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  1. is this normal does spotting 2 weeks before period mean pregnant
  2. BrokenCondom.
  3. how can you tell if u are pregnant
  4. Please Help- Scared- Please
  5. Question
  6. i dunno
  7. Kinda worried...
  8. how hard is it to get a girl pregnant?
  9. GF is freaking me out
  10. HELP!!!! I think i may be pregnant??
  11. seriousssly scared
  12. how long can sperm live in a condom
  13. throwing up = new best friend =(
  14. my girlfriend needs help
  15. Help Me?!?!
  16. pregnant? help please
  17. i dont know what do to do worry or not worry please help
  18. 17 and Pregnent and not with the father....
  19. i didn't want 2...but i did want 2 now i have 2 face the cosiquenses..NEED ADVICE
  20. Help.
  21. I think I am pregnant, and need someone to tell me I'm exaggerating
  22. bleeding?early period?
  23. How long can sperm live inside a condom
  24. is my girlfriend pregnant? please read!
  25. Serum Prgenancy Test in lab
  26. Huge mistake!
  27. Abnormal period.
  28. Pregnant?
  29. Im worried
  30. i'm so worried...please helppp!!
  31. he didn't put it in..but still worried PLEASE HELP
  32. Help! I have a question and I need advice!
  33. Im all confused
  34. Help neeeeeeeeeded!
  35. when my menstraul cycle is going on if i do sex can i get pregnant
  36. is it possible
  37. Nervous ABout My Girlfriend's Period
  38. how to calculate my unsafe days after period
  39. Condoms and Sensitivity
  40. Me And My Girlfriend Had Sex Without A Condom!!!!
  41. can sperm live if it is still in the condom
  42. pregnant right before your period?
  43. Odds of pregnancy while using a condom during ovulation?
  44. Opinions needed..
  45. really confused, feel lost and unaware
  46. im scared im pregnant but im a virgin plz respond im really scared
  47. Please Help
  48. sick to my stomach in worry!
  49. Ok so I need some advice!!!!!
  50. please help my girlfriend
  51. Worried, but do I really have reason to be?
  52. What are the chances.......
  53. Is it true?
  54. Losing My Mind!
  55. worried...plz help...
  56. fingering with some sperm plz help me
  57. I can't believe I even have to post this.
  58. whats chances on becoming pregnant using withdraw method if he puts it srtaight
  59. Scared!!!
  60. patch fell off, and tummy looks larger?
  61. could i maybe be pregnant? HELP ME!!!!!!
  62. can a girl get pregnant when..........
  63. Whats going on ?????
  64. pregnant or not pregnant?
  65. the possibility of getting pregnant?
  66. worried..
  67. worried :/
  68. morning afer pill ..help
  69. Help!!!!!!!!!
  70. Question about pregnancy..
  71. I really have no idea, please help!!
  72. be pregnant, but with normal period?
  73. Pregnancy without sex, and on period while pregnant?
  74. when does your period come after you lose your virginity
  75. on the depo shot for 2 yrs with no periods
  76. Just how safe is BC?
  77. Can this cause pregnancy?
  78. am i pregnant?
  79. How Trusting Is The Patch
  80. Teen Pregnancy How To Tell If Im Pregnant
  81. what does it mean when your nipples are sore and your breast feel so heavy
  82. depo shot and pregnancy test
  83. Please Please Please Help me Im so scared.
  84. sperms from his hands??
  85. Please Help
  86. worried. opinions?
  87. Need Your Input.. A little worried about these signs
  88. no protection the first time
  89. pregnancy
  90. COuld she be pregnant?
  91. Question!!!
  92. i need some answers.PLEASE!
  93. questions
  94. birthcontrol and pregnancy tests
  95. Help
  96. symptoms help me out
  97. messed up pills
  98. pregnancy and depo
  99. Pregnancy scare (Please help)
  100. Pregnant?!
  101. i don't know whats going on
  102. Question
  103. Should I be worried?
  104. dangers?
  105. Doxycycline and my pregnancy? HELP!!!
  106. First doctor chech tomorrow! Can someone help me with what will happen? Thanks :)
  107. pregnant??
  108. A Little Worried
  109. im scared i might be pregnant from precum need help please
  110. Regarding BC effectiveness
  111. A few questions.
  112. Depovaria & Pregnancy
  113. Quick question about pregnancy test
  114. I need someones wise advice
  115. When can you tell if it is a girl or a boy?
  116. Few questions?
  117. Help!!!! Please!!!!
  118. could i be pregnant??
  119. Can semen leak from base of condom during sex?
  120. Depo, Bleeding, Pregnant?
  121. Late Period...Pregnant?
  122. worried but no reason to be?
  123. period means she's not pregnant?
  124. sex for the first time.(worried?) please read.
