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  1. Domperidone / Motillium?
  2. Why the heck does water hurt??
  3. Nexium Side Effects? Please share..
  4. Can eating Saturated fats make your stomach feel better???
  5. Weird feeling in lower right rib cage?
  6. Nighttime Reflux
  7. Anyone have these symptoms? Please help!
  8. Morning stomach aches and gas...need help
  9. Burning tongue
  10. Stomach burning and gnawing feeling
  11. NEXIUM!! Good or Bad?
  12. GERD and constant chest pains?
  13. I can't hold a conversation without my throat tightening and getting breathy!!
  14. i have a question
  15. Shocked at the result from Biopsy
  16. Pain At The Bottom Of My Sternum
  17. dizzyness with nexium?
  18. Constipation making reflux worse?
  19. Cant get any relief from LPR
  20. blocked ears? case of the sniffles?
  21. pimples like things on the side of my lip
  22. nexium, before or after meal??
  23. Are my symptoms unusual or does this not sound like GERD?
  24. mucus in throat
  25. Nexium and Weight Gain
  26. Tomato Products - An allergy?
  27. Anyone suffer from non-acid reflux?
  28. chest pain/breathing problems when walking after meal
  29. acid reflux cause shortness of breath when laying down?
  30. Nexium vs. Prevacid
  31. Scared of throwing up
  32. Help Pain, Vomiting, Gerd?
  33. Achalasia - Further Diagnosis Help!
  34. Acid Reflux in the lungs?
  35. Do you have to have referral to GI doctor?
  36. can you develop ulcers/erosions on nexium?
  37. Introducing Myself & My Acid Reflux Problems!
  38. feel like need to burp all the time?
  39. "Rebound" from dropping from 2 to 1 PPI?
  40. Acid Reflux/GERD - Headaches?
  41. GERD and Sleep Apnea
  42. pain in middle of chest due to reflux/indegestion?
  43. Worried, can someone help??
  44. Bile reflux question
  45. Several lumps!
  46. how many people get the lump-in-throat sensation?
  47. Does yout sternum hurt to touch?
  49. How Do You Strengthen Throat Muscles/Swallowing?
  50. just got back from upper endoscopy!
  51. LPR and Muscle relaxant????
  52. barrett's esophagus caused by acid reflux
  53. 7 weeks after Nissen Fundoplication
  54. Lpr?? My Throat Is Closing Im Suffocating!!
  55. LPR and High Blood Pressure
  56. GERD and Abnormal Gag Reflex
  57. Another Choking Story...
  58. Woke up throat on fire
  59. Bone spur on neck behind trachea and esophagus....
  60. Pepcid side effects
  61. Pain the Moves???
  62. Fowl taste and smell excuse the gross
  63. Mucous or phlegm in the throat after eating
  64. symptoms
  65. Foods that bother my stomach
  66. severe upper back pain w/acid reflux???
  67. Symptoms in my 4 year old
  68. Protonix
  69. What probiotic agrees with Acid reflux?
  70. Asthma meds relax your LES
  71. Has Zantac helped you?
  72. sleep position
  73. When wheezing...
  74. Funky taste in mouth
  75. laxatives and supplements
  76. really bad squeezing chest pain
  77. Esophageal spasms or Heart arrhythmia???
  78. Sleep position with LPR
  79. can acid coming up in you throat cause swollen lymphnodes?
  80. Heart Rate & Stomach Disorders
  81. Re: Question about aciphex
  82. does gerd cause this?
  83. Please explain difference between acid reflux and GERD
  84. LPR pressure on stomach
  85. Just bought some DGL licorice
  86. Acid reflux heart palpitations? I hope so (kind of)
  87. 14 year old daughter with acid reflux
  88. H Pylori triple therapy
  89. strange remedy, but it worked
  90. Alternative therapy for gastritis?
  91. Lump in throat-pressure shoulder blades
  92. Acid Reflux without heartburn?
  93. Reglan?
  94. Constant shortness of breath with GERD??
  95. Gastritis/Dyspepsia
  96. Problems swallowing solid foods. HELP!
  97. need help!!!!
  98. Does this sound like acid reflux or something worse?
  99. digestive enzymes
  100. Burning pain with swallowing?
  101. Anyone having trouble sleeping?
  102. Indigestion,Abdominal pain, & Black Stools?
  103. Is this GERD or something more serious?
  104. get acid coming up into my mouth and my whole stomach hurts
  105. Anybody every had a Upper ENDOSCOPY
  106. LPR, Gerd?
  107. Barrett's Esophagitis and Acid Reflux Very Sick
  108. Dyspepsia, Acid, Pain
  109. Can colds lead to Acid Reflux?
  110. Just Started Taking Apple Cider Vinegar
  111. effects from diazepam
  112. Sister-in-law suffering with?digestive problem
  113. 2nd manometry results, and a bunch of Q's
  114. Lying down helps my chest burning/tingling??
  115. Abdominal Pain that last along time
  116. constipation from meds
  117. Improving but not sure why
  118. Tongue feels burnt and swollen, severe nausea, please help I'm scared!
  119. nervous about colonoscopy
  120. Burnt Taste?
  121. Silent reflux
  122. Lugol's Iodine drops for Acid Reflux
  123. Nexium and sleeplessness?
  124. Acid Reflux or Heart Problems?
  125. Prickly irritation along side of esophagus, is this GERD also
  126. difference between GERD and reflux?
