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  1. Can't figure out why i'm still hurting this bad
  2. 3 weeks post op
  3. is egg retrieval possible after hysterectomy?
  4. How to Find the Best Local Ob/Gyn Surgeon
  5. I'm a newb-have a ? about post-op complications
  6. Abnormal PAP smears
  7. Hysterectomy & Gastric Bypas
  8. Perimenopause-PMDD-Hysterectomy
  9. looking for support
  10. Gotta know!!
  11. New here , Had a Di Vinci Hysterectomy on 8-19-10..questions??
  12. Post-hysterectomy sexual side effects
  13. Prometrium for ovarian cysts?
  14. Hysterectomy or ablation?
  15. Hysterectomy or ablation?
  16. New to the site - Info about me
  17. Update on my daughter...signed consent for surgery
  18. Im Scared!
  19. hysterectomy yesterday
  20. super pubic cath during a hysterectomy
  21. Complete hysterectomy and breast discharge
  22. Post op pain?
  23. 10 cm ovarian cyst
  24. How long to recover from a hysterectomy
  25. Has Estrace irritated your vagina
  26. Hospital Stay for Total Hysterectomy and a Cystocele???
  27. two weeks post op, in pain
  28. Need Advice..
  29. Rectocele - options to surgery?
  30. Daughter facing surgery for fibroids
  31. hpv
  32. prolapse, what to leave in take out??
  33. So confused
  34. Intense Pain after sex
  35. why am I so nauseated three months after my hysterectomy?
  36. Abdominal pain
  37. Hysterectomy as an option don't know what to do?!
  38. TVH with cystocele and rectocele repair
  39. New to site, Having a BSO...
  40. Fibrocystic breast disease
  41. Very Frustrated - Just Looking for Experiences/Opinions
  42. VERY heavy period :(
  43. cant get in to doctor
  44. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. Private or Semi-Private Room?
  46. Hysterectomy coming up soon...Should I keep my Ovaries?
  47. Ablation d&c procedure
  48. Night Sweats, and the "cure" I found...
  49. why do i need an abdominal hysterectomy because I had c- section
  50. Total hysterectomy one week ago
  51. cannot void
  52. sex life after hysterectomy
  53. this bleedings driving me nuts
  54. Severe pelvic pain a year after hysterectomy
  55. Kidney removal and Hysterectomy
  56. pain on the right side
  57. still sore 6 months after abdominal surgery??
  58. hyst
  59. new here - will be having total hyst due to uterine prolapse
  60. New to the group
  61. Hysterectomy - climbing stairs?
  62. LAVH due to be done on the 9th of july 2010
  63. DaVinci procedure - anyone?
  64. Atypical Cells (AGC) after hysterectomy - any ideas
  65. hysterctomy at 47yrs
  66. hysterectomy for a thick uterus lining?
  67. Any Oldies out there that can help ease my fears
  68. after a hysteroctomy
  69. Novasure endometrial ablation- failed; options
  70. Complex Ovarian Cyst
  71. Is itching after a hystorectomy normal>
  72. Hydro Thermal Ablation
  73. bleeding for a year
  74. Hysteroscopy and D&C Scheduled - Getting cold feet!
  75. Health after hysterectomy
  76. will percocet help with cramps
  77. leave or let them take the cervix?
  78. Want to talk to others post hyster and endo
  79. Morbid obese needing hysterectomy
  80. How long after LAVH did you....?
  81. 10 days of spotting, followed by AF
  82. What are requirements for laproscopic surgery
  83. Vaginal irritation
  84. "hidden endometeosis"???
  85. Hysterectomy during menstruation
  86. why are my ovaries sore all the time
  87. how do i get my period to start
  88. hysterectomy
  89. Hysterectomy for HPV?
  90. partial hysterectomy
  91. hysterectomy and high cholesterol
  92. Vaginal Irritation
  93. white spots covering my cervix
  94. Partial Hysterectomy
  95. Scared total Lap Hysterectomy Questions please share you stories or encouragement
  96. Uterus dropping cause bowel issues??
  97. how long does it take for swelling to go down after a hysterectomy
  98. wife's last hope now is hysterectomy
  99. Pelvic Ultrasound Results Question
  100. should I keep my ovaries???
  101. rightside pain after partial hysterectomy
  102. Hysterectomy
  103. ovary removal and hysterectomy
  104. I had surgery recently and I noticed a lump under my incision, should I call my docto
  105. Anyone did the Novasure procedure..I have questions
  106. complex ovarian cyst
  107. Lupron Depot - the $ 2,000.00 shot
  108. can't stop bleeding
  109. pelvic pain after complete hysterectomy 4 years ago
  110. Hysterectomy Info
  111. gas relief after abdominal surgery
  112. transvaginal ultrasound & endometrial biopsy
  113. age of Menopause?
  114. Ovarian Cysts Surgery and Possible Hysterectomy-35 years old!
  115. Scared :( Advise Please..Hysterectomy, Resection and Rectocele Rpr
  116. rectocele and hysterectomy
  117. fibroids
  118. Need Advise- Can hormone levels still need ajusting if they test normal
  119. HELP i'm over PMS!
  120. Da VInci Complications?
  121. Chronic itchy clitoral/vulva area, help!
  122. Robotic Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
  123. wheredoes my uterus go after hysterectomy
  124. hysterectomy 3 week ago
  125. To keep my Cervix or not...that is the question
  126. Scheduled for Surgery on Feb 3
  127. Second pregnancy following HELLP????
  128. Severe Uterine Prolapse and cystocele - Pessary or Hysterectomy?
  129. Fibroids
  130. post op worries
  131. is dark purple almost black bruising normal?
