrease effectiveness?
  215. Birth Control Pills Side Effects
  216. Intercourse & birth control, pregnancy risk?
  217. Mircette and Nausea
  218. Desogen
  219. Missed Pill-Estrostep FE
  220. Switched from Necon to Ortho Novum - and now something's wrong
  221. BCPs & antibiotics
  222. Gaining weight since stopping the pill
  223. depression, mood swings, and the birth control pill
  224. Questions on Tri-sprintec
  225. Will the bleeding stop?
  226. BC Pills and Wisom Teeth Removal???
  227. Ortho Tri-Cyclen
  228. birth control ad antibiotics
  229. Low Blood Sugar
  230. ~Should I take a break or go to the next pack?~
  231. Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo and skipping periods.
  232. Yasmine questions
  233. Birth Control causing discharge?
  234. Could I be pregnant?
  235. first period off the pill....
  236. Which is better for Oily skin nuva ring or ortho evra patch?
  237. changing bc pill type from ortho tri-cyclene to estrostep
  238. Can I take yasmin two days after my periods ?
  239. Help! I want to start my period a week early
  240. Yasmin, good or bad? Should it be discontinued?
  241. stopped the pill... period missing!
  242. Worried, when to expect period?
  243. Monophasic VS triphasic - which is better?
  244. Skipping a period
  245. Ortho Tri-Cyclen
  246. How many months until the pill regulates your cycle
  247. birth control question/new to this
  248. I can't feel the strings!
  249. Stopping for just 1 month
  250. Alesse effectivness