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  1. Feel like Hurling, but stomach is not upset?
  2. Back on ppi... my feelings.
  3. My battle coming off PPI and reflux
  4. Natural Healing for Acid Reflux and GERD without PPI's
  5. Does anybody have this GERD symptom
  6. Can't sleep acid reflux is too bad!
  7. After 7 years - how I managed to 'cure' my acid reflux
  8. EASY CURES for reflux and LPR
  9. Nissen to Toupet fundoplication?
  10. scared crazy!
  11. Acid rebound and throat mucus
  12. Gerd episode?
  13. How long until meds work?
  14. Sudden onset of LPR
  15. GERD problem hormonal??
  16. Im Considering having LINX anti-reflux surgery - any opinions / advice?
  17. Inconclusive Endoscopy - now what?
  18. IBS, Gastritis and Nexium side effects
  19. Vitamin B for Gastritis/IBS
  20. how often do u get dilation done yourself ?
  21. anyone catch the dr oz episode about LPR?
  22. My journey of Acid Reflux/Heartburn - need help!
  23. Nexium Acid Rebound
  24. LPR and Mucus
  25. Has anyone tried Questran (cholestrymine) or Motilium for bile reflux?
  26. PPIs no longer seem to work.
  27. Burning dry throat that wakes me through the night
  28. Could this breathing issue be from my Untreated GERD and Hiatal Hernia?
  29. Couldnt breathe after vomiting
  30. Endoscopy normal what next
  31. Gerd came back again :(
  32. Nissen wrap to partial wrap?
  33. Post Op Nissen Fundo Problems
  34. Mucinex for LPR
  35. Motillium(domperidone) 2x or 3x a day?
  36. Esophageal motility issue
  37. Do I have LPR?
  38. Reflux after massage
  39. Is this normal with Gerd
  40. Bravo Acid Reflux Study
  41. Major Acid Reflux after being ok!? HELP?
  42. interval between taking domperidone and pantoprazole?
