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  1. Could I become pregnant-Kariva
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  6. in need of URGENT response
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  13. My breasts shrank on implanon?
  14. Alesse and decrease in breast size
  15. Plan B emergency contraception Blood Clot risk??
  16. Brown Discharge on Birth Control
  17. On the pill but had unprotected sex....
  18. Junel Fe just switched, breakthrough bleeding normal?
  19. Anyone use Seasonique for ovarian cysts?
  20. Possibility of blood clots after just nine days on tri sprintec
  21. Sick bug during 7 day break, still protected?
  22. tricyclen lo and 1 missed dose, very worried
  23. Microgynon 30 and diarrhoea! Had diarrhoea 1 hour after taking it! Help!
  24. Uncharacteristic Breakthrough Bleeding
  25. On Microgynon 30 & took fluconazole capsule for thrush! Affects birth control? Help!
  26. Is it weird that I still feel nauseous after over a week?
  27. Is this anxiety related to my birth control?
  28. Condom broke BUT IM ON BIRTH CONTROL!
  29. Missed pills, vaginal discharge after restarting them, pregnant?
  30. birth control and antibiotics. HELP
  31. Loestrin/Junel/Microgestin - your thoughts?
  32. alesse/sronyx birth control pill and major weird side effects and symptoms.
  33. Husband had vasectomy, it's been 42 days since the first day of my last period??
  34. Emergency contraception and hair growth
  35. On the pill, Implantation bleeding?!
  36. junel fe 1/20 vs microgestrin
  37. On Depo Provera... heard stuff about rubbing injection site?
  38. Girlfriend's low libido with nuvaring - possible solutions??
  39. Hair Loss after stopping BC
  40. Alesse and Breast Tenderness?
  41. Just stopped BC- - no period?
  42. >>Nuvaring Side Effects ??<<
  43. Gianvi birth control causing her to be very depressed?
  44. Late period after stopping birth control pills
  45. On the pill, missed period and discharge.
  46. Took Levlen ED late, now period is late too! Please HELP!!!
  47. early period after stopping the pill??
  48. microgynon 30 with placebo to without placebo, yet no period?
  49. Breakthrough Bleeding on Pill Again
  50. Missed Pill on Lutera BC, sex the next day, instructions say we should be ok?
  51. Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo Missed Pill
  52. Bloating- Loestrin 24
  53. Breakthrough Bleeding after 1 year with Loestrin 24FE
  54. First time pill use and St John's Wort
  55. Implanon side effects and Implanon removal side effects
  56. Shortening 7 day break on combined pill?
  57. Birth control that doesnt cause acne?
  58. Prestogen only pill
  59. Just started Alesse and won't stop bleeding/heavy "spotting"
  60. Tri Sprintec
  61. LoSeasonique cramping & bleeding
  62. Missed 2 pills, missed period, Am I pregnant?
  63. Loestrin Fe 24 Side Effects?
  64. Spotting Before Period - This has been happening for years!
  65. Bactrim DS and Sprintec
  66. Messed up my pill taking schedule
  67. Contraceptive Effects Are Giving Me Stress
  68. Skipping Periods and Bloating?
  69. Best birth control for endometriosis???
  70. Loestrin 24 FE- Lots of bleeding.
  71. Microgestin FE 1/20 & Breakthrough Bleeding
  72. Nuvaring & Insomnia???? PLEASE HELP! :(
  73. LoSeasonique question
  74. when you start a new pack of pills, can you get pregnant?
