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  1. Little/no symptoms of silent reflux
  2. Vocal Cord Dysfunction/Nissan Fundoplication
  3. Does acid reflux ever go away??
  4. Prilosec stomach pains
  5. I really don't know where to post - I'm just in pain and need help!
  6. Mild Gastritus Worry
  7. Muscular or digestive
  8. Anyone Else Have Rice and Almond Allergy and Gerd?
  9. reflux... help!!!
  10. Bone healing after long-term high dose PPI use
  11. LPR and anti *hacking* measures
  12. can low stomach acid cause low ph urine?
  13. Recommendations for GERD??
  14. Help! Carafate is messing up my schedule!
  15. Getting off PPI meds would like advice
  16. Sick for over a month - maybe reflux related? Need help!
  17. Pain above Adam's Apple
  18. What to do
  19. betain hcl possibly aggravating laryngopharyngeal reflux(LPR) ??
  20. its getting worse nd worse
  21. Lose 15 pounds in 6 weeks? LPR Diet! (Sorry, long)
  22. Oh my stomach
  23. Vitamin D and LPR (plus other things)
  24. soda?
  25. what should i do now?
  26. Stomach issues
  27. can PPI's make reflux worse....
  28. Do I have acid reflux?
  29. Endoscopy: What can a doctor see?
  30. LPR: Why don't our throats heal?
  31. Misdiagnosed Barrett's at GE Junction?
  32. Severe anxiety affecting my life, need some support!
  33. Stomach issues with no results from medical
  34. Sore feeling in the middle of chest by sternum
  35. Barrett's w/o dysplasia, GERD, and severe reflux
  36. What vitamins do you take?
  37. TMJ Jaw/teeth clenching and LPR - is there a connection?
  38. Exercises to strengthen the UES
  39. Can GERD cause damage to throat/ears?
  40. Does anyone have issues with tongue/mouth from GERD?
  41. LPR worse after bronchitis -sore throat and palate - burning sensation and acid taste
  42. GERD? Or Allergies?
  43. digestion
  44. 15 days post nissen and need some advice
  45. Nausea and reflux
  46. Can HPyroli Cause GERD and GASTIRITIS
  47. sudden spasm(a sec) down the lower throat??
  48. How is everyone managing to cope with the holiday season?
  49. Is this really acid reflux I have or is it merely something similar?
  50. Ringing in the ears
  51. Adjustable beds
  52. Lpr... breathing problems... yawning.
  53. Anyone's LPR symptoms relieved by PND?
  54. What did you eat after Nissen?
  55. Nausea every single night, please help!
  56. Searching for Some Answers...
  57. Low or high stomach acid ? Anxiety problems , teeth yellowing , burning stomach.
  58. Constant cough, throat closing feeling, constant phlegm
  59. Is this really GERD or just anxiety?
  60. losing the battle
  61. White tongue
  62. What is this DO U KNOW?
  63. And advice or help would be greatly appreciated
  64. Any feed back or advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  65. Does DGL licorice cause black stools?
  66. Please help me
  67. GERD or linked to something else?
  68. Recently diagnosed with reflux, but not experiencing classic symptoms?
  69. Question about breathing difficulty
  70. Endo follow up = Inlet Patch...what?
  71. hiatus hernia ?barretts polyps stomach
  72. Nausea, motion sickness, bloating, gas pressure, anxiety...the list goes on! :(
  73. Probably Acid Reflux but not 100%
  74. Always hard to come off PPIs?
  75. Side Effects of Meds
  76. acid reflux problems
  77. Not sure what to tell the dr( how to explain it)
  78. breathing issues and gerd
  79. is this acid reflux?
  80. Prilosec questions
  81. the pain of reflux
  82. Zantac causing tinnitus/ear ringing?
  83. Lpr -- radical new approaches
  84. Difficulty Swallowing- please help
  86. LPR checking in after good stint.....The onset of Winter seems to becoming a factor..
  87. what is lpr ?
  88. TIF Procedure
  89. Emerging Technology
  90. Help
  91. Having a barium esophagram tomorrow.....
  92. recently diagnosed w/GERD "misery loves company"
  93. I think I have LPR? Please Help?
  94. Possible LPR??
  95. Driving me MAD!!! could it be GERD?
  96. Is it normal to treat with meds before running tests?
  97. Swallowing problem?
  98. Brand new here, with many questions (XP)
  99. Update
  100. Is It Acid Reflux or LPR
  101. Can you take PPIs and Reglan together?
  102. TIF - two years after
  103. I don't know what's wrong with me
  104. Feel like there is gas stuck inside my throat
  105. What is wrong with me?
  106. Possible to recover from the throat mucus??
  107. Question about enzymes
  108. LPR & Chronic Belching
  109. constant gerd symptoms new to me.