  43. Ranitidine & Headaches
  44. Dexilant Question???
  45. Librax??? Anyone
  46. PPIs. When to identify that they don't work
  47. Can ppi's make LPR worse?
  48. GERD mimicking asthma
  49. When is best to take ppi drugs for LPR (for sore throat)
  50. My GERD is 80-95% gone with gluten-free diet
  51. Severe GERD or what?
  52. Bile Reflux vs Acid Reflux
  53. Gerd? Heartburn? Or what? Will I ever feel normal again?
  54. For those that have successfully gotten off ppi's and had rebound
  55. What happens during an ER visit? And other questions
  56. How long does acid rebound after PPI's last?
  57. Please Help Me! Lpr, globus feeling, throat clicking
  58. Please Help! LPR/ Globus Feeling/ throat clicking
  59. Patulous hiatus
  60. Dexilant??
  61. Does anyone's breathing get so bad...
  62. Who is on Levothyroxin? Do you think it caused your acid reflux/LPR?
  63. Can you overdo/overdose on common H2's (i.e. Pepcid, Zantac)?
  64. LPR -Constant Breathing Issues-Anxiety? 23yo.
  65. Is Dr. Jamie Koufman in NYC worth the money and did she help you?
  66. Looking for a doctor (in British Columbia, Canada) who treats LPR
  67. Probiotics and yogurt, please advise...
  68. Who is the DR in NYC that many are recommending for LPR?
  69. Does caffeine and orange juice make your reflux worse?
  70. 24 yrs old - No pain or nausea, but daily regurgitation/vomitting
  71. Taking a giant leap of faith going off of PPI's!
  72. Chest/Breathing Tightness
  73. esophageal spasm pain
  74. Has Apple Cider Vinegar worked for you?
  75. Laryngospasm due to GERD?
  76. Bleeding ulcer caused by acid reflux
  77. Drinking Water with Acid Reflux
  78. Dyspepsia after starting on low carbs
  79. Slippery elm help
  80. Potential drug to stop/reverse PPI dependency
  81. Trouble coughing up phlegm or phlegm stuck in lungs
  82. H2 Blockers or PPI's
  83. Mixing Carafate and Pantoprazole/Protonix?
  84. High quality dried figs, best antacid I've ever used..
  85. Nexium & Calcium Suppliment
  86. Stomach bloated, hard to breathe
  87. Tinnitus and reflux
  88. My GERD journey
  89. Had my endoscopy, came back normal...
  90. Dosing of Prilosec vs. Prevacid
  91. How do I get off omeprazole?
  92. curing acidity,tight chest, lightheadedness, pounding hearbeat or head, stomach pain
  93. Alternative healing therapy
  94. Finished poi now getting rebound
  95. Omeprazole doesn't seem to be helping my lpr
  96. Extreme nausea. Need opinions!
  97. Acidy stomach & PMS!
  98. Damage from NSAIDs?
  99. refractory gerd - in real trouble here
  100. What is the consensus on grazing/snacking?
  101. Upper Endoscopy - Frequency of testing
  102. Maalox helped me
  103. PPI causing joint pain?
  104. hiatal hernia surgery
  105. Motrin and GERD
  106. Is this LPR?
  107. Help with LPR in northern Va, Dc area
  108. Really can't breath! Anyone get relief?
  109. hiatus hernia no relief from symptoms
  110. GERD and "Juicy Mouth"?
  111. reflux getting worse
  112. Inflamed sternum and acid reflux
  113. Can Prilosec and Nexium make you nauseous?
  114. Acid Reflux? can't sleep:/ Help!
  115. Hiatal Hernia/Esophagus Stricture/Gallstones
  116. Fish Oil Omega 3 Supplement
  117. Been diagnosed with severe acid reflux...
  118. Any research on standing vs. sitting after eating?
  119. Esophageal Spasm pain v.s. Acid Reflux
  120. GERD caused more from anxiety than food
  121. Lansoprazole and bloating?
  122. Chest pain after endoscopy
  123. Woke Up w/ Gasping for Air
  124. Is it reasonable to take 80mg of Prilosec to equal 40mg Nexium?
  125. marshmallow root or sliperry elm?
  126. Severe heartburn and vomiting blood last night
  127. LINX / TIF / fundoplication - LPR
  128. burning/stinging sensation in roof of mouth/throat..
  129. Nexium casuing drowsiness??
  130. omeprazole versus omeprazole magnesium
  131. Gall Bladder
  132. Lump in throat feeling... affecting my daily life
  133. Does this sound like LPR?
  134. Slight nausea, is it GERD?
  135. Can i get aches / tiredness from ppi's?
  136. does anyone think the ppis made it worse
  137. Can I use Flutcasone I was dianosed with acid reflux
  138. Stopping Prilosec/Omeprazole.
  139. Mary - Acid Reflex/stomach
  140. Acid Reflux nightmare
  141. Severe throat pain after h2/ppi
  142. Gerd :(
  143. Sudden Acid Reflux - perplexed!
  144. acid reflux, post nasal drip, leg cramps
  145. Please tell me how to cheat on my anti-reflux diet with minimal fallout..
  146. What is constantly vibrating in my throat?
  147. Fundoplication anyone with Upper GI motility Issues?
  148. Just got back from the ER...
  149. From Mary: For newbies
  150. Gerd-no appetite/no energy
  151. Anyone suffer from GERD 24/7...?
  152. My LPR/ reflux story.
  153. Still new at GERD/LPR
  154. Good doctors who treat LPR in Omaha, NE or Kansas City, MO area?
  155. Have a happy Apple Cider Vinegar morning
  156. Gerd flare up while taking PPI?
  157. Interesting note regarding Reflux from Bill
  158. hemalitic anemenia
  159. i have a constant feeling of phlegm in my throat - please help me!
  160. Could my lpr symptoms be related to Gall bladder problems?
  161. LPR Sufferers
  162. Post nasal drip from drinking water
  163. Single, giant loud Hiccup....
  164. Should Zantac make your stomach growl?
  165. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  166. Esophagus burnt so raw feel no pain?