  75. Levlen Weight Gain
  76. Help with Microgestin fe 1 20
  77. Microgestin fe 1 20 caused me Acne
  78. Switching Back and Forth
  79. Post Mirena
  80. Is pregnancy possible on Depo?
  81. Microgestin 21 1/20? estrogen dose in it?
  82. Advice on Nuvaring (need to skip a month)
  83. Been spotting for 8 days...never have before..been on pill for 3 years (Sronyx)
  84. Alternative to Yasmin options
  85. Vomiting on Mirena
  86. Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, periods
  87. Lost pills!
  88. Lost my Pills!
  89. Periods, sex, and birth control
  90. Thinking of switching from depo shot to micronor
  91. about missing placebo pills
  92. Concerned about girlfriend on Implanon
  93. Birth Control Prednisone Spotting
  94. Getting the pill at Planned Parenthood???
  95. Pregnancy Scare One Month Post Birth Control
  96. Microgestin...Light almost no period and discharge?
  97. Contraceptive implant
  98. Early Period! Started on birth control 4 months ago and it comes early EVERY month
  99. Switched from Loestrin to Junel and gained weight!
  100. Possible effectiveness decrease with fioricet
  101. What is your favorite birth control pill?
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  103. Odor from Tri-Sprintec??
  104. switching bc, and missed period?
  105. Estrogen Deficiency cause by Depo Provera
  106. missed last active pill
  107. Implanon gone/ Hello Lybrel
  108. Severe Mood Problem with Nuvaring! Help!
  109. Birth Control Causing More Frequent UTI's? Microgestine Fe 1.5/30
  110. Implanon problems?
  111. RLQ pain and mirena
  112. Generic Birth Control messing with health?
  113. Loestrin 24 Fe and missed periods?
  114. Missing period after stopping the pill
  115. On Birth Control and Bleeding
  116. Nuvaring side effects?
  117. Aviane?
  118. Should I be worried about my Mirena IUD?
  119. Dianette to Microlite
  120. Severe Side Effects While Taking and then Stopping the Pill
  121. Birth control after Sex (Urgent)
  122. Re: My breasts shrunk! Does anyone know why??
  123. Scared to go on birth control pills
  124. Junel Fe (Loestrin)
  125. Nuvaring?
  126. Mircette/Kavira, Break-Through Bleeding, and Skipping a Period
  127. Can the doctor prescribe me anything to stop my period?
  128. Period Stop Completely after Essure OR..pregnant?
  129. Pharmacy Switching Brands
  130. Stopping Loestrin 24
  131. Stopping my withdrawal bleed
  132. symbols on Karvia
  133. Patch or Mini pill?
  134. Hives with Kariva?
  135. Birth Control Side Effects
  136. Lo/Ovral (Lo/Ogestrel), Mirena, Implanon
  137. Birth control and acid reflux/GERD?
  138. Missed 4 days of birth control...a couple questions (Tri-Sprintec)
  139. i threw up four hours after i took my birth control.....
  140. fever with Loestrin 24 Fe?
  141. Three weeks of bleeding on Seasonale.
  142. Yasmin vs Ocella
  143. Stopped birth control - no period
  144. Tri-Sprintec Questions
  145. cramping and IUD?
  146. Tri-Sprintec: Spotting in 3rd week, none in 4th-- Protected?
  147. Question about Alesse
  148. Portia Birth Control and Side Effects
  149. Help..IUD problem.
  150. Switched BC Method; Am I protected? Plan B?
  151. Switched Birth Control Methods And Then Condom Broke
  152. Junel Fe
  153. Missing and overtaking birth control
  154. Switching From Diane35 to Yasmine
  155. Trinessa vs Tri-Sprintec
  156. Still no period 4 months after going off pill
  157. Is Mirena less effective for obese women?
  158. Apri-28
  159. Need Micronor help please
  160. question about kariva (mircette)
  161. Microgestin 1.5/30
  162. Puliminary Embulism (blood Clots) on Sprintec
  163. Morning-after pill TWICE in one week - did it delay ovulation?
  164. lo loestrin
  165. switching from depo to alesse?asap
  166. Have 3 days left of my regular pills, condom broke
  167. Depo-Provera Withdrawals
  168. Demulan v.s loestrin 24 fe and endometrisosis
  169. Birth Control Comparison
  170. Skipping Period With Ortho Evra Patch & Possible Pregnancy.
  171. spotting/bleeding/cramping while on active pills
  172. period 3 days late on apri 28 birth control pills, is this okay!!?