  110. Symptoms of LPR, 14 year old!
  111. Changing meds
  112. Reflux & swallowing problems (possible motility issue?) consuming my life! HELP
  113. Hungry every three hours
  114. How much weight can I lose?
  115. How can Laryngopharyngeal reflux cause post nasal drip without causing heart burn?
  116. sore throat
  117. Pain, pain unbearable pain!!!!
  118. Sliding hiatus hernia?
  119. Digestive symptoms while exercising
  120. aloe for lpr
  121. Eosinophilic Esophagitis
  122. Prilosec dosage for LPR
  123. Belching while exercising or walking
  124. What next? Nissen, meds, been through it all!!
  125. Hiatal Hernia caused by abdominal exercises?
  126. Could it all just be an infection?
  127. Had My First Endoscopy This Morning
  128. cough
  129. Gastritis
  130. Stopped Nexium and now I am panicking! Please help!
  131. Newly diagnosed with LPR
  132. Please help lay my mind at ease
  133. TIF procedure
  134. Nausea, Sickness, then Stomach Bile/Acid quickly comes & goes...
  135. Do LPR suffers have any symptoms when eating certain foods?
  136. Hypnosis for Acid Reflux
  137. For how long have you had LPR
  138. Weird Burping!!??
  139. acid reflux sore throat or cold?
  140. The simplest way to check acid levels ?.
  141. help!!!extreme back pain when i swallow???
  142. Rebound acidity vs ACV
  143. Has anyone here gotten an endoscopy before?
  144. Maldigested Carbs and Bacterial overgrowth = Acid Reflux / GERD ?.
  145. Questions about burping and medication.
  146. LPR And A Consistent Bed Time Cough
  147. I am miserable gerd/ hiatal hernia
  148. Is your throat sore, and voice weak?
  149. Mucus in throat squeezed lemon
  150. Is it over now? Sudden trouble swallowing
  151. heartburn
  152. hurts to eat after discontinuing nexium
  153. Gerd or costochondritis or both?
  154. Can GERD be caused by bacteria or infection?
  155. Help with GERD?
  156. Difference between acid reflux and sinus infection?
  157. Is ulcer pain supposed to be this bad?
  158. Hypnotherapy
  159. I think I have acid reflux. What are your thoughts?
  160. What do I need to know before going to the doctor?
  161. Considering Nissen
  162. GERD= chest, back pain
  163. HELP! Can't Breathe, Burning Sensation in esophagus
  164. Prilosec and probiotics at the same time
  165. Bedtime & Food
  166. Nexium and its side effects!
  167. is this a symptom of acid reflux
  168. GERD Question
  169. Mucus in throat that wont go away!!
  170. been awhile since i posted
  171. Acid Reflux- Now having problems swallowing food/dysphagia. Help?
  172. does stress trigger acid reflux??
  173. Omperazole
  174. Is this really Reflux
  175. LPR and vomiting?
  176. Chest Pain
  177. extreme awkward pain in bottom throat/top of chest
  178. Hiatal Hernia AR
  179. Will surgery eliminate the pain?
  180. GERD- Left Sided upper abdominal pain
  181. throat pressure type pain
  182. Hiatus Hernia Repair
  183. Is acid reflux good reason cause short of breath?
  184. Hives/Reflux/Underweight
  185. Omeprezole and ED
  186. Small burps after hours of eating? And idea?
  187. Constant trapped burps
  188. Acid Reflux MAKING ME DEPRESSED! SO HORRIBLE Please help
  189. Acid reflux and hiatal hernia question
  190. Acid Reflux or something else in throat?
  191. Sleeples nights
  192. Shortness of breath
  193. Went to ER, they said change from Nexium
  194. Ringing in my ears
  195. When I breathe in cold air i cough alot
  196. acid reflux and exercise
  197. Back pain in my shoulderblade after eating and drinking
  198. My New Regimen
  199. Anyone have success with gas medications for your burping?
  200. Scared stiff
  201. throat clearing
  202. I feel so low!
  203. How does GERD back pain feel?
  204. Acid Reflux Symptoms?
  205. chest pain GERD
  206. Endoscopy & Evidence of Smoking
  207. Discovered Something
  208. Post Nissen Complications. No answers yet..
  209. Endoscopy nightmare?
  210. Gastritis, Maalox, clay colored stools.
  211. Esophagopharyngeal Reflux
  212. Bravo Ph test?
  213. Stopped PPI's, questions and venting
  214. Gerd AND ibs!
  215. Rice causing reflux?
  216. Acid Reflux or Anxiety!? confused...
  217. The Endoscope Camera in a Pill
  218. GERD, ulcer, gastritis or cancer? Petrified.
  219. New way of taking PPIs
  220. Shortness of Breath,Chest Pain,Abdomain pain info
  221. anyone ever get the Endoscopy Bravo done?
  222. Gastritis and GERD
  223. Reflux and shortness of breath
  224. acid reflux
  225. Enzymes/Probiotics/Chirporactor Working!!
  226. nissen fundoplication
  227. nissen fundoplication
  228. going off nexium
  229. Non-stop belching, throat pain
  230. Why do I always feel nauseous?
  231. skin irritations and itching
  232. raising bed
  233. New job and stress!
  234. How does LPR develop?
  235. Acid Reflux/LPR - Who Knows?
  236. Nissen plus PPIs still suffering, anyone else?!
  237. Upper abdominal pain and maybe acid reflux. Negative endoscopy and blood results
  238. LPR diagnosis
  239. I'm new and glad I found this site, Please help me!
  240. coughing worse when lying in bed
  241. Low acidity vs. high acidity
  242. Newbie seeks help!
  243. Gallbladder Related?
  244. Domperidone
  245. What test should I have for LPR?
  246. proton pump inhibitors
  247. acid reflux
  248. Who's on Omeprazole? (Stops Burn)
  249. LPR and sinus issues
  250. What is this?Please help