  167. Can you get Acid Rebound from using Zantac
  168. Ppi acid rebound, injured esophagus
  169. Mary is hating Acid Reflex/GERD
  170. nodule at end of esaphogus
  171. Mri
  172. Healing throat damage due to acid (Silent?) reflux.
  173. Domperidone Use?
  174. Bile Reflux causing Gerd and Acid Reflux?
  175. Burning in Rib Cage
  176. Do refined sugars make your reflux much worse?
  177. What if antacids aren't working?
  178. Manuka honey for LPR? any success stories?
  179. prilosec not working
  180. PPI and Low Magnesium Blood Levels
  181. Quality of Life
  182. How to know if LPR is going away
  183. Burning Tongue and Throat for 2yrs!
  184. Warmth in stomach
  185. Tecta Vs. Prevacid
  186. Could the bad taste in my mouth be post nasal drip and not reflux?
  187. GERD, 23 years old. Nissen Didn't Work... Can't Skateboard...
  188. Lump in throat feeling...
  189. Would my doctor have been able to tell the difference between bile and acid reflux ?.
  190. Nexium/Neksium
  191. CT Scans and Barium
  192. H2 blockers recovery
  193. Anyone had success with Betaine HCI?
  194. Can really use members opinions im worried
  195. Silent Acid Reflux
  196. mucous in throat and food getting stuck
  197. Eosinophilic esophagitis and pregnancy
  198. Breathlessness
  199. How long on PPI's before rebound is an issue?
  200. Chronic Cough and Gagging
  201. acid rebound symptoms
  202. Psyllium husk: good or bad for reflux?
  203. For women only: Reflux connected to Menopause?
  204. Heartburn cured - The low carb miracle?
  205. Hi, just had surgery on June 13th...
  206. Do you take omeprazole in the a.m or p.m.?
  207. Anyone have bad taste from reflux?
  208. Proton Pump Inhibitors - Acid Rebound - needs to be reported
  209. Does slippery elm work?
  210. How long on Nexium?
  211. Clonazepam helping with GERD
  212. twisted esophagus
  213. Need some opinions about this upper abdominal pain please..
  214. Tongue and throat dry
  215. Damaged throat?
  216. Deodenitis
  217. Deodenitis
  218. PPIs that are safe for pregnancy?
  219. suffering from acid reflux
  220. hoarseness and general concern
  221. reflux in throat but not burning
  222. Ulcer and esophagus healed but still have globus (lump in throat)
  223. Pantoprazole 40mg DR EC
  224. Esophageal spasms or GERD?
  225. So depressed.
  226. Bad dreams and Anxiety with GERD before meds
  227. Does GERD cause bad taste in mouth?
  228. Sharp Pain, Squeezing Pressure
  229. GERD, Possible LPR, horrible anxiety. Any help please?
  230. LPR and diet?!
  231. Help!! Mouth, Tongue, Throat, Ear and chest pain.
  232. Has anyone succeeded in getting off PPIs and getting through the acid rebound
  233. Acid rebound- will sore throat go away
  234. My story-So frustrated
  235. most common lpr symptoms?
  236. Urgent Advice Needed Regarding Stopping Opana ER
  237. Zantac does NOT work, but AcipHexPrilosec work 'wonder,' ... Why?
  238. Natural Remedies for GERD/Acid Reflux
  239. gastritis/acid reflex
  240. Silent Reflux: LPRD: too many questions
  241. osteopathic treatments
  242. Soya Milk ?.
  243. Anybody tried TCM?
  244. Feeling Isolated
  245. Alcohol with gerd/acid reflux
  246. can you get rebound reflux while cutting down
  247. Can I take AC Vinegar while on a PPI?
  248. Difficulty Swallowing and Vomting, Yet All Tests Are Negative
  249. Does your reflux get worse at night?
  250. Does anyone else get a peppery taste in mouth