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  1. going from the pill to the shot how effective is it?
  2. looking for some other opinions
  3. Micronor
  4. Period while on pill??
  5. Side Effects starting after a year on TriNessa
  6. how long does it take for yaz to work
  7. Antibiotics
  8. What time is the SAME time?
  9. Symptoms of Yaz
  10. crisis!!!!
  11. how long after stopping necon will period start
  12. Missing Period after stopping birth control...?
  13. more questions??
  14. birth control
  15. Birth Contol Pill and Anticonvulsants
  16. Yasmin ... irreglar bleeding normal ?
  17. how not to get my period this month
  18. yaz what if i skipped one pill
  19. Opinions on the sponge
  20. Birth Control and Emotions
  21. nuva ring
  22. how to skip period with IUD. Start BC?
  23. mid pack
  24. Levonelle
  25. should i get back on depo shot
  26. Is Diane a dangerours birth control pill?
  27. Is it the Yaz or something else??? Advice?!?!
  28. breast pain after stopping pill
  29. Switching birth control pills
  30. quiting birth conrtol
  31. yasmin tab.
  32. how long should you wait after taking yasmin birth conrol before you try to get prgna
  33. sponge or diaphram
  34. getting off the pill.....
  35. Safe?
  36. What to do when the only option of BC is condoms?
  37. BC Pills & Sex Drive
  38. starting on new BC pill but need to ask some ques
  39. Seasonique
  40. taking BC and changing time zones
  41. composition of Loestrin 24
  42. Loestrin 24 Question??
  43. Ortho-Novum/Necon
  44. Seasonale and spotting/mood swings. Does switching to Seasonique help?
  45. Nervous..what's going on?
  46. how to use famila-28
  47. Can you postpone a period with POPs?
  48. Please offer your thoughts
  49. Coming of the pill
  50. Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo and my problems
  51. Just wanted to post my positive (so far!) experience with Yaz
  52. Birth control pills...when to take them
  53. For ladies who use a diaphragm - can you help?
  54. what days can you become pregnant on yaz 7th day
  55. anyone know anything about Provera?
  56. stopping bcps... and switching to iud
  57. sore nipple - what can it be?
  58. yaz side effects
  59. Will this weight that I've gained stay on me forever?!
  60. Choosing a pill & orthro tri cyclen
  61. Yaz & Painful Intercourse
  62. Questions/concerns
  63. questions, curiosity, and a pled to know some answers...
  64. Problems after restarting Yaz?
  65. spotting on yaz
  66. Can you take birthcontrols with anti-depressants?
  67. birth control/pregnancy
  68. Started Junel Fe 1/20 and hate it!!!
  69. What do you think about the IUD?
  70. Missing (but not missing) my period..
  71. Missing (but not missing) my period..
  72. pcos linked to depo provera
  73. Side effects of Loestrin 24
  74. Depo Provera and Injectable Birth Control
  75. Could I Be Pregnant?
  76. Micronor Problems
  77. Yaz--Weight gain?
  78. Do Generic and Name Brand BC Pills Have A Difference?
  79. Spotting on last active pill?????
  80. iud
  81. Have had Mirena for OVER a year and am still BLEEDING
  82. Ortho Evra - Week off
  83. Low-Ogestrel--breast swelling?
  84. airborne?
  85. Ovulation and the Pill
  86. i just switched to loestrin 24 and i keep bleeding. how can i stop?
  87. HPV shot while on birth control?
  88. Have sex 3 times a day - best contraceptive
  89. missed pills! what do i do?
  90. how long does it take kariva birth control to be active
  91. how long before regular periods after depo shot
  92. Pain after intercourse due to IUD?
  93. spotting after pill switch
  94. changing pills
  95. Loestrin - First time user
  96. merena iud today
  97. any new NovaSure procedures done recently?
  98. the depo shot
  99. for those who have been on depo. maybe you can help.
  100. Time of day for taking pill
  101. late period?
  102. Does taking birth control over the age of 35 decrease your ability to get pregnant?
  103. trisprintec 28
  104. bcp and weight gain
  105. Plan B side effects
  106. Pulling out + spermicide
  107. how to stop breakthrough bleeding yasmin
  108. Girlfriend seems to have no sex drive anymore, what to do?....
  109. what can happen if taking trinessa birth control when pregnant
  110. lack of sex drive, depression, can't lose weight, bc related?
  111. Question for long-term BC users
  112. Any birth control methods that aren't hard on heart??
  113. i can't lubricate naturally anymore... Can the pill have an effect like this ?
  114. how much does yaz cost?
  115. Loestrin Fe 1/20
  116. Missed 4 pills
  117. period during my third week of active pills
  118. There HAS to be a better (non-hormonal) way!
  119. when to start taking Yaz to ensure my period begins on a sunday
  120. why am i having my period on YAZ
  121. yaz
  122. where can clamps from tubal ligation go
  123. migraine when seasonale bc stopped
  124. Mirena IUD Question
  125. Birth COntrol Question.
  126. YAZ Birth Control- patients at risk
  127. Is this just cramps? 1st month IUD, please help!
  128. loestrin24fe
  129. Can I get some help?
  130. Cycling your period w/ BC
  131. Pregnant While on Birth Control
  132. the pill and being sick
  133. weird symptoms...?