  127. Uncontrollable gag reflex?
  128. LPR People, try something
  129. gastrin levels
  130. Prevacid or Pepcid Complete
  131. Foods that relax the LES
  132. has anyone had esophageal biopsies?
  133. DanActive and other natural remedies.
  134. Does anyone take Prevacid
  135. Pain on Right Side?
  136. HIDA Scan
  137. Not GERD but similar symptoms... anyone else experience this??
  138. PPI's and digestion
  139. Where do yall have pain at?
  140. Help please somebody ( acid reflux
  141. What does an esophageal spasm feel like?
  142. not able to eat solid foods
  143. Belch Alot & Flutter In Throat
  144. Pepcid AC and Headaches?
  145. unquenchable thirst
  146. Side effects from Prilosec AND Prevacid
  147. Throwing up after EVERYTHING
  148. Is Lemon Alkaline food?
  149. putting me on NEXIUM??
  150. had the endoscopy today
  151. Exercise for LPR patients
  152. Is this GERD? / Persistent cough
  153. Aspiration?
  154. Weird Gerd Symptom?
  155. Stomach burning, itchy and growling.... help!
  156. My LPR theory - H-Pylori in throat?
  157. Effective alternative treatment for GERD
  158. Thought I would share a positive experience
  159. Burning Mouth & Throat!
  160. Throat fizzing/noises
  161. what to do for the constant need/feel to burp?
  162. So long and thanks for the fish..!!
  163. inflammation of the duodenum!!
  164. How long should you be on probiotics supplements?
  165. Cause of GERD
  166. LPR. List ALL of your symptoms.
  167. IF you have problems with Acid Reflux take Apple CIder VInager with Mother
  168. I cannot take this Air Hunger everyday now~
  169. Has my GERD taken a turn for the worse?
  170. LPR and bad breath-Anyone have this problem?
  171. blood tests
  172. Beano?
  173. Will protein shakes cause indigestion?
  174. 6 days post op Nissen Fundoplication
  175. lomg term use of ppi's can create more stomach acid!
  176. I just read that beta blockers worsen heartburn!!
  177. endoscopy yesterday, throwing up today
  178. Chest Pain....anyone else???
  179. LPR. Cant take it!!
  180. Has anyone heard of William Wong N.D., Ph.D?
  181. cannot burp
  182. what is good to take for plain heartburn?
  183. Protonix dosage...........
  184. acid reflux/LPR symptoms after steroids?
  185. Cured my reflux... After 12 months of trying everything.
  186. Do you have a success story with Mastic Gum?
  187. what to do with the asthma like feeling?
  188. Could Sneezing be an LPR symptom?
  189. Has anybody tried this? Nighttime reflux test
  190. LPR what gives?
  191. anxiety from Gerd!
  192. Fosamax and acid reflux
  193. Has anyone heard of something natural for Acid Reflux
  194. My new theory on GERD & LPR
  195. acid reflux and throat-like pain
  196. aciphex,nexium and increased platelet counts
  197. Yeast infection causing reflux?
  198. Lump in throat is killing me!! Help!
  199. throat gurgling/constant burps?
  200. When is the best time to take Mastic Gum?
  201. Books on stomach acid/GERD
  202. Had tube with light put down throat
  203. Heart buen caused by too much acid or too little acid?
  204. How should you take Enzyme supplements?
  205. Wake up in the morning choking! Scary!
  206. Hand Choking Sensation Around Neck
  207. Esophageal dilation?
  208. Acid reflex and nasua
  209. My heartburn isn't going away, AT ALL.....
  210. How long can it take a ppi to be fully effective?
  211. LPR and PET (Patulous Eustachian Tubes)
  212. Does acid cause hair fall??
  213. Gaviscon Advanced?
  214. Endoscopy today - Have Esophogeal ulcer
  215. Vitamin A link with Baretts/Cancer
  216. Here's what has been working for me
  217. Having an esophageal manometry test and Bravo PH prob...any experiences?
  218. PND and stomach problems/GERD?
  219. Tight Throat? Reflux?
  220. Women on Nexium? Have you become menopausal?
  221. Does Zegerid work better ??
  222. Can Mastic gum reduce your Acid?
  223. LPR People...Does it REALLY matter what we eat???
  224. How long will PPI drugs take to work?
  225. Can anyone take Vitamins?
  226. Anyone have a remedy for Burning Tongue???
  227. Anyone take 2 seperate PPI"s a day ??
  228. Extreme stomach acid
  229. What type, & brand of magnesium do you use?
  230. Whats the cause of nighttime reflux?
  231. Anyone have trouble when sitting for long periods of time?
  232. When is better to take Probiotic supplement?
  233. Hearts Beats Fast While Trying To Fall Asleep.
  234. Has anybody tried increasing Fiber?
  235. What to expect at my 1st ENT appointment
  236. Chest Pain Left Side - Acid Reflux?
  237. Is Yogurt good for GERD?
  238. Bragg Organic apple cider Vinegar?
  239. What is being used that helps? or doesn't help.
  240. Fish Oil causes constipation??
  241. Constant tickle in throat and cough driving me CRAZY...LPR related?
  242. Is there a difference between Prescription Prilosec and Prilosec OTC ??
  243. Anyone taking PPI's for too long?
  244. pain in chest/not sure why
  245. Stomach pain, bloating with GERD
  246. Buttermilk....
  247. LPR at nighttime
  248. The EsophyX..new help...anyone hear of this?
  249. Heart? Acid? What is wrong with me?
  250. Yellow Coating on Tongue with LPR???