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  1. constant pain in hips
  2. Is this normal post-TKR pain?
  3. Has any one had a full hip replacement at a young age?
  4. Knee replacement & biking
  5. stories from people who have had bi lateral hip replacement
  6. i broke my legs when i was a little girl, could my knees hurt because of this
  7. Wish me Luck
  8. THR- 4 month update
  9. why does my lateral release still hurt
  10. Total Hip Replacement
  11. Delaminated Cartilage & THR-Help please!
  12. gluteal tendon tear
  13. bone pain after total knee 15 months
  14. post hip replacement
  15. knee pain when lying down
  16. New member- synovial chondromatosis arthroscopy
  17. knee hurts when sidestepping
  18. Shaky and stiff after total hip replacement
  19. Is there hip pillow?
  20. getting ready for a new hip - help.
  21. Restriction Question--Crossing Midline
  22. Ruptured ACL
  23. Just for the ladies...
  24. Tendinitis In Both Knees
  25. gluteal muscle/tendon tears
  26. doctor does not take me seriously
  27. knee
  28. Why does my hip feel like the bone is rubbing together?
  29. Knee issues, unsure
  30. Pain Post 2 years THR
  31. limping after thr
  32. Patello Femoral Questions
  33. hip replacement recovery questions
  34. knee
  35. Need Serious Help with knees
  36. anthroscopic torn ligament surgery
  37. Knee replacement... any hardware recommendations?
  38. Need Help
  39. What are some effective natural supplements for bursitis ?
  40. knee locking
  41. Back, hips, knees, and feet all ache
  42. Piriformis Syndrome and/or Sacroiliitis
  43. update and more questions
  44. Re: knee problem in MS patient
  45. why am I having swelling of ankle and leg and knee after total knee replacement done
  46. pain in my groin, thigh and knee
  47. sleeping with hip pain
  48. Short Leg Discrepancy
  49. feet numb
  50. aching knee and painfull hip at 21!!
  51. Left hip pain
  52. 3rd Hip surgery- 16 months/screws touch THR
  53. how long does it take to heal a muscle tear in the gluteus medius
  54. Aussie orthopaedic surgeons
  55. TKR & thigh pain
  56. How do i know if i have a broken hip?
  57. thr on nov 18
  58. comparison before and after hip replacement?
  59. Left Hip and thigh pain.
  60. five months after hip replacement
  61. Recurring Knee Problems
  62. Do you need pt after meniscus surgery?
  63. Sick after surgery???
  64. Date for thr
  65. When to start PT for an ACL and Meniscus tears
  66. Right Knee Pain <MRI results>
  67. Mensicus Surgery Today...
  68. how to rid of pain in replaced knees
  69. Knee Issues
  70. Diagnosed with legg-perthes disorder when i was a baby.
  71. knee injury
  72. Knee Pain - hurts above the knee and down to heel - lateral release?
  73. too young for surgery?
  74. Pending Hip Replacement
  75. Depression has set in - 4 weeks post THR
  76. For the ladies: GYN exam after hip replacement
  77. Bewildering knee problem
  78. my metal on metal hip replacement clicks when I bend
  79. Knee replacement
  80. how long to heal after a knee arthroscopy
  81. knee replacement doctor
  82. THR Surprises
  83. Newly diagnosed with synovial chondromatosis - need advice!
  84. Knee Dislocation- Short and Sweet
  85. 1st Week After THR
  86. Knee replacement at age 83: Should I go for it?
  87. Knee Swelling with Fluid after Lateral Release
  88. Knee pain
  89. hip problems connected to back problems?????
  90. Has anyone had these knee symptoms? Please help!
  91. Worried about Knee Arthroscopy..
  92. Torn Labrum
  93. Shoulder pain
  94. knee athroscopy
  95. Upper thigh(hip)/Lower back pain
  96. Hip replacements at 26?
  97. I have a lot of problems with my knees
  98. My THR Story at age 34
  99. Just received second surgeon's opinion.
  100. Preoperatve Meeting
  101. Knee pain
  102. Dr. suggests a hip replacement
  103. cracking in knee after surgery
  104. Unusual leg problems
  105. What is a knee scope, and what do they do?
  106. Back of knee soreness/stifness
  107. bleeding in knee joint
  108. "Greater trochanteric transfer" no femoral neck, weird ball/socket, lots of pain!
  109. 2 weeks post-op and still in a lot of pain....help?
  110. Chondromalcia
  111. Dislocated hip when 13, now 33. Scared to get pregnant!
  112. ache behind 6yr. old tkr
  113. knee pain when laying on side
  114. pain when bending knees and grinding
  115. diagnosing my knee problem.