  134. On the pill, spotting...is it still effective?
  135. had my period for two weeks how can i make it stop
  136. two week period??
  137. dry mouth
  138. ortho evra and period troubles
  139. Plan B....Hmmmmm
  140. how many days does it take before yasmin starts working?
  141. Horrible headaches
  142. Most reliable Non-Hormonal method?
  143. The Pill = Too Emotional!
  144. Trying to skip period
  145. The pill and travel
  146. possible pill failure?
  147. Kinda freakin out...
  148. Birth Control pills
  149. how to get off of Nuva ring
  150. When to start Apri
  151. where am I in my cycle
  152. Yaz...No period yet?
  153. Seeking some input
  154. Sprintec and weight gain?
  155. Does Yaz Make You Gain Weight
  156. Birth Control Pills May Clog Arteries?
  157. starting a pack of yaz birth control
  158. Sigh..breakthrough bleeding
  159. Diaphram Tips?
  160. Getting an IUD
  161. Period One Day Early and Lasted One Day HELP!!
  162. how long does it take yaz symptoms to go away after stopping ?
  163. Birth control effects on libido
  164. Question from a man...
  165. libido
  166. Nuva Ring:
  167. Long period while on BC?
  168. 7 hours late taking 2nd plan B dose
  169. Can you skip the last pill of your pack?
  170. Getting Copper (Paraguard) IUD and nervous - anybody with experience?
  171. On Alesse 28...did I start wrong?
  172. Lybrel Birth Control
  173. lostrin 24 birth cnotrol pills
  174. yaz birth control pills
  175. Stopping Birth control and side effects
  176. ?confused?
  177. Who to go to...
  178. how to skip period with yaz
  179. Yaz Please Help Emergency.
  180. YAZ - makes feel so cold?
  181. Getting off BCP
  182. I stopped taking the pill mid pack and did not get a period what happens?
  183. Birth control, contraceptive sponge, spermicie? can i use them all together?
  184. sick of pills, Hows the Lea's Shield?
  185. Price of Marvelon Birth Control-ANSWER ASAP!
  186. Are you seriously FERTILE every month on the pill??? Help!!!
  187. Loestrin 24FE
  188. Pregnancy Question
  189. birth control
  190. What Are Possibilities Of Me Geeting Pregnant After First Depro Injection
  191. Deciding (The pill or shot?)
  192. anyone use the Lea's Shield or diaphrame or other barrier...
  193. just started Nevua Ring
  194. Alesse nausea and long period
  195. Confused...need some advice from women who know!
  196. how long does it take for your body to regulate to birth control pills?
  197. What are some of the symptoms while going off BC=Orthro-TriCyclen
  198. I can't stand the weight gain with the Mirena IUD
  199. when should period start after taking placebo on mircette birth control
  200. Switching to Yaz...good and bad stories?
  201. Mirena
  202. Odd Breakthrough bleeding, and long period
  203. how long it takes for yaz to take effect
  204. Just started Alesse. Looking for some advice
  205. yaz birthcontrol
  206. what is happend some one got birth control shot after knew already pregenate?
  207. how long to use yasmin to regulate hormones and acne
  208. Pregnancy whilst Mirena coil in place!!!
  209. Something wrong?
  210. breakthrough bleeding
  211. Side effects of BC or pregnancy...?
  212. Seasonique Birth Control
  213. ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN LO with my period mess up
  214. does NOR-Q-D make breasts grow
  215. how long does it take for birth control to work
  216. changing from trinessa to trisprintec
  217. New pill new stuff
  218. going off Micronor birth control when will I get period
  219. Yaz BC, should I try it?
  220. Depression/Mood Swings & BC
  221. Daine-Yasmin-I think I'm slowly going crazy
  222. Mirena side effects for lactating women
  223. seasonique
  224. Pregnant with IUD?
  225. Question..please answer
  226. bleeding with copper t iud
  227. depo shot
  228. Yasmin
  229. black....???
  230. need advise
  231. what to do after taking depo shot for the first time and i started bleeding non stop
  232. Paragard??
  233. Seasonique?
  234. Loestrin 24 Fe Start Time
  235. Thoughts appreciated
  236. birth control
  237. How to Use Birth Control
  238. when i stop my birth control after 2 weeks will i start my period
  239. Yaz - pushing me overboard?
  240. Using contraceptives while on the pill
  241. Birth Control Questions
  242. cramping when you get the paraguard IUD?
  243. bleeding after two weeks of having my period
  244. Yasmin - Week 3
  245. Question
  246. Has my IUD gone bad?
  247. Lost a Birth Control Pill
  248. when to start pill?
  249. missed a week of BC, pregnancy symptoms with neg. test
  250. Ortho Evra Question....