  132. Labia swelling
  133. Help!
  134. 4 1/2 weeks post op...Heavy Bleeding????
  135. dryness after hysterectomy?
  136. Needs advice severe dysplasia CIN III
  137. hyserectoy complications
  138. HELP- Infections w/Hysterectomy
  139. operation tomorrow - words of advice please?
  140. hysterectomy/hormones?
  141. Advice required please-several issues cysts, mass, ovary removal and hysterectomy
  142. Complication after Hysterectomy Surgery..help!
  143. rectocele / cystocele advice please?!?
  144. Hysterectomy for Stage Ia1 Cervical Carcinoma?
  145. Laparascopy for pelvic pain
  146. Out of control/ Hysterectomy
  147. Laproscopic supra cervical hyst
  148. pre cervical cancer
  149. how long does it take for swelling to go down after a hysterectomy
  150. Day 4 post op. Suture pain, and excessive gas
  151. Bleeding after hysterectomy
  152. Surgery yesterday update
  153. Sugery scheduled on 15th...Period just started??Is that a problem?
  154. Still bleeding after 8 weeks! Any suggestions?
  155. cant stop eating
  156. Using the toilet is a problem. Any suggestions for comfort?
  157. Long periods - frustrating
  158. Hysterectomy and Bipolar
  159. hysterectomy/depression
  160. premarin after surgery
  161. Depression! Surgery in 10 days! SCARED! HELP!
  162. Why did abdominal bloating start after my hysterectomy
  163. does LSH surgery cause IBS
  164. had hysterectomy 2 yrs ago but when i sneeze it hurts
  165. New diagnosis after hysterectomy.
  166. ovaries removal
  167. Bottom Falling out! Waiting on Sugery!
  168. How young is too young
  169. hysterectomy and other procedures
  170. Thickening of the Uterine Lining
  171. Hysterectomy
  172. Hysterectomy and Epilepsy
  173. help
  174. Scared about possible uterine polyp-HELP
  175. Sex 2 weeks after hysterectomy
  176. can you have a spinal block
  177. worth it?
  178. can eggs be taken out of the ovaries when a hysterectomy has occured
  179. After LVAH I had pieces of metal in my vagina
  180. what to expect after a TVA BSO surgery
  181. Uterine Prolapse
  182. Urine
  183. help! previous ovarian cancer/menopause
  184. Hpv
  185. Hysterectomy
  186. i have pain in my one ovary
  187. I'm embarrassed to ask but...
  188. spotting and burning after sex
  189. 2 year post-op hysto pain
  190. My Hysterectomy and my prolapse surgery
  191. subtotal abdominal hyster at North Western
  192. bad dreams
  193. question about hysterectomy and AIS
  194. i have had a hysterectomy with one ovary removed. what surgery would I need next
  195. Hysterectomy does not fix ENDO
  196. Hysterectomy not for ENDO
  197. This is probably the most ridiculous question ever asked.......
  198. hysterectomy 6 years ago
  199. Here I go again yet another prob - polyp
  200. pelvic pain hysterectomy 12 yrs ago
  201. Need some support...hysterectomy next Monday!
  202. Hysterectiny, prolapse surgery.....is it bad on your back?
  203. Slated for hysterectomy, cystocele and rectocele repair
  204. hysterectomy and bowels fall into where uterus used to be
  205. Fibroids
  206. ureter cauterized during hysterectomy
  207. Still have a uterus after hysterectomy?
  208. after d&c pain
  209. Microsulis Endometrial Ablation or Hysterectomy???
  210. hysterectomy
  211. Advice desperately needed!
  212. Had DaVinci- Now Rectocele & Other Prolapse?
  213. UTI Will Estrogen Help
  214. total hysterectomy
  215. is anyone sorry they had a hysterectomy?
  216. taking iron before a hysterectomy
  217. I dont know what is going on
  218. Collected eggs or saved ovaries?
  219. DaVinci Hysterectomy- anyone?
  220. 17 years after hysterectomy
  221. Aug, 23rd is the day
  222. post hysterectomy cramping, gas, bowel pain
  223. Six Week Checkup
  224. pinkish / red dischange w/ hysterectomy
  225. MS and hysterectomy, will it throw me into an exacerbation?
  226. Questions to ask Dr. regarding hysterectomy
  227. Narrow Pelvis Question
  228. discharge
  229. exam
  230. does cin3 need to do hysterectomy
  231. 4 weeks post-op from rectocele, rectocele and pelvic floor repair
  232. surgery canceled
  233. Hysterectomy 1 yr. ago & now breast biopsy
  234. Three years on...
  235. Cystocele/Rectocele surgery...AGAIN!
  236. 2 weeks post op pain
  237. how soon back to extremely physical job after total hysterectomy
  238. sciatica, muscle, joint, back pain after hysterectomy-is it rheumatoid arthritis?
  239. Mood swings & sleep problems 12 years post hysterectomy
  240. Alternatives to Hysterectomy?
  241. LMP Ovarian Tumors, Total Hysterectomy, AGC found on pap
  242. Time for Hysterectomy?
  243. new here
  244. uterine cancer
  245. Would a hysterectomy help?
  246. hysterectomy - anxious!!!
  247. Novasure Experiences
  248. 22 days post op bleeding
  249. Sex Pains after hysterctomy
  250. V bad breast pain after hysterectomy on hrt help