  125. Weird Cycle...could there be a pregnancy
  126. Leakage at base of condom?
  127. Help Please
  128. Had Sex But Period Is The Next Day?
  129. Whats the possibility of me being pregnant
  130. question
  131. ejaculates? Pregnant? help...
  132. Missed pill.. ?
  133. Possible????
  134. How big a risk?
  135. PLEASE HELP.. possibly pregnant and terrified
  136. what is the plan b pill?
  137. risks of taking contraceptive pill while pregnant
  138. Question About Ovulation...
  139. could she be pregnant?
  140. Kind of worried.
  141. condom question
  142. Reply ASAP.
  143. Please help
  144. Why did he have to do that? Advice, Please.
  145. delay---ver worried
  146. Confused.
  147. Wiping Away Sperm. Will it kill them all?
  148. I am worried...but shouldn't be
  149. Quick Question
  150. Need support & truth. Could we have conceived?
  151. please, please i need help!!!!!!
  152. DISO help
  153. late period? test negative
  154. So here's my situation, all input welcomed.
  155. Terrified.Please Help.
  156. please help!! EMERGENCY
  157. We're worried...but should we be?
  158. pregnancy?
  159. Is this true, please urgent
  160. scared of pregnancy
  161. Foreplay, Pregnancy symptoms. But not pregnant. . just a fluke?
  162. How long does it take?
  163. chances of being pregnant? PLEASE HELP FAST!!!!!!!
  164. Your honest opinions?
  165. Am I pregnant?
  166. Question about morning sickness...
  167. Pregnancy and herpies
  168. pregnant from pre-*** 5 days before period?!!!EMERGENCY
  169. Too Late? Finished Inside 4X, No condom, No Birth Control... HELP
  170. Just a question that needs an answer so I don't worry and more then I do now
  171. Best friend pregnant?
  172. Period, but still pregnant?
  173. When is the best time during the day to take a pregnancy test? I need to know asap!:)
  174. Advice Needed
  175. Questions...
  176. Logic says I shouldn't be worried, but I am.
  177. prob not preg but confussed an anxious!
  178. Small??
  179. help. please!
  180. help please!!
  181. im late for my period..i might be pregnant.
  182. Condom may have ripped...
  183. HPTs and UTIs
  184. Unsure..need advice :\
  185. scared..and need any advice that can be given!!
  186. Desparately in need for help. Please Advice....
  187. please help me im 8 days late im confused!!
  188. Condom Slip-Up...scared!
  189. Please help me out
  190. Help please! Kind of urgent v.v
  191. Could do with some help please
  192. Question regarding period irregularity and pregnancy tests
  193. Blood Test for Pregnancy not available?
  194. Late Period! Could I be Pregnant?
  195. Is the test going to work?
  196. its probably unlikely but...
  197. Birth control pill, condom, and now cramping?
  198. Re: Possible Pregnancy !? Need Serious Advice Please !
  199. Need Women's opinion: Pregnancy Paranoia?
  200. how long before missed period should u take a pregnancy test??
  201. don't know what's wrong with me, need answers asap
  202. white discharge
  203. Possible Pregnancy !? Need Serious Advice Please !
  204. Concerns
  205. pregnancy risk?
  206. chances
  207. does precum get u pregnant???
  208. Please answer my pregnancy questions! :)
  209. pregnant and i need some advice
  210. what are my chances?
  211. Possibly Pregnant? Help Me!
  212. seriously freaking out, i need help
  213. Pregnancy question again. I'm sorry.
  214. A little scared
  215. Please answer my questions for me a.s.a.p. I need to know if my symptoms are normal
  216. 18 and pregnant
  217. worried
  218. need ANSWER URGENTLY!
  219. Answers Desperately Needed and Appreciated...
  220. could i be pregnant?
  221. pregnancy scare
  222. curious question.
  223. Is iT POSSiBLE?
  224. how early ..?
  225. Should I stop stressing so much?
  226. question
  227. Not sure?
  228. 16, want to be pregnant.. but i have and std
  229. Im worried about my friend, HELP ME.
  230. someone help
  231. symptoms?
  232. worried, precum near vagina
  233. Help ease our concerns...
  234. what are the chances?
  235. fingering question.
  236. I think I made a big mistake.. help
  237. Birth Control mixed with Pain Pills?
  238. Is she pregnant?
  239. kariva-period question
  240. Oh no! I did it and im sorry
  241. I need answers!
  242. can it be wrong? help!
  243. Nuva Ring...Pregnant?
  244. Some advice please
  245. Can you get pregnant if you have sex the day start your period?
  246. Pregnancy Test?
  247. Could I Be Pregnant?
  248. I really need to know soon
  249. discharge = broken condom?
  250. OHMYGOD: almost certain i'm pregnant !! :'(