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  1. miss you!!!!!!!
  2. My dad is 81 and does not know he is dying of Lung cancer
  3. Is there something wrong with me?
  4. Ready for it to be over with!!!
  5. Energy at the end?
  6. Not so normal stages of dying?
  7. Wrinkles Disappear, Glowing, Young, Peaceful Looking?
  8. Mother is Dying of Lung Cancer, sister doesn't care...
  9. How and when to choose to die over a life not worth living?
  10. My dad is slowly dying in the hospital
  11. Trying to guess how long my mum has
  12. I miss my 2 brothers
  13. Loss of a pet
  14. Is there a right way to act?
  15. Miss my mom
  16. grandmother who i never met died
  17. H*U*R*T dont know where to turn :(
  18. Grandfather is dying, need some answers
  19. my mother is dying and I don't know how to feel...:-(
  20. Goodbye Baby, I love you
  21. numan100
  22. So sad...
  23. What to do after a loved one dies?
  24. So angry!
  25. My friends father died.
  26. Dad Is Dying - Documentation as therapy(?)
  27. Baby brother passed this morning
  28. miss my dad
  29. Please tell me it gets easier!
  30. son
  31. Grief and Sadness and feeling lonely
  32. Odd thing?
  33. my third big loss.
  34. Feeling Angry?
  35. Loosing a Mother
  36. we weren't that close, so why am i grieving so hard?
  37. How unusual is it for someone to die so quickly?
  38. Death of Wife
  39. My friend died of unknown illness....
  40. My son was killed 7 weeks ago
  41. My mother.
  42. my son died, how can i go on
  43. Last Will and Testament/Living Will
  44. I'm 20, my mom passed. How to cope?
  45. Calcium Deposits
  46. My husband has stage 4 cancer
  47. my schizophrenic sister OD'ed and died yesterday
  48. what happens to you when you get leukemia?
  49. I need to talk about my dad dying.
  50. My Story
  51. I don't know what's keeping my mom going
  52. Happy Birthday to Guess Who
  53. Affected by seeing someone dead
  54. The emotions of death
  55. letter to someone who is dying
  56. doctor put my mom on Morphine
  57. how to tell a sick brother his mother passed away
  58. maybe you can help?
  59. lost my best friend my mom, now what?
  60. death
  61. father died and i was not notified
  62. Death - A Part of Life
  63. Thank you all
  64. my son died 6 months ago
  65. 4 yr. old daughter worried about grandmothers death
  66. How do you explain the death to a 10 year old
  67. My Daughter
  68. destroyed
  69. Did my mother suffer?
  70. please help!
  71. Death
  72. Cancer Death
  73. Death
  74. I wish i could have it over
  75. my younger brother
  76. Ethics Advice
  77. losingtime update
  78. I don't know what to do
  79. my husband died 6 weeks ago
  80. My Mom is gone and I'm so scared...
  81. its so hard
  82. 59 y.o. boyfriend's mom is dying, how do i help him?
  83. I'm 17 and just need someone to listen
  84. Need help to help him
  85. I feel so alone
  86. near death and i dont know how to help
  87. Someone please help, both parents & my daughter are dying.
  88. 2 questions with regads to death.
  89. Surviving my childs suicide
  90. My mother died and I can't stop thinking about her moment of passing
  91. I need some advice, My mother died about a month ago
  92. Help! my Husband was Killed in a car accident 10 days ago
  93. help
  94. At home nursing for someone in final stages
  95. when do you know when someone is in the final stages of lung cancer
  96. My dad is dying, and I don't know what to do
  97. memorial gift for someone who has lost a son
  98. my Girlfriend has died and i dont no wot to do or think
  99. my son's best friend is dying
  100. Pancrea cancer
  101. my spared life
  102. My 18yr old son died in a car accident,I dont know if I can go on
  103. Need information on slightly low bilirubin levels PLEASE!!
  104. A hole in my heart
  105. My grandmother
  106. What am I supposed to say? How do I react?
  107. Husband not notified his Mother was dying
  108. 3 people in 4 years
  109. My dear sweet mother is gone
  110. How I wish I'd had more time with my dad
  111. best friend died in car accident
  112. right before she dies, her eyes opened wide. Why?
  113. best friends suicide
  114. writing a letter to someone who is dying
  115. how much time with end stage liver disease
  116. I think I may be dying...I'm a single mom...my daughter is five...I don't want to die
  117. The death of my younger sister
  118. Waiting is the hardest part...
  119. Is Do Not Resuscitate viable in this case?
  120. My dear sweet Mothers
  121. How do I explain death to a 3 year old
  122. Do videotapes and pics of loved one make the crying worse?
  123. A year to live at most
  124. i'll never see him again, and i'm scared.