  116. how long before one can do things like bending from the waist to pick things up
  117. Hip replacement
  118. Hip bursitis
  119. knee rehab and shin splints
  120. Did I dislodge my knee replacement
  121. What is an estimated cost to have an MRI on your knee
  122. Fairly mild knee pain after backpacking - Dr. visit?
  123. foot and knee doctor
  124. Lateral Release Surgery
  125. Knee Pain
  126. pain around knee
  127. dislocated my patella
  128. Knee
  129. Hamstring and medial ligament injury
  130. Gym Workouts Post Surgery--Any Guidelines? Guidance?
  131. Infection after THR
  132. Post tramatic arthritis in knee
  133. how to get rid of thigh pain
  134. i need mymri results of knee translated into laymen terms
  135. Knee Pain after THR
  136. On-Q-Ball for pain instead of PCA
  137. knee tumor
  138. Hip Bursitis
  139. 6 week post Knee Reconstruction/Tibial Osteotomy
  140. Osteoarthritis of the Hip
  141. 34yr old Mom of six having THR on 10/14/08...Help!
  142. Soft tissue pain 4 weeks out from THR
  143. how long for full recovery in total knee replacement?
  144. Hip Pain that won't go away
  145. knee surgery concerns
  146. the back of my knee hurts
  147. Knee/leg pain
  148. What is causing this?
  149. Travel Overseas Post Hip Replacement
  150. Can't stand up straight following THR
  151. Knee Arthroscope
  152. what can i take for knees cracking
  153. hip replacement
  154. Dealing with Referred Pain from Bad Hip
  155. anterior hip replacement
  156. Supartz injections
  157. Staph infection and excessive oozing after hip replacement
  158. Pain on Non-operated Side after Hip Replacement Surgery
  159. Patella subluxation
  160. how much does it cost to have an MRI done on a knee
  161. chip in my knee
  162. Pain shooting through the knee
  163. nearly 6 months after hip replacement
  164. knee pain two weeks after lateral release
  165. Severe knee pain- just guessing with no answers yet
  166. 6 months after hip replacement
  167. Heavy feeling in hip 9 months after THR
  168. ACL replacement possibility
  169. Knee & Feet Pain - No answers from doctors
  170. Metal surgically implanted hardware question
  171. My whole body takes turns to give me pains... started with ankle an knee
  172. what is this pain?
  173. Triad Surgery questions
  174. Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
  175. Regional Anesthesia ?
  176. totol knee replacement surgery (epideral ) back pain
  177. ACL, meniscus and MCL injury
  178. 3 1/2 weeks post surgery
  179. cryro cuffs
  180. Progress--7th week post surgery
  181. Sore knees (all of a sudden for no reason)
  182. Anyone have a knee resurfacing? Advice pls...
  183. injuries do to dislocated patella
  184. knee bone pops when sitting or standing
  185. Chronic patellar tendonitis
  186. Patellar Tracking or Lateral release surgery???
  187. Hurricane Ike and hip replacement
  188. hip dysplasia
  189. Message For Work!
  190. Knee replacement
  191. torn meniscus
  192. Denied Cortizone Shot?????
  193. Knee and hip
  194. Muscle spasms after THR/tub baths/going to floor
  195. Dr appt today..PLEASE no more surgery!
  196. Hip replacement-One leg longer
  197. how long will i be off work after a knee scope
  198. hip replacement
  199. knee
  200. Knee and leg pain...help!
  201. Help Please with Knee and leg Pain
  202. Torn Meniscus.. Help!!!
  203. side of kneecap warm on surface w/pain
  204. ACL Ganglion- Help!
  205. Hip Precautions and visiting OBGYN at early stage of recovery
  206. osteochondral fracture!
  207. Anyone have expirence with Osteochondritis Dissecans?
  208. Feeling a little low--The living alone after THR blues.
  209. How many times can I get a knee arthroscopic?
  210. Driving after THR (Right hip)
  211. handicapped accesible water arobics
  212. Problem With 10 Year Old Hip Replacement
  213. 85 yr old man Partial hip replacement
  214. 18 Years since my hip replacement, time for re-replacement??
  215. My drain hole is still draining...
  216. Back from OS regarding patella dislocation
  217. Mensicus repair vs remove. Spooky Tails from a bum knee :wave:
  218. Leg Length After TKR
  219. Patellofemoral Syndrome and lateral release
  220. Arthrodesis of the knee
  221. Soreness in non-operated hip
  222. other people who have had hip arthroscopic surgery
  223. How long does swelling last after THR?
  224. total knee 3 yr post op
  225. Knee pain.. Help...
  226. patella subluxation
  227. patella subluxation
  228. PLEASE HELP! Hip arthritis at 28!!!!
  229. Knee surgery again?
  230. dislocation
  231. Sleeping on side after surgery
  232. First Dr. Visit Post THR
  233. MRSA in the knee after surgery - what next?
  234. what to do if mri comes back normal and still in pain
  235. Knee going off track?
  236. Steps to Independence--Post Surgery 14 day
  237. ACL Knee Injury
  238. Anyone here have a hematoma after a THR?
  239. TED stockings--THR
  240. Knee Reconstuction Surgery
  241. legg perthes disease just diagnosed?
  242. Edema/Swelling after THR
  243. failed ACL reconstruction???
  244. after having arthroscopy now have 4 open wounds
  245. funny leg
  246. ost Surgery Day 8--RTHR--Swelling in nhee area
  247. Arthroscopic knee debridement-Torn cartlidge
  248. Chondromalacia??
  249. Swelling 5 weeks post THR
  250. scared about the first 2 wks post thr surgery...