  173. mood swings on seasonale
  174. Switch from IUD to NuvaRing
  175. Issues switching Trisprintec to Trinessa
  176. The birth control patch, antibiotics and bleeding?
  177. Period every 2 months vs 1 or 3?
  178. just recently switched to microgestin
  179. Junel fe birth control effectivness
  180. Taken a Norethindrone based pill? Please contribute your experience!
  181. skipped period,hasn't come back for 2 years!
  182. Junel FE and hair loss?? Alternative OCs?
  183. Yasmin and THICK, white discharge??
  184. question about breasts & birth control
  185. Yaz birth control, frequent urination, and outcomes
  186. Birth Control and Sebaceous Cysts
  187. symptoms after stopping birth control
  188. Break through bleeding and birth control time change
  189. Apri (Desogen) causes hair loss.
  190. HELP! Missed a pill but didn't realize!
  191. Yasmin/Ocella
  192. Does everyone lose hair when quitting bc?
  193. emotional wreck?
  194. I took Plan B, but i didn't exactly take it RIGHT. HELP!
  195. birth control and emotional numbness
  196. Condom broke while on the pill...took plan B, was that safe?
  197. condom broke, sometime forget to take pills
  198. Potentially messed up pills, really scared
  199. Period lasting more than 2 weeks!
  200. Heavy bleeding on loestrin 20 mg
  201. Missed period on Diane 35
  202. is it possible to get pregnant while on sugar pill?
  203. Mood Swings with Apri
  204. Yasmin vs Ocella
  205. no period after switching pill and then completely stopping birth control
  206. on diane 35+spiro for acne. distraught 19 y/0
  207. Famila 28 Use during Breast Feeding
  208. how to use famila 28 tablets
  209. Noriday prostegen only side effects?
  210. how quick can i get pregnant after going off of tri sprintec birth control
  211. Which birth control is best?
  212. Support for Breakthrough Bleeding
  213. Birth Control (Portia) and high blood sugar?!
  214. Microgestin 1.5/30 vs. junel
  215. TriNessa Problems
  216. Depo-Provera
  217. Vaginal Bleeding/Hemorrhage If stop the pill ..Help!
  218. The Mysterious Vanishing Nuvaring... am I pregnant??
  219. getting ParaGard as a prescription at a pharmacy
  220. NuvaRing.
  221. On Implanon and Ortho Tricyclen at same time, even after a pulmonary embolism
  222. period came before i finish YAZ
  223. Evra patch pms late 4days
  224. Tri-Previfem
  225. Mirena may have caused problems...?
  226. Ortho tri cyclen lo lost white pill?
  227. Depo shot before Essure procedure?
  228. seasonique at age 45??
  229. Double up on pills to stop breakthrough bleeding?
  230. Giving Lybrel a second try-any tips on controlling weight gain?
  231. Contraceptive pill may be ruining our relationship
  232. Please...I REALLY need some advice and/or personal experience...Nuva Ring?
  233. bc pills and thyroid function
  234. Switching from Depo-Provera to Ortho Micronor
  235. the contraceptive implant (implanon)
  236. how long does it take for micronor to be out of your system
  237. Tri Nessa / Placebo / discharge
  238. Loestrin 24Fe Continuous Bleeding
  239. plan b/nuvaring/birth control question please help!
  240. Messed up my pills... what should I do now?
  241. quitting YAZ gradually to avoid side effects?
  242. Depo Provera less effective in obese women?
  243. Abdominal pain after plan b
  244. Blind spots
  245. stopping birth control and diarrhea! HELP!!
  246. problems after stopping birth control
  247. Brevicon
  248. Heavy prolonged bleeding - Loestrin 24fe?
  249. how does going off birth control effect your skin
  250. Birth Control Pills cause UTI?