  125. Dying of Alcoholism
  126. Looking For A Bereavement Group For The Loss Of Our Mother To Lung Cancer
  127. I don't know where else to put this.
  128. end of life, small cell lung cancer, what to expect
  129. Onset of Dying
  130. Car acciedent kills my best friend
  131. My Dad died
  132. Neighbor is dying---edema issues
  133. My papa.
  134. Obsessed with dying/thoughts of death and dying young
  135. miss my mom
  136. My Husband suicide
  137. my gandpa is dying.
  138. My best friend died a week ago...
  139. Looking for some help
  140. my beautiful momma is gone
  141. 4 months since my eldest son died; I miss him so!!
  142. what to tell 3 year old?
  143. My Dad needs help, he is dying of lung cancer!
  144. husbands best friend
  145. How to help a friend who has lost a child through death
  146. My Grandma had Cancer of the Throat
  147. expedite, can you get somebody to respond when they lost interest
  148. how to handle company?
  149. my grandpop<3
  150. My Mom Passed Away Today
  151. Laurie
  152. what to watch for in days before
  153. Re: How can you be told you have Cancer but they cannot find where?
  154. The Angels Came
  155. Re: I need to share my burden
  156. I can't believe this is happening (my mom)...
  157. The Angels Came
  158. Why does it hurt so much?
  159. lost my brother in car crash
  160. I don't think there's much time
  161. Cancer
  162. Testimony of witnessing a loved one going through the dying process
  163. death of 15 year old son due to bleed at base of brain
  164. My dad started having pain so they increased his morphine
  165. Body temp. fluctuations between fever and cold
  166. new... and so very sad...
  167. my sisters cancer
  168. From sleeping almost always to up much of the time.Input needed please
  169. what happens when you die from leukemia?
  170. Perhaps close to the end.....again
  171. Any advice would be wonderful
  172. swollen ankles & lung cancer
  173. what to watch for in final stages of lung cancer?
  174. Alimpta chemo/anyone try this med?
  175. want to help a friend who has lost a child-
  176. How long after feeding tube removed
  177. hello again
  178. Re: Treatment Options for Adenocarcinoma/Lung Cancer Stage 4
  179. Treatment Options for Adenocarcinoma/Lung Cancer Stage 4
  180. my husband is dying from cancer and it's so hard to deal with it!
  181. radiation side effects? any suggestions
  182. I didn't even get to say bye
  183. What if a dying parent is in denial?
  184. Re: chemo schedule??
  185. my sister died
  186. Lung cancer metastisized to the brain
  187. dad just diagnosed with lung cancer
  188. cancer and shoulder pain
  189. Mom has lung cancer
  190. Someone I should have known longer...
  191. Dad passed away April 5th
  192. Mom's passing last Saturday
  193. Mom Passed Away
  194. Bringing a terminally ill person in our home to die
  195. my mom is now my angel
  196. methadone + morphine = speeds up the dying process?
  197. Help for this guilt?
  198. The death of an ex-husband
  199. Lung tumour appearung like a Salivory Gland Tumour
  200. how long??
  201. Lung cancer - Mom Getting Worse - Thoughts?
  202. lung cancer
  203. dad died suddenly..
  204. Mum and Dad both with cancer scans next week
  205. My Loving Husband Died. 24 yrs together...very distraught
  206. Is this one of those situations when you break a promise?
  207. i miss my wife so much will i see her again when i die
  208. Doctor Said Dad Would Come Home; He Didn't
  209. Advice For Those Left Behind..
  210. My beautiful baby boy passed away
  211. I need some help. Please.
  212. My hubby was taken from me after 5 months of marriage
  213. Why is this?
  214. I can't sleep
  215. I lost my father
  216. My mum died on the 22-2-08
  217. Could I have done someting different ?
  218. any ideas, falling apart here
  219. When does the crying stop?
  220. how do you tell a teen his mom is dying?
  221. my husband is willing himself to die
  222. Furious, Sad and Heartbroken...
  223. How to cope?
  224. not sure how 2 cope
  225. Missing My Mom
  226. What Are Signs That A Body Is Shutting Down
  227. Dying of parkinsons
  228. My mom passed away and was sick for a lot of my life
  229. how long is it going to take to get my ssi?
  230. How do I help myself, and why do I feel this way?
  231. Parents' anniversary----what to do?
  232. how to cope with father dying
  233. my daddy is gone how do I get over him
  234. is this the right decision?
  235. My eyes
  236. Suddenly and unexpectedly lost my mom.
  237. My Pa
  238. Ibake&pray
  239. Going crazy
  240. Tribute to a Treasure
  241. how do you get over your dad dying
  242. Old family/New family
  243. my husbands death
  244. My/Our Story might help a lil
  245. Beautiful Poem - Death, Don't Take Me Yet
  246. Why did God take my momma from me?
  247. My Father
  248. My dad is dying and I feel so alone
  249. Father Dying - Need Advice
  250. good